George Lucas' Sequel Trilogy Full Treatment Revealed - The Truth

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The George Lucas sequel trilogy is one I wish we all got to see. It's one I know George wishes that we got to see, as it was the intended ending to his 9 episodic saga. Regardless of what your consensus of the Disney Sequels are, I support you and you have a place here on Star Wars Theory.
There is a constant rhetoric that George's sequel trilogy doesn't exist, or that it was exactly as how Disney created it. This is not true.
In this video, I will provide receipts, evidence, and literature unravelling George Lucas' sequel trilogy, from George Lucas, himself.
The information in this video comes mainly from The Star Wars Archives Episodes 1-3 1999-2005 by Paul Duncan.
I highly recommend this book. It is phenomenal, and provides every Star Wars fan with endless information about the Galaxy Far, Far away.
I think The Mandalorian, now with Luke Skywalker, will take heavy inspiration from George Lucas' sequel trilogy that we learn about in this book. I think Luke collecting Grogu/Baby Yoda, is along the same lines as what George wanted Luke to do in his sequel trilogy treatment that we learn about here with Darth Maul and Darth Talon, the new Palpatine and Vader.
Luke finding Jedi from Order 66 after Return of the Jedi, is something I feel would have really helped continue the story from 6 AND 3, Revenge of the Sith.
Let me know what you think about this sequel trilogy from George that he wanted to make. That he had ALREADY started production on, as he says, in the book!
Again, regardless if you loved the sequels or did not find it palatable, I support your opinions and I'm glad you enjoy Star Wars.
May the force be with you, ALWAYS!!!

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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 20 dager siden
We all love and respect you, George. May the force be with you, master. Thanks for watching.
Dale Erdmann
Dale Erdmann 2 dager siden
Dear, "Just another guy making a buck on the controversy of Star Wars;" Disney didn't just throw away George's story treatments. They are an asset. LucasFilm doesn't throw anything away. Not ever. Not even the Christmas Special of 1978. You're never going to be George, but this is as much for your subscribers, as I am sure some of them listen to people like YellowFlash and Geeks&Gamers... You can't deny what is in the films. There are no plot holes. There may be things you don't understand because you weren't paying attention. Maybe you were so put off by the character portrayal because you expected something else, but it's all in line with George's vision. Yes, he was upset and frustrated. I'm sure you would be if everything didn't go the way you wanted or expected it to, either, if you were him. I would too, but I understand both sides of the coin. That's really a great way to represent something you love... or claim to love. You simply don't understand Star Wars. Half of the stuff you complain about was in George's story treatment, but it was done differently. It's because of the fan backlash the PT got, and it's been so many years that the story group went with something totally different, plus they wanted to pull in more fans. They still used characters and ideas from his storyline. I understand you have some lovers of the EU here as well. Rey's character is based loosely on Jaina and Ben is loosely based on aspects of Jacen "Darth Caedus" Solo. Listen... you can whine and cry about everything you want, but it isn't going to get anything changed. Gina isn't coming back. They're not going to apologize to her. They're obviously not going to fire Kathleen. They're not going to remove anything from the ST. They're not going to sell LucasFilm or anything else they've purchased. You're not going to get what you want by being obnoxious brats. Stop acting like a three-year-old (some of the fans act terribly). There is always something you're going to like better. I understand that, but the ST is about new fans, just as much as it is for you, giving you back Star Wars. If you love it, you would speak as if you love it, and try to understand better what you don't. Only this will begin to mend the fandom split. Don't become an apologist, become a teacher.
jim jones
jim jones 12 dager siden
no, the prequals stink kid lol
mattris matt
mattris matt 14 dager siden
@Mustang65 When George Lucas sold his company, what do you think "he was doing"? Why would you assume "he didn't care that much for Star Wars anymore"? That's not what he said when he appointed Kathleen Kennedy to be president of Lucasfilm. Star Wars will always be a highlight of his life's work _and_ the center-point of his legacy.
