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Whatsup everyone, welcome back to Nerd Theory Podcast with myself and Josh from @The Den of Nerds Today, we'll be covering a bunch of things, including the newly rumored Cara Dune replacement in Rangers of the Republic, Hera.
Thrawn and Ezra are getting their own show too? Is that legit?
Let's talk about it.

Canadian Girl
Canadian Girl 3 dager siden
No Gina no mandalorian for me
the dogsoldier82
the dogsoldier82 4 dager siden
cancel culture
Jagger 8 dager siden
I watch all these other channels he threw well deserved shade at and it sucks they do this but also I'm happy there are multiple creators on this platform.
Clove Coast
Clove Coast 16 dager siden
Great podcast here guys. Super inspiring. And I recommend all of yall read the Steve Jobs bio book by Isaacson.
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez Måned siden
Honestly Hera is a way better character than cara dune Hera has a better backstory and character but still cara dune deserves justice and is supposed to be in this show #FireKathleenKennedy
TheOmegaAlfa Måned siden
That's just awful speciesm and pushing away Homo Sapiens minority further off the margin.
Wilian Machado
Wilian Machado Måned siden
Lucas film was 100% justified in firing gina carano. I am glad I don't have to see her in the Mandalorian anymore.
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
I never really liked Gina but Hera... HECK YEAH
Adam Tavares
Adam Tavares Måned siden
Does anyone have any context for Theory's feud with Star Wars Explained? I've never even heard of this.
P C Måned siden
Middle aged men getting upset at Disney is so cringe
Milkshake Barrage
Milkshake Barrage Måned siden
Josh, problems with jaws narrowing and teeth going crooked or wisdom teeth becoming a problem whereas they are not supposed to, is down to 4 things. First is your mother needs to be stocked daily with proper nutrients which transfer into the baby in her belly for proper bone development, lack of certain vitamins and minerals leads to babies getting subpar bone and facial structure development out of the womb, this is often sidelined by families. Next is babies need proper nutrition, same as before, this is at least now covered by families and societal education properly. The third is soft foods, in addition to all aforementioned, eating soft food and introducing soft food increasingly into our diets has lead to weakening of facial muscles and narrowing of jaws, which leads to wisdom teeth being affected, and wisdom teeth then lead to a domino effect of pushing the teeth in front and making your teeth crooked. Fourth, power training does help with jaw development too and physical activity in terms of lifting has declined in Humanity which also contributed to weaker jaws and teeth problems (think farm work, hauling animal prey, hauling water, hauling logs, etc.). All aforementioned problems need to be addressed to get proper development back in Humanity and eliminate the need to pull out wisdom teeth because they aren't a problem but rather a collateral.
Rex Barbossa
Rex Barbossa Måned siden
I rather have Lucas write some episodes for the Bad Batch.
Dutch Fett
Dutch Fett Måned siden
Yeah Star Wars comics is trash is a bs channel I decided to unsub and block the page awhile ago
PlaceBeyondSpace Måned siden
I love Star Wars theory. Been a follower since day 1. I didn’t know josh until his first appearance here. I love how raw josh is n just keeps it real. Gotta appreciate it but both of you bring realness n genuiness (not a word) to the table. That’s what seperates y’all from the rest. Love you both!
Pius Ioannes I
Pius Ioannes I Måned siden
I am on Gina's side! #CancelDisney
TheASSedoTV Måned siden
Still believe that firing Gina Carano for her political views is a weak and shameless move.
Ringking 1978
Ringking 1978 Måned siden
Hera should have been the person all along and I get people are sad fo Gina id feel worse is lost Carl Weathers. Dune wasnt as good a character as a Hera or Bo Kata. I think Banks new Mandalorian had better story and acting
The Red Comet
The Red Comet Måned siden
When you agree not to agree that is the way... Naa but its always good to see two different opinions come to a great conclusion
zarae Måned siden moment
Ambi dextrous
Ambi dextrous Måned siden
Yes! Man live action Hera would be sick and I know she's got Dat firm green booty
Emperor Gizmo
Emperor Gizmo Måned siden
SWT, in regards to Eckharts Ladder... I think the guy had a special needs son was born around the time he may have asked you how much money you make. I agree that's not a cool question to ask but I don't blame him for needing money if that is indeed the case. You grew up going through your leukemia, I was extremely epileptic growing up. So maybe try to forgive him? Or letting it go. I love your videos and content. May the Force Be With You. Always.
