George Lucas NEW Interview Talks Disney Sequels and Star Wars

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Star Wars Theory

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I was recently told about this very hidden interview with Melody Hobson (George's wife) and George Lucas that I find so interesting and thought provoking about many things. For the purposes of Star Wars, I'm going to skip ahead to a Star Wars centric part and react/watch it with you all. I believe this is the latest online presence (Oct 2020) of George Lucas, my hero. I wish him and Mrs. Hobson the best, and I thank him for creating my childhood/adulthood and now career.
Go watch the full video linked here

Aharon W Smith
Aharon W Smith 3 dager siden
It's too bad that star wars was so popular. I think if it wouldn't have been a pop culture phenomenon then the movies would have been more interesting. It would have been interesting to see his story line of the whills and how all things are connected.
William Sebastian
William Sebastian 3 dager siden
This guy and Lucas should team up, beat Disney up, take back star wars and make movies that matter.
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 5 dager siden
at the next star wars opening theatrical realises, we should wear *"We love you George"* shirts. i wanna buy some
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 6 dager siden
*" he said star wars was like he's children".* So it must be devastating to see bob not honouring his words but letting George have input
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 6 dager siden
*not BoB & Kk honor his words
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 6 dager siden
*people who are not nice* 🤔
Nicholas Pietromonaco
Nicholas Pietromonaco 8 dager siden
So when does he talk about the sequels???
mrpotatoguy1 9 dager siden
Geroge Lucas For Presdient!!!!
Kennedy Pictures
Kennedy Pictures 10 dager siden
Thanks for sharing. Great wise advice by George Lucas about doing what you love, which I for one as a filmmaker enjoy hearing! I don't like the Disney Star Wars films either... I like the original six, and thats's all. So sue me!
Matthew Burns
Matthew Burns 11 dager siden
It's a bit quiet...
Jedi Ryan
Jedi Ryan 12 dager siden
George Lucas also says that reylo shippers are weird.
Captain Malfert
Captain Malfert 13 dager siden
Hi I really enjoyed a video Do you know that the videos were removed and thirdly in my opinion Were your true cause hes talking to the student on camera about Star Wars which ones as his Star Wars in which one Which one hes made from the corporation
Adrián Pérez
Adrián Pérez 15 dager siden
I agree man my favorite movie is episode 1 and jar jar binks is one of my favorites
Miranda Regalado
Miranda Regalado 18 dager siden
I take a leap of faith and click on one of your videos, hoping to get some quality star wars content. But yet once again all you do is trash Star Wars. I don't agree with people making videos about you but they're not wrong. All you are anymore is a negative Nancy dude.
CamoLive 20 dager siden
Original video is private
Crucial Flow Research
Crucial Flow Research 20 dager siden
Did anybody download the video? I'd like to see all of it
Eric Kosky
Eric Kosky 21 dag siden
It’s time to ratio all of ABC News and ABC Entertainment. ABC is Disney too. Their newest videos are easy to ratio.
William Wilting
William Wilting 21 dag siden
There were things in the prequel movies I didn't entirely understand, and those things may have created some plot holes and questions. But overall I never hated any of them. He created a storyline for them and tried his best to have them make some sense in relation to the original trilogy. I can only respect that, even if I wouldn't have liked them. At least it made a connection between the prequels and the originals, which is essential (and enough for me for that reason. I won't avoid watching the sequels when I'm watching the whole main movie series, but I just can't feel that same kind of connection with the other two trilogies. They feel to be too loosely linked with the rest of the storyline to not see them as just a sequel with the start of a new story as a 'second chapter' of the franchise. If it was a new story as a new chapter in the franchise, I might have had less trouble with the sequels, but the problem is that they tried too much to continue the same story without having a single constructive plan for the entire sequel trilogy's storyline. The one thing I am angry about is that Disney appeared to do the sequels for the wrong reasons, which didn't have much to do with the movies and their story at all, and pushing away any kind of help from the creator of the story.