Mustang65 14 dager siden
@Cotton Head Mini Muggens Quit Making excuses for him, he wasn't swindled or lied to, he knew *EXACTLY* what he was doing. He didn't care that much for Star Wars anymore, and made 4 billion dollars in the process.
jfw60 14 dager siden
This solidifies so much of what I had questioned about the Disney Star Wars films. Thank you Star Wars Theory for protecting the lore.
Mark Lechman
Mark Lechman 10 minutter siden
I thought he’d planned to make 12.
Knightmessenger 4 timer siden
Ive long felt that the bad guys in the sequel trilogy shouldnt have been some empire wannabe but rather something like ISIS terrorists. The fact Lucas had a similar idea and handed Disney such treatment makes me even more frustrated. It would be a welcome reversal from the OT where the small group of people fighting the big government are the bad guys.
Free-bird Rocker
Free-bird Rocker 4 timer siden
After a new hope I was done. saw it in 77, ooo and ahhhed, loved Vader and the empire, Other films were ok but lest star wars and more political, yawnnn...
Ariel Coto
Ariel Coto 10 timer siden
I got a plan how we could have this trilogy 1) Kick out KK 2) Retcon the entire sequel trilogy and anything related to it 3) make this trilogy
Matthew Webster
Matthew Webster 10 timer siden
I truely hope george decides to make a sequel trilogy and it replaces the one we got
Elis J Alicea Figueroa
Elis J Alicea Figueroa 12 timer siden
jake norton
jake norton 13 timer siden
Thank you for this video and information
PowerCarve 13 timer siden
Rey and Kylo should’ve never existed. Literally the whole sequel trilogy is Rey and Kylo telepathically trying to spook each other and close ups of their faces acting scared
Sully Music
Sully Music 16 timer siden
As disappointing as the trilogy was to me, I still love A Newer Hope... I mean Force Awakens. Mostly for how it set up what could have been really good, complex characters (looking at you Finn) and how many possibilities there were to take familiar archetypes (turns to look at Kylo) in a whole new and exciting direction. And if you forget what happens next and just view it as A Newer Hope it’s a really good stand alone movie IMO.
SyphusBatterus 21 time siden
I think George Lucas' sounds better than what we got definitely. However from what I heard George Lucas is really the one to blame for what happened, he didn't take precautions. I've said this before he should have either made Episode VII himself and/or gotten it in writing that Disney would use his treatments. From what I've heard Disney bought his treatments, and they expressly told him that they may or may not use them but he took them buying them as a definite that they would use them. Also another thing I found odd that I never see mentioned is when Episode I was being filmed George Lucas said he was not going to make Episodes VII-IX. I remember being really bummed hearing this cause I was looking forward to that. The reason was similar he didn't want to spend the rest of his life doing Star Wars. Disney wanted it, they might have curtailed their offer a bit to reliquish that much control to George but I still strongly feel they would've bought it. Too late for it now, damage has been done.
Eclipse Now
Eclipse Now Dag siden
I want the Mandalorian and other *series* to continue towards Lucas' vision, and one episode in there somewhere to explore a bad force dream that warns of the *potential* for a "First Order" - but this dark future is avoided by the heroes. The whole trilogy is side-lined into an alternative timeline that never happened and in this way Luke gets to live again!
Marwan Abou Jaoude
Marwan Abou Jaoude Dag siden
Great content. But something about this guy is annoying. I suppose he just lacks charisma. What do you think?
Anna Hershkowitz
Anna Hershkowitz Dag siden
Man I would have loved to see a story about Han and Leia having 3 kids together and one turning to the dark side like in legends...instead of what we got. Even better if they would have added Darth Talon corrupting him.... Didn't have to follow legends exactly but such great source material and they just dumped it.
Meme Licker
Meme Licker Dag siden
Oh no if it’s about Princess Leia and it would’ve went until 2022 then you know what that means.. 😭😭
John Peter Presson, Protopsaltis
John Peter Presson, Protopsaltis Dag siden
@Star Wars Theory --growing up in the 70's , