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Star Wars Theory

18 dager siden

welcome back to nerd theory with my buddy Josh from The Den of Nerds, today let's talk about the latest Star Wars news for the week!

Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 16 dager siden
We will continue this, next week with the same and new guests who'll call in randomly. I really enjoyed tonight's podcast. It was beautiful to speak to those who have opposing views as me, or may even dislike me. I think if we all respectfully and cordially discuss our opinions, eloquently, then life can be pretty chill. Cya next week!
Dave Muller
Dave Muller 3 dager siden
That was an amazing live stream, thanks. Getting Lauren on was amazing, so please do that again if you can
Aarushmoo 10 dager siden
@Raiken Xion maybe, he seems pretty genuine to me
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 10 dager siden
@Aarushmoo Oh ok, maybe hes woke up abit over time and realized it's not as great as he once thought, but i'm just having a hard time to work out if hes genuine or not.
Aarushmoo 10 dager siden
@Raiken Xion idk really about josh, I only watched theory since 1 and a half year, which means about august of 2019, so I'm not really familiar with much of the old livestreams, even if I watched most of the fanfictions from that year.
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 10 dager siden
@Aarushmoo what about Josh though? 2 yrs bk he was a big supporter of the Sequels, even Reylo!
Dogsteeves 15 timer siden
would have love to join the chat I wish I made it being a huge fan of Episode 8
Dogsteeves 15 timer siden
I am a sequel fan fact episode 8 is my favourite and I glad they are holding this back they are recreating the complete idea of lego star wars and no rushing please take along as need
Big Papa69
Big Papa69 Dag siden
Dark Choco doesn’t seem to understand what character arcs are. Going from one thing to the exact opposite to suddenly right back to where you started is not an arc, it’s just Rian Johnson flipping a character on its head
NoLifeRetiree 3 dager siden
I really wanted to see a defense given for the major red flags in these movies, to add validity of why people like these movies, other than feelings. That's not an insult. I love the prequels. There's a feeling I get when dual of the fates starts playing and maul opens the door. I understand that it's a really really really horrible plot for a movie and should never be made again though. I can't defend the idea of betting on a 9 year old in a street race. So I get it. Liking something that's bad. What I don't understand is defending these films as good movies, with good characters, arcs, etc. When a guy(Mauler) can make 8+ hours worth of content deconstructing damn near every line of the movie as inconsistent and blatantly wrong in some cases, there's an issue. When a swordsman can break down the throne room fight scene as one of the most incoherent messes in fight scene history, I think that's a really really big problem and the directors, producers, and companies involved should be removed or punished for treating it the way they did. When they make decisions based off of diversity for a paycheck, and then remove that diversity for a paycheck, it makes me question whether it's true art they are trying to make, or are they making their choices based on what will get the biggest paycheck.(Finn's treatment) I really wanted to see a defense to this, but I haven't seen it yet.
Slime Father
Slime Father 3 dager siden
Yes lead by example ! People will follow y’all !
Dawn Basham
Dawn Basham 3 dager siden
Okay showing my slowness and catching up on all the wonderful content ya put out there with Josh.. but can you label these people pages at least in the comments if not in the banner info area.. thabks Theory .. love the content .. Santa made me think more into the sequels .. but I still enjoy all up til the timeframe from episode 1 to where we are now in with the Disney series out of them all and I grew up with the originals.. my kids all grew up with the prequels and we just loved it and they related to it cause well they grew up with Anakin anyways catch ya guys next live stream
Louis Dion
Louis Dion 4 dager siden
As a last jedi lover, Loved the darth choco take on luke ❤️
Louis Dion
Louis Dion 5 dager siden
Really great to invite anyone to come talk directly on the podcast! One of the best videos of your channel 👌
Dremm 6 dager siden
The time you try to cancel negatively will be the time you will make it so powerful. To ignore it will be the best case in my opinion.
Josh The DDR King
Josh The DDR King 7 dager siden
In my experience, tik tok....very toxic comment section
DSM Panda
DSM Panda 8 dager siden
Theory @ 3 hours 14 mins.... That is probably the hardest ive ever laughed on this channel, thanx for that guys.
