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Star Wars Theory

23 dager siden

Welcome back to Rule of Two! Today, Marc and I have the privilege of interviewing Paul Hirsch, academy award winning editor for many films you may know! Some of which are:
Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Carrie, Mission Impossible, The Secret of My Success, Footloose, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and many more.
Read Paul's book "A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away: My Fifty Years Editing Hollywood Hits―Star Wars, Carrie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Mission: Impossible, and More " -

Matt Maze
Matt Maze 2 dager siden
In a written interview he mentioned the OBI WAN hut scene as written with them watching Leia’s message first and then just sitting around talking about the FORCE and old times. He said it was stupid and cut it the other way so they see the message and rush off with a sense of urgency.
Matt Maze
Matt Maze 2 dager siden
53:10 Meyer didn’t direct the 4th STAR TREK...Nimoy did
Andddrew 4 dager siden
Can’t wait for when you get George Lucas himself on the show!
qwertyvypez 13 dager siden
Please add time stamps to these videos
Anthony Carozza
Anthony Carozza 14 dager siden
Has he ever said said why he wasn’t asked the edit rotj?
Charles Castillo III
Charles Castillo III 14 dager siden
Theory you need to watch Hot Ones!. Your interview skills are lacking. Put some effort into it like you do your theory videos.
Pim hipwell
Pim hipwell 15 dager siden
33:18 isn't the flashback that Rey has include a bit where she is in one of the hallways in Cloud City.
DSashie 16 dager siden
How do you get these men to talk? Sooo awesome.... Thank you❣️ George is so successful because he makes the movies he wants to watch.... which are the movies we want to watch. Why I love the guy so much! 😊 so relatable.
Sheiv The Wise
Sheiv The Wise 17 dager siden
This is amazing much love to you guys and Pablo Learning how to edit videos now and the perspective as a Star Wars fan and beginner in editing is so cool. Thank you for making this happen
Gloria Redmon-Booth
Gloria Redmon-Booth 17 dager siden
This was amazing.
General Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Obi-Wan Kenobi 18 dager siden
hello there
Mar Palafox
Mar Palafox 18 dager siden
"Little golden statues" They're not little or small I promise you😂 I've held several in my hands and they are big and heavy! They look way smaller on tv
Nick NGC1138
Nick NGC1138 18 dager siden
Interesting interview!
READ Comics
READ Comics 19 dager siden
It would be unbelievable if JJ Abrams, Jon Favreau, Rian Johnson or Dave Filoni could get on here
READ Comics
READ Comics 19 dager siden
As someone who dreams to become a director this is very interesting
Joe Aguilera
Joe Aguilera 19 dager siden
Anybody a fan of Howard Stern?
Joe Aguilera
Joe Aguilera 19 dager siden
I’m not gonna lie, this dude gives off what we call in dirty jersey; a douchey vibe. Interesting interview if you can get past that. Also you guys overall are absolutely killing it on rule of two n my issues with this interview are of no fault of yours
S 11 dager siden
mjanonym 19 dager siden
After watching this video, I decided to make the final scene of episode 4 with music by Antonín Dvořák. ( 25:03 ) This is what the scene with Antonín's New World Symphony would look like. Enjoy...
buffcanuck83 19 dager siden
Excellent interview, I quite enjoyed it.
Dylan Lann
Dylan Lann 19 dager siden
Are they going to make a darth Vader series for Disney plus
Stereotypical Geeks
Stereotypical Geeks 19 dager siden
Dude you’re living the dream of every Star Wars fan! I remember your first video a few years ago. You were just a fan making a Snoke theory but since then, you’ve spoken with Ashley Eckstein, Sam Witwer, Alan Dean Foster, and now Paul Hirsch!! All of this because you were dedicated to doing exactly what you wanted. That’s truly amazing. What’s even better is that despite all of this success, you haven’t changed, become conceited, etc. still the same humble awesome dude as always. Keep it up.
chris taber
chris taber 20 dager siden
boring sorry not sorry
Flynn Blanchet
Flynn Blanchet 20 dager siden
Really enjoyed the experience and stories he had to tell
OBI- -WAN 20 dager siden
Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland 20 dager siden
Hey star wars theory please write to Lucasfilm about darth Vader tv series that would be awesome have james earl Jones to do the voice
Xaxscratchxax 20 dager siden
Amazing interview. Thank you for making this happen.
Matthew Burns
Matthew Burns 20 dager siden
I reckon you have the gravitas to interview George Lucas himself.
Dane Simoneau
Dane Simoneau 20 dager siden
These are fantastic, Theory! Keep it up!
Andrew 20 dager siden
insanely good interview. really good mix of knowledge and interesting stories. J. W. Rinzler next?
Kevin St Croix
Kevin St Croix 20 dager siden
Ahh, the host should have had his framework and outline together.
Buklau TheLegend
Buklau TheLegend 20 dager siden
I get the feeling that Theory is keen to rush these guys out of the interviews early, but they wouldn’t mind chatting for an extra 15-20mins. What’s up with that Theory, you got some where else to be after these interviews bro?
