Kathleen Kennedy Confirmed to Direct Lucasfilm for Many More Years

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Måned siden

In today's investor meeting at Disney, Bob Chapek announced his support for Kathleen Kennedy and says he looks forward to seeing her directing Lucasfilm for many more years to come.

Campbell Hodgson
Campbell Hodgson 22 timer siden
You people are all fucking deluded
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza Dag siden
If she wont get fired i will do it myself.
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 4 dager siden
Invest all your money in DOGE so you can buy Lucasfilm
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 4 dager siden
Couldn’t agree more that whoever is in charge of decisions needs to have a passion for Star Wars. I hope she can turn things around with the movies. Rogue One was amazing at least
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 4 dager siden
Let Dave take the reigns and everything will be good. He’s the rightful heir to Lucasfilm in my opinion
John Gulotta
John Gulotta 11 dager siden
She must have tapes on Disney like J edger Hoover
The Star Wars Battlefield
The Star Wars Battlefield 13 dager siden
What?... How can good Star Wars content be made, but Kennedy is incharge? Its outrageous, ITS UNFAIR!
The Star Wars Battlefield
The Star Wars Battlefield 6 dager siden
But, those are shows. I’m focusing more on the movies which she probably has more control over than the shows
Geode66 7 dager siden
Ahem...... star wars rebels, star wars clone wars, mandalorian
UR DADDY 14 dager siden
Long Island Haunter
Long Island Haunter 16 dager siden
It's treason then !
Steven Perez
Steven Perez 16 dager siden
Tragic news :,(
Milner Benedict III
Milner Benedict III 17 dager siden
Lady Executive Kathleen Kenedy, I wanted to let you know how wonderfully you affected my life with your rendition of Star Wars. In 1988, I was psychiatrically abused at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington for fifty-nine days. It was horrible, and with tremendous inspiration drawn from the tales of Robotech, Star Trek & Star Wars, I managed not only to recover, but to become the first person diagnosed with schizophrenia to earn international patent registration for his inventions; I did this work entirely on my own - without an attorney. This proves that the seemly impossible can happen. Rey Skywalker was a scavenger girl, but then she achieved the impossible: Rey defeated Palpatine. Sometimes art and life mirror how goodness can prevail ... and I believe in your efforts - you've shown us that those at the bottom of society who are abused and forgotten can rise up and become so much more. Lady Jedi Princess Rey Skywalker deserves honor in the stories of Star Wars. Again, thanks for your contributions. Sincerely, Milner Benedict III
Sir Realist of the Paranoiac Shore
Sir Realist of the Paranoiac Shore 17 dager siden
As long as she lets Dave and Jon run the show (and by proxy George) then whatever.
Brian Moore
Brian Moore 18 dager siden
Fire K. K.
Kasey Houston
Kasey Houston 20 dager siden
Starwars theory, you're way to forgiving and sympathetic for Kathleen Kennedy and Disney. Seriously stop defending them here and there. They're 100% shit all the time, the only reason Mandalorian was successful was because Kathleen was told to have 0 influence on the show. They even made fun of you! Join the fight to save starwars instead of making excuses for terrible people.
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza 22 dager siden
KK Oscars video got rationed so bad that the comments were turned off.
Ian Kikel
Ian Kikel 23 dager siden
Feels bad.
Mudshrooze 23 dager siden
One of the ugliest human beings in the world just so happens to be one of the most evil. She thinks shes untouchable. They all do. But it wouldnt be hard to end them
Daves Roleplays
Daves Roleplays 23 dager siden
Kathleen: YOU TURNED THEM AGAINST ME!! George Lucas: You have done that yourself!
James T Clement Film
James T Clement Film 24 dager siden
Well if she's staying that's as tragic as it gets. I'll be finishing up rebels then I'm walking away from star wars...fir good
xBamfo 26 dager siden
Episode 5 was never received poorly. That's some fake propaganda by Disney and shills trying to defend their low quality fan fiction.
Number One
Number One 26 dager siden
53:20 what in the fudge was that sound!?!?
FuckMSM MSMislies
FuckMSM MSMislies 26 dager siden
Anything Star Wars created by her and Disney is dead to me.
Jordo Colomb
Jordo Colomb 26 dager siden
Well I guess Star Wars is going to suck now and for ever 😭
Andrew Keith
Andrew Keith 27 dager siden
Let's not go as far as saying Rian Johnson isn't at fault in these decisions either when he's ready outed himself numerous times as forcing the division among the universe. He along with Kennedy need fired. She's literally the worse choice for both a business aspect and creative aspect and I honestly don't know who she's sucking off to keep her position
NateXPVP 28 dager siden
No way I didn't think you actually said you would buy Lucasfilm if you could 😂 y'all Phantom Menace people are getting cocky now
JustGetIt 29 dager siden
No wonder the last three movies are bad.
