Clone Wars 2003 OFFICIALLY Coming to Disney+

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the time has come, Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars 2003 is coming to Disney+ April 2

Emoe Blk
Emoe Blk 7 timer siden
I dont like the art style
YippeeTheGod 6 dager siden
Where’s the show tho
Purple guy
Purple guy 11 dager siden
Disney + will be even more expensive...
Eshaan Vaidya
Eshaan Vaidya 14 dager siden
I live in india and the Star Wars Vintage Collection has not been released yet here and I was really excited and looking forward for it to come and I was really disappointed when it didn’t come.
Riccardo Rutteri
Riccardo Rutteri 14 dager siden
same, I really hope we get to see it soon
Tone Desh
Tone Desh 16 dager siden
I missed this one but I’m going to check it out!
goblinwrecks 17 dager siden
Anyone else noticed by now that the clone wars from 2003 is NOT on disney+? Cause I can't find it in the Star wars catagory and it's already past april 2nd.
swepsycho2 channel
swepsycho2 channel 17 dager siden
Yeah me neither.
Patrick Toth
Patrick Toth 18 dager siden
Cartoon Network has to own Clone Wars 2003.
Patrick Toth
Patrick Toth 18 dager siden
Disney Still Ruined The Star Wars What They Did Is Wrong.
Lazaro Ramirez
Lazaro Ramirez 19 dager siden
I'm from Argentina (South America). Does anyone know if the series is coming to our Disney+ too? Can't seem to find it
Lazaro Ramirez
Lazaro Ramirez 5 dager siden
@Alexgael Soto Rodriguez Qué raro y qué tontería, no? Es una serie súper corta que mucha gente vería en una sentada y que recuerdo que veía en Cartoon. Una lástima tener que seguir viéndola pirata.
Alexgael Soto Rodriguez
Alexgael Soto Rodriguez 5 dager siden
@Lazaro Ramirez Tengo un mal presentimiento sobre esto
Lazaro Ramirez
Lazaro Ramirez 5 dager siden
@Alexgael Soto Rodriguez tengo la sensación de que no va a llegar para nuestros países
Alexgael Soto Rodriguez
Alexgael Soto Rodriguez 5 dager siden
Here in Spain it hasn't come yet
Matt Costello
Matt Costello 19 dager siden
My favorite part is how little dialogue there is but how much better it makes the scenes
Matt Costello
Matt Costello 19 dager siden
These were my childhood thank god
Greshaan SinghBhatthal
Greshaan SinghBhatthal 19 dager siden
Can u put the link to the article you had about it
Greshaan SinghBhatthal
Greshaan SinghBhatthal 19 dager siden
Disney + has only 2 episodes so far and they are like 50 minutes because they combined the small episodes into two long ones
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ்
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ் 20 dager siden
Help its April 3 and it isnt on my Disney plus , I refreshed . Maybe not on my country , Disney plus is in my country .
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist 20 dager siden
The Clone Wars isn't a remake of Clone Wars; it's an expansion of it. There's some overlap with canon but not nearly as much as the inconsistencies created by the Sequel Trilogy. Plus, it shows how Ventress was recruited and how Grievous' lungs were damaged. Just let it be canon, Disney.
BaronvonPiano 20 dager siden
A few years ago I made a fan edit of them that edited them into twenty minute interval episodes. It was...awful. But the intros I made were pretty cool.
Zakary Custar
Zakary Custar 20 dager siden
Fucking poggers
mercury man
mercury man 20 dager siden
*visible happiness*
Red Five
Red Five 21 dag siden
Kind of surprised because its officially legends
Omar Baba
Omar Baba 21 dag siden
Unpopular opinion: I’m not a huge fan of legends grievous, he’s just starkiller levels of OP and his voice sounds too ASMR
Esgles 21 dag siden
Clone Wars ran 3 seasons, 25 episodes and was split into Vol 1(season 1 and 2) and Vol 2 (Season 3).
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Meten-Goku the Lombax
Meten-Goku the Lombax 24 dager siden
I never saw the first movie from 2003! I always want to watch it!! Me and my brother did watch the 2th movie. I stil see the 2003 clone wars as Canon. Dont care what Disney say.
All Of The Sith
All Of The Sith 25 dager siden
My birthday is on April 2nd, I was born in 2006 so I’ll be turning 15. Id love to watch this the same day it all comes out, it’ll be like a birthday gift
Benjamin Yn
Benjamin Yn 25 dager siden
Stars wars the clone wars(2003) on Disney plus. What will be next??? Legends of chima, lego ninjago, Lego nexo knights, and mixels on peacock???
Jake Tupen
Jake Tupen 26 dager siden
This part of cannon now?