S 11 dager siden
He's being fair to them, not everyone likes being kept longer
much winters
much winters 20 dager siden
There's only so much to say but he does have a book🤷‍♂️
Only One Kenobi
Only One Kenobi 20 dager siden
Amazing! Looking forward to watching this in full later on 😉 O.O.K 👌🏼💙
John stanesic
John stanesic 20 dager siden
Fantastic interview!!
sweaty Xbox god
sweaty Xbox god 20 dager siden
theory you look mad when your listening hahahaha
Crask Pillord
Crask Pillord 21 dag siden
Awesome! Can’t wait to listen to more of this!
GeekyMedia 21 dag siden
I swear Marc Fernández isn't even a big Star Wars fan...
avidediter 21 dag siden
THANK YOU! The film that inspired my lifes work. Hirsch and Michael Kahn are my two film editor heroes
Dr Doorzetter
Dr Doorzetter 21 dag siden
I just love the relaxing, nostalgic homy vibes these interview videos on SWT create. And I love being able to go back in time in these conversations to where it all began
Popculture Watchtower
Popculture Watchtower 21 dag siden
Great interview, but I do have one nit pick and it’s just something I notice in a lot of interviews. You guys play up your reactions like he’ll say something interesting and then it’s like “Wow that’s amazing”. I know you want to hype up the guest but idk just comes off weird to me. A lot of people do it in interviews especially Kevin Smith, he always says he’ll blow the guests that come on his show haha so I know it’s just like a thing.
Bubba Fett
Bubba Fett 21 dag siden
I actually really enjoyed mission to Mars. And its competition red planet
darth wint
darth wint 21 dag siden
@Theory & Marc Loving these interviews. bravo fellas 👏👏 "this is the way" for RO2
darth wint
darth wint 21 dag siden
Paul Hirsch along with Marcia Lucas & Richard Chew one of the unsung heroes of star wars. JW Rinzlers book: the making of star wars they're largely credited as saving movie. Academy Award was fully deserved. THANK YOU PAUL HIRSCH. Not only edited my favourite movie TESB but also edited one my favourite comedy's Plains Trains & Automobiles
C man Man
C man Man 21 dag siden
Max Y
Max Y 21 dag siden
Theory, come prepared next time ;) Need to practice the art of interviewing.. almost lost the guy at the beginning there.. Master save by Marc there!
S 10 dager siden
How did he?
Cody Adams
Cody Adams 21 dag siden
You didn’t ask about red lighting.... 💔
BlOoDgUiLtY _
BlOoDgUiLtY _ 21 dag siden
Thank you so much that was awesome please get Mark on next #jakeskywalker
Quinton Slater
Quinton Slater 21 dag siden
59:38... “We were on the verge of greatness we were this close!”
C man Man
C man Man 21 dag siden
Jr M
Jr M 21 dag siden
Very good interview! It would help to remember that just because someone worked on star wars, does not make them fanatical or complete experts on the entire universe, this has been made clear by this and the previous interview. They are editors, writers, etc who work on many things, you all did a good job of pulling specific star wars details but also leaving room to talk about the craft :)
Charlie Pennell
Charlie Pennell 21 dag siden
As an Editor myself, and aspiring Film Editor. This is one man I always look to with an incredible body of work and inspiration. What an impactful and unbelievable guest! ✌🏼✨
Isai Garcia
Isai Garcia 21 dag siden
Very cool interview! Got me interested in seeing the other ones you guys will do.
Griffen Solomon
Griffen Solomon 21 dag siden
Woop woop 🙌
Orbital 21 dag siden
Guys, I can’t believe you don’t know Antonin Dvorak. New World Symphony is a masterpiece!
FadedKlayy 21 dag siden
Hey Paul
Vuel79 21 dag siden
Hope to see Lucas himself here one day!
Alan Padilla
Alan Padilla 21 dag siden
Obi-Wan Killed your father is also a very heavy LINE
boba fett
boba fett 21 dag siden
This. Was awesome 👍
Steve Dubbs
Steve Dubbs 21 dag siden
Wow this guys got some resume!! This was AWESOME!! Jabba: Han why did you fry poor Greeto?!!
Zach 21 dag siden
It amazes me when people from his generation remember so much with such details, like in the first 5 minutes he talks about how many movies he went to work with them on before working with anybody else and how old he was... I can't even remember last month.
Zach 19 dager siden
@Stereotypical Geeks Enviable.
Stereotypical Geeks
Stereotypical Geeks 19 dager siden
Less distractions. No internet etc. nothing to do but be fully invested in each moment
Aikuris 21 dag siden
These interviews have been something else, Theory. These men are a font of knowledge for all creatives.
HiMyNameIsRyan 21 dag siden
This was fun. Hopefully you guys will be able to interview Lucas himself or even Rick McCallum!
Wes 21 dag siden
I goosebumps seeing that Oscar fir some reason
Wes 21 dag siden
Also great questions!!