Nai Somar
Nai Somar 29 dager siden
People don't change that easily lol
Just another Hank Hill Account
Just another Hank Hill Account 29 dager siden
I will never accept anything past The Mandalorian as canon Unless George Lucas can redeem the sequels like he did the prequels, but as long as Kathleen is at the helm, I'm not buying
Callum Prangell
Callum Prangell Måned siden
You are aware all she does is give little feedback on the story and green lights projects. Her job is the exact same as Feige's. As much as you may not like to hear this, Kennedy saved Star Wars. The fanbase was lessening after clone wars season 6 finished and George Lucas was struggling to get the finances to make more movies/TV shows. George sold Lucasfilm to Disney which helped breath new life into the fandom with the release of Rebels. Then TFA was released and became a success and brought new fans into the fanbase (exactly the same as the prequels did with the generation before) She then Proceeded to green light Rogue One, TLJ, Solo, TROS, Resistance, The Mandalorian, Clone wars season 7, Acolyte, Bad Batch, Book of Boba, Obi Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, Droid Tales, Lando, Andor and Rouge Squadron and gave the green light for the high republic books to be made. Before you say Filoni and Favreau saved star wars, answer me this. Who hired them for the Mandalorian? Kathleen Kennedy. You may dislike the projects that she has done but she has saved Star Wars and the misinformation you seem to spread to your subs seems to impact people that use you as a reliable source of information. This causes many problems in the fanbase. I used to be a subscriber until I did my own research and discovered a lot of the information you spread is false.
The Conductor Esplin
The Conductor Esplin Måned siden
Kathleen Kennedy: UNLIMITED POWER fans: i feel a great disturbance in the force
The Real Obama
The Real Obama Måned siden
Starting today In Star Wars I will only watch the animated shows the prequels and originals. Obviously I won’t ever watch the sequels or any other Disney Star Wars movies
damon mont
damon mont Måned siden
TheOfficialJopp Måned siden
"As long as there's light, we still have a chance!"---Poe Damron. I think Jon and Dave are the light in this situation
JGreer17 Måned siden
Everyone @ Disney: you did this for what?
Beth Moore
Beth Moore Måned siden
She has to pack her shit and go.
Beth Moore
Beth Moore Måned siden
FORBES has bashed her and she has to go.
Garrett Liechty
Garrett Liechty Måned siden
They are running star wars like a business. But Lucas ran it like person , it was his child. They dont see it that way they dont care its just a cash cow
Thanos Måned siden
Jeep Lord
Jeep Lord Måned siden
They need to put Jon Favreau and or Dave filoni on top. They really understand what they fans want. Kennedy is universally hated by fans
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump Måned siden
CALEB CLINE Måned siden
Kathleen Kennedy needs to be fired she brings woke star wars politics in star wars which ruins everything and why aren't you calling for a Retcon Sequel trilogy it's garbage it's trash and needs to be erased . Your a Disney shill is that why you won't campaign for Retcon of the sequel trilogy
Bust n Cyde
Bust n Cyde Måned siden
I’m not sure how Disney lets the fans voices just fade out while they make decisions like this. Is it just a money game, or do they genuinely think this woman can do well with Star Wars?
Marcus Blackwell
Marcus Blackwell Måned siden
*Vader Scream* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
kreten Måned siden
CyclonChick Måned siden
Ugh :/
Some_Random Boi
Some_Random Boi Måned siden
Kathleen Kennedy: *is brought back by Disney* Literally everyone: “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”
Ryan Måned siden
Thanks for ruining my day.
rick4777 Måned siden
What a joke, I never bothered to watch the last two movies, if you think Kennedy will not be involved in the production side of things, I have a bridge to sell you.
techno639 Måned siden
Without KK yall wouldn't be getting emotional about Luke showing up in the Mandalorian. Sure she wasn't perfect as a company president but she deserves more respect than most of yall give her credit for.
All-Wario Ultimate
All-Wario Ultimate Måned siden
I sense a plot to destroy the franchise... the dark side of the force surrounds Kennedy.
All-Wario Ultimate
All-Wario Ultimate Måned siden
@Dylan Mcglade If she does not give up her emergency powers after the firing of Gina Carano then she should be removed from office.
Dylan Mcglade
Dylan Mcglade Måned siden
this is a good one, nice reference
Keith Hodge
Keith Hodge Måned siden
ThicknSwift Måned siden
I’m genuinely curious what new boogie man the Star Wars fan base would’ve found if she was fired to blame all their problems on.
