The Bad Batch Trailer Reaction and Breakdown

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Star Wars Theory

24 dager siden

The Bad Batch premiers May 4th and will be 70 minutes long for its first episode!
Each subsequent episode will air every Friday as The Mandalorian did. Here is my reaction and live breakdown

Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 22 dager siden
Minecraftplayers ??
Minecraftplayers ?? 8 dager siden
Why did they kill the clones like bruh
Heath Hinton
Heath Hinton 14 dager siden
@Pigrus 87 might be a clone of the Emporer that escaped?? And they thought her to be dead.
Heath Hinton
Heath Hinton 14 dager siden
This might show where he loses his foot and this is before Rebels so he goes down quickly. However we could see Jen, not that people are yearning for that, lol.
Pigrus 87
Pigrus 87 15 dager siden
THEORY omega is Tarkins daughter
Joey Bastian
Joey Bastian 15 dager siden
God i hope we see mace windu or something
Nathan N
Nathan N Dag siden
it would be funny to see the bad batch at Padme's funeral
Omg theory have you ever watched the clone wars ? Ugh that’s Saw! My god !
Finlay Looney
Finlay Looney 2 dager siden
the topic of omega highly unlikely they would make female clones for combat as they are not suited to that role for obvious reasons so likely another kaminoean experiment see what they cant learn about cloning and how to make a female from a male host so she is like the bad batch clones an experiment that's why they all get along well they are all unusual misfits I guess.
Finlay Looney
Finlay Looney 2 dager siden
been getting my little cousins into star the cool parts of star wars of course, not the sequel crap ha but like the clone wars loved that so much as a child so I am sort of passing the torch on no doubt they will watch the bad batch as well. also, your awesome theory but you don't need to shoot people down like that when they pointed out Saw remember Saw gerrera was in the clone wars long before rouge one.
Oscar Cantu
Oscar Cantu 3 dager siden
that was saw dumbass (i know it sounds mean but cmon isnt it obvious. It even said it in the captions the first time he saw the trailer)
Redninja Striker
Redninja Striker 3 dager siden
So is the bad batch in one whole show showing all the epsiodes or will it be like Friday
Kyle Wisniewski
Kyle Wisniewski 4 dager siden
It seems like crosshair is missing in some parts of the trailer
Mick's Tunes
Mick's Tunes 5 dager siden
Looks awesome. Loved seeing the future TIEs the V-Wings, & were they Jedi Interceptors chasing & firing on their ship?
zhenwen's bizarre adventures
zhenwen's bizarre adventures 7 dager siden
One day, when Disney runs out of money they will create another series, Star Wars the good patch. Unlike badass clones they will only have mediocre Storm troopers
Logical Dude
Logical Dude 7 dager siden
I think Bad Batch is going to ultimately be about the rogue clones, who are newer test models, who eventually put an end to the clone program somehow.
GaneshaMusic 7 dager siden
TheJacqueswong 8 dager siden
I notice Crosshair not in teh trailer in about half the footage. I have a bad feeling about this.
FLEX LUTHOR 8 dager siden
Anyone notice how the brooch on Omega's head is similar to the one Duchess Satine wore as ruler of Mandalore? Could Omega be a pure-blooded Mandalorian the Empire is attempting to indoctrinate and the Bad Batch rescues her from captivity on Kamino?
Cody Sandstrom
Cody Sandstrom 8 dager siden
Anakin might still have not much but a little light still in him what if he tries to recruit them or even let them go because he remembers them and maybe we will get a moment with Rex and Vader idk just theory’s
Lockdown 9 dager siden
clickbait theory
David Heacock
David Heacock 10 dager siden
Dude what’s your Harry Potter page? I have a great fan video idea. I know everyone says that, but I actually do lol
Krishna Sai
Krishna Sai 11 dager siden
Will we see Boba meet Rex in Book of Boba?
Petr Galko
Petr Galko 12 dager siden
A female clone and I have a suspicion that she is forced sensitive! Another hint from Filloni towards Legends and force cloning (the ability to clone force sensitives)?!
Stu Davies
Stu Davies 12 dager siden
Is the girl the last clone?
Bigbuhubba Brown
Bigbuhubba Brown 13 dager siden
Could “Omega” be Padme clone ?
Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson 14 dager siden
That is 100% Saw as in the clone wars show, not rebels. This Saw is ~20 year younger. Less hair, more scars than in Clone Wars.
Kalvin187 Douglas
Kalvin187 Douglas 14 dager siden
Everyone is commenting crazy on how SWT didn’t recognize Saw Gerra instantly,but let’s not forget there are other versions of Gerra through the ages of Star Wars.We only for a few moments watch Saw Gerra appear in Clone Wars and another few times in Rebels.We all make mistakes and I believe ROTS is his favorite arc/ movie to watch than none other.Saw isn’t really a big character to follow up in TCW but rather a victim war hero recognized for his sacrifices and brutal tactics.Though I’m glad he’s getting more attention now more than ever he deserves some more acknowledgement in Star Wars
Heath Hinton
Heath Hinton 14 dager siden
Any chance that the little kid is a clone of Palpatine and she gets out with them. The Empire may have thought of her as dead and she got out to survive. She is on Kamino.
Heath Hinton
Heath Hinton 14 dager siden
I typed this before watching the whole video. It looks like Paps with that hair. Perhaps the kid is force sensitive, the kid escaped, and they can never make another force sensitive clone. Which makes Grogu more important amd link stories.
Heath Hinton
Heath Hinton 14 dager siden
There was that one droid group that stayed active all the way through Rebels. so there may be more of those out there that have to be taken down by force for whatever reason. Thorne is back!!!! I bet Hondo makes an appearance!!
Michael B Chicago
Michael B Chicago 14 dager siden
May the 4th.... sounds like May the force. Mightve been done on purpose. "Maybe" I said. Chill
A.M. Mota P.
A.M. Mota P. 15 dager siden
First defending Caramo and now can't recognize Saw... this channel's going downhill 🙄
MannieSocal 16 dager siden
Yo theory did you not see the clone wars episodes with a young saw
Tomas Reid
Tomas Reid 16 dager siden
that planet where the venator is crashed could be the same planet that rex and asoka crashed on during order 66 and it was desert when they crashed there then it later rotated to winter
Tomas Reid
Tomas Reid 16 dager siden
the symbol on omegas forehead is on one of the kamino cloners forehead
Blue Creeper
Blue Creeper 16 dager siden
It is so frustrating that he does not read the subtitles
Blue Creeper
Blue Creeper 16 dager siden
The kids name is a mega
Good Ole Boys
Good Ole Boys 17 dager siden
Dude the clones are leaving Kamino with a female palpatine clone and that’s Rey’s mom
Dean Elguindy
Dean Elguindy 17 dager siden
Love u man
Littlecolinboy Gaming
Littlecolinboy Gaming 17 dager siden
I love you this channel whatching the debate on my tv right now and on my phone whatching this
ben kenobi
ben kenobi 17 dager siden
It actually makes me sick to know how all these peoples cash keeps your channel going so you can play on the fence with the garbage disney sends us an you and the rest of the people with no integrity just sit there and let it happen over an over again. Stop covering this garbage so you can make money!
ben kenobi
ben kenobi 17 dager siden
I bet you have a disneyplus sub....
Grimprime01 17 dager siden
I like how the bad batch are like the exact opposite of commandos personality wise and just as effective.
Vader_PT 17 dager siden
do not forget that this is done by Disney and can end up being crap
Stefan Larsen
Stefan Larsen 17 dager siden
as a dane/ danish born guy, i would love to see both of the mikkelsen brothers as a younger Grand Admiral Thrawn/ Lars mikkelsen and Mads Mikkelsen as Gelen Erso..
Sinister Mason
Sinister Mason 17 dager siden
You know watching the trailer. I just realize something. WHERES CROSSHAIRS!!!???? Don’t tell me he dies!!!
Heavy Vacation
Heavy Vacation 18 dager siden
So you know about the 501st ? -- You must have seen "Vader: Shards of the Past"
- Chop -
- Chop - 18 dager siden
Ive been away from star wars for some time and my friend spoiled the trailer for me so i might as well react to it with you
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 18 dager siden
hope zeb and his homeworld being attacked shows up.... its is Saw ,,It's the same voice actor from the clone wars Google it for the cast members
anita savage
anita savage 18 dager siden
Fennec and Boba didn’t meet until Mando series when she gets shot in The Gunslinger episode he saved her. They explained that in season 2 of Mando.