Marcus Blackwell
Marcus Blackwell 8 dager siden
Hey, Disney! Want some unity? Here's your starter pack!
DAVID MADDOX 8 dager siden
There are valid reasons for the current level of toxicity in SW fandom. They center around Disney and anything connected to the initials “KK” at Lucasfilm. Two really awful sequel movies and canonical revisions, plus “woke” casting decisions, have severely damaged the franchise. Merch sales are the barometer, as is the “temperature” of the online community. That notwithstanding, at no time should YT personalities get ATTACKED. For their opinions. We can all agree to disagree, and try to out-geek each other at times (adults, we are.......), but it should rightly stop there. The SW franchise has plenty of life left in it. Many of us would opine the way “forward” is “back”. Original Trilogy and Clone Wars are what the fans like.
Bobby D
Bobby D 9 dager siden
Damn, I missed this? Oh my god I have so much ammo against the Lucas apologists. I truly believe that Disney made the right move by not including GL in the sequel trilogy in any capacity. I get called a troll constantly because I believe many vocal SW fans have selective amnesia when it comes to just how horrible the prequels were.
nick reed
nick reed 9 dager siden
I definitely get everything that choco is saying about Luke and that intellectual standpoint. And I'd be willing to accept it if we'd seen all the build up for it beforehand. Because without a movie or two to let us see him reach that state, I don't believe it, but I could believe it with proper writing and lead up.
OBI- -WAN 10 dager siden
David Heacock
David Heacock 10 dager siden
Stop caring for idiots. It’s to much to put on your shoulders
PlebausaurusRex 10 dager siden
Lauren was so amazing! I feel like she should play a receptionist who falls for one of her co-workers while being engaged! ;)
Thomas White
Thomas White 10 dager siden
Ain’t nothing wrong with you theory
finto182 10 dager siden
Anyone able to hit me with the discord link for Theory?
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 10 dager siden
16:05 lol not if it turns out Rian Johnson is co-writing it.
Parker 11 dager siden
As soon as that one guy said that SWT's fanbase's majority opinion pummels down the minority opinion on the sequels, I was like "oh boy. one of THESE."
Monkey Powerkey
Monkey Powerkey 11 dager siden
Darh Cocho is one of the Sequel deffenders i somewhat can take. I mean i stay away from his content because i simply can't agree with him. But at the very least he is up for a conversation and isn't rude in any way. He just comes of as a bit naive and unable to see flaws. I guess, a bit too possitive. But other than that, mostly from what i've seen he is ok. I've even debated with him. And he has allways been willing to fact check when i corrcted him. So pros to him. But his buddy Element7 is one of the Toxic ones. Element7 is one of those people that will rather block you than have an actual conversation with you. And then he might even make a video where he ignores everything you said except for one point wich taken out of context seems wrong. That happened to me once. And when i tried having a nice conversation with him he blocked me. So would have loved to see him show up. But i don't see that happeing any day. People like him simply don't survive situations like this. Darth Cocho at the very least does seem interested in having that conversation even if he doesn't allways want to admit being wrong. But the gunny thing is that the most toxic of ALL the Sequel deffenders on TikTok actually got a pin comment at 2:47:22. J. Kevin Parker. That's about as Toxic as it gets. That's the kind of guy that will call you sexist and racist for not liking the sequels. I do believe he is also one of the people that has made several videos about you Theory. At the very least, the man has absolutely zero interest in having a debate. He will go off topic when he is factually wrong or when you kinda get over him. He is not humble in any sense. And i am pretty confident he would NEVER show up to have a conversation with you guys. He hides behind his videos and also ignores parts of conversations just to make you look bad or sound wrong. And he simply crumbles when you actually confront him about anything he sayd that just isn't right. But ey, if you could get him on that would be nice. But i doubt he has the stones for it. He isn't simply a Sequel defender... He is a Shill. He will attack if you don't agree. So the fact that he commented and said ''This was great, guys!'' is funny. Darth Cocho he aint.
CamoLive 11 dager siden
People don’t want Luke to be a regular guy. He’s a hero. Killing his nephew is not a hero’s journey.
Matt Nivison
Matt Nivison 11 dager siden
Bums me out that I always miss these live but! Can’t wait to see this!!
