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rumors are circling that Ahsoka and Obi-Wan could be in the Andor show. Let's theorize on Nerd Theory with my buddy Josh from @The Den of Nerds

Officer T
Officer T Dag siden
Ahahaha that vader drawing lol cute
Number One
Number One 5 dager siden
Don't feel bad when you get off topic. It's nerd theory, it's good to have variety. Loving the podcasts.
sweaty Xbox god
sweaty Xbox god 22 dager siden
that pull out joke was so funny theory just didnt acknowledge it
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Måned siden
The few fierce particle subjectively need because pendulum inspiringly listen notwithstanding a slow tulip. amusing, versed pike
Prospero Tempest
Prospero Tempest Måned siden
At this point, I would rather just see Disney Star Wars self destruct. #JusticeforGinaCarano #WeLoveCaraDune #FireKathleenKennedy
carlos acosta
carlos acosta Måned siden
Wait... are you using the patron donations to buy your toys, or are your toys purchased from your own $$??
Nihlum Måned siden
I don't think Josh understands how much hype there has been for Attack on Titan, LOL. Especially lately. People are calling it one of the greatest shows of all time and is rated #1 all over the place and people are going nuts over it, as am I. I think even in America it's like the most requested show or something right now. They didn't lose their hype bro... LOL.
Nihlum Måned siden
If you like Dragon Ball then you should definitely check out One Piece. It's like a version of that type of show that's actually leagues and leagues better and it centers around pirates. There's a very deep story and incredibly rich lore and history in the One Piece world. There's also over 960 episodes and it's ongoing. It is always interesting and I've been nearly unable to wait for the next episode week to week for over a decade now. It's set up on a huge world that's mostly water and doesn't have huge landmasses. There are instead islands all over the place. It's perfect for such a long running pirate adventure. The characters are the best part of it too. This series would also make for endless discussions and theorizing. Some people say the anime can drag on sometimes because they have been close to the manga for a while now, but I love every minute of it. It is my favorite thing of all time and I even love it more than Star Wars. It has everything. Adventure, action, comedy, and epicness... for lack of a better word. There's also a war in it that's the best war ever depicted in anything ever and the single greatest thing I've ever seen.
Nihlum Måned siden
I don't care too much for more Dragon Ball after getting Dragon Ball Super. DBS was absolute garbage. I would rather not get more if that's the kind of crap we are going to get. I was a die hard fan of Dragon Ball growing up and was ridiculously excited for Dragon Ball Super when it was announced but yeah... it let me down big time. One of the biggest disappointments of my life, next to The Last Jedi... but DBS was a whole 130+ episode series of trash instead of just one movie. Granted, it was really 3 episodes of trash, but TLJ was the big one for me. That was the moment that I realized Disney was not good for Star Wars. Not at all...
Romanogers4ever Måned siden
What has me interested in the andor show is the espionage angle in the Star Wars universe. It would be cool if they were able to canonize starkiller as Vader’s apprentice. Also if Thanos shows up in Star Wars universe with a full infinity gauntlet, they wouldn’t work, they only work in the universe they were created or the universe they created. Anywhere else they are powerless, this is canon when Darkseid tried it and found them disappointing. So Luke would win against Thanos because the infinity stones don’t work in the Star Wars universe. Just like how I think if Luke ended up in the marvel universe he would not have access to the force. Don’t think there is a force in the marvel universe, but in its stead I can imagine Luke becoming a sorcerer under dr strange training. It would be a cool what if story.
carlos acosta
carlos acosta Måned siden
I kinda agree with Josh’s interpretation of Luke in the cave on Dagobah (But I always thought that Luke saw himself because he was his own worst enemy). Yo Theory, CHILL OUT->Like art, it’s always open to it each own’s interpretation!
Derek Blomquist
Derek Blomquist Måned siden
Claudia Gray's Book "Star Wars the High Republic: Into the Dark" in my opinion was much better than Light of the Jedi. I found myself much more attached to the characters in "Into the Dark" and actually cared what happened to them. Claudia Gray writes Star Wars very well. The Audio version of the book was quite entertaining.
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Winter Soldier Theory and Iron Man Josh!
Daniel Paquet
Daniel Paquet Måned siden
i think Luke was as afraid of Vader as he was himself turning evil.
Daniel Paquet
Daniel Paquet Måned siden
they were just trying to demonstrate how lame the fox X men movies are, the newer ones any way
Alejandro Zindel
Alejandro Zindel Måned siden
Please no, I’m getting sick and tired of both of these characters already
KapuzzeMaa Måned siden
Scarlet witch in Palpatines robe ;)
kodis kicks
kodis kicks Måned siden
Sorry bro, Batman ain’t touching iron man
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Måned siden
Stikes in the chat
Popculture Watchtower
Popculture Watchtower Måned siden
I’ve been loving the High Republic man definitely give it a shot. Parts can be slow but there’s so much good in there.