Koan St James
Koan St James 22 dager siden
I searched up the title and saw that they re uploaded the video, here's the link
michael hosler
michael hosler 22 dager siden
I wish I could just have one deep conversation with George I would take in every word and really have deep deep thoughts about the conversation after I think I’d be life changing
Benjamin Trout
Benjamin Trout 23 dager siden
Pathetic that someone privated the video you link to for the original interview.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 23 dager siden
Hey theory do you have another link for the gerogelucas interview? The one that you have says the video is private
James Hopkins
James Hopkins 24 dager siden
Aurang 25 dager siden
Sadly they removed the Interview....... I really wanna watch it in full :(
G-Notes85 25 dager siden
Happy birthday theroy. A little late but hope it was good
Hang Solow
Hang Solow 25 dager siden
Interesting the link doesn’t work know video has been made private wondering 💭 why that would happen?
Aurang 25 dager siden
Disney loves their Censorship....
Stephen Walk
Stephen Walk 26 dager siden
you cant watch the full thing anymore its gone
DarkHpokinsn Gaming
DarkHpokinsn Gaming 26 dager siden
In what world is 5 months a year ago? Lol
discoqueenmom 26 dager siden
Lol I think George's philosophy about having to move to other planets is crazy, but I like how he explains about fear, and how we need to not let fear get to us etc!
Haruckio 26 dager siden
Can't see the original video it's private now😅
Steven Sanna
Steven Sanna 27 dager siden
LOL Heard him talk for 10 seconds about fear, and I realize why Disney had this video taken down!
HecticDeath 27 dager siden
I’m glad you streamed it for us because the video is now set to private .
Twiggy 27 dager siden
I have no idea what religion George was talking about but my religion is the prequels.
Twiggy 27 dager siden
I always new George was inspirational but holy crap. HE IS INSPIRATIONAL!!!
hotdognobun 28 dager siden
We need a Lucas Cut of episode 7-9
Xinny The Flu
Xinny The Flu 28 dager siden
Please download as the original video has now been Thanosed.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 28 dager siden
I live how casually he talks about the earth and the sun blowing up. Sadly the original video has been made private. I’d be interested in knowing if Disney had a hand in making that happened
Aurang 25 dager siden
What does your heart tell you?
Aaron Marshall
Aaron Marshall 28 dager siden
We’re not even going to be the same species in 50 million years. Let alone 500 million or a billion. We’ll be lucky to see 2000 years from now with all of the nukes we have pointed at each other and who knows what other god awful new weapons will be developed. Just in the last 100 years look at the earth destroying technology that has been created. I think our future will look more like idiocracy or Wall-E thank intergalactic travel. But yeah, cool bro, let’s make some spaceships and get out of this solar system.
HappyJack 29 dager siden
Thier is only one true religion, it's just you have to be sincere when you want to see the truth
Jeffrey Romeo Caangay
Jeffrey Romeo Caangay 29 dager siden
too bad that Disney has taken down the interview rn. they've gone panic.
Tony 29 dager siden
too bad the video turned private
Doc Bear
Doc Bear 29 dager siden
That was very inspiring to watch. Thank you!
Richard Lines
Richard Lines 29 dager siden
Cant view the full interview. Says it’s private.
Ben Peters-Brown
Ben Peters-Brown 29 dager siden
Looks like KK has striked again
David Salamon
David Salamon 29 dager siden
Hey man thanks for your work. My birthday is in 6 days ( 20th). That's another reason why I have always liked you. You're another Pisces (♓︎)!!
Liane McNabb
Liane McNabb Måned siden
The full length video you gave us the link for is private. Cant watch.
Mark1130 Måned siden
Sorry, the balled interviewer was cringe.
Miguel Medina
Miguel Medina Måned siden
I can't find the video now, did someone take it down? Maybe Disney? NOpost says that the video is "Private" now...
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Montgomery Måned siden
Has Disney contacted you about taking down this video? The video has been made private.
Caleb Dume
Caleb Dume Måned siden
disney took the vid down
Sir Mth
Sir Mth Måned siden
And now the interview has suddenly vanished in the ocean of hypocrisy
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey Måned siden
"Full Video linked" Has gone "Private" Looks like Disney-dictator strikes again
Knight Heaven
Knight Heaven Måned siden
They made the interview video private. They dont really like when George speaks up.