Omar Baba
Omar Baba 21 dag siden
No it’s not
Pan Paw
Pan Paw 25 dager siden
It isn’t, This Clone wars are only coming to Disney + but is not cannon.
MrWhatdafuBOOM 27 dager siden
Ven tus
Ven tus 27 dager siden
Man, a lot of the people who send super chats are reaaaaaaally stupid....where the fuck did these people lose their critical thinking skills?
The4 RealDeal
The4 RealDeal 28 dager siden
Got that shit on dvd bitches
The Apartmates
The Apartmates 28 dager siden
I remember watching these when they first came out and being upset when I missed an episode. Stoked to see this!
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 28 dager siden
Only the og’s have these on dvd 📀
Matt-Man 29 dager siden
Well, eetsa bout time!
Mr.ScaryPasta 29 dager siden
This Clone Wars IS the superior version. No offense to the people who made the new one. But there’s something about the old one that gives if charm. It just feels more like Star Wars to me.
zeyn x
zeyn x 29 dager siden
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Oliveira 29 dager siden
This is The Goat version of Clone Wars. So many nostalgia watching this video!
Viewty Recruit
Viewty Recruit Måned siden
There was a poster for this series in my hometowns rental place. That was about the only exposure I got to that.
GigAkuma Måned siden
That show made me an Asajj Ventress and Shaak Ti fan because they were badazz in that.
matheus poli
matheus poli Måned siden
The best show
REBEL 8492
REBEL 8492 Måned siden
I was looking for that clone wars series last night that's good to know appreciate it
GAVIN ORTEGA Måned siden
Happy Guy
Happy Guy Måned siden
Does this mean it’s canon? Please be canon, I loved it as a kid 😂
Joey Rodriguez
Joey Rodriguez Måned siden
finto182 Måned siden
Absolutely LOVE Anakins story in this series
joe palumbo
joe palumbo Måned siden
Always thought they should of stick with this animation style
Jordan Posvar
Jordan Posvar Måned siden
Theyre doing anything and everything to get the fans back
Nathanael Augusto Salazar
Nathanael Augusto Salazar Måned siden
Dis shows that the jedi dont care about there clones
Vandicoup Måned siden
How anyone can say CW is "more raw, darker and grittier" than TCW is faaar beyond me. Just completely baffles me. I gotta wholeheartedly disagree. TCW blows CW out of the water in terms of mature scenes. All the Maul scenes alone are grittier and darker than CW could ever dream of being. The music. The chilling voice performances. The lighting, ambience, glowing eyes, scary looks, etc, etc. Not to mention, all the countless scenes of IEDs, clones getting violently shot through the heart, head and other areas, getting sucked into space and dying of suffocation, getting their helmets removed in space and again dying of suffocation, getting violently blown up left and right, suicides, bombings, slavery, decapitations, drugs, impalements, sliced limbs, various forms of torture and more. So, so much more. Don't get me wrong doe, I like CW and I LOVE TCW, but TCW is easily hands down, and STILL is today, the most darkest and grittiest *Star Wars TV show* EVER made. There's COUNTLESS dark, gritty, mature and badass scenes in that show. Of course, because it has 130+ episodes, there's already an automatic advantage of the inclusion of a significant amount of mature and badass scenes compared to CW, so there's that to factor into for sure.
Fluorescence24 Måned siden
ayy my boi Sha-a Gi is returning 🤣
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson Måned siden
I watch that when I was kid when 6 7 8 2003 2004 2005
Exotic F4M3D
Exotic F4M3D Måned siden
i loved this cartoon but also always loved AV and dont like how they killed her in this
Joonesky Måned siden
It's sad that this Clone wars 2003 is not canon
Sucram808 Måned siden
Dude this is my child hood
CALEB CLINE Måned siden
Star wars is dead as Kathleen kennedy is in charge I don't give a fuck about star wars why aren't you calling for a Retcon you have the fan base you a Disney supporter maybe your there biggest fan or worse yet your a disney shill
Trenton Bless
Trenton Bless Måned siden
I'm glad Disney is finally digging in to the expansive Star Wars catalogue. They're also adding the obscure Ewok show and TV movies. Plus the animated segment from the Star Wars Holiday Special.
Joseph Måned siden
The best ever
Constantino Soria
Constantino Soria Måned siden
The OG Grevious
The CoronaVirus
The CoronaVirus Måned siden
“I’ve been looking forward for this!”
Zack Wyatt
Zack Wyatt Måned siden
Captain fordo about to murk these battle droids again
Antonio Cortez
Antonio Cortez Måned siden
I prefer the old clone wars animation better than the recent one
John Green
John Green Måned siden
The virgin prequels vs the chad clone wars
Oscar Cantu
Oscar Cantu Måned siden
I was born in 2008 and i cant wait to see this Omg this is gonna be so amazing
00Predaking00 Måned siden
Is just me or Grievous 2003 Theme reminds me of God War Theme here and there.
chef curry
chef curry Måned siden
That's awesome
Cardinal Copia
Cardinal Copia Måned siden
Own this on dvd. It rips. Fuck Disney. ✌️
Starman Crusader
Starman Crusader Måned siden
So, is this canon again?