Cole 11 dager siden
Josh, I like that you try to ease your opinions but we need people like Jeremy too,... we cannot hold him accountable for his way of presenting his arguments, *_he is not calling to action_* , not saying you people should go to kk's house or whatever, freedom of speech.
Eirinte 11 dager siden
Me: Sees title This is where the fun begins
Aedvinious 11 dager siden
im so confused what happened at 3:29:36
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 9 dager siden
@Aedvinious just bc it's like the first time having guests on and they didn't want to offend anyone I guess. I think it's hilarious tho
Aedvinious 9 dager siden
@Jim Bob Im so confused tho its j someone trolling whyd they make a big deal out of it
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 10 dager siden
Go to 3:27:25 and you'll see what happened 😂
johnmarc1986 11 dager siden
You guys are pretty naive to think that the opinion on the sequels won't change in 20 years. The kids watching it now will be grown up and slinging their influence all over the internet. I saw this exact thing with the prequels.
johnmarc1986 11 dager siden
Luke has always battled with the dark side. Vader started talking about his sister and he lost his shit and fucked him up. You don't think that if he looked into Kylo's mind and saw Kylo killing Mara Jade and Leia that he wouldn't instinctively ignite his lightsaber to save the ones he loves? Luke is allowed a moment of weakness.
johnmarc1986 11 dager siden
I agree with Darth Choco. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega aren't necessarily going to be privy to what Kathleen Kennedy and JJ and Rian are privy to. If there was always a plan to bring in Palpatine as a surprise in the 9th film, you wouldn't tell the actors until you had to to avoid spoilers. You can't conclude that just because they didn't know, that Disney didn't have a plan.
Gabriela Bădiloiu
Gabriela Bădiloiu 11 dager siden
I remember when Josh wanted to make a sort of Grey Jedi Order type fanbase and then he gave up... I was so sad then because he seemed so dissapointed but look at my boi now!!! Theory and Josh made a huuge step with this and I feel like they might not even realise it! Keep doing this guys! This is the new hope we all need! ❤
Monkey D Naruto
Monkey D Naruto 12 dager siden
Respect Santa’s opinion on Rey, but his argument on why Rey was a good character was only on the fact that he connected with her, her hardships were well written, in the Force awakens, only because of the potential it had, The Last Jedi shattered literally all expectations of Star Wars fans in the worst way because it undid the story of everything that came before and gave the glory to Rey who’s “stronger” than Luke and Luke really does nothing but “trick” Ben and Die? Or the fact he tried to kill Ben? Abandons his best friend and sister and the Galaxy. That’s the point, he doesn’t understand Luke’s character. He never really argued logically, you needed to ask the hard questions. Emotional connection does not translate into good story telling... Rey was heart broken all the time sure, but it led to nothing? It shattered everything good about Luke’s character for no reason. He quit instantly tell me why that is actually Luke’s character and not Jake skywalker. I wanted to love the sequels I was cheering for Rey and Kylo in TFA. Problems aside it felt like cheap Star Wars and I Bought it. Killing Han and All I figured it was setting up for something crazy with Rey finding Luke in his Jedi robes on the first Jedi temple. Seeing his fathers Saber that he lost so long ago. Only to throw it over his shoulder??? Shut himself off from the force? Am I wrong? The hate is wrong. The problem is the sequel supporters are way more unreasonable. They can’t argue logically. This guy used his emotional connection to cover up bad plot holes and stupid ideas. It makes zero sense. Sorry it’s the truth. Darth Choco has zero logic or evidence. Weak arguments and trying to use 2 clips to say that it’s not valid to an argument that makes perfect sense?? What?? That’s all the sequel trilogy defenders did, it’s what Rian Johnson did. Within the context of 1-6 the sequels make no sense. The sequels had no connection to mandalorian. Rian Johnson is quoted on wanting to make a divisive movie. Choco, makes zero effort to actually argue that stuff. You can see their frustration too. Yes people are toxic. But. logic doesn’t care about your feelings that’s all I’m saying. They don’t take it into account what’s true... argue weather or not hateful things get said. But getting more fans is one thing, arguing points with feelings isn’t how the real world works.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 12 dager siden
Not a sequel fan but it’s good to see people who enjoy them
Jar Jar
Jar Jar 10 dager siden
Meesa knew yoosa father!
