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25 dager siden

Today on Nerd Theory let's discuss the news on the Obi-Wan Kenobi series cast reveal with Ewan as Obi-Wan and Hayden as Anakin Skywalker starring the show.

Müller Müller
Müller Müller 12 timer siden
I think Indira Varma will play padmè in flash back scene because the look very similar
Wanda Walanda
Wanda Walanda 4 dager siden
If they just say that Hayden and Evan is together in this episode i Will 100000% look at it :) they are best obi wan and Anakin/vader ever
DV ds
DV ds 6 dager siden
Isn’t O’Shea Jackson Jr, Ice Cube’s Son
Logical Dude
Logical Dude 7 dager siden
Disney has to know that they cannot screw this up. It’s akin to a Luke Skywalker series and they already messed up the sequels. Obi-Wan might just be the most beloved Star Wars character and they have to have people writing and directing this who realize this fact.
De Ss
De Ss 8 dager siden
Josh: "I feel like there was a really crazy good story in the prequels that was hidden by not-as-great film making. And there's actually really decent film making that doesn't have a cohesive story in the sequels" I like this quote. BUT, was everything in the prequels really cohesive? And there was some REALLY shitty acting. and dumb-ass characters. Lot of cringey stuff. Same shit that people critique in the sequels except it was a more important story. For the record I like both the prequels and sequels. I grew up with the og trilogy, hated the prequels when they came out but learned to like them. The sequels I liked right away, no questions. Could they have been better? Absolutely, but I walked out of the theater entertained with every one of them.
FLEX LUTHOR 9 dager siden
Quinlan Vos would be pretty cool to see live action. I can't remember how long he lives in Star Wars canon.
MISFITness 10 dager siden
I swear to god if they poz this show up with the typical woke agenda shit this will be the last straw
psinno 11 dager siden
I probably shouldn't even be here since even though I watched 4,5,6 a lot when I was a kid I only saw 1 and 7 in the cinema because they didn't seem good. Re the comment at 28:48 are 'the bad guys' in the prequels called separatists? I thought the separatists were just patsies for the emperor.
Jake Gunter
Jake Gunter 12 dager siden
I think Disney is making a mistake in not casting Jacob Tremblay as young Luke
Sam Luna
Sam Luna 13 dager siden
I think Moses Ingram will play Ventress, Rupert Friend will play either an imperial or Korkie Kryze, and then I think they will announce Rosario Dawson for Ahsoka and I am hoping they will announce Cate Blanchett for Satine.
Charles Castillo III
Charles Castillo III 13 dager siden
It worries me that the guys didn’t know that Bonnie and Joel were reprising their roles. I thought Theory loved the prequels. Wtf!!!
Nelanhta Riley
Nelanhta Riley 13 dager siden
Who do you think would win in a fight? Wonder Woman or Vader?
Nelanhta Riley
Nelanhta Riley 13 dager siden
Oh cool! Ice Cubes son is in the cast! He did a good job on straight out of Compton.
MARCUSK 13 dager siden
I think bonnie piesse will be Satine
Masgil _
Masgil _ 14 dager siden
No Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis? 😥
Caleb Budde
Caleb Budde 14 dager siden
I am very offended by how you became offended with the Kathleen Kennedy comments! No reason! You are seriously a doosh dude. Kathleen Kennedy did the new Star Wars trilogy pretty bad, that’s WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO DISCUSS, not get all offended! Sure his word choice was poor, but absolutely should NOT jump to conclusions and SLOW DOWN GOD DAMMIT when reading comments people PAY your rich ass to see.
Vinnie Lea
Vinnie Lea 14 dager siden
Benny safdie looks kinda looks like ezra bridger
Eshaan Vaidya
Eshaan Vaidya 14 dager siden
I live in india and the Star Wars Vintage Collection has not been released yet on Disney plus here and I was really excited and looking forward for it as I’m a big fan of the clone wars, ewoks movies and series and I was really disappointed when it didn’t come.
Jack Hubbard
Jack Hubbard 15 dager siden
Theory just say say it. You wanna see those younglings get cut in 10 don’t lie!😂
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 15 dager siden
No Liem Nelson a bit disappointed I was expecting Qui-Gon force Ghost
Bailey Wright
Bailey Wright 17 dager siden
The Sequels won't become liked like the prequels because they're not just bad Star Wars movies, they're just bad as movies in general. Like, compare the saber fights in the prequels to the saber fights in the sequels, the choreography far far superior in the PT. All the saber fights in the ST are just big wide swings, horrible. Fin just yells for 3 movies, too many SJW agendas. The yoda dogmatic view isnt accurate, as my interpretation is that he says "train yourself to let go of everything you FEAR to lose", to me hes saying train yourself to battle fear not train yourself to get over loss. As they say fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate etc etc.
