Darth Plagueis Teaches Palpatine The Force (Animated)

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In the novel Darth Plagueis by James Luceno, which is an absolutely amazing book, we get this cool scene where Darth Plagueis teaches Palpatine about Sith Force Lightning for the first time. I always wanted to see this animated, so here is a super simple quick one.
This type of quick animation could open doors to fan-fictions on a consistent basis, such as, what if Anakin learned Force Lightning, which is something I always wondered against Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith...
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animated by @Nicholas Damiani
SFX Juan Naranjo @Star Wars Theory Español
Voices + Produced @Star Wars Theory
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warren byrne
warren byrne Måned siden
Palptines head the whole time: *My god this guy talks so much yet never says a goddamn word.* (EDIT:just now sorry.)(Gasps)Yay. My first ever pinned comment by Starwarstheory himself. (EDIT:again just now sorry.) Nevermind.
RichJC Måned siden
stop editing comments for stupid reasons
chompylips Måned siden
He's like Trelawny RDR2
Ugapiku Måned siden
you need to stop editing it after someone pins it. then it's not the original comment
Infernal Hippo 27
Infernal Hippo 27 Måned siden
@Epistemix my French teacher 🤣
Epistemix Måned siden
I've been reading that Novel recently, it's pretty much what happens, Palpatine asks him practical questions at the end of every speech and seems to care less and less 🤣😂
halodude723 Dag siden
"The Dark Side is an illness no true Sith would wish to be cured of."
Christopher Diamond
Christopher Diamond Dag siden
This was awesome.
ThundersAscam 5 dager siden
Yo actually Liked this!!
Tim Cronin
Tim Cronin 13 dager siden
I like how you gave Plagueis the "Crest of the Sithari" around his cloak and not Palpatine since Palpatine has not killed his master yet. Very accurate
Mehmet5775 13 dager siden
Do you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise???
Collin 20 dager siden
Not like we would ever get something this deep from Disney Star Wars
M. Strain Jr.
M. Strain Jr. 21 dag siden
I really like this! Is there a way to listen to just the music track? The song that plays during his teachings fits the character really well, I think.
ShojoBakunyu 24 dager siden
And this proves even more that Jar Jar Abrams and KK have no idea WTF they're doing with this franchise.
Scott Setzke
Scott Setzke 26 dager siden
Darth Scion what about Darth Mitsubishi
Blue Son of Man
Blue Son of Man 26 dager siden
This remines me of Darkmatter2525's work
Mandalorian pride
Mandalorian pride 27 dager siden
Man nothing can compare to this masterpiece
Andrew Salm
Andrew Salm 28 dager siden
I believe this is the exact conversation from novel somewhere in the 200s it has been a year since I red it though
CloneWarsFan99 Måned siden
I recognized the animation style of Nicholas Damiani immediately! So cool!
Judge Druss
Judge Druss Måned siden
Am I the only that is subbed Nicholas Damiani and only clicked the video because I recognised the art style?
kasaibou F29
kasaibou F29 Måned siden
Old EU content ❤️
David Wiener
David Wiener Måned siden
Is that from the book? I don’t remember it word for word, but I remember many conversations they had.
Baýram Amanow
Baýram Amanow Måned siden
İs fan made?
Colt Weller
Colt Weller Måned siden
I don’t think plagueis had his mask at this point?
Anthony L Leid
Anthony L Leid Måned siden
🤧💯☝🏿🔍🔥! Darth Plagues is both a genius and a fool when he speaks : love , hate , good and evil must exist . Love and Good out last evil. That is why the Sith will never be eternal ! Smdh !
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt Måned siden
torresarroba Måned siden
What chapter is this in the novel?
Havnoch Måned siden
Don't want to be that guy, but I'm pretty sure Plagueis didn't have to wear a mask at that point in the book.
Brandon Lyle
Brandon Lyle Måned siden
Plagueis didn’t yet receive the injuries in the Order of The Canted Circle that required the use of a prosthesis to replace part of his jaw at the time of this conversation.
Gaming with Ryan 2.0
Gaming with Ryan 2.0 Måned siden
Yo can you please put captions?
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Måned siden
Hello there!
Greg Maher
Greg Maher Måned siden
we need more of this!
Citizen Snips
Citizen Snips Måned siden
I thought this was going to be a joke. This was absolutely phenomenal!!
Ryan Cronin
Ryan Cronin Måned siden
The usual trying to get a speech from the all knowing hahah
Ryan Cronin
Ryan Cronin Måned siden
To bore you with the following link to ultimate power
Tinkerer Calen
Tinkerer Calen Måned siden
Hey man, my honest opinion. we all like the animations. However the reason we initially fell in love with your channel, was you and how you describe in detail the events, and thus bring the world to life! animations rob this aspect of you, from us.