Rubeeno80 Måned siden
I want Favreau and Dave to take over lucas film. Noone wants fade in kennedy. She's wants starwars to be a stage for a political war instead it just being starwars that the fans can love.
Steven Piper
Steven Piper Måned siden
But yes would love jon and dave as the head of lucasfilm hahaha
Steven Piper
Steven Piper Måned siden
Star wars has always been political commentary
ethan bloodbath
ethan bloodbath Måned siden
Unpopular opinion I think gina shouldn't be replaced
Steven Piper
Steven Piper Måned siden
Been watching both of your shows separately for some time now, and you guys really dropped the ball on this Gina topic. I don't know if you're scared of your own fans revolting against you like they did to lucasfilm or what... and there is probably more truth to that than you'd like to admit. Plain facts, she's transphobic, and whether or not she is anti semitic, her comments were, and I don't want someone like that representing Star Wars, and I can guarantee George wouldn't stand for that either.
クロナ. Måned siden
He said he feels like she was wrongfully fired, and that broke my heart honestly because I’ve been watching SWT since the very beginning and he always brought peace to my day. But I’m transgender :( I never openly say that in comment sections because people immediately attack me, and I admit I am fearful even typing this. It’s kinda like my mere existence brings out these political battles between people and I just wanna enjoy Star Wars without that shit finding it’s way here.
Steven Piper
Steven Piper Måned siden
@Cameron so true
Cameron Måned siden
I agree. George was a huge lefty and has said that he was thinking of the Vietnam War when creating the original trilogy-the Empire were the Americans aggressors and the rebels were the Vietcong victims. Star Wars has always been political
Oliver Mynster Kielskov
Oliver Mynster Kielskov Måned siden
Theory just looks so fed up with Star Wars
Jon Wagner
Jon Wagner Måned siden
The murky sled successfully imagine because walrus experimentally overflow beside a useful bibliography. amusing, thirsty airplane
Douglas Arthur
Douglas Arthur Måned siden
Couldn’t care less.......SW is dead to me ! 👋🏻 Bye.........and thanks for all the pish
darthgoodguy Måned siden
I don’t care anymore. I unsubscribed from Disney+ after they fired Gina and won’t be back until they #FireKathleneKennedy
Cameron Måned siden
It's a shame what is becoming of your NOpost channel, Theory. By associating yourself with you tubers like Geeks & Gamers and other toxic you tubers, your channel is becoming a recruitment ground for the alt-right.
Cameron Måned siden
I am glad they fired Gina for her racist, ill-informed comments. Especially after she had been previously asked by Disney to stop making controversial social media posts.
Keyblade games
Keyblade games Måned siden
I LOVED Hera in rebels so I dunno about you but im looking forward to it
Rex Splode
Rex Splode Måned siden
There is no justification for her firing. They straight up lied about what she said. The dude on the right is like... but there must be because... because!! There aint no reason, your just wrong.
J_Horror Måned siden
Cara Dune wasn't that impactful to the lore anyway.
Paul Medina
Paul Medina Måned siden
Ahsoka in a future will become the new Goddness of Mortis, she's not a Jedi, but she is a user of the Force(like the Daughter).
Cozy Town
Cozy Town Måned siden
I agree with SWT; Wandavision is boring af and way overhyped.
Ethan Young
Ethan Young Måned siden
lmao Theory: I want to announce... ad: Alright, so I am looking to trade in my car...
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Måned siden
Damn. I thought EckhartsLadder was cool smh.
