Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) Campaign Part 1 (first time)

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Star Wars Theory

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Brickman Builds
Brickman Builds 16 dager siden
Hahaha! That was sooooo great! I know he's not a gaming channel, but I would love to see more!
darth vader
darth vader 16 dager siden
If you like this you should play lord of the rings conquest it's basically battlefront but with lotr characters and it's made by pandemic games the same people who made The original battlefront games
Casper Larsson
Casper Larsson 29 dager siden
will you play moded star wars battlefront 2 2005?
Finn Harrity
Finn Harrity Måned siden
God's... I always knew you were a gross angry insecure cishet man but like... Seeing you on a stream really drives that home LOL
Elijah Duncan
Elijah Duncan Måned siden
I will literally sell you a playstation 2 with this game
Zach Zurawel
Zach Zurawel Måned siden
Wow dude you suck. 2 hours on part 1. What a joke
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson Måned siden
bit harsh but seems to me he doesn't know how to play video games that well because a lot of this game is pretty straightfoward
wickideazy Måned siden
I'm sitting here grimacing while Theory blows up his own healer and ammo droids.
starwarsuniverse boy
starwarsuniverse boy Måned siden
STEVEN Taylor Måned siden
Republic Commando was my favorite game.
just another schmuck
just another schmuck Måned siden
not only has he never played BF2, it looks like he's never video games before.
JD Pragmatic
JD Pragmatic Måned siden
3:48 WATCH THOSE WRIST ROC- never mind
Artu R
Artu R Måned siden
I am still playing this game on steam, I really enjoyed this game
BlueKatanaWarrior Måned siden
Aaah, nostalgia
Devlincarnate Måned siden
I always had trouble with the Kashyyyk level as a kid. Used to get me so heated.
Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla Måned siden
How is this dude legit. If he's never even played this game mode. What a joke. No respect to this guy now.
Bonnor Bassidy
Bonnor Bassidy Måned siden
Thank god he switched to 3rd
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg Måned siden
Since you're playing on pc you should try the republic commamdo mod for it.
Quayvaughn Ford
Quayvaughn Ford Måned siden
It's crazy this game has more content than the re boot
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke Måned siden
Clones Together Strong!
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly
Cyb3rn3t1c COSMIC anomaly Måned siden
38:06 the jedi can cut them up like they're butter
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Måned siden
I wish I was here for live. I have played this game for 16 years and may actually be one of the best to ever play it on ps2. dead ass serious
Henry Marckisotto
Henry Marckisotto Måned siden
How! How are you who you are but haven't played the original Battlefront 2
Broken Lord
Broken Lord Måned siden
"In our bones we knew the war was almost over. The galaxy held its breath to see which side would make the final daring move. As fortune would have it, the fans moved first. After the Exexs informed the Fandom Menace and their supporters that Gina Corano had been terminated on social media, Generals Filloni and Favreau gathered an army large enough to deal a crippling monetary blow to the Exexs. When the noticeably low ratings reached the majority of the Fandom, our morale soared. For better or worse, this would be the beginning of the end."
Marcus Coffey
Marcus Coffey Måned siden
I’ve been looking forward to this.
PalatablePuddle Måned siden
The only thing I didn't like about Rise of the Empire was the fact that they talked about order 66 like they knew they were going to do it.
PalatablePuddle Måned siden
@YOU SSH I didn't think much about it back then, and now, I went back, and was like wow lot's has changed.
YOU SSH Måned siden
Well that's old canon. Back then the clones knew about it. No control chips.
Cait Deaver
Cait Deaver Måned siden
I know this is way after the fact, but don't hold down the fire button. It loses accuracy every few shots unless you click again
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez Måned siden
Glad you stream on NOpost instead of twitch❤️
Steffenator7 Måned siden
The absolute rage from chat when he missed every single Hero opportunity
Gavin Chacon
Gavin Chacon Måned siden
"My favorite star wars game ever" calls clone commando chain gun guy
Jshaw71 Måned siden
Love this game good stream, played this all the time at my friends place, would setup a playlist and basically play the original trilogy in game form just for fun
Mike Måned siden
Played this when it originally came out just started playing it again after 10 years so much better then the 2017 version
Mike Måned siden
Also you are not a bad player you are still learning the game no one I know who played the game was good when they started
SLegOTH Måned siden
I remember buying this game in Blockbusters The memories 🥲
TheMaximuus Måned siden
For future references: pause the game and do this with your pc Up, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right. Thats if it still works
Charon YT
Charon YT Måned siden
I not crying IM NOT man those memories
Lord Kesharq
Lord Kesharq Måned siden
ah yes the superior SW battlefront 2 game ^^
Casey Brooks
Casey Brooks Måned siden
I’ve been saving watching these until tonight. Midway through a GI prep. Got plenty of time to watch now
Everyone, you can play still! Get it on steam! Or wherever else
John Best
John Best Måned siden
What's going on with Vader episode 2?
Popculture Watchtower
Popculture Watchtower Måned siden
I respect you doing quality over quantity for your videos. A page geeks and Gamers and Ryan Kinel should take.
Marth Sadreli
Marth Sadreli Måned siden
man I used to spend hours everyday after school playing this game alone and with friends and family, this game and the 1st one were great. Too bad the newer ones were such let downs when u compare them to these ones, on their own their not too bad games tho.
Aniki samurai
Aniki samurai Måned siden
Tried play this other day but my graphics card isn't working with this game
Everyweapon Måned siden
Devin Elliott
Devin Elliott Måned siden
Ik this a bad comment but... how did you fix your screen at the beginning of the video? This happens to me when I play on steam
Ktq Gaming
Ktq Gaming Måned siden
Back 2 back
Byron Pendragon
Byron Pendragon Måned siden
I really wish this game would've received a 4k remaster. Sadly, it'll never happen. :( EDIT: We need more space ship games like this please! 22:43
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg Måned siden
Try playing star wars the battle of endir and the battle of yavin games by bruno R marcos. Homemade starship battlegames that are realllllly fun.
Casadian Siriphan
Casadian Siriphan Måned siden
I have a question, do you Think qai gon gin connected his voice to the force before his death with darth maul where he meditated before the shields opened, do you think this is where he connected to the force and knew his death before happening
Kinnzie Martin
Kinnzie Martin Måned siden
I was a god on this game in multiplayer, people would be offering me officer ranks in their clans just based off the wild shit I would do😂
Slammaland Måned siden
The only game I played as a kid, played all day long conquest was the best
Lord Palpatine
Lord Palpatine Måned siden
I have so many memories of me and my brother playing this great game
Marcell2aG Måned siden
Man, playing this on PSP as a teenager was seriously the best.
Bailey Hall
Bailey Hall Måned siden
The psp version sucked ass.
Ivan Bnv
Ivan Bnv Måned siden
stay to the droids and throw grenades! the engineering class is really useful in that game!..
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Måned siden
Check out MD5 Gaming! nopost.infovideos
Zim Rivas
Zim Rivas Måned siden
Hell yeah the original is great too🇺🇸
Dakyn Måned siden
42:28 LoL
Ben soso
Ben soso Måned siden
I wish they would've made battle front 3 like planned back in the ps2 era
Carlos Javier
Carlos Javier Måned siden
I was playing this game not so long ago on Xbox, unfortunately it just doesn’t hit the same lol 🙁I still love watching videos about it tho it’s just the gameplay is pretty dry
Master Chief
Master Chief Måned siden
That's awesome to finally seeing you play this gems campaign. It's easily my favorite SW game campaign. You should try out the Battlefront 2 Remaster mod, it's the closest one could get to a full remaster. I've been following the project for a while now and it never fails to impress. All of the ground maps are finished and the GCW space is practically finished
Cami Måned siden
It’s so frustrating seeing him play some games, especially when you’ve played it before and know how easy it is to do these things but he just doesn’t
Hyrum Taylor
Hyrum Taylor Måned siden
First video game I can remember playing.
joseph mastromatteo
joseph mastromatteo Måned siden
Didn’t get to see it live, watching the playback. So many nostalgic moments, and the music oh my
Movie Man Reviews
Movie Man Reviews Måned siden
Why does this menu look vastly different? Is this on like PC or something bc the PS2 menu is way cooler! But this game is still way cool and fun to play. I still have it on PS2!!!