Charlotte K
Charlotte K Måned siden
Plagueis: Ranting about The Force Palpatine: 👁👄👁
Oscar Tamez
Oscar Tamez Måned siden
All right, I want to read the book. Tell me, what can I expect? Is there anything I should know about before reading?
SPARTAN NEWO Måned siden
David Dent
David Dent Måned siden
Plugeis The Supposedly Wise: "Yhr individual rarely matters. Only the desire of the Sith!" Sidious: "HMMM you don't say, Master." >.> **Evil plotting** - - - - Seriously clucking amazing job bringing the book's lore to life!!
CVL Måned siden
Seeing a lot of "Dont understand". Here is my translation :) Plagueis: "The Dark Side is the embodiment of Chaos, Chaos is change. Change is the natural will of the force. The Jedi misuse the force by trying to keep the force in balance". Hope this helps!
Kaci Allen
Kaci Allen Måned siden
A great way to spice up some "what if" videos!!
Jake Måned siden
Jesse Lindquist
Jesse Lindquist Måned siden
Discovered this channel looking for Fallen Order game tips..... half way through the 2hour Vader comic video you did. The content here is amazing, and I just wanted to take a minute and give you credit and say thank you. Really looking forward to the library of stuff I now know exists and get to watch 😎
Übermensch Måned siden
Goddamn plagueis voice is amazing, not for nothing sheev waited him to get drunk and semi asleep to take on him, if plagueis really sounded like that he'd be twice scarier than Vader. I've watched this more than tenfold in two days, I love how this ties lots of stuff together, explains how sidious became so twisted in figure after mace reflected his lightning, explains how palpatine could have a son and a granddaughter, also serves as a explanation of why Darth Vader was turned to the light by Luke, he wasn't a true Sith, he didn't embrace the cybernetic towering shadowy figure he became, he was actually willing to be cured of the illness. Amazing storytelling through such a relatively small piece. I definitely love how apparently to become a master of the dark side, one must be of singular eloquence, it's so beautifully written and still implies sense of dread. Everything related to the ancient Sith Lords are amazing. Plagueis was really wise.
Blubba McFarlane
Blubba McFarlane Måned siden
This sounds like what theory bábales on about in the shower when he’s pretending to be a sith.
KrenDom Måned siden
plagueis sounds so frickin cool
RazorShultzor Måned siden
Mate book 2 of the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy comes out in April, hope you're looking forward to that. I've read all 4 of the current (2017+) Thrawn novels, can't wait to read the 2nd Ascendancy one
B Dumais
B Dumais Måned siden
If disney ever does that it should be with plageuis on his cell saying super sinistre plans while he gives him a spiderman lesson when you do good the castrate you ,when evil they praise and hand power
XxoxladexX YT
XxoxladexX YT Måned siden
That was sick
United States of America
United States of America Måned siden
Are all of these novels written canon? And are all of them written by writers who are fans, or are they hired by Lucasfilm to write the stories for the Star Wars Universe?
ThisJustTrevor Måned siden
(insert prequel quote here)
Übermensch Måned siden
I don't like sand
Cheo Wesley
Cheo Wesley Måned siden
This is great! I love seeing James Luceno's Darth Plagueis novel brought to life through animation.
Charles Nicholson-Cocker
Charles Nicholson-Cocker Måned siden
You bloody legends!
Lewis Shaw
Lewis Shaw Måned siden
What chapter is this on?
Jake Gomez
Jake Gomez Måned siden
The greatness of star wars before Disney and Kathleen Kennedy
Jerzy Babarowski
Jerzy Babarowski Måned siden
I always wondered how a duel between reborn Emperor and post-Dark Empire Legends Luke Skywalker would transpire. Would love to see a video about it.
MarLes91 Måned siden
"He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no-one had a chance to interrupt; it was really quite hypnotic."
Rob Whisenhunt
Rob Whisenhunt Måned siden
That is so much Force lore to unpack in such a short video. Very cool video.
Riken Måned siden
Revan rolling in his grave
MeadowcanMUSICTIME Måned siden
I was waiting for Palptine to say... “soooo, you do want Taco Bell for lunch?”