Heze 28
Heze 28 Måned siden
I liked Cara but she wasn’t my great unlike Hera who is literally in my top 5 Star Wars characters
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Måned siden
Agree. Cara was fine but I’m not gonna miss her much. Hera was one of the standouts in Rebels for me.
Revenge Tt
Revenge Tt Måned siden
about the star wars youtuber toxicity: i would agree to most of what Theory said. I also believe that Alex from Star Wars Explained was wrong a few years back when he made the "this week in clickbait videos". But to be fair, he also stopped the videos quite quickly and provides way more positive insight these days. Theory and him could most definitely bury the hatchet as i believe that both genuinely love Star Wars and will always tell you their honest opinion about it. I would love to see the back-and-forth between them someday, because Theory loves the prequels very much and Alex is more of an OT guy. Yet in the last few years, both of them started to respect other opinions and that's so good to see. The issue with the toxicity just was tied to the first few years when the Sequels came out, because it felt like SW youtubers had to take an absolute stance on Lucasfilm, Disney and the lot. And you know the old saying about dealing in absolutes. ;)
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson Måned siden
Hera is not that interesting so hope the back pedal with another character... I hope this hurts Lucasfilm honestly.
Jordan Whitehead
Jordan Whitehead Måned siden
I wish so badly I could win the lottery and send a ton of money to you.s so bad.
r bu
r bu Måned siden
Do not reward lucasfilm villainy on this. Disgraceful. Run them out of their jobs. Get real fans working there.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart Måned siden
Coerlander The 1st
Coerlander The 1st Måned siden
Didn’t she get kicked off the show do to her being a republican or something like that?
Matty B
Matty B Måned siden
Dave filoni blowing his load got me 🤣
GENGHISKHAN 1206 Måned siden
Great livestream guys! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous Poster
Anonymous Poster Måned siden
Too much of a rumor. I'd rather get info from Favreau and Filoni.
But what about the droid attack on the wookies?
Kevin King
Kevin King Måned siden
cara dune was no body 4 years ago. just kill her off with fashion and carry on. I liked her character, hate to see her suddenly get trapped in the trash compacter. PS, trump lost the election.
Rook Måned siden
Boycott Star Wars, Boycott Disney
darth anime
darth anime Måned siden
I’ve been reading throgh the comments and it’s honestly been so sad to read right when Star Wars starded to reviving with great content most of the comments are talking about politics drama the Star Wars cominty is getting worse and worse sigh
A H Måned siden
Glad they fired Gina! Some random shock trooper has no place in a story about Mandalorians. I wish they had more mandalorian clan stories and characters instead of wasting time with some Cara dune chick.
John Barber
John Barber Måned siden
I fucking can't stand Ben Shapiro. It's not because he's conservative, that's bad enough. It's because he routinely uses poor arguments to manipulate low and average intelligence people into agreeing with his opinions. I'll take Hera anyday, she's a hot character, both in looks and in badassery.
Melanie Zdonczyk
Melanie Zdonczyk Måned siden
Yes! Pls pls pls make a video on how to make a youtube channel! I'm actually wanting to make a channel for teaching people on how to do alterations on clothing.
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct Måned siden
Tripp Freeman
Tripp Freeman Måned siden
I agree with Josh on this, Hera offers us so many more possibilities in terms of connectivity. I liked Cara Dune, but I think Hera is going to fit right in.
toutdeed12 Måned siden
So how many of you actually cancelled their Disney account? I haven't heard any news yet about a huge loss of subscribers on Gina Carano. If you haven't cancelled it, then I would do so. Stand your ground. Convince anyone you know with a Disney account to cancel it. Because as far I've heard lately, they still don't get it.
Joe Amendola
Joe Amendola Måned siden
now i just really wish cara's last name was dume so she could be related to cad, making her and hera a more purposeful relationship and also making it infinitely more fucked up that cara was a purgetrooper since her brother was in the jedi order
JRM Måned siden
Josh instantly made science my favorite subject when he said “Science is savage”
Ellen Sloan
Ellen Sloan Måned siden
1 I was love to learn how to do a NOpost Channel.
Kroem Experion
Kroem Experion Måned siden
Have there ever been anyone on this channel that wasn't a cis white male incel?
feco91 Måned siden
"cis white male" You got a problem with either of those, mate?
