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welcome to Nerd Theory, and with us today is Marc (he'll join later)

DavMac 15 dager siden
I love Marc's Jack sparrow impression 50:05.
theory diet cult
theory diet cult 15 dager siden
he really was exhibiting his android behavior with that impression. i think he legitimately malfunctioned at 50:41
BeTeLGeuZeX 22 dager siden
@Josh, to summarize the lucas interview a bit better is that Lucas was explaining/ leading up to it that the lessons in his 6 movies can be transcended through multiple other aesthetics but the Lessons itself is what matters and a key lesson is one of Anakin and attachments. Its is being or not being mindful of attachments that controls root emotions that will help to guide your decisions in the future wether to act in the moment with rage or to reevaluate actions made which may be attached to other things wether it be love or hate. He tethered that part at the end/middle of convo but the takeaway is that the lessons that transcend time and ages were not present in the new films and the movies George left did. The lessons were derivatives that stemmed from cultures/ myths/ and societies and put into Starwars with a cinema aesthetic to catch viewers attention which at the time Space was the new frontier of unknown and possibilities for storytelling.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
DSM Panda
DSM Panda 27 dager siden
Mark at 22 mins you preach brotha!!!
Benjamin Sheldon
Benjamin Sheldon 28 dager siden
Episode 2 is the only SW movie I own on DVD, lol
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning 29 dager siden
Josh is Tony Stark,how did he come back!
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning 29 dager siden
"The force will be with you always"
Sebastian []
Sebastian [] Måned siden
Bro what’s wrong with Anakin in the thumbnail
Bobby Salazars
Bobby Salazars Måned siden
Why are there eyes so big in the thumbnail
Boomboy53 Måned siden
Hopefully your saber company has good pricing for shipping to Canada 🙏🏻
John Cabaniss
John Cabaniss Måned siden
He wasnt pinching his shirt because he was nervous , hes pinching himself because of the pain this whple thing is causing him
John Cabaniss
John Cabaniss Måned siden
Josh ur just over thingking everything . People dont like 7,8 and 9 they suck. Only young people who havent seen the real star wars might like the new episodes
John Cabaniss
John Cabaniss Måned siden
Well who ever heard of a talking rock, and its supposed to be smart. Come on, really?
Jeremy LeMaster
Jeremy LeMaster Måned siden
24:16 gem of a moment!
Acolyte Måned siden
One of the scenes I actually really like in the sequals is when Rey says Kylo is afraid he will never as strong as Vader, that was a obvious scene to have and I'm glad they did it because it was cool
Paul Frable
Paul Frable Måned siden
They should’ve started 7 with Luke’s school n worked up to 8-9 like they did with the first 6 they always did like 10-15 year spans where 7 is like 40-50 years later Luke’s like 60 last time we seen him he was like 20
LEAFYGEO Måned siden
Bro you wearing fucking make up Pablo says cut that shit out.
Space Zoo
Space Zoo Måned siden
Kathleen Kennedy is a political creature like Anthony Fauci. They get by by knowing where the wind is blowing. She'll follow Jon and Dave if that's where the money is
Luke Lovett
Luke Lovett Måned siden
The thumbnail looks a little off..
DCB Observes
DCB Observes Måned siden
Lol, let's take the fella with the Dr Strange poster seriously 🤣. Worst marvel movie I've watched.
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Måned siden
The muddled index tellingly smell because adapter subsequently snatch absent a useless distribution. married, cute great-grandfather
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Måned siden
The dear platinum conversely part because gladiolus inadvertently hook excluding a offbeat farm. organic, symptomatic cheese
Jeff Helmick
Jeff Helmick Måned siden
Reach out to Lucas to come on the show! You have the viewership! He would love you guys!
Ben Gibbons
Ben Gibbons Måned siden
Marc Fernandez is smoking something special coz KK just piggybacked her way to the top.
tanner denso
tanner denso Måned siden
Y’all are so depressing. Yes the sequels aren’t the best of the three trilogies but mando season 2 and where we’re headed? That doesn’t excite you?