Kiyan Hakim
Kiyan Hakim Måned siden
When you realise you understand every single word and name said because you're an actual SW nerd
Chocolate Corny Cobbyling Cobbstar Cobberson Peely
Chocolate Corny Cobbyling Cobbstar Cobberson Peely Måned siden
Spotts The libertarian
Spotts The libertarian Måned siden
Doesn’t plagueis get the respirator after this? It’s been a very long time since I’ve read the book so I’m probably wrong. Fantastic video as always Been here since the beginning and I love your content try to watch everything you release! Keep it up man! This is one fan who will always have your back no matter what! 🤘
Teague Tozier
Teague Tozier Måned siden
Well this was awesome. I’m just wondering though, how many fingers does Plagueis have per hand, is it four or five? Because it changed back and forth every time he moves his hands... 🤔
Vasili Theocharis
Vasili Theocharis Måned siden
This animated video ia better than whole sequel trilogy.
cujero Måned siden
Such at great book
Jimothy A Steward
Jimothy A Steward Måned siden
More please
YouTube is trying To Censor me
YouTube is trying To Censor me Måned siden
Shouldn’t Plagueis Be taller
Cavernous People
Cavernous People Måned siden
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
To be honest bro, the animation isn't really needed. It's good don't get me wrong, but you might as well have just had diolague with pictures.
Team AQUA Måned siden
This was really good
_StarKhan_ Måned siden
Mr Random
Mr Random Måned siden
This looks exactly like how Nicholas Damian I draw I really wanna know why?
Micah Rose
Micah Rose Måned siden
This is beautiful.
Joseph Andrade
Joseph Andrade Måned siden
I loved the Darth Plaguies book.
Josh Måned siden
Very nice !!!!
Martha Stepashkina
Martha Stepashkina Måned siden
There are some inaccurate things in their appearance but looks good)
Aksel Lien
Aksel Lien Måned siden
Palpatine and Dooku were politicians. Vader and Maul were warriors. But Plagueis was first and foremost and philosopher
Connor Wykes
Connor Wykes Måned siden
I want to see a movie portraying Palpatine's turn to the Dark Side so bad!!!
Hello There
Hello There Måned siden
Bro if you planning to do live action young days of palpatine i have a guys that looks like palpataine young age it would be cool
lipslike caravans
lipslike caravans Måned siden
Theory I’m not sure if you know this already but I have a theory. In revenge of the sith before windu approached palpatine, windu tells a akin to wait in the council chambers now this could be because when windu comes back after arresting palps windu was going to gran anakin the rank of Jedi master let me know what you think about this May The Force Be With You
Joel Bate
Joel Bate Måned siden
hey lips like that is a great theory you have there it seems very reasonable i like it may the force be with you
KAE Official
KAE Official Måned siden
Mad bad, the animation had me patiently anticipating a "How It Should Have Ended" ending.
jedsithor Måned siden
So I have an idea for a video you could do. Whenever I bring it up, people think I'm talking nonsense but I've seen Phantom Menace enough times to pretty damn sure that I'm right. Essentially, Qui-Gon Jinn uses a Jedi Mind Trick on Boss Nass - and fails. Some people pick up on Qui-Gon doing the mind trick and because he ultimately gets what he asked for they think he succeeded but actually, he failed. When he says "then speed us on our way" he's using a Mind Trick. Boss Nass says "Wesa gonna speed yous away..." which makes Qui Gon think his Mind Trick is working and then he follows up with "we could use a transport...?" and of course Boss Nass responds that he'll give them a Bongo and that "the fastest way to the Naboo is through the planet core." Qui-Gon thinks his mind trick has worked. Then we find out from Jar Jar that Nass is setting the Jedi up, expecting them to get lost or eaten. Now you'd think that at this point Qui-Gon would realise that his mind tricks weren't working and that Nass was just going along with what he was saying to get rid of him but wasn't actually being affected but then Qui-Gon goes and tries another Mind Trick and it's another failure. If you watch closely, Neeson is using the waving hand gestures associated with mind tricks as he speaks. Qui-Gon asks what's going to happen to Jar Jar and is told Jar Jar will be punished. Now watch what Qui Gon does and listen to the tone of his voice. He says the line "Your gods DEMAND his life belongs to me now." As he says "demand" he waves his hand and he puts particular emphasis on the word. He's attempting another mind trick. He ultimately gets what he wants so he thinks his mind trick worked but when you listen to Nass's response, he doesn't respond with "my gods demand his life belongs to you..." or anything similiar, he instead asks Jar Jar if what Qui-Gon said was true. The mind trick doesn't affect him, he just takes Qui-Gon's words at face value with no Force influence being applied and asks Jar Jar if what Qui-Gon is saying is the truth. Of course, later on, Qui-Gon tries a mind trick on Watto and we all know how that goes. So basically, Qui-Gon Jinn sucks at mind tricks. And also, Boss Nass is far more strong-willed than Qui-Gon expected or realised. On a somewhat related note, there's a moment in the Bongo that a lot of people miss where Qui-Gon does the Jedi equivalent of a Vulcan neck pinch on Jar Jar. Jar Jar is going crazy, panicking, and Qui-Gon tells him to relax, putting his hand somewhere close to Jar Jar's neck and shoulder. If you watch Jar Jar, he actually goes unconscious because of this. Obi-Wan then says "You overdid it." He's not talking to Jar Jar, he's talking to his master, telling him that he went too far, the assumption being that Qui-Gon was trying to use the Force to calm Jar Jar but used too much power and knocked him out. A few moments later, Jar Jar wakes up confused. Star Wars fans talk all the time about Qui-Gon being a great Jedi and I'm not saying he wasn't but in the one movie he was in he was arrogant and reckless, he misused his powers and he was dismissive of other opinions and even downright rude a couple of times. He was basically full of himself.