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Måned siden
Dog what are you talking about
Ellen Sloan
Ellen Sloan Måned siden
I think the videos on NOpost should be copyrighted. This way no one else could copy your content, like Star Wars Comics did.
darth anime
darth anime Måned siden
What did Star Wars comics do?
Jordan Averyt
Jordan Averyt Måned siden
Liberals can say whatever they like but the moment someone starts speaking some truth they get fired
Eric Banker
Eric Banker Måned siden
Josh talking Theory down off the ledge?
pastorkev777 Måned siden
For Asoka they could do a split where Ezra plays a part but not have Asoka and Ezra meet until the last episode of the first season. At this point my Disney Plus subscription is still off, it expired and I haven't continued it.
Giacomo DiGirolamo
Giacomo DiGirolamo Måned siden
Zoe Deschanel for Hera
Richie Twinz
Richie Twinz Måned siden
I think Josh hit the nail on the head with all this drama being a Lucasfilm issue and the whole thing comes down to it's leadership. KK is incapable of taking advice from anyone regarding SW due to the fact she wants to destroy the franchise.
greyrat Måned siden
I'll still watch star wars. Gina's unjustified dismissal is not a partisan issue (at least for fans).
Agent Washington
Agent Washington Måned siden
1:21:38 if they both got high right before the podcast this would be a total modern recreation of Wayne's world
Movie Mix
Movie Mix Måned siden
really wanna see Boba vs the bat
Dubhthaigh Mehen
Dubhthaigh Mehen Måned siden
I think Carano was fired for a good reason...antisemitism isn’t always a conscious effort but her lack of understanding is worlds apart from Pedro’s comments...Pedro compared forces hysterectomies (forced sterilization of prisoners) which took place in ICE facilities to the Nazis & THAT was actually an appropriate comparison...I already unfollowed Mike Zeroh for not understanding this...maybe you guys should just avoid letting us know how you feel about it because it’s making it really tough to keep watching’s not a “double standard” Gina made a comment that was entirely anti-Semitic whereas pascal did isn’t hard to grasp guys 😔
CenAZ Walker
CenAZ Walker Måned siden
That’s some impressive mental gymnastics you just pulled off there. Bravo!
Movie Mix
Movie Mix Måned siden
What if Shmi had a sibling and Anakin a cousin
Matthew Hieber
Matthew Hieber Måned siden
"Don't try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth" - Gina Carano
A H Måned siden
@Matthew Hieber Favreau is new to Star Wars, he doesn't know the lore like Filoni so he's trying something new. I can respect that, but he made the wrong decision with Cara Dune. No one wanted her, no one asked for a random shock trooper. The mandalorians we know are the clans from the clone wars and rebels. Hope they move more in the direction of the mandalorian clans now that boring Gina is out of the way, but People like you who want to cancel the whole mandalorian series just because some boring side character shock trooper from alderaan got fired is proof you don't care about the main story and lore of mandalorians because the actor that got fired helps your politics.
Matthew Hieber
Matthew Hieber Måned siden
@A H bruh I watched all of clone wars and Rebels fuck off with that shit. Can't wait to watch the bad batch because it's produced by Dave Filoni. Everything good in SW lately has come from that man and Jon Favreau. We have no clue what Favreau had planned for Gina but he didn't try out anyone else. She was the only actress he had in mind for the role. He had plans for her and is not happy that they fired her.
A H Måned siden
@Matthew Hieber No need to get emotional Matt. Cara Dune is an insignificant and unnecessary side character for the Mando and Grogu show. I can tell you know or care little about the mandalorian lore. Sabine Wren or Clans like Viszla should've made an appearance in this series. More mandalorian clan warfare, that's what the OG fans care about. Not you normies only caring about characters that support your "political side". Stupid politics.