Giorgos Plokamakis
Giorgos Plokamakis Måned siden
There can be only ONE
Marks Thespot
Marks Thespot Måned siden
I honestly didn’t like this episode. No substance and your attitude towards Josh is quite condescending as you dismiss or interrupt what he’s saying sometimes. If y’all disagree about something cool but don’t preach about everyone getting along no matter their views then do exactly what you’re advocating against. When josh requested a saber you blank stared at your screen, smacked your lips and said a dismissive “yeah” and started reading another question. This is NERD theory and he was being a nerd. You basically did an eye roll and he sat there like 😕. I feel like there’s this arrogance about you, and it’s getting darker. Be happier on your streams with your guests please. I’ve been watching you for awhile and your gaming channel and I have nothing else to say that’s negative but this was really not enjoyable to me. Den of Nerds is awesome and they deserve respect. That’s all 🤷🏻‍♂️
surdeep c
surdeep c Måned siden
I used to like josh but now she’s becoming more and more annoying as his attitude becomes more negative about Star Wars
Akillies 0280
Akillies 0280 Måned siden
Theory you need to get rid of that dude in the glasses with him here I ain't feeling it
Brandon Lanier
Brandon Lanier Måned siden
Im on Josh's side I think he wasnt really trying to take shots at Disney its just almost impossible to explain the answer without seemingly shitting on Disney. I doubt george cares as much as ppl think he does at this point.
Terra Mcmane
Terra Mcmane Måned siden
I am a sith
Sound Of Escapism
Sound Of Escapism Måned siden
In my opinion, Disney needs to pick up its game and learn the basics of being professional and respectful. It's a shame such a massive company has such out-of-touch people working for them....and for star wars.... This is not the way...
jacob mullins
jacob mullins Måned siden
I didn’t like TLJ until my 4th watch now it’s my favorite of the sequels
Terra Mcmane
Terra Mcmane Måned siden
I enjoy this video
D Rod
D Rod Måned siden
George blinked in Morse code “ SAVE JAR JAR “
Dying Breed
Dying Breed Måned siden
I think Mace being capable of finishing Palpatine then and there adds more to weight to the story than just Palpatine faking a fight.
Shaston Lott
Shaston Lott Måned siden
The new movies suck but they dont wanna hear that
Shaston Lott
Shaston Lott Måned siden
My lack of faith folded since 2014
Marty McK
Marty McK Måned siden
Josh! Wake up man.
Marty McK
Marty McK Måned siden
99% of humanity is awesome. The rest is Twitter. 😉
Marty McK
Marty McK Måned siden
I’m making a bet right now, especially after the Forbes piece, Acolyte will never see the light of day.
Marty McK
Marty McK Måned siden
Favreau and Filloni a side, fuck Disney Star Wars. Kennedy is actively trying to sabotage them. The Forbes article on Gina etc is very interesting.
rasputinafreak Måned siden
So please tell me, what’s so bad about the High Republic?
carlos acosta
carlos acosta Måned siden
Nazi sympathizers should not be tolerated. Anikan’s line of “either you’re with me or you’re against me “ is reminiscent of stupid President Bush stating almost the exact same quote during his war for terror.
Achilles Music Channel
Achilles Music Channel Måned siden
This conversation about "not star wars" is depressing! Why talk about it if you hate it so much? Why focus on the negative? There are better conversations to have...
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Måned siden
I suggest new leadership is needed. I move for a vote of no confidence in Kathleen Kennedy’s leadership
Cad Ben
Cad Ben Måned siden
How blind do you guys have to be to not realise THR has been super successful?? Jesus, your pretending Disney Star Wars is a flop and embarrassing. Theory is really starting to seem like a small NOpostr who happened to get big but hadn't risen to the responsibility. For someone with nearly 3 million subs you don't conduct yourself like it
MaNAME JEFF! Måned siden
Is it just me or is Theory being pretty rude towards Josh? He seems to ignore his points or just disagree with a lot of the things he says.
Halomasterchief16 Måned siden
@MaNAME JEFF! sorry, I feel that last comment I made didn't address something well. I think Theory thought Josh's take was bad. I personally think Josh might be right. But I think the podcast is better because we have people with different takes explaining them. If everyone agreed, this podcast would be boring as hell. And I don't think standing by your guns on your take is a bad thing when half of the Star Wars community is likely to agree and the other half likely to disagree. It's an opinion
Halomasterchief16 Måned siden
@MaNAME JEFF! Okay? Deadpan is also most likely his RBF, which he has the majority of the time if you've watched his reaction vids when he isn't excited by something. But even if it's not, you don't have to pat your friend on the back or even validate takes you think are bad. There is such a thing as agreeing to disagree. That's what they do when they move onto the next talking point
MaNAME JEFF! Måned siden
@Halomasterchief16 Just watch the attitude from Theory when Josh mentions a point Theory does not agree with. Very dead look and completely alienating Josh’s opinions.