AtomiicFrogz 17 dager siden
josh needs to get it together lol
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy 17 dager siden
Bro I served Han when he was in Vegas one time, and he was fuckin a sweet heart
Kyle Chaivs
Kyle Chaivs 18 dager siden
Main thing I need to see in the final episodes is the fight with Maul. It’s necessary after seeing his appearance in the end of solo.
Larry Zach
Larry Zach 18 dager siden
You misunderstood Brandon's comment, what he said had nothing to do with men vs women. He is just saying Kkkathleen Kkkennedy stinks.
Star Wars Talk Show
Star Wars Talk Show 18 dager siden
WHEN WE LAST MET I WAS BUT A LEARNER NOW I AM THE MASTER (paraphrased) that’s why it will be a dream sequence
Mario Bong Rips
Mario Bong Rips 18 dager siden
Kumail is trash, very dissatisfied
Renáta Béres
Renáta Béres 18 dager siden
I hope the new cast will be either Inquisitors/Imperials or Tatooine locals. I don't want Ahsoka etc..
Zach Massie
Zach Massie 19 dager siden
Wait if we are seeing Vader will James earl jones voice Vader again?
Flying Ace
Flying Ace 19 dager siden
really wish they get Liam Neeson to play a force ghost
Flying Ace
Flying Ace 19 dager siden
if Uncle owen is in it we getting a young teen/child luke maybe?
Savage Gaming Studios
Savage Gaming Studios 19 dager siden
Anyone notice O'Shea Jackson Jr aka ice cube's son
Ben 19 dager siden
Gotta hand it to Disney for keeping Liam Neeson's appearance in this secret.... or they done fucked up
moloko5 19 dager siden
Who is playing 10 year old Luke?
Franc Coeur Guy
Franc Coeur Guy 20 dager siden
Anakin and Obi Wan will be humiliated by women.... my prediction
Franc Coeur Guy
Franc Coeur Guy 20 dager siden
its a very bad idea to bring back Obi Wan and Anakin because Kennedy will destroy and humiliate them like she did with all men original caracters (Luke, Solo, Palpatine...). Very bad idea....
Colton Watt
Colton Watt 20 dager siden
Definitely should be flashbacks of padme and qui gon!!!
aiden kruse
aiden kruse 20 dager siden
I really wanna see them go into obi wan and Anakin having ptsd and flashbacks
KeNsHiRo MuRuGi
KeNsHiRo MuRuGi 20 dager siden
I just want to see Darth Jar-jar Binks make an appearance and say "misa miss you loooong time, misa dark side now"
RC ANDERSON 20 dager siden
Wow man, sorry to hear about your dog. My 12 year old ChiWeiner had pancreatic issues and caused seizures and eventually they hit back to back and we had to put her down. Hearing a dog have a seizure is extremely awful. Hope your dog gets better👍🏻👍🏻
Chad Kerei
Chad Kerei 20 dager siden
It’s 10 years after ROTS I want to see Vader who has overcome his conflict accepted his mistakes and there’s no turning back and at his most powerful and ruthless self chopping down everyone who makes eye contwith him
Henry Thomson
Henry Thomson 20 dager siden
I hope that they have grand admiral thrawn in it
Timothy Graf
Timothy Graf 20 dager siden
Figrin Dan
Figrin Dan 21 dag siden
A rumorred Star Wars reboot would undo all canon so why would they release The Bad Batch and every other SW show set to come out over the next 2 years? Brie Larson will most likely be the SW version of Captain Marvel but in The High Republic time period or she will be the child of Rey. It's just more Mary Sue God-Modding with Rey 2.0 just to punish fans who like anything not Rey-Lo or High Republic related. Plus Disney making a deal with China, a country with millions put into "special" camps to control numbers of people? It's on google and yahoo news, too. I'm still hoping the Ahsoka series will show her go into the World Between Worlds and help Luke stop Ep.7,8,9 from happening by stopping Palpatine from coming back and ending the 1st Order from growing. Star Trek has done things like that and so far Star Wars is the only SciFi show that I know which hasn't added time travel so they could go with the new time line to undo the sequels?