Upside Down
Upside Down Måned siden
Yes, JF and DF need to carry on with what they're doing. They wouldn't have a clue at producing.
Bobby Allen Bryant
Bobby Allen Bryant Måned siden
Fantastic!! That means Disney and LucasFilms will not receive my business!!
christian schulz
christian schulz Måned siden
I really seriously not understand how she still has a job, she must have dirt on someone. You cant missmanage a prestige project like Star Wars into the ground like this and still have a job.
christian schulz
christian schulz Måned siden
Makes me literally question our whole society
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Måned siden
love seeing all the cope after years of "leaks" that she was going or everyone in lucasfilm somehow hated her LOL. what was the saying again? "get woke go broke"? how's that going lol
boodashen layne
boodashen layne Måned siden
What?!? 😫
Péter Pogány
Péter Pogány Måned siden
Begun, the dark age has.
Jared Adams
Jared Adams Måned siden
They really should appoint a creative head of star wars. Let her stay head of Lucas, but appoint somebody that has a clue of what shoild happen.
Douglas Marsh
Douglas Marsh Måned siden
Personally I took Bob Chapek's comments with a pinch of salt. They sounded like typical corporate double talk. Kennedy probably won't be fired but I would be surprised if her contract is renewed, She may however be promoted sideways within Disney where she can pursue her own projects far away from Star Wars.
Matt Ransom
Matt Ransom Måned siden
How to ruin a company 101: rule 1 turn to attacking those who give you money.
Joseph Crede
Joseph Crede Måned siden
Disney doesn't care about star wars. It only cares about the money it can get from star wars. As long as Disney owns star wars it will only be political garbage clusterfuckery.
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck Måned siden
G kilsetup
G kilsetup Måned siden
Because people don't boycott. They have no viscosity or resolve with sticking to principals. This isn't about changing, it's a marxist push by Chinese masters- rationalizing, is making the unacceptable, acceptable . Fanboys rationalize. They say " oh its starwars I gotta watch" , they pay and say " I just wanna see how bad it was"- liberal agenda takes advantage of people's " understanding " and rationalizing. You give them an inch, they take a mile. The only way to fight is absolutism, and a bloody nose. Disney believes they're above the Fandom, like a bully, and bullying only realizes when they get bullied. In this case a bully- Fandom. Boycott these bozos
Ye ye
Ye ye Måned siden
Yeah sorry but y’all are so excited for these new series and movies and she got the go ahead to announce these things before she got rehired and she brought us the mandalorian so be grateful don’t just hate all the time so toxic this community is
Screen FU
Screen FU Måned siden
So listening to your optimistic outlook on this... Well I can say, it's one of reasons I started my "Screen FU" recently... Being optimistic, enthusiastic is what being a fan is all about... Great stuff
Anikan Pie Walker
Anikan Pie Walker Måned siden
Commander Cody the time has come.... Execute order 66
Beatlebaby4 Måned siden
I agree with everything you said. I am an original SW fan standing in line multiple times the summer of 1977 to see A New Hope over and over. It was torture to wait 3 years for ESB and even more torture to wait another 3 years for ROTJ and being in line on the day of release for TPM, TCW and ROTS (which is tied for my favourite with ESB). I'm ma 55 year old Grandmother of 3 now and am starting to introduce my 5,3 & 2 year old grand babies to SW (the first 6 and the only SW IMO, I won't be showing them 7, 8 & 9, they are not SW, they are Disney's vision/knockoff version of SW, not real SW, not George's and our SW). Much love and respect from a fellow Canadian SW UPF.
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
"The force is unusually strong with this one".
Mich Washington
Mich Washington Måned siden
Don’t cry like a man child again 🙄
Benjamin Oldiges
Benjamin Oldiges Måned siden
She’s completely over her head. She’s a business woman, but Star Wars is really built around deep lore and world building. When those two mix there is success. This is the difference between Marvel and Star Wars. Disney doesn’t understand this
Rusti Fowler
Rusti Fowler Måned siden
I had to check the date to see if it was April 1st.........
CJLAKE Måned siden
Noooo! I was hoping they weren’t going to renew her contract this year.. As far as I’ve heard LucasFilm still hasn’t renewed her contract.
Kyle Paoletti
Kyle Paoletti Måned siden
I don't understand what she did so wrong. She's the reason we're even getting Star Wars content. Just because you didn't like how a movie turned out doesn't mean she should lose her job. George chose her personally. I trust George
MrEffectfilms Måned siden
-Gasp- Someone with common sense!
Noah Tash
Noah Tash Måned siden
Is she really that bad, couldn't she change and actually start to care like the rest of disney
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus Måned siden
What brand is his headphones?