soloroar0720 Måned siden
This is a good collab
Simon Brimhall
Simon Brimhall Måned siden
About Darth Maul Palpatine: We can’t continue to risk exposure. Plagueis: You have more to say about this. Palpatine: Master. Would you consider turning someone in the Sith Arts? To execute whatever missions are required? Plagueis: Another peerless? In defiance of our partnership? Palpatine: Not an apprentice. Not someone who could ever aspire to become a true Sith Lord. But someone skilled in stealth and combat. Who could be eliminated when no longer needed. Plagueis: You already have someone in mind. Palpatine: You instructed me to keep an eye out for beings who might prove helpful. I’ve found such a one on Dathomir not a year ago. A male Dathomiri Zabrak infant. Plagueis: Many Zabrak demonstrate strength in the Force. By nature, it would seem. Palpatine: This infant does. The mother birthed two and stopped to save one from the clutches of the Nightsisters. Especially from one known as Talzen. Plagueis: You purchased him. Palpatine: Accepted him. Plagueis: Where is he? *to be continued* (if @Star Wars Theory continues the Plagueis animations)
Simon Brimhall
Simon Brimhall Måned siden
My saber is crimson red Yellow are me eyes You will all face the wrath Of Darth Plagueis the Wise.
daliz cid
daliz cid Måned siden
This was in the book
Justin Måned siden
Awesome to see but that animation is really bad :( i expected so much more when i watched the stream when it was mentioned...
D. Vectivus
D. Vectivus Måned siden
You're lucky he even did, you're not entitled to anything, and he doesnt have to risk his platform like this by risking copyright bs just to provide fan service. It almost kills me how weak and entitled people are these days, among many other things
sandwichHLP Måned siden
I was literally one page before this part (I was starting that chapter) on my first time reading the novel when this popped up in my feed! In other news, it also goes to show how long monologues are fine for novels, but need to be altered for video. Bummer.
Josiah Knight
Josiah Knight Måned siden
“Animated”... the art style takes away for the plot lol
William Svansson
William Svansson Måned siden
Do you made this?
Andrew 888
Andrew 888 Måned siden
The full power of the dark side is more dangerous than any superweapon created in galactic history, the desire for conquest and destruction will make the dark sider invincible in battles unless it is met by an equally powerful force from the light sider.
Vic Måned siden
This is why he's called "the Wise".
Vilmer Jansson
Vilmer Jansson Måned siden
Do What if Obi-Wan didnt get unconcius on the Battle with Count Dooku!
Joe Nightfury
Joe Nightfury Måned siden
Alfie Godfree
Alfie Godfree Måned siden
Plagueis: The power of the dark side... Me: Common! Say it! Say the line!
Bobby Giannos
Bobby Giannos Måned siden
Yani Gemdd
Yani Gemdd Måned siden
Been awhile since I read it but doesn’t he not have the breathing apparatus yet at this point?
kidondablock91 Måned siden
Awesome video but one thing: Did Plagueis have his facial respirator fixture when he gave Sidious this lesson in the dark side? For some reason I thought this was before the assassination attempt that nearly took his life.
Quay Dawgg
Quay Dawgg Måned siden
Absolutely beautiful brother. This is one of the best Star Wars novels ever written and you sir have done it justice.
Charles Solano
Charles Solano Måned siden
Damn Theory! Let's go boy!
ShadowDeistGaming Måned siden
nice animation
Brindle Walsh
Brindle Walsh Måned siden
Wth This is. F' in awesome!! Thank s I needed this right now! 😀😀☺
Nitro Zeus
Nitro Zeus Måned siden
Good job
GoatInLobby Måned siden
This is boring
Jay Shuler
Jay Shuler Måned siden
i thought Plagueis gave Paps this lecture before the assassination attempt that gave him the mask??
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