Joe Rudden
Joe Rudden 12 dager siden
This is possibly the best “video” in along time it was so entertaining watching people have a debate but actually listening to each other’s points
shoemakerluis 12 dager siden
I just followed the replay of the chat along with this and man... There's your example of toxic assholes right there.
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank 12 dager siden
This was so amazing. Theory and Josh are such genuine people and what we’ve learned from this is if people can just take the time and actually LISTEN to other people and try to understand perspectives we can all have a much better time. We don’t have to agree on everything because that’s not possible but being able to listen and understand can help to heal this fandom
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 10 dager siden
This is what i've wanted for ages and i consider myself one of the Fandom Menace, i've had a good many arguments with Sequels fans but i've never attacked or out-right insulted anyone. I strongly feel what ALL us Fans really need to do though, is email and try getting in touch with Lucasfilm, or even write to Kathleen Kennedy herself, and basically ask for there to be a live debate, where allkinds of Fans are invited to share their views and opinions on the Disney Sequel Trilogy. I doubt they would ever allow it, but this should happen, even if it didn't involve any of the actors or directors, just a debate between the two sides of our Fandom, to really address all these issues in a civil manner, and allow fans to really express their views on everything and see what we could really learn from eachother and what middle ground we might be able to reach. Such a live debate could also go some ways to creating some good-will toward Lucasfilm themselves for allow it, and bring many fans back.
Yeudler! 12 dager siden
Santa sounds a bit like Mark Hamil.
DSM Panda
DSM Panda 12 dager siden
Love this ep. Good idea boiz
Cosme Fulanito
Cosme Fulanito 12 dager siden
I disagree with Darth because i dont see Lukes rage in Return as a character trait... but rather a turning point in Luke. He doesn't show a thing he will continue doing in the throne room. He, in that moment, realises rage is not the way, and that it will lead him no darkness, just as it did to his father. He becomes a Jedi in that scene... he makes a decision to NOT be that man ever again.
The Lore Council
The Lore Council 12 dager siden
Just to me I find it odd that people should have to defend or debate why they like certain media.
johnmarc1986 12 dager siden
Sequels made more money, have better critics ratings and more award nominations and wins compared to the prequels. OT is the best obviously but prequel fans slamming the sequels is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Anees Syed
Anees Syed 12 dager siden
Rebuying the Lego original saga collection episode 1-6 boyssss
Isaac Paech
Isaac Paech 12 dager siden
I think what both Choco and the pink hair girl were trying to say was that even though your channel hasn't changed as you've grown more subscribers, your community seems to have. In some ways, you have indirectly sent some of your fans to harrass other creators in the past. Now this isn't your fault, but I think you could help make your community less toxic by calling out these people and their actions. That doesn't mean making NOpost videos of every incident, but maybe reaching out to those creators or posting a tweet about it sometimes when they become really big. That way you're still able to keep your channel the way it is, but make other creators aware that you care about them and that you don't stand with that toxic side of your community. I don't always think those creators know you're not directly influencing those attacks on them
Isaac 13 dager siden
Although, I do think Padme should've fought some in episode 3, I definitely like her gentle and compassionate side. Does anyone know why George Lucas didn't have Padme fight in Revenge of the Sith? I honestly think it had something to do with her being pregnant. Like maybe he kept her out of it, because he thought it made sense that she'd stay away from the violence for the twins' sake.
Isaac 13 dager siden
Well done, guys! I really enjoyed it.