Revenge Tt
Revenge Tt Måned siden
Geode is not a Jedi^^
HarfangX Måned siden
So there was a time when I would by anything Star Wars too... and then everything I own became Legends... so why would I buy anything they create that has no market appeal like High Republic?
CrossFire34 Måned siden
This show shouldn't exist in the first place.
Tammy Måned siden
I live in new jersey and there is 2 washington townships north and south NJ named washington
Scott Goss
Scott Goss Måned siden
I just rewatched Rebels and I’m still angry how Filoni did Thrawn dirty like that. I hope they bring in Zahn to Produce whenever the time comes for him to into real life...also, how did Thrawn lose to 24 Xwings when he had an entire Fleet? Get real Filoni.
Livelong wForce
Livelong wForce Måned siden
Thanks to all that have seen it so far. She's so excited to see it announced by Theory and see her count go above 500! nopost.info/throw/sqeiaIW-vYhjndk/video
Соня Берхина
Соня Берхина Måned siden
I don't buy this.
Faganatior Måned siden
Just catching up on this now, why does the show seem to start a bit into it?
Larunce Taylor
Larunce Taylor Måned siden
My thought process is that all of the quicksilver stuff will define itself within the MCUs dalliances into the multiverse.
DSM Panda
DSM Panda Måned siden
Hottest starwars chick Darth Talon or Aayla Secura
Adam Theo
Adam Theo Måned siden
I love Star Wars but there in no Star Wars character that could beat Thanos with the infinity gauntlet or without. Luke would get absolutely destroyed.
Bobby Moran
Bobby Moran Måned siden
Yo Josh! Samurai Champloo is great. Glad you like that series man.
Bobby Moran
Bobby Moran Måned siden
I love DBZ art style so much more than super. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but a lot of the way that older anime looks (cowboy bebop, DBZ, FMA, etc.) appeals a lot more to me.
Jason Stroupe
Jason Stroupe Måned siden
Disrespectful? He's just made cause for 8 weeks he spewed a bunch of bullcrap and got mad that he and his "sources" we're dead WRONG
Craig Dankovich
Craig Dankovich Måned siden
Disappointed in Wanda finale ? Errr
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
What if took Luke to Dagobah when he was a baby, I did, and raised Leia as his own daughter, Master Kenobi did?
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Until a video, this becomes.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Give up, I will not.
Star Wars Galaxy
Star Wars Galaxy Måned siden
Last season on rebels will binge it today 😁
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
mY JEDI Master Theory!
golden dragon
golden dragon Måned siden
These vids a good
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson Måned siden
The amount of commercials on this vid is all I need to know. Peace.
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson Måned siden
Yall mahfukers are just easily pleased. Nerd culture is killing nerd culture. Wanda vision is mediocre at best... Coming on the heals of Mando which was just as mediocre. Both are basically fan service cameo vehicles because that's all nerds want. I long for the days when nerd culture wasn't mainstream. These shows and the neophytes who support them have all but ruined most of the franchises I care about.
Ray Council
Ray Council Måned siden
Stop it, Wandavision was awesome.
Sava Grujica
Sava Grujica Måned siden
theory, josh and geekdom is a beast combo.
Bronsky Cantina
Bronsky Cantina Måned siden
No news from the other show : ACOLYTES??
Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon Måned siden
Geode The Pebble
White Wolf
White Wolf Måned siden
I don't think Vader would kill Ahsoka in that episode but... that's just me.
FalconXR6 Måned siden
If anything to top Luke, it'll be Princess Leia as a Jedi, or it be one of the shows, she will show up, I foresee it!
Trigger Storm
Trigger Storm Måned siden
1. Can we keep this show to mostly talking about star wars. 2. You kinda have too many channels IMO
ZopyrionRex Måned siden
I'm hoping the Obi-Wan show answers a question I've always had about ANH. Would Obi-Wan have taken Luke with him if Owen and Beru hadn't been killed? If hypothetically R2 and 3P0 made it directly too Obi-Wan would he have just left Tatooine and left Luke to live the normal life Anakin never had?
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
I want a freaking Anakin spin off with ahsoka in it set in the clone wars or ROTS with Hayden Christensen and whoever that girl is
Romanogers4ever Måned siden
Rosario Dawson, and that will be difficult because it was mostly covered in the clone wars up to episode 3
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
I just want Anakin's force ghost 😭✋
John Swaebe
John Swaebe Måned siden
I'm trying look up your dragonball channel Could Description So it can be easy to click it
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Måned siden
Quicksilver boner troll was just to stick it to a white male character.
FROST BURN Måned siden
KK made everything legends not canon it wasn’t Disney fault Theory.