Halomasterchief16 Måned siden
Disagreeing is rude now? They were all sharing their POV on the interview. Theory and Marc felt one way, Josh felt a different way. It's all speculation on what George meant. They didn't make fun of him or insult him for believing George meant nothing by it. They're friends
happyvibes •
happyvibes • Måned siden
I don’t understand how George can keep silent over everything going on at Lucas film, I know he has no control now but at the end of the day it’s his name being dragged to the gutter, slandered and shamed by the very people working there, if I sold a company with my name and this was going on under my name sake I’d be livid causing a shit storm
John Doe
John Doe Måned siden
There's an option on Disney+ to watch the sequels with no dialouge audio just the orchestra. And it's so much better. Visually rains movie is phenomenal-with only a soundtrack..ive been watching the movies with the sound off (and other music in the background) for ages. But the option built in with the star wars orchestra is dope.
Christian Terry
Christian Terry Måned siden
I must’ve misinterpreted the word “timeless” I always thought starwars really did a good job picking at societies, and the political climate during the 70’s and 80’s with the Cold War. Especially during the clone wars I feel like it heavily pulls from the Cold War since the separatist(communist) and the republic (democracy) try to get to these planets to recruit to them.... idk that’s how I see it maybe josh tried to say that but that’s why I thought it was timeless
The British Jedi
The British Jedi Måned siden
Binge watching this channel dude
J Canada
J Canada Måned siden
In regards to George's comment... his body language supports what Theory and Marc are saying... after his comment, he instantly crosses his arms in front, grabs his wrist and blocks his genitals. That is a very self restraining and protective stance.. he held back from saying a lot more negative things about current star Wars if you ask me.
Guids Måned siden
Aight I fkn love theory.. but I feel there needs to be someone handling chat. Josh will ask stuff / start conversation and will just get cut out man. Josh handles it super well but he’s just getting flat out ignored by theory most of the time.
Timmi Charles
Timmi Charles Måned siden
Definitely seems to me like your projecting dudes, reading a little too into one sentence. just my opinion.
Asvpxcurt 94
Asvpxcurt 94 Måned siden
Dragonball super is awesome so glad your watching, naruto u should do too
Slim Clutchems
Slim Clutchems Måned siden
As far as the George video, I'm with Josh, didn't seem like he was taking a shot at anything. Like he didn't say anything crazy.
Patrick Day
Patrick Day Måned siden
So tired of the discussion being interrupted by some square crying in the comments. Go on somewhere you cry baby as$es
Thomas Self
Thomas Self Måned siden
To those who think George Lucas didn't say anything special, think about the lies that Disney has said about TLJ's interpretation of Luke. Also the major thing has to do with politics. Everyone always says, "But Star Wars was always political" when they defend the Sequel Trilogy. This 100% clarified that not only did the ST get Luke wrong, but their blatant identity politics were completely out of place in the Star Wars universe.
Nick NGC1138
Nick NGC1138 Måned siden
I really liked Kylo’s story arc in the sequels, but literally nothing else. Rey’s character was so poorly written that, if you think about it, you could take her character out of the movie and nothing in the plot would change in any meaningful way!😐 They should have just made the movies about Kylo and Luke, they would have been much better movies imo.
Caige Crampshee
Caige Crampshee Måned siden
Shouldn't put words in George's mouth. This wasn't a public statement. Congrats on getting more people watching the video but it's important people watch the entire video for context.
Caige Crampshee
Caige Crampshee Måned siden
He didn't come into this with an agenda. He came into it to teach the younger generation how to transition into adulthood. If he had started this hour discussion with his POV then he would have been "taking a shot". He answered the question by saying he could only speak on philosophy from HIS star wars.