Matthew Hieber
Matthew Hieber Måned siden
@A H It's not a story about mandalorianS. It's about a single mandalorian. Like the way master chief was one of the last spartans in halo. Also, you present yourself as such a fucking asshole. I don't know why you like being that way.
A H Måned siden
Glad they fired Gina! Some random shock trooper has no place in a story about Mandalorians. I wish they had more mandalorian clan stories and characters instead of wasting time with some Cara dune chick.
Noah Linebarrier
Noah Linebarrier Måned siden
johnnycamine Måned siden
love your videos and channel theory, i appreciate the content
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Måned siden
I wonder if nerd can go 5 minutes without saying "Do you know what I mean?"
Brenton Lucas
Brenton Lucas Måned siden
Didn't know Star Wars theory was a right winger. How disappointing.
feco91 Måned siden
+Brenton Lucas "Once you realize that not everyone thinks like you, you'll appreciate how unique you truly are." - Abraham Lincoln
CenAZ Walker
CenAZ Walker Måned siden
How dare he think differently than you!
Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton Måned siden
I thought this was RLM Nerd Crew
Justice Bandit
Justice Bandit Måned siden
Cara dune wasn’t even that interesting of a character. She had some cool scenes but overall what did she really add to the story? I don’t think she should have been fired but people are acting like she was some big part of the show or some great character. Half the episodes she isn’t even in. So I don’t feel like the show is losing shit at all.
A H Måned siden
Finally, some one with sense. True Star Wars fans don't care about some random shock trooper named Cara Dune. She never was important to a show about Mandalorians and Jedi padawans.
David Brander
David Brander Måned siden
Hera is no replacement fo Cara Dune. No slight against her, but she’s not the character we want to see.
JeremyRamirez Måned siden
Not to be that guy or anything, but honestly Gina isn't that important for me to get up in arms about her being fired, recast, killed off re written or anything like that. She isn't that good of an actress so it's not like it'll be a drop off in quality in terms of performance. Sure she's bruting and a badass character but it's not really a character I care about. She's had maybe 2 emotional scenes that I can remember off the top of my head and besides that, to me, she isn't a reason why I watch the show. I personally don't mind whether she stayed or got fired since again, its not the reason I watch the show, but she just really isnt that good of an actress either way. That being said I'm not absolvsing disney for being as poorly run as Warner Brothers. They both like to shoot themselves in the foot when they take a couple steps forward
Ryan Austerberry
Ryan Austerberry Måned siden
I enjoy watching the show but I feel as hough sometimes you guys adress a comment but just assume everyone knows what its about. I got no clue what they "Pedro helmet" thing is.
Emperor Gizmo
Emperor Gizmo Måned siden
Months old drama. Not their fault. Anyone who cares enough and is a big enough fan to watch these should already know what they are talking about. Google is your friend. 🙂
Sean Warble
Sean Warble Måned siden
Elle Marie
Elle Marie Måned siden
Ok so...what about the droid attack on the wookies?? Prioritize
Ellen Sloan
Ellen Sloan Måned siden
Or a free Star Wars Movement!!!!
Inglorious_Bastards Måned siden
No, although Hera would be a good replacement but it's not right what they did to Gina. Disney should fire #KathleenKennedy and apologies to Gina but otherwise I'm done with Disney Star Wars. Theory is the only thing keeping it great. "Don't ruin my life with lies when urs can be ruined by the truth" - Gina
Echo Loco
Echo Loco Måned siden
Nerds rise up
Jake Rogers
Jake Rogers Måned siden
Your Plagueis in the opera in Episode III was a bit click baity....
Ashtray Måned siden
I don't really think they should have fired her. I mean at the end of the day the tweet or whatever it was didnt cause any real harm, if your offended by it than your offended by it. If we fired everyone over odd or possibly insensitive social media posts we wouldnt have a lot of people in work . . . and why fire her, when the guy who plays the Mandalorian posted something even more offensive and hurtful?