Average Awesome
Average Awesome Måned siden
Dude that is a sensitive ass Mic, the beginning of the video was like SWT was nose breathing right into my ear, as much as that could be fun depending on the situation this one was unexpected
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Måned siden
Glad to see you playing this gem theory. My heart literally jumped at your maneuver at 39:57
Cybercery Måned siden
Just like the simulations
Cybercery Måned siden
Cybercery Måned siden
Download the hd mod for this please it's better
Gabriel Kelly
Gabriel Kelly Måned siden
Bro the memories😢😢😢 😭😭
Dresqus Måned siden
So much memories with this game... And Empire at War. And Jedi Academy. And KotORs. Damn I love Star Wars
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski Måned siden
16:40 Karma hits for destroying those beautiful supply/medical droids.
Samuel Myth
Samuel Myth Måned siden
I was cringing when you missed your chances at playing a hero
Chris Ward
Chris Ward Måned siden
Cant belive this is your first time playing this. Hope you have fun. I know I did.
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero Måned siden
Theory if your screen keeps going black, go into discord and disable overlay for battle front 2 classic, its some glitch caused by discord
I really wish he did geonosis first
MiniPoverty Måned siden
Am I the only one screaming at the screen “Accept the Hero !!! Press F2 “ .... like that will make him click it 🤣 Man I remember when this game can out my Dad convinced my mom to get it for me for Christmas for PS2 cause the game was rated T or 13 and up and I was 10.5yr old. I completed the Game same day Christmas Morning and was Rank General before Days end.
xv12commander Måned siden
Ahh a good old game...
Jarrod Edson
Jarrod Edson Måned siden
This is ur first time playing
Aiden G
Aiden G Måned siden
This was my favorite starwars game ever
The Star Wars Battlefield
The Star Wars Battlefield Måned siden
The memories... Of 2 years ago when I tried to download BF 2 2016 but got this instead.
finchborat Måned siden
I was playing this just the other night. Great game!
dogekicker __
dogekicker __ Måned siden
So close to 3 million subs :)
Dustin Atkinson
Dustin Atkinson Måned siden
Its a great game and the original star wars battle front
The nostalgia man... By far one of my favorite games back then and to this day, from the first mission in geonosis, to the ptsd inducing flashbacks from Felucia(Star Wars vietnam) to my personal favorites: Mygeeto, kashyyyk and the best one, Order 66!
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Aaron Gavina
Aaron Gavina Måned siden
K- Den
K- Den Måned siden
Can u do a arma 3 Star Wars mod gameplay or a empire at war modded play through or multiplayer vs fan livestream // hand of thrawn mod or fall of republic mod for empire at war or star wars battlegrounds expanding fronts review please and thank you for great content bro 👍👍
K- Den
K- Den Måned siden
So is this first play ever or is this first play through on channel
zorken Måned siden
First ever
Montage City ENT
Montage City ENT Måned siden
This the fisrt time you play the original battlefront??
Supaaaaared Måned siden
was a fucking amazing game.
ManosHalkScorer Måned siden
I used to play this in PS2 and I still have my copy. One of the greatest Star Wars games in my opinion! Thanks for bring back some good memories Theory!
Patti Jo Sloss
Patti Jo Sloss Måned siden
Apologies if someone has already mentioned this but the voice of the narrator of this sounds exactly like Temuera Morrison. is it him?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
i have bought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new empire
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg Måned siden
@Anakin Skywalker your breath has done that itself.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
@Stephen Nyberg you turned her against me!!
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg Måned siden
@Anakin Skywalker wait what?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
@Stephen Nyberg i do not fear the dark side like you do, obi wan.
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg Måned siden
You can go eat your socks.
Jayden Touve
Jayden Touve Måned siden
i have this exact PS2 game and it nothing like this look wise
Guido Måned siden
This dude blows
Paul English
Paul English Måned siden
Still have my PS2 copy of this. Greatest Star Wars game of all time. I hope you enjoy the hell out of it good sir.
Yves V
Yves V Måned siden
I'd like to see you finish Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Bender Bending Rodríguez
Bender Bending Rodríguez Måned siden
I hate how he starts all these games, plays them for a stream or 2, then switches and never goes back
Dane Brown
Dane Brown Måned siden
How you playing thisssss
Dane Brown
Dane Brown Måned siden
Should play revenge of the sith ps2 game
Ar Ar
Ar Ar Måned siden
The good old days
Cyberspace 657
Cyberspace 657 Måned siden
Bro this dude just looks like a german youtuber called johnny hand (Who has hair NO FRONT)
Mu51kM4n Måned siden
man watching these really makes me miss it, but I need a new computer before I can play again. alas, will have to wait for now.
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