Aurang 25 dager siden
It's very upsetting to me, I wanna hear the full interview.
William Ray Preston
William Ray Preston Måned siden
If you click on the link to the video, you can’t view it anymore, it’s been set to private....coincidence? I think not!
Derrick Canyon
Derrick Canyon Måned siden
Don't delete this video theory... this is the only place we can see the interview now... 😔
Serial Gunner
Serial Gunner Måned siden
Hey, the video is now privatized
Alaura Patterson
Alaura Patterson Måned siden
I went to the link, and it is not available anymore. It is stated as private. So glad you have this copy.
Susan Wojcicki's nice twin
Susan Wojcicki's nice twin Måned siden
Is this the only place to see the interview? The original link was made private.
Aurang 25 dager siden
Disney loves its censorship
Surya Visvanatha
Surya Visvanatha Måned siden
Hey guy i was watching your george lucas video and wow. He sure does destroy disney star wars. He does say a lot and we got to love him for his work. Good job in posting this video.
Nick W
Nick W Måned siden
Disney had the original video removed! Great job for covering it theory!!
Aurang 25 dager siden
Disney are so scummy. Its gross how much they dont want others opinions, even one such as great as George.
Christommyfmx Måned siden
Well Theory, they took it down. Our message was clear.
MonosonicJukeJoint Måned siden
Shame George lucas got gaslit by Bob Iger at Disney into selling Star wars.
Bezz Måned siden
Imagine the Louvre' trying to produce more Da Vinci's just because they own the Mona Lisa..............think about it.
Eli of the Moon
Eli of the Moon Måned siden
It makes you wonder if GL ever stressed to KK the importance of all these themes that are so important to the Star Wars mythos when he hand picked her . Disney doesn’t get it , or it goes over their heads or they just don’t care
Aurang 25 dager siden
He did, and even gave them his Story Treatments for the sequel Trilogy. They threw it out and made the mess of movies we got..
Vladek16 Måned siden
the original video is now private :x
Justin Viscome
Justin Viscome Måned siden
Dark Christian
Dark Christian Måned siden
a very intelligent man, he is not of this earth but Star Wars is so close to our world it could bleed into our awareness quite nicely, we could make it happen! we need a new alternative way of living or we will be destroyed by the powers that be, WE CAN DO IT IF WE TRY TOGETHER! very interesting times indeed.
Lundog Måned siden
They took down the original...
J W Måned siden
I guess the video got deleted so it was moved to another youtube channel here...
J W Måned siden
you know whats sad about the Lucas Museum? It's in Lost Angeles one of the most corrupt cities in America. it really should have been built in a republican run state like Florida or Texas or South Dakota or Utah George Lucas has been my idol my whole life. ... The first draft of star wars was finished in May 1974 when I was born. I was born May 4th, all the star wars movies came out in May GL was born exactly 30 years before me it's like it was meant to be
The Amazo
The Amazo Måned siden
1000th comment
Jsin Unsinsored
Jsin Unsinsored Måned siden
The interviews been made private
The Arcko
The Arcko Måned siden
No matter what, the first six will always be StarWars
Little Dogie
Little Dogie Måned siden
The video has been made private. Please post the entire video or play it.
Little Dogie
Little Dogie Måned siden
Guys and gals. 👍😁
John Doe
John Doe Måned siden
The undisputed god of the SW universe, no matter who holds the rights to the IP right now or in the future, doesn't f****** matter. Whatever he says about SW is just the law and I honestly can't accept anything coming from the disney sequels. They don't exist for me. Skywalker saga ends with Episode VI.
LOLOMATIC35 Måned siden
7th grade kid: How do you think the fight for racial justice will effect star wars going forward? George: we only have 1 million years until the sun goes out. We need to find another solar system
SourBogBubble Måned siden
This interview has been scrubbed off the internet by team Kk.
Inglorious_Bastards Måned siden
Disney and lucasfilm had the channel of that video brought down! They're now trying to silence The creator himself!!!