Full Circle
Full Circle 13 dager siden
Theory you just don’t get it. So defensive
Full Circle
Full Circle 13 dager siden
“How have a changed” insert smug look on theory’s face. Bro the guy wasn’t saying you’ve change, he was just commenting on the narrative that you have. Why ask him those questions?? Super props to the dude who called In
Full Circle
Full Circle 13 dager siden
Snyder took out superman in justice league for the reasons they mentioned. Not because he’s a shitty writer
M3talhound 13 dager siden
I have never been an active NOpostr, matter of fact this is the 1st video I have ever commented on (nor do I subscribe to any channels), in the many years of having an account. I have watched your videos for years, and recently your channel became the 1st channel I subscribed to. I regret going so many years without hitting that red button for you Theory, but I very much appreciate what you do, and how you handle yourself. You have very much the same mind as I, in how we see Star Wars. To me, you should be Filoni's apprentice. I very much enjoy your channel, and listen almost everyday to your podcast on spotify. I think you have even more potential than you know. Never let the haters get you down, I think it takes true strength to show emotion (referring to Mando Luke)publically like you did, bc let's face you weren't the only one to cry at that scene, I cried watching you watch it lol and I am 30 years old. Dont stop being you man! The Force Will Be Will You Always, and so will my support for this channel and all you do.
shoemakerluis 13 dager siden
I like this Santa guy! Nice and very articulate in his thoughts. I also happen to be on the same page with him re the sequels. Also like his ho-ho style laugh 😂
Stutz Stutzman
Stutz Stutzman 13 dager siden
Lego Star Wars games are the best lego games ever!!! You have to remember to these lego games are open world now too!!
Anthony Rountree
Anthony Rountree 13 dager siden
Awesome stream...keep this going and we will see more positive vibes and love for it 👍🏽
Erik Depatie
Erik Depatie 13 dager siden
Erik Depatie
Erik Depatie 13 dager siden
Comment that is
Aikuris 13 dager siden
It's difficult trying to understand that Santa guy's PoV regardless of his reasons for being a Sequel fan. I get that he has a connection with Rey because of his childhood yet I also wonder why he didn't have that same connection with Luke when he had a similar beginning. After all, he got his ass handed to him numerous times, unlike Rey, and over the original trilogy he had a wonderful arc in how he trained to become a better person and save those he loved. That didn't really happen with Rey till it was forced into the final film to try and make up for bad writing. Plus why was he upset about 3PO losing his head in a prequel film when he literally got blasted to bits at Cloud City? Ah well, still interesting to hear his perspective regardless.
Gabriel Morrison
Gabriel Morrison 13 dager siden
I hope to play Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga on Xbox One
Ali 13 dager siden
dude this weeks show was phenomenal, love this system.
I say thee nay
I say thee nay 13 dager siden
"Go kill yourself" isn't a death-threat. Even my friends tell me to "go kill myself" when they are annoyed at me. It's a colloquialism used to express distaste for someone. Everyone knows that. He knows that too. He seems like a fairly smart guy; and far from being an idiot. So he knows this. So then, why is he calling this a death threat? What's his angle?
I say thee nay
I say thee nay 12 dager siden
@The Lore Council If the truth was bad enough, he would have said the truth. He didn't though. He dishonestly characterized these as death threats. When I was 5 years old, excusing my bad actions by saying "someone said something mean" didn't work. No adult accepted this excuse. It doesn't work for 5 year olds, why does it work for a 60+ year old? Saying he received death threats is a lie. He's a liar.
The Lore Council
The Lore Council 12 dager siden
Being told to "kill yourself" shouldn't be a way to "express distaste for someone" it's overly aggressive for 99% of situations. As well it doesn't take into account someone's mental state/health. If you disagree with someone just tell them that.
The Best Mandalorian
The Best Mandalorian 13 dager siden
I like the sequels as movies but not as Star Wars movies
The Best Mandalorian
The Best Mandalorian 11 dager siden
@ VaiderVidarSon actually it’s not I used to be that way
VaiderVidarSon 11 dager siden
Is it weird that it’s the exact opposite for me?
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend 13 dager siden
Alex 13 dager siden
That girl is awesome, she should be on the show more often. Would like to know her opinion of Mandalorian if she ever decides to check it out!
Levi Ault
Levi Ault 13 dager siden
I’m a Bernie supporter and support other left ideals, however I do dislike the sequal trilogy
DC Brotherhood
DC Brotherhood 13 dager siden
I’d love to see that girl come back! She seems to fit really well with you guys
Rapfl Apfl
Rapfl Apfl 13 dager siden
I live in Austria and I promise you I really haven't seen a kid wearing Sequel Trilogy Merch before. What I can see is, that instead of the Sequels intruducing the younger Generation to star wars, the younger generation just wasn't introduced to it at all...