J&M’sReviewDen Måned siden
Yo forgot about bionicols
Vandicoup Måned siden
35:40 -- Can't believe someone actually asked Theory and Josh about General Grievous Hero TCW. "That's cool. Why not? Good for him." Ohhh boy, if only they knew him like I unfortunately do. General Grievous Hero TCW is yet another piece of shit Star Wars "NOpostr" who will block anyone who disagrees and tries to offer him another opinion/viewpoint. The core problem with him is he believes his opinions to be "facts" and the "cold hard truth." He is completely against open dialogue and only for an echo chamber. One look at the titles AND descriptions of ANY of his livestreams and especially his "George Lucas Never Wrote Anything for TCW! Grievous is a hero & it's CANON! - Dave Filoni Exposed" video and you'll see for yourself. He insults your intelligence, calls you a fake fan, then blocks you for challenging his truly flawed arguments and "facts" as he loves to believe they are. He blocked me on Instagram because I told him that George Lucas did more for TCW than simply "pay for the show." He helped in various other ways. I know he's never written an episode or directed, but George did, in FACT, help out a LOT. Writer (of The Bad Batch arc, Droid Squad arc and other arcs) Brent Friedman and James Arnold Taylor have said the exact same thing. "George Lucas was HEAVILY involved in TCW." "He was involved in EVERY aspect of TCW. From story to final cut." I'd rather take the word, as Theory said, from the "horse's mouth" than some biased, bully of a "fan" like General Grievous Hero TCW.
surdeep c
surdeep c Måned siden
It’s getting a bit exhausting that you guys just go back into the same points of being unsatisfied with lucasfilm. Like it get it, they’re not making good moves but it’s also a choice to put it all under a microscope and then repeating the same tired opinions every podcast.
Kuemkuembeary Måned siden
Im not watching it anymore until kennedy is fired
Gary the Stormtrooper
Gary the Stormtrooper Måned siden
I would like it if they were placed her with Gary the storm trooper
Mike Weaver
Mike Weaver Måned siden
I think this is the only NOpost comment that has made me genuinely smile in weeks.
Lenzino Croes
Lenzino Croes Måned siden
This is my birthday month too
Gabriel Ruiz
Gabriel Ruiz Måned siden
I wonder if theory has ever seen/heard of stupendous wave
Emperor Gizmo
Emperor Gizmo Måned siden
He has.
darth wint
darth wint Måned siden
I'm one who thinks Gena Carano was wrongly fired but I'd rather have Hera than Cara Dune in ROTNR everyday of week, for me she's a far better character.
John Langworthy
John Langworthy Måned siden
12:05 lmao
Northern Crusaders
Northern Crusaders Måned siden
I wouldn't even consider any of Mike Zerohs videos to be "content"
Mario Bong Rips
Mario Bong Rips Måned siden
@Cactus Juice Doomcock has been right about so much, especially all the Disney "movies" before they came out.
Emperor Gizmo
Emperor Gizmo Måned siden
Mike Zeroh is a SAINT!
Flamethrower Candle
Flamethrower Candle Måned siden
@Cactus Juice lets revisit this in a year to see if DCs predictions are right.
Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice Måned siden
Now Doomcock is content. Still spewing nonsense, but at least he’s entertaining.
Popculture Watchtower
Popculture Watchtower Måned siden
I like this. A live action Hera would be awesome. Out of the 2 I like Hera more anyways.
Ron Laskowski
Ron Laskowski Måned siden
Was Cara cool? Yes. Do I need her? Was she pivotal? No. Can a private company do whatever they want? Yes. And Hera is awesome, so I'm sold!
Dre1 Måned siden
A private company can do whatever they want but fans have the right to criticize the company for its hypocrisy as much times as they want too 🤷‍♂️
A H Måned siden
Very much agree. I never really liked Cara Dune's character. She is unecessary especially in a story about mandalorians, we should've had more mandalorian characters instead of some random shock trooper.
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
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