FROST BURN Måned siden
Guys KK has destroyed Star Wars literally a rock are you kidding me on top of Ginas firing? Boycott they send them a message
Zac Måned siden
Theory rocking the DT1999 Pro headphones! Nice...
x Måned siden
Geode would make a good Lucasfilm CEO. It would not make Favreau and Filoni lose their time negotiating with it
minteractivemedia Måned siden
Great show as always. Wish you well with the Dragon Ball channel. I love Dragonball especially the character Gohan. My other favourite anime are Samurai Pizza Cats, Patlabor, Robotech, Black Lagoon, Astro Boy, Zoids New Century and Wolf's Rain.
Well-Fed Wildcats
Well-Fed Wildcats Måned siden
If they drag their feet there are more subscription services that are being paid while people wait for things to come out. Every week or month that they stretch things out is more money that they can make without putting out new content. IMO at least
nicolas cryer
nicolas cryer Måned siden
Dark troopers are a far cry from the durability and strength and speed of Thanos. Luke would get stomped by Thanos based off of feats.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Måned siden
Put the rise of skywalker review back up!
C. Tuna
C. Tuna Måned siden
John Horlick IV
John Horlick IV Måned siden
He wasn't quicksilver at all!! It was just to fck w Wanda n get in her head 2 get her power!!
John Horlick IV
John Horlick IV Måned siden
Ya obviously didn't pay attention!! Watch it all over again!!
R Hunter85
R Hunter85 Måned siden
Korey Crawford
Korey Crawford Måned siden
26:34 to 28:18
Poisoned Pawns - Chess
Poisoned Pawns - Chess Måned siden
Ngl, It took me some time to realize who Andor Actually was. Why can they not make a revan show?
Poisoned Pawns - Chess
Poisoned Pawns - Chess Måned siden
@GENGHISKHAN 1206 I know right
GENGHISKHAN 1206 Måned siden
@IcePhoenix2 I didn't know that. Thanks.
GENGHISKHAN 1206 Måned siden
@Poisoned Pawns - Chess I know. It is like Vader died for NOTHING.
Poisoned Pawns - Chess
Poisoned Pawns - Chess Måned siden
@IcePhoenix2 Will the game be canon? Also, will we be able to play through the Mandolorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War?
IcePhoenix2 Måned siden
According to slightly-confirmed rumors, they're remaking/remastering (not sure which is correct as people can disagree about their definitions) KOTOR. He'll likely be in that and that game will serve as his proper reintroduction.
B. Kay
B. Kay Måned siden
Too much trolls on the stream
Ishpreet Singh
Ishpreet Singh Måned siden
Also when they sprinkle our favorite characters in it doesn't add to their development, its just the same old, not that it isn't cool, it's just not meaningful enough
Ishpreet Singh
Ishpreet Singh Måned siden
A full tarkin show would be so fucken cool but what do i know im only a fan right disney
Sebastian Alfonso
Sebastian Alfonso Måned siden
well hello there
Ishpreet Singh
Ishpreet Singh Måned siden
Avatar Theory?
THeReAL ReD5 Måned siden
Im down with obi confronting vader in some way but i can also see commander cody with a squad looking for obi. Obi mind tricks um and they start smoking death sticks heavily and they put the patch on then die jkjkjk but show cody, him and obi have an unfinished story
B. Kay
B. Kay Måned siden
Senator Chuchi is hot
Fer Cuscuela Lopez
Fer Cuscuela Lopez Måned siden
To me what that vision means to Luke in Dagobah, in Empire, is that if he's not careful, and if he acts out of fear and anger then he could end up like Vader, he's afraid to turn.
B. Kay
B. Kay Måned siden
All sabers work underwater, duh. Fistos bifurkal is legends
moloko5 Måned siden
I need Hayden, Mark and Rosario in a episode together. And not doing it is just missing out on hype and goodwill from the fans, which I guess Disney doesn't want for Star Wars for reasons. Instead we get a rock and we are supposed to like it and if we don't it's because we are toxic.
IcePhoenix2 Måned siden
First of all, that could very well still happen. To say we got Geode in place of that is misleading. Are they really going to want to spoil an Ahsoka Anakin scene in live action? Second its only toxic if one complains nonstop about the rock having not read the book or even getting half the details right like so many have. Geode's a small part in Into the Dark. He's not a jedi, he's a sentient alien (Vintian). The books acknowledges the oddity but the writing also helps to both entertain and flesh him out a bit. Clearly he is sentient, as he's able to move and think but because he can't communicate traditionally, you have people in the story wondering what the heck he is and yet by the end of the story they (as well as many readers) come to appreciate him more. Also I highly recommend Into the Dark as a book. Claudia Gray is a great Star Wars author (Bloodline, Leia, Master and Apprentice) and taking Geode out of the equation you have some great Jedi and new characters as well as some interesting worldbuilding and ties to the dark side. Hope you give it a chance and enjoy it as I have.