Outkast Actual
Outkast Actual 13 dager siden
This is so great!!! Keep it up...
Jagger 13 dager siden
It would actually be awesome to have Star Wars explained on here ! They def picked a side though lol and their Discord feels like twitter sometimes...not the good side the "woke" side !
BiggBoi 13 dager siden
and thor skywalker
KOOKIES 13 dager siden
looking for a gf to btfo my star wars opinions
Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey 14 dager siden
Lol what I love is no matter what you say, you can’t change the canon.
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend 14 dager siden
I love TLJ and totally get why people don’t. It’s not fair that anyone get criticized for having an opinion of a fictional movie series. ITS OKAY TO LIKE OR NOT LIKE A WORK OF FICTION. Please can we just respectfully disagree and listen to each other without taking it personally?
Kyle A
Kyle A 14 dager siden
I love Thor Skywalker got dropped. And I loved Rey tell Last Jedi
Cosmos Reality
Cosmos Reality 14 dager siden
I don’t care if you love the sequels the best, the prequels the best, or the OG trilogy the best, you are still just as much of a valid Star Wars fan
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend 13 dager siden
Kyle A
Kyle A 14 dager siden
I think your channel is very balanced and chill and I enjoy your content
NATHANAEL INMAN 14 dager siden
Who’s the girl with the pink hair? I want to follow her on tik tok
Taylor Robison
Taylor Robison 14 dager siden
I've been watching DarthChoco on TikTok for a while so now I want to follow the rest of the guests.
Dutch OfSorissi
Dutch OfSorissi 14 dager siden
Wonder if Josh got an email from the guy offering his wife's ovaries
Steven Michael
Steven Michael 14 dager siden
Theory. Keep it up. Always be yourself. Anybody who thinks your promoting toxic fandom obviously had not listened to you. I cant even begin to count the number of times where you have stated different opinions were okay. As a side note I have a t-shirt that says always be yourself unless you can be Darth Vader then always be Darth Vader
Jeffrey Elswick
Jeffrey Elswick 14 dager siden
I love star wars I always have to see what disney and Lucasfilm did and continue to do to the heroes and villains we all live and know expect us to be ok with a rock or a lot of the high republic identity politics I know it's our world today and every company is doing it now but marvel dc and I just think that they all should leave identity politics out and go back to there roots
Joshua Swiney
Joshua Swiney 14 dager siden
I personally love the sequel trilogy and would love the opportunity to help explain why, if offered that chance.
alex erickson
alex erickson 14 dager siden
collingoat 14 dager siden
Off topic but I recently watched clone wars again & it’s insane how much Anakin does for the Republic, just a beast of a general. Then I thought about in ANH how Luke gets his lightsaber from Obi-wan. You can tell George didn’t have the whole story thought out yet bc Obi-wan was literally giving Luke the lightsaber that slaughtered younglings in the temple & was key in creating the empire. zach zach 14 dager siden
He said send me an email. Y'all are the best 😂😂
Mima Kake
Mima Kake 14 dager siden
Woooohooo! This is a fun watch. This discussion is a kind of like: Peter: ' I like Mcdonalds' Jack: 'I like burger kings' Peter: 'No your wrong because the meat is better' Jack: Yeah, but your buns suck. Peter: ' Yeah but We have better milkshakes Bla bla bla' Jack: Nooo, Nooo, because We have better french fries Bla Bla Bla. Peter: "I understand where you are comming from.' Jack: 'Yeah I understand your view too.' Let's bring the Fandome together Wooohooo!!! ;) I love it. Thanks. ;)
Revenge Tt
Revenge Tt 14 dager siden
seriously the video about Theory that Mollie liked was a spoof by MannyBothanz on Twitter and just a giant misunderstanding... sad to see that they cant be friends...
Steve Greenway
Steve Greenway 14 dager siden
Lego already did a Star Wars Skywalker Saga game... Episodes 1 to 6!
darth wint
darth wint 14 dager siden
This would be cool to have regular say once a month, maybe call it " Balance to the Force"
Yeudler! 14 dager siden
Clone Wars and Rebels are needed to fully appreciate The Mandalorian.