Chris Call
Chris Call Måned siden
Oy, guys, Kennedy is totally NOT getting renewed. Bob's comments mean nothing. But hey, set your expectations low and if I'm wrong, then I'll be the one let down about it.
darth wint
darth wint Måned siden
Not interested one bit in Snyder doing a SW movie 9nly movies I like of his are 300 & Dawn Dead remake rest are shit.. Looking forward to his JL cut tho, it can't be any worse..
Nick NGC1138
Nick NGC1138 Måned siden
George didn’t necessarily take a shot at Disney but you could tell from what he said and the way he said it his disappointment with the sequels and besides it’s no secret how George really feels about Disney Star Wars.
Thomas Noblitt
Thomas Noblitt Måned siden
Oh my goodness the your blinded sounds just like Anakin 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
darth wint
darth wint Måned siden
FFS i wish ST would stop reading message & fucking laughing over Josh & Marc talking...
Lil King
Lil King Måned siden
Also. Seriously, Theory. Stop with the White Slaver bull shit. Cuz that's just what it is. Absolute bullshit. You, neither George Lucas have been, ever will be, or ever were slaves. Asa black-American fan of yours, the way you causually toss that term out yo make yourself feel..what? Good? Accepted? Hey,brother I have it hard to?- its infuriating. No one robbed you from your homeland, put either of you in a strange place and made you do anything. George Lucas didnt have to sell Star Wars. He chose to. He's not a slave because he doesnt like what the people he sold his stuff to are doing with it. He's an unhappy salesman. The man has his own home. A net worth of of 7.5 billion. No slave has a fucking net worth. I'm not blaming you or Geroge for slavery. That would be ridiculous. Just as much as this term you keep throwing out. Your strength is in the fantasy of Star Wars. Not being a marter.
Taylor Falk
Taylor Falk Måned siden
Why do you get so withdrawn when Marc comes on Theory? You seem to not be able to handle deep conversation without getting upset man
Taylor Falk
Taylor Falk Måned siden
Are you guys sure that interview isn’t a deep fake??
Taylor Falk
Taylor Falk Måned siden
Theory man why don’t you join conversations instead of reading your chat and laughing at random comments. My opinion
Matty B
Matty B Måned siden
Also, I absolutely love it when you guys start incorporating the quote memes into debates 😂 reminds me of me and my friends convos
Matty B
Matty B Måned siden
I always look forward to these streams man, can't get enough of them. I also love Marc man he seems like a really nice dude, not to say theory and Josh aren't, of course they are XD Keep it up guys
GrndMstrGravity Måned siden
Is theory’s name Sam?
eviljonny79 Måned siden
Surprising to see theory dismiss Josh's points so much with the george interview. He made some great points and wasnt really given a chance to argue fairly.
eviljonny79 Måned siden
@RayGunnerGaming Haha i love theory but felt a little bad for josh this episode.
StarFyreXXX Måned siden
His comment on democracy turns to tyrant is obvious he's commenting on Trump and current divide in the usa. Didnt expect him to say it out so obviously
StarFyreXXX Måned siden
@Will Deitrich rigth but he says in that interview, about democracy turning to tyranny and how its important today and where we are now , etc which is obvious about the USA in the past few years... from 6:47 to about 7:10
Will Deitrich
Will Deitrich Måned siden
Actually he was heavily inspired by WWII in making the Original Trilogy. He wasn’t commenting on how things are today, rather on how he was inspired back then.
Sherlock MurdockKreia's
Sherlock MurdockKreia's Måned siden
Sixty seven users are kinda of dumb.
John Horlick IV
John Horlick IV Måned siden
Its" play it sam".
LeftIsBest Måned siden
Agree with josh on lucas. Hes nothing shitting on the sequels. Just saying they arent his.
Blorgus Måned siden
These podcasts are 90% shitting on the sequels and disney. Broken record.
RayGunnerGaming Måned siden
It's so cringe
Connor Shaw
Connor Shaw Måned siden
Has anyone seen the video of when George walks by a random documentary on the street
OVA Måned siden
Can someone explain what is going on with a TROS SW theory video and SW explained? It comes back more than one time and I have no idea what it is about.
Nomad Unbroken
Nomad Unbroken Måned siden
And the Tatooine of the US is Arizona, I love there right now. You should visit during August
OVA Måned siden
I just watch 1 u of 3 guys talking about a clip of 10 seconds.