Figrin Dan
Figrin Dan 21 dag siden
They should not have Obi-Wan meet Maul. That would undo Kenobi being surprised by Maul later in Rebels with Obi-Wan finally killing Maul. I really want a list of who will be playing who, names of characters and a hint on the actual plot. Will Kenobi stay on Tatooine and if so, how many adventures could he have without him using the Force? Obi-Wan will have to use a new weapon, not a saber or that would lead to Vader finding out and sending Inquisitors after Kenobi. Show us former Jedi can live without sabers and only use the Force at very rare moments.
Fwoosh312 21 dag siden
Why does the Asian have to be a pilot and not a Jedi?? Lol lol jk, RIP SYFO
TED SHOT THAT 21 dag siden
So Palpatine aint gonna be in it? Or they keeping that one secret as always?
Insidious 21 dag siden
NOOOO, they NEVER said where or when the last time they fought was!!!! The time they were referring to could totally be in this new show!
Insidious 21 dag siden
He is also the chosen one, so he should have no issues picking up Thor's hammer!
Oreo Pagus
Oreo Pagus 21 dag siden
Updated March 31: The presence of a young Luke Skywalker has now been confirmed, but not the name of the young actor. Unconfirmed sources have said several photographs of a 10 - to 12-year-old Mark Hamill will be used as the basis for the digital make-up that will be applied to the face of the young actor, just as de-aging software was used to recreate 28-year-old Luke in The Mandalorian (Season 2, episode 8), and 23-year-old Luke in The Rise of Skywalker (2019). It is rumored that the 10-year-old actor's voice will be combined with samples of Hamill's own voice, taken from family videos and other sources, to simulate what Hamill himself sounded like at age ten. Star Wars: How Obi-Wan Kenobi Fits Into the Franchise's Timeline How they DE-AGED Mark Hamill for Young LUKE SKYWALKER! - Star Wars Explained 19-year old Mark Hamill: Mark Hamill Cosby Show 23-year old Mark Hamill: (18:21 mark) When You See Arcturus, Show # 372 (1974)
Taz 21 dag siden
Can't wait to see Hayden act with dialogs that are not written by George Lucas
Niggaspirit 21 dag siden
Lol Theory saying Anakin can beat Thor was embarrasing
LiteralGarbage 21 dag siden
Bonnie and Joel are the actors for Luke’s Aunt and Uncle FYI
LiteralGarbage 21 dag siden
Well never mind he explains it
Cey The Sith Lordess
Cey The Sith Lordess 21 dag siden
Hayden and Ewan= Dream team 💜
Obsidian Monolith
Obsidian Monolith 21 dag siden
I want to see Asharad Hett in the show. Imagine the two former Jedi meeting
astrapsy 21 dag siden
no freezing on my end.
Dáire Mullan
Dáire Mullan 21 dag siden
I'm really hoping Kathleen kennedy doesn't mess this up (she likely will)🙏
cdgeeezy 22 dager siden
“I’m not a right winger.. I’m not a left winger.. I’m a X-Winger”
cdgeeezy 22 dager siden
No mention of ice cube son?
King of Portals
King of Portals 22 dager siden
He is so close to 3 million!!!
Stardust Wolf
Stardust Wolf 22 dager siden
the intro sound is really loud
Rob 22 dager siden
Ice Cube's son is in this new series? thats cool af
Jon Grievous
Jon Grievous 22 dager siden
Why ice son init lol.. I thought obi only talked to quigon and watched over luke.. Would be good to have done flash backs of the big battles in clone wars animation
CrazyLegs 22 dager siden
Nice vid
KerenSawa 22 dager siden
I want that deleted story arc in Clone Wars where Anakin and Obi talk about Ahsoka leaving the order in live action on the Kenobi show
Red Five
Red Five 22 dager siden
This show needs to stay focused on Obi-wan and Anakin. I really do not want to see Ventress, Quilan, Ahsoka, Maul, Cal, Kanan, or anyone else but they probably won't be able to help themselves. I would however like to see brief scenes of Padme, Qui-gon, and Yoda.
Christopher Madison
Christopher Madison 22 dager siden
Will we see Grogu at any point during the series? They have to explain how he escaped from the Temple during Order 66.....
Nygma 22 dager siden
Asajj Ventress is dead, therefore she can’t appear in this show.
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly 22 dager siden
Hello there
A. P.
A. P. 22 dager siden
I’m so damn excited for this show! Can’t believe we’re gonna see Ewan and Hayden again together on screen since 2005!
Non-Educative Minecraft yes it exists
Non-Educative Minecraft yes it exists 22 dager siden
Today is Ewan birthday
Caleb Coleman
Caleb Coleman 22 dager siden
Nice cast but really the only cast member that would get me more pumped than I already was would be Mr. Samuel L Jackson. So really I am a bit let down if I'm honest. Maybe they will surprise us though.