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy 18 dager siden
11:50 That is one of the Slave Drivers. Didn't Anakin get hit on by their queen?
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy 18 dager siden
4:00 I reckon they'll be on the run by the end rather than getting killed. Vadar is too busy hunting down Jedi. Although...someone else might kill them off...
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy 18 dager siden
Shit. Subtitles labelled the girl as "Omega". Spoiler. I have no idea who that is mind...but still. Spoi. Ler.
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy 18 dager siden
I like the enhanced animation. Not over the top changes so as to completely change it (into Rebels or something), but enough to make it look goooood.
Sir Mth
Sir Mth 18 dager siden
Hum Tarkin seems too old here compared to his style at the end of RoTS, so it’s not right after order 66, or maybe they didn’t care but that would a small mistake
Андрей Шурочка
Андрей Шурочка 17 dager siden
Fennec Shand is also too old haha, and Bo-Katan looked too young in Mandalorian
Music Mask
Music Mask 18 dager siden
Is that a female Boba? Lmao what
Cody Meilleur
Cody Meilleur 18 dager siden
Ryan Caragher
Ryan Caragher 18 dager siden
That's literally saw gerrara
TheNotoriousChink 18 dager siden
SWT I love you buddy and I always will but I gotta pull a hard disagree here, the Bad Batch trailer looks like fucking trash.
Scott Sharp
Scott Sharp 19 dager siden
Is dat dude bald? He bald! Bald? What is bald? Bald is bad! Very bad! Hair, much better than bald! Bald should get wig! He weird baldo! I I I don’t freakin like it! He too bald! Hee past geek bald! Get wig bald boy geek! Then you are geek with wig, no bald! Ahh, get Tan on bald! Much better! Tan bald geek boy! That right!
Christopher Hanton
Christopher Hanton 19 dager siden
yes it is female
Christopher Hanton
Christopher Hanton 19 dager siden
echo and this new one omega i like already
Christopher Hanton
Christopher Hanton 19 dager siden
first episode will be 70 mins then next one comes out on friday of that week in may yes.
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 19 dager siden
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Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
The kid could turn out to be force sensitive
Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
Those are not green eyes Those are hazel
Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
Or brownish
Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
Wolfe, Gregor, and Kix better be in this shoe
Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
Alpha.4608 19 dager siden
There is no way Cut Lawquane won’t be in this this TV series He was a badass clone deserter and his chip probably got damaged from the crash
Frosty J.
Frosty J. 19 dager siden
9:12 lmfaoo that’s fucking Saw Gerra tf
Ynaiã Leal
Ynaiã Leal 19 dager siden
so omega is defective for being born female? wow. this is some serious misoginy, disney
ThundersAscam 19 dager siden
I like how his mic bass drops randomly 😂
Barlim 19 dager siden
may the fourth be with us
Star Wars Madness
Star Wars Madness 19 dager siden
My mom asked if they executed order 66 also
flaming_puppy 7
flaming_puppy 7 19 dager siden
I think that omega is a defective clone and somehow came out female so that's why the bad batch are letting her in because she's like them
CeDaRbOy 19 dager siden
at 8:15 , he says that it could be jakku or a shipyard. I had idea it could be Lotho minor, though they do look somewhat different. Saw gerrera makes a camio. And it looks like Omega might be a night sister. Now, she does look like a clone but the weapon she uses at 7:55 Looks like a Weapon from Dathomir, owned by the night sisters.
Андрей Шурочка
Андрей Шурочка 17 dager siden
it can be Raxus Prime
Nathan O'Connor
Nathan O'Connor 19 dager siden
I didn't like the look of it at all tbh.
Anthony Nunez
Anthony Nunez 20 dager siden
Is it just me or Do you guys notice crosshair getting blown up from the hyperspace engine ?? Maybe he died ??