Andrew Borowski
Andrew Borowski Måned siden
Link says video is private
YouTube bans me Frfr
YouTube bans me Frfr Måned siden
Next when theory has his anniversary up for his channel everyone has a bday or been there since day one 😂
YouTube bans me Frfr
YouTube bans me Frfr Måned siden
Funny how once theory says his bday coming up everyone has the same day or close to it lol fake ass simps for theory lmao
Hunter jj12
Hunter jj12 Måned siden
The link to the video doesn’t work, it says it’s private
KermitThePlane Måned siden
Yoda Am I
Yoda Am I Måned siden
They privated the video!! I am wondering why?
DSM Panda
DSM Panda Måned siden
Liam Måned siden
George looks really good! He reminds me of my grandad and how polite/gentle he is with people. So much can be learned from this man and his view on the world.
FramDragonslayer Måned siden
George Lucas is one of us!
Thank you George...for star wars.
Andrew McColl
Andrew McColl Måned siden
Idiocracy is a self fullfilling documentary, not a movie. This is what I have learned as the years progress.
salviefanta Måned siden
The first time I saw Star Wars was in 1997 on the big screen when they were re-released. Fell in love immediately. I know the younger generation loves the prequel‘s. I’ve grown to appreciate them more. And my unpopular opinion is that the Phantom Menace is the best of the prequels. It felt the most like a Star Wars movie before the overuse of CGI kicked in. I do wish that Anakin was as old as Padme in that movie though. It would have been a simple fix that would have made the movie so much better.
Zero System
Zero System Måned siden
Star Wars in a whole (Minus Disney) EU included are history, philosophy and mythology... Disney Star Wars is about Wokeness, Social Justice Propaganda and Extreme Feminism. yeah that sums it all up.. P.S : You know... the funny thing is the only other franchise series that followed the same concept on George Lucas Star Wars is the Mobile Suit Gundam Series.. they have history, Philosophy and Mythology... alot of people might not get it.. (Ooh.. cool robots with lightsabers and anime shit) but its there.. the whole U.C timeline shows what happen if another dictator took over a whole nation of space colonies and tries to take over the world (earth) litteally and how Amuro and Char Aznables Philosophy differ from each other as they go head to head. Finally the mythology of tthe hero's journey of Amuro. Char's path of vengence and the symbolism of the unicorn gundam. bruh... Mobile Suit Gundam Series were the GoT before GoT became a thing.
Mich Washington
Mich Washington Måned siden
The video was removed
Truirrashunovadepressure Måned siden
Video in the link isn't there anymore.
The Searth
The Searth Måned siden
I don't want to make anyone sound ignorant but George isn't talking about politics, he's talking about basic human self-organization. He isn't saying:"...and we have to make this law work and this other and vote in this form blah blah...". The subject he's talking about is centered around anthropology. He always talks about that. I'm not trying to come off as an a#%hole, sorry. There is something seriously wrong with people who see the world through the eyes of laws and the power of the government instead of the power they themselves have to affect the everyday's results of everyone else. That's what Lucas always tries to say, so it would be completely wrong to relate his words to political statements, politics are full of liers and clowns telling people what they want to hear.
The Searth
The Searth Måned siden
@Elliot Ritchey I was beginning to think there was no intelligent life on the internet
Elliot Ritchey
Elliot Ritchey Måned siden
After he made a trilogy of movies depicting most politicians as corrupt liars people still believe he's into present day politics...the man studied ancient stories, he's not a fool.
noah forbus
noah forbus Måned siden
I respect that he created starwars from such amazing mythos and ideology even though i dont believe any of what he believes i can still respect him for creating such an amazing lore out of things most people overlook in life.
The Searth
The Searth Måned siden
The Maker
N Måned siden
George got jungle fever
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Jones Måned siden
George always looks sad for some reason. Anyone know why? Or maybe he just has that distinctive face.
Rubilobster AKA Gary
Rubilobster AKA Gary Måned siden
Wow man. That part about relating greed to fear, and fear to loss, followed by Parents letting go of their children hit home on so many levels. Wow! Thanks for sharing this video that another shared with you. I owe you both a debt.
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