David Hall
David Hall 22 dager siden
Vader beating it while having padme flashback lol
Ter Rowle
Ter Rowle 22 dager siden
I’d say it kills the makers of this show that they have to cast a white blond haired boy at some stage.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 22 dager siden
Moses as a young Admiral Sloan?
David Hall
David Hall 22 dager siden
Rupert looks like Thrawn.
You Tube
You Tube 22 dager siden
@Star Wars Theory I think Indira Varma is going to play as Padme’s sister, what are your thoughts?
Müller Müller
Müller Müller 12 timer siden
I think shw would play padmè in a flash back scene because i think she looks very similar but the theory with the sister could also happen
mike skis
mike skis 22 dager siden
This is gonna crush me. Lucas film is a wreck. We wanted Star Wars and got real world politics. Luke has been ruined redeemed through the mandatorily and ruined again with the firing of Gina Carnap. This show I’m sure obi wan will be wrecked and let me be clear I’m not usually negative about things I love. Star Wars is under the reign of a crazy woman. And she needs to go.
Nygma 22 dager siden
Looks like the Jar Jar rumor was false.
derLASERcrafter/wally 22 dager siden
No Qui-Gon, no Padme? sad :(
Dryedcolt6069 !
Dryedcolt6069 ! 22 dager siden
Hey I am a huge fan of the channel. I watch every day. I have a huge theory for the obi wan show. What if obi wan and anakin are a force Diad and like Rey and Kylo could see eachother through the force and fight that’s how obi wan fights Vader. They then don’t have to be in the same place but together in the force. Anyways just wanted to put that out there. I thought it’s a cool idea
Violet 22 dager siden
I hope Natalie Portman is in it. 🙏
Müller Müller
Müller Müller 12 timer siden
I don‘t think she would come back to the role but i see Indira Varma as padmè so maybe we will get a flashback scene or she play padmès sister
mark lloyd
mark lloyd 22 dager siden
kk has to go, no hope unti her and her cronies are out
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye
Surunitemi Akanni-Oye 21 dag siden
Hope you cancelled your Disney+ subscription
Dashy 22 dager siden
Would have loved to see another scene between Obi Wan and Dexter. (RIP Ron Falk)
Liduna 22 dager siden
When it comes to other Jedi or the Force users that might be depicted in the show, it would be super cool if they would add Cal Kestis. I mean - Kenobi series takes place 5 years after the fallen order, to add Cameron Monaghan would be pretty awesome.
Mont Bradley
Mont Bradley 22 dager siden
O'Shea Jackson jr= YOUNG Moff Gideon
Bogard 22 dager siden
In 10-15 years no one will remember the sequels.
Marty McK
Marty McK 22 dager siden
Mike Zeroh IS the senate.
Marty McK
Marty McK 22 dager siden
Anyone reckon we will also see Hayden in the helmet, Tony Stark style?
Marty McK
Marty McK 22 dager siden
Will Obi Wan be using alternative weaponry, such as a Beskar sword etc as a lightsaber would attract attention?
Marty McK
Marty McK 22 dager siden
I like Ice Cube's son.
Ethala 22 dager siden
Bonnie Piesse was Aunt Beru with Joel's Owen from the Prequals, so if we see Aunt and Uncle Lars... OH MAN!!
Greg Roman
Greg Roman 22 dager siden
Sounds, looks, and feels like an epic!
Kole LaFay
Kole LaFay 22 dager siden
I’m absolutely going to cry a lot the second I see Ewan or Hayden.
SourBogBubble 22 dager siden
So you just read super chat the entire time? Yucky
Leanne Hennessy
Leanne Hennessy 22 dager siden
Hope your dog is doing well now Theory
Bombakugel 22 dager siden
I hope Commander Cody takes part in this series
KILLIYON 22 dager siden
O'Shea Jackson Jr is just gonna be a space rapper best in the galaxy. ice cube son really finna be in star wars that's just cool to me
Christoph Hermann
Christoph Hermann 22 dager siden
In defense of that Brandon guy talking about Cancel Culture and misinterpreted as Sexist. he was not talking about "womEn" beeing unable to make star wars stuff! he was only talking about "THAT WOMAN" meaning Kathhleen.
Richest Man In Tatooine
Richest Man In Tatooine 22 dager siden
14:55 You are here to get milked. Just pay him and get lost. He is Star Wars biggest hope right? LMAO.
Robert J
Robert J 22 dager siden
this filing of this movie is legit 5 mins from my house if u want pics and set info let me know star wars theory
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