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 20 dager siden
19:45 I think they’ll bring fennec then Boba since he’s become somewhat of a bounty hunter by now so this would probably bring him up in ranks as the top tier bounty hunter he succeeds in probably taking one of them out or idk since we know Vader has constantly called him to do his work later on so he probably sees potential in him. Then finally Vader comes and wipes them out until they actually crack his mask and see it’s anakin
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 20 dager siden
15:13 you’re a bit off although yes they’re a reckless group they still have tasks to follow like when they took Rex and Anakin’s lead in saving echo. Plus like all clones their loyalty falls to Palpatine
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 20 dager siden
Prior to their trailer I still don’t know if they went through order 66 or not. Also as stated by Rex in rebels the empire retired all of the clones replacing them with stormtroopers. So what I had in mind was that the empire had no further use for them and released them. But as all clones to the core are they love battle and serve Palpatine. They however infiltrate what’s happening as they disobeyed what Tarkin told them which was to leave and coming back to kamino deemed them as traitors when him sending an attack after them. Later on they all take on jobs as bounty hunters with nothing to do. Before that they have a little brief scene with them walking by vader unknown to them that it’s anakin
RuuFiss 20 dager siden
they should show vader just a little, like thanos in the avenger films and in the end just show his complete badassery, maybe theres more clones that rex captures and removes the chips from, and maybe vader kills most of them.
Elen Brandt
Elen Brandt 20 dager siden
Nyjol Morrison
Nyjol Morrison 20 dager siden
I think Saw guerrera you see in the bad batch trailer is during the time of the timeline where saw guerrera becomes a terrorist against the empire as referenced by Rex to the ghost crew in rebels in season 3 episodes 11-12 ghosts of Geonosis: part 1 and 2
John Faulk
John Faulk 20 dager siden
He’s the Clone Wars version of Saw! The character predates Forrest Whittaker playing him in live action.
John Faulk
John Faulk 20 dager siden
Could be Jedha!
SirCowdog 20 dager siden
Order 66 is to kill the jedi. Clone force 99 is just 66 upside down. Perhaps their mission is likewise upside down: To protect and save a jedi(the kid?) instead.
Case ODonnell
Case ODonnell 20 dager siden
Looks great. Will totally be “acquiring” this from a friend 👍🏻
It's Figgy!
It's Figgy! 20 dager siden
Most famous star wars NOpostr is so stupid
Zoltán Kecskeméti
Zoltán Kecskeméti 20 dager siden
9:15 it is saw gerrera - if you have watched clone wars and rebels... :D the voice actor is the same. Clone wars version - Rebels version -
Chad Kerei
Chad Kerei 20 dager siden
I like to see maybe in season 2 is Cody joins the bad batch and they hide out on tatooine,Cody will reconcile with general kenobi
The NicNac Review
The NicNac Review 20 dager siden
Looking forward to this one
Lea Alice
Lea Alice 20 dager siden
This is is going to be a bad a** serie.
Deacon Blue
Deacon Blue 20 dager siden
have they forgotten about delta squad? I think it would be interesting to finish that story
Андрей Шурочка
Андрей Шурочка 17 dager siden
it's not canon
Sam A-taco
Sam A-taco 20 dager siden
I think this starts off before the start of order 66 then what happens when its executed and after
J G 20 dager siden
Bet all the footage in the trailer is just in the first episode 😅
Joe Savoie
Joe Savoie 20 dager siden
When the subtitles are literally saying Saw and its the same voice actor and he just doesn't believe it
Sean Beebe
Sean Beebe 20 dager siden
Pitch meeting. We need something anti-woke and masculine fresh meat for the fans before they eat us instead.
MrYoungandBrave1 20 dager siden
I love that this is coming out May 4th. It's going to be a great Star Wars day. Also, I don't the Bad Batch's 'test' is after Order 66, otherwise Echo would be with them.
Chess 20 dager siden
Dave Filoni fanboys are cringe.
Val Paliy
Val Paliy 20 dager siden
Sorry, but IMO you act and look dumb at times... Someone had to say it....
walkingdeadman19 20 dager siden
Fennec Shand, Saw Gerrera and our boy Rex? Plus a possibly female Jango-clone? Count me in.
András Agócs
András Agócs 20 dager siden
Several canon books mention “Separatist holdouts” in the Western reaches of the Galaxy years after the Clone Wars already ended. I’m really curious about Omega. I wonder if she’s a female clone of Jango or if she’s a clone of someone else entirely.
Pierre 20 dager siden
Someone told me your a Disney shill, is that true?.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
I feel like this'll start before order 66 happened
Mudshrooze 21 dag siden
Clone force 99 is reference to 99 the clone. Basically calling them a defective clone group
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