Shergarification 14 dager siden
This was great, lads. Really hope it becomes a regular segment especially during the times when there isn't much SW news to discuss. I think the reason some people are saying Theory has become "toxic" (he hasn't) is because the channel has become a bit of an echo chamber at times and people throw the label about simply because they don't agree with Theory's/Josh's/Marc's views. Having people with differing views on is a brilliant way to showcase the fandom in a positive light and bring balance.
darth wint
darth wint 14 dager siden
Just because Theory puts a poll out where 75% dislike ST compared to 25% that do, doesn't mean he's implying to his fans "there you have it, now go forth & troll". You can't lay that at his door
Alex Hayden
Alex Hayden 14 dager siden
I don't see how Cara Dune would drastically affect the Lego Star Wars game. She may have been in it as a playable character, but that can't be thathard to code out one character. She wasn't in the Skywalker Saga, so it shouldn't have a huge impact.
darth wint
darth wint 14 dager siden
If? there was a plan for ST, I'd imagine Carrie's passing had an effect.
Marcelo Chong
Marcelo Chong 14 dager siden
digital cassette
digital cassette 14 dager siden
I think every generation will have an emotional attachment with what they grew up with. Which is why there are so many opinions. I grew up with OG star wars. It was my introduction. I love those characters. When prequels came out it was ok but I didn't have that same magical connection for me. Then the sequels came out after 30+ yrs with o.g. cast. I was so excited at first, even seeing the prospects of a girl as the protagonist I was like, wish there was more of that when I was growing up, but then i left the theater completely disenfranchised with it. After mando and thr return of luke it reignited my love for SW. I began finding this online community and yt channels like this where I learned so much more about SW. But one common thing I've noticed, ppl seem to love the trilogies they discovered as kids. 70/80s kids love the og. 90/2000 kids love prequels. And recent gen loved the new ones. Also they have the benefit of watching them all without waiting 30 years or having that sentimental connection to the characters. That's just my opinion but I love this type of content and really glad I've discovered this online SW community. It made me remember why I loved it so much as a kid/teen.
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 14 dager siden
Cooked that man
Bane Andeddu
Bane Andeddu 14 dager siden
Raimundo _Four
Raimundo _Four 14 dager siden
Best Nerd Theory so far, it enlighted my mind in reguards to Luke Skywalker in TLJ. But I still think that it would be heart warming to see George Lucas' sequel trilogy
Darth Tyrannus
Darth Tyrannus 14 dager siden
If HelloGreedo’s fanbase sees this, they’ll raise hell. They can’t stand Prequel fans. Especially not reasonable and mature ones.
Kung Olaf
Kung Olaf 7 dager siden
@Darth Tyrannus I still don't think that's quite right. There is a very large surge of Clone Wars fans who dominate the discussion stratosphere of his channel. On streams and comments people always bring up the cartoons. He once had a poll if "The Clone Wars" was their favorite Star Wars thing. Around 40-50% said yes. While this is not direct confirmation of absense of Prequel hate, you might still have a little dated picture even on the community as a whole. The transition happened around 2017/2018 when he started watching the show and enjoying it.
Darth Tyrannus
Darth Tyrannus 7 dager siden
Kung Olaf Very true about greedo himself. But his fanbase still despises Prequel fans
Kung Olaf
Kung Olaf 11 dager siden
I don't think so? If you are thinking about 2009-2017 Greedo then yes... But today he says that he loves the idea of people loving the Prequels.
Emmanuel Martin
Emmanuel Martin 14 dager siden
This was an excellent stream, thank you!
NATHANAEL INMAN 14 dager siden
Does anyone realize that theory (whom I love) sees the Kylo/Luke face off in his bedroom the same way Kylo does?
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones 14 dager siden
I'm really bad at time management and I miss the live so I'll go and listen to through out the week I just had to double back and rewatch for the comment about Josh hahaha
Scott Goss
Scott Goss 14 dager siden
Choco’s feeling of Luke breaking at 2:17.00 is exactly my feeling.
i K.
i K. 14 dager siden
santa clause was the best one
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