Anthony Vangelos
Anthony Vangelos Måned siden
The whole things on NOpost lol I mean it’s solid I have Disney plus but y’all who don’t it’s just on NOpost #captainfordo
jakecantsay Måned siden
the soundbites / clips are playing their audio twice. the source audio is probably being played in OBS, and then being picked up by your desktop audio monitoring. Pretty common livestream problem.
MarchingOn Together
MarchingOn Together Måned siden
Show me The Clone Wars >2007 I said the REAL Clone Wars >2003 Perfection
Starkiller709 Måned siden
Loved the Anakin and ventress fight
Alex McKeel
Alex McKeel Måned siden
The knighting ceremony is awesome
Zach O
Zach O Måned siden
Hey theory do you think due to George’s work on Indiana Jones and the owning of fox in Disney’s package now that Indiana Jones will be on Disney plus???
Colby Flanagan
Colby Flanagan Måned siden
This is a great show and I have to admit I haven't watched all of it and now I will but I'm glad its not canon. I hate overpowered characters in star wars like windu scene with the B2s. Fun scene but makes no sense and breaks canon.
Rawgamer360 Måned siden
Abel Montemayor
Abel Montemayor Måned siden
I am so happy more people get to see this, because THIS Clone Wars definitely had some of my favorite Star Wars characters EVER, for example, Durge. Plus Grevious felt like an unbeatable opponent in this show, he was actually scary and we get to see how Anakin got his scar on his face, which I loved. Anyway I'm very happy, loved this series!
V1rt4l - W4y
V1rt4l - W4y Måned siden
Ventress may have had the high ground but she ain’t Kenobi
filmfan416 209
filmfan416 209 Måned siden
Ok im glad that its coming to disney+ but its not canon so how whould it fit in?
Dave Forehand
Dave Forehand Måned siden
Does this canonize it?
ChefBoi MacOg
ChefBoi MacOg Måned siden
And at the end of 2003 it shows palpatine being kid napped an the camera panning over the battle of corusaunt. So regardless legends or canon. This will always be Canon. It goes with the main story so much more than the animated series.
ChefBoi MacOg
ChefBoi MacOg Måned siden
9:28 yesss thank you finally someone offical says it out loud. Been preaching this for years.
ChefBoi MacOg
ChefBoi MacOg Måned siden
So glad you showed maces battle with the Droid my favorite part is when he twirls the lightsaber with the force
ChefBoi MacOg
ChefBoi MacOg Måned siden
The CW was the shit and it showed things we never got to see, Mace using his force abilities you seeing other reasons why anakin turns to the dark side.
Honk Honkles
Honk Honkles Måned siden
Andrew Hodges
Andrew Hodges Måned siden
For those who haven't seen it, it's a lot of fun and is pretty good. It's nowhere near as good as THE clone wars though
Business Clank
Business Clank Måned siden
I actually have never seen the old clone wars show so I’m excited
Daníel Orri Woodard
Daníel Orri Woodard Måned siden
Yesss I get to watch it on my birthday 🎉
joe patterson
joe patterson Måned siden
I can’t wait till I feel like I’m 9 years old again
Ethan Young
Ethan Young Måned siden
Getting ready for 3M!!!!!!!1111!1!!!!
Erik Trujillo
Erik Trujillo Måned siden
my birthday! awesome! thanks for the info star wars theory!
HARDC0R3 D3M0N Måned siden
They should release it as one movie, since watching all the episodes in one sitting is about 2 hours
Cisco Duncan
Cisco Duncan Måned siden
This was a great show. Showed it in several 2 min eps. Got both seasons one disc. I can’t wait. Thank you for the video sir. 👍🏾✌🏾💯
Caleb Masih (Student)
Caleb Masih (Student) Måned siden
Nah I need 2007 clone wars back
Commander Fox
Commander Fox Måned siden
they hard to nerf windu in revenge of the sith other wise he would have easily beatin anakin
The_R00kie roger
The_R00kie roger Måned siden
Guess I'll get my gift after my birthday
ken Måned siden
own both volumes on disc
TheNocturnal Måned siden
Machine-Gun hands Windu is BACK!
TheNocturnal Måned siden
Let's go *CAPTAIN FORDO* !!!
Supaaaaared Måned siden
Great childhood memories watching this
MrWhitewolven Måned siden
Very strong samurai jack vibes
GamingReacts Måned siden
Watched it a million times on youtube.
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