Nomad Unbroken
Nomad Unbroken Måned siden
You said thirty one hundred, you both were right, lol.
Félix Desjardins
Félix Desjardins Måned siden
SAM !!! THERE WE HAVE IT!!! Now we just gotta get that last name...🤔 (Edit) Aw cMON!!! Well get him ome day...
Vassileios Katsimenis
Vassileios Katsimenis Måned siden
Ungrateful fans... i am sick of you. Especially youtubers
LettucePlays Måned siden
54:26 I’m dead 😂
Luisa Fernanda
Luisa Fernanda Måned siden
“I don’t know, I mean, I kind of lost control of Star Wars, so it’s going off in a different path than what I intended. But the first six are very much mine and my philosophy.” -George Lucas
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill Måned siden
I generally side with Josh on these topics.
Venture Pictures
Venture Pictures Måned siden
Great Podcast guys, love the real talk. Looking forward to Bad Batch and some more Star Wars content to sink into! Seems quiet lately.
D Rod
D Rod Måned siden
Didn’t get to watch this live but to be fair I was play Star Wars KOTOR on my phone
B. Kay
B. Kay Måned siden
Love it. Amazing stream guys
rjphilla Måned siden
Theroy and Mark only see what they wanna see. They are blinded by their bias. Again, NONE of this is new is anyway. At all. They are definitely projecting! Theroy is 🤣 damn conceited. You're not always right bro.
Halomasterchief16 Måned siden
@rjphilla Fair enough. I don't view any of them as conceited for having their own take and thinking the other's is a bad take. And it's not an echo chamber if you've heard the other side and just don't like what they're selling. They have been pretty transparent that they don't like the sequel trilogy and Josh is more open to it. Both are fair opinions that have a large part of the community supporting it (making having ppl with both takes make the best discussion imo). Not even saying their take was right (George probably didn't mean anything by it), just disagree with it being a conceit issue (which I think would be annoying to watch). But you're entitled to your opinion on that. Much love bro
rjphilla Måned siden
@Halomasterchief16 Where did I say I hated it? I've been watching Theroy since the beginning. He's admitted multiple times in the past he was bullied and from that stemmed his arrogance. It's just peeking through right now cause he's on top of his game. The speak about different opinions and when Josh gives his differing opinions, Theroy rolls his eyes and leans back in his chair. Also Mark said in this episode that he's only really been talking to Theory and doesn't have his finger in the pulse of Star Wars right now. And it REALLY shows. Him and theory are an echo chamber. He hears zero other opinions. It creates this antiquated view of Star Wars culture. Naw, I'll keep watching.
Halomasterchief16 Måned siden
It's all speculation and discussion involves disagreements. They are friends and can disagree without name calling. If you hate it, stop watching 🤷
Mr. Bohner
Mr. Bohner Måned siden
Theory you gotta have ppl helping with the chat bro. Seriously looks like your not listening to what josh/mark are saying half the time... Not a recipe for successful interesting conversation responses and it's a bit disrespectful to fiddle with stuff while someone talking to you
Donkey Kong Schlong
Donkey Kong Schlong Måned siden
Awesome show. Agreed at 53:00
William Robinson
William Robinson Måned siden
George: I created something timeless Disney: I created something for the time Who's right?
William Robinson
William Robinson 27 dager siden
@Rhian Agreed. Timeless works are simply that. They stick with you no matter the race, gender, ideology or creed.
Rhian Måned siden
The one who didnt make a piece of shit trilogy
julie Måned siden
Theory, how do you dona stream with this guy. I just dont understand.this guy he’s got no opinions of his own and he flip flops on and off when he thinks he may loose viewers.im glad you’ve teamed up to do a stream w G&G you look like you have fun. On these u look lmiserable
blazefa Måned siden
Marc and theory 🙌🏼🙌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
TheSecondHokage Måned siden
Whatever you’re working on crypto wise, I’m on board 🚀
BadDoodle Måned siden
You guys were both right. But mostly josh. He knew more about the video without even watching the whole thing. He literally nailed it. But I the "lost control" comment by george makes it obvious he doesn't particularly like the sequals. He can only speak for his material tho. George says "I don't know" first because it's not his starwars anymore and he can't speak for disney.
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