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus Måned siden
I like JJ.Abrams I think Ep7 and ep9 was not bad. It was just screwed by ep8..
Laudator Bot
Laudator Bot Måned siden
Disney: we grant you the rank of master Kathleen: UNLIMITED POWERRRRRRR
Patrica Hyslop
Patrica Hyslop Måned siden
Kathleen Kennedy looked ill at the Oscars on line she won't last long
Michael marram
Michael marram Måned siden
So corrupt anyway at least we can appreciate jon and Dave work on mandalorian and clone wars
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange Måned siden
I mean it doesn't make sense that she is at fault for all the bad, but given no credit for any of the good. It's true that it's about whoever is in charge of said projects. Filoni and Favreau did amazing on Mando and clone wars. Abrams and Johnson fucked up the sequel trilogy tho. Force awakens was the only decent one out of the 3, and even then it was a copy of episode 4, but there was hope for it to be better after that. 8 and 9 clearly suffered from lack of cooperation between directors or figurehead. Feel like Johnson and abrams didn't talk to each other at all about the storyline and where they wanted it to go. They should have fleshed out/ explained palpatines return much more, given Finn more to do because he was pretty much useless and just running after and screaming "rey!!!!" the whole trilogy (I liked how they acknowledgedhis jedi abilities in the leho holiday special), they boned Luke and anakins legacy, rose was pointless. Idk rant over.
raz A
raz A Måned siden
fundhund62 Måned siden
It´s baffling to me how people go crazy over Favreau and Filoni. The Mandalorian is very mediocre at best. Nowhere near the level of Clone Wars, let alone episodes 1-6.
i love you
i love you Måned siden
worst news I could have heard today
Funkyhz Måned siden
Buisness and Art are 2 different thing.
G Lane
G Lane Måned siden
Disney CEO can say that publicly but behind the scenes she will eventually be gone sooner than you think
MegaMr46 Måned siden
But why didn’t George Hire Dave Filoni in the first place?! I know Jon’s busy with the MCU, but why not Dave? #HoldLucasFilmAccountable
Gabe Walker
Gabe Walker Måned siden
Yeah I knew this would happen
Lizz Ka Ayako
Lizz Ka Ayako Måned siden
...while Di$ney confirms it's cool with not making money from Lucasfilm for many more years.
the murr
the murr Måned siden
this blows
Tomun 73
Tomun 73 Måned siden
SWT Doing his Canadian accent ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! LMAO
Alex Alverez
Alex Alverez Måned siden
“Our time has come For 20 long years, we prepared, while you rested in your cradle of power, believing your fans were safe. You were trusted to lead lucasfilm, but you were deceived as our powers of the woke side have blinded you. You assumed no force could challenge you... and now... we have taken over”
sauga man
sauga man Måned siden
honestly i jus focus on legends now
Willports Måned siden
Well it is what it is now. Allowing the Gina scenario = nothings changed, In the past I used to be hyped, watching John Boyega watching his trailer, filled me with joy, more so than TFA trailer itself, I thought finally there will be a black lead, a new Jedi story, with a great storm trooper back story, seeing what it meant to him, gave me hope. From then on it went downhill from Luke throwing away his light sabre and sucking on that milk. For me it’s about DF and JF need to be left alone, if not it’s over, if she sacks by proxy the leads of their new series again it’s over., will see over the yrs if we get crap or good.
K. J. Morrris
K. J. Morrris Måned siden
We should all cancel our Disney+ subscriptions until she is removed
Ruhrgebiet Flair
Ruhrgebiet Flair Måned siden
Das kann ich am besten in deutsch sagen ... Die PURE Verabscheuung in der Stimme von dem Jungen find ich so geil xD.
Rob 27dap
Rob 27dap Måned siden
Sorry nope disagree she cant lead because she insists on getting creatively involved shes a producer end of. The Sequel trilogy alone is an indictment of her ability, this mess with Gina Carrono another example she has done nothing but push political agendas and aggressive creative (High Republic, Pablo Hidalgo etc) who constantly insult fans. Can she change I dont believe so because she feels us longer in the tooth fans arent the kind of people she wants as fans. Let her Produce let her do the business keep her the fuck away from anything creative.
Romanogers4ever Måned siden
I liked Rian Johnson’s knives out movie, I don’t think he should have done episode 8, maybe if he did a trilogy that was not connected to the trilogy (that honestly should not have even existed) then maybe he could have done something good, either something in the far future or the long distant past of Star Wars. Like cover the Sith wars or something.
Galaxy Nacho
Galaxy Nacho Måned siden
Bruh moment
Redbeans & Rich
Redbeans & Rich Måned siden
Thumbnail look like dude and dude in wig
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