Diogo Constantino
Diogo Constantino 21 dag siden
Never able to catch these streams but always love watching them back. Really interesting interview
One and a Half Peasants
One and a Half Peasants 21 dag siden
audience2 21 dag siden
Nobody watches the modern Oscar's. So no pressure now.
salvador75 21 dag siden
Great interview with one of the greats! One small note - the song you referenced a few times, including at the very end was NOT from Secret of my Success, but Ferris Bueller.
The Scoundrel's Cantina
The Scoundrel's Cantina 21 dag siden
This was awesome! 👌
Toolman 21 dag siden
Listening to the audiobook now, a fascinating read!
D1RTYNAP 34 21 dag siden
Great podcast! Can't wait to see George!
Bogusz Karwat
Bogusz Karwat 21 dag siden
Will you make a special of 3 milion subscribers???
K Say
K Say 21 dag siden
this was excellent, thanks
Jew Tube
Jew Tube 21 dag siden
Wake me up when you guys get filoni on 😴
DanSciFi 21 dag siden
Theory’s making moves, soon he’ll be interviewing george Lucas and maybe Hayden and Ian mc diamied
Stereotypical Geeks
Stereotypical Geeks 19 dager siden
I wouldn’t be surprised if that’ll happen some day
Yadin Michaeli
Yadin Michaeli 21 dag siden
Amazing man i recently start to get into star wars again and i love your channel :)
Sigurður Ingi
Sigurður Ingi 21 dag siden
I can see why Paul Hirsch used Dvorak New world Symphony, it sounds like Star Wars
C man Man
C man Man 21 dag siden
Dark Christian
Dark Christian 22 dager siden
he looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, very groovy.
D Z 22 dager siden
Damn bro I been watching you since you started your journey and seeing this is amazing. Congrats on getting this legend on your channel!!
s24261 22 dager siden
Love this interviews. Great hard work you two. This is "disney+ gallery" level. Theory and Marc, please publish a star wars bluy ray with your extra's and commentary. please! :)
Dark Christian
Dark Christian 22 dager siden
Dark Christian
Dark Christian 22 dager siden
Dudes, this is a real treat thank you boys amazing to see this man of all our favourite movies.
Dark Christian
Dark Christian 22 dager siden
very nice movie, one of my favourite albums is Phantom of the Paradise, Depalma " GENIUS "
Gray Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn
Gray Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn 22 dager siden
The gentleman who narrated his book for Audible is Richard Ferrone , most noted for being a narrator , but has acted in a few things including Law and Order .
King Adeft
King Adeft 22 dager siden
The way he talks about stories is magical. That was fascinating.
King Adeft
King Adeft 22 dager siden
Damn. I gotta rewatch Empire Strikes back
Star Wars Infinite
Star Wars Infinite 22 dager siden
"I never listened cause I knew I'd find fault" lmaaaaaaaaaaaaooooo yo our previous generations were straight savages lmaooooooooooo
surdeep c
surdeep c 22 dager siden
Audio is amazing thank you
[ Jacob ]
[ Jacob ] 22 dager siden
He’s so lively
Sam Steger
Sam Steger 22 dager siden
What if Anakin and Obi-Wan killed General Grievous in the Courasant space battle in Revenge of the Sith? What if Jar Jar Binks never existed? What if the Rebels won the Battle of Hoth? What if Anakin pressed the stop button in the elevator?
Ivan Winslow
Ivan Winslow 22 dager siden
wow this was great you guys!
King Adeft
King Adeft 22 dager siden
I really hope a lot of people are watching these. I'm sure it takes a lot. You guys are awesome. This guy is awesome even outside of StarWars. So great job guys and thank you
Cole 22 dager siden
This is the content I want to see, loved secret of my success, kenobi will be a disaster if they retcon new hope.... Mission to mars what a masterpiece!!!!!
Felcyn Channel
Felcyn Channel 22 dager siden
Can’t wait to see what’s next!
SHARK VADER 22 dager siden
Mason Domino
Mason Domino 22 dager siden
Theory gotta work on his interviewing skills yikes
Joel Cooper
Joel Cooper 22 dager siden
This is basically investigative journalism. Nice job guys!
Darth Kryptos
Darth Kryptos 22 dager siden
Great interview guys.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 22 dager siden
Very interesting, I love interviews like this when they just flow and one question leads to another. Richard Ferrone reads the audiobook version btw.
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 22 dager siden
theory, you should interview Rian johnson
Adam Fuhrman
Adam Fuhrman 22 dager siden
marc already did
Pac Man
Pac Man 22 dager siden
Tell theory I said hi
Alex Esparza
Alex Esparza 22 dager siden
This is great stuff Theory, I enjoyed this interview.
ilove bigbrother
ilove bigbrother 22 dager siden
This is rhe dude who arguably made these movies so damn good. So much was done in post. Wow
C man Man
C man Man 21 dag siden
Ricardo Baier
Ricardo Baier 22 dager siden
Thanks for always making my days better bro, keep up the amazing work. Literally my fav channel on NOpost
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