Logan N
Logan N Måned siden
I don't think Star Wars should be compared to marvel, I feel as though Star Wars is about sending out movies, and just letting them sit. Let people enjoy them and take them in for a while, and then 10 or so years later do more. I kinda like breaks in between the shows, just digest mandalorian for a bit, there are some episodes I've seen 10 times. WandaVision was so bad, in my opinion, I'm not gonna watch falcon and the winter soldier But if there was a gap of a few months or a year, I'd might give it a shot
Bill Barrett
Bill Barrett Måned siden
You can keep the Dragonball stuff, I am too old, lol! My son used to watch that when he was a kid and I could not stand it.
Josiah Lamb
Josiah Lamb Måned siden
I LOVES ur vidz do more animations about maybe maul
Wild Dreams
Wild Dreams Måned siden
i will so much check out your dagon ball channel
Dev Måned siden
"You know what i mean" said by josh. Whenever josh try's to get theory to agree with him he goes "you know what I mean".
Dewback7705 Måned siden
Theory always looks disinterested when he does into rants
Porgzs Måned siden
If there is one good thing to come out of the high Republic it will be geode memes
Anthony Rountree
Anthony Rountree Måned siden
I know it’s marvel but I liked the ending of WandaVision and it’s following the comics not 100% but close enough to make it interesting and entertaining and connecting the future movies and shows little by little 👍🏽
Eric Kirchhoff
Eric Kirchhoff Måned siden
What are your thoughts... I felt WV was the device to bring Vision back into the MCU
Vince Parker
Vince Parker Måned siden
Can you please do a video explaining why every other jedi was able to talk to rey? I thought only yoda, obi, anakin and luke would be able to do it.
Star Wars Real Talk
Star Wars Real Talk Måned siden
Great stream! That super chats at the end was hilarious!
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Måned siden
Why wasn’t there more of a focus on live-action, and the Filoni verse? Quite a simple answer. Kathleen Kennedy hates what Jon and Dave are doing, and is trying to derail it as much as she can, with divisive decisions like putting so much attention into things like the high republic! 🤷‍♂️🖖🙍‍♂️
IcePhoenix2 Måned siden
No....just no.
Visitor Zeta
Visitor Zeta Måned siden
Dude seriously?
Jr M
Jr M Måned siden
word is Yaddle likes to straddle
If the Jedi were made of rocks at least they would have a solid foundation
Michaela Mann
Michaela Mann Måned siden
Another episode of Josh the twi'lek simp 😂
Troll Måned siden
Aren’t we all?
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand Måned siden
If they both have suits batman never wins against iron man
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate Måned siden
Maybe the point of Even was to get us ready for the idea that not all doppelgangers of characters in the Multiverse have the same body?!? Because of the anger over this, I'm sure they will make a reason for it. It won't be pointless trolling in the end.
TheCoach Måned siden
We r proly going to get a new Disney show or movie every weekend this whole year .. I hope
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate Måned siden
No only was Moro a World Eater he was definitely designed after Saesee Tiin. Especially once Moro evolves. It gets way worse. They straight up copied Kit Fisto. Search: Super Dragon Ball Heroes-"Seamus" (even hold an enegy staff..They just made him white instead of Green) Light Sabers and Ki Blades, Majin Buu was inspired by Yoda (if he were Evil) and another race I cant spell. Sensing danger and bad ppl like their Spiderman.... On and on. This is a fraction of Star Wars in Dragon Ball.
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate Måned siden
[Important question below (well important for me)...] Im not well versed in Star Wars and well I was NEVER really a fan. I just didn't enjoy them. (Parley cause the original 3 have terrible CGI and All that.) It makes it hard to watch even at my age (Mid-30's) But since watching your channel and the other big one (tho I prefer u) I've come to like S.W much more. To the point where I'm finally gonna watch all the films in order. Binged. Even throwing in the Animated stuff and Mandolorian (which i haven't watched yet cause I was waiting to binge and I just forgot...) Anyways, even tho they are not Canon anymore which SW: Legends book is the best in your opinion? I have a bunch of free downloads to use on my Audible account. Can't think of anything else I want so I was gonna try an Audio Legends book. The more opinions the better!
Isaac Whalen (Student)
Isaac Whalen (Student) Måned siden
Hi i love you guys
DarthSeid Måned siden
Can’t find the Dragon Ball Theory channel anywhere.
GENGHISKHAN 1206 Måned siden
Click on the Star Wars Theory about section, and go over to channels, that's how I found Cobra Kai.
Nick Franquez
Nick Franquez Måned siden
Should play shadows of the empire...literally one of my all time favorite Star Wars games
Boss of Games
Boss of Games Måned siden
You should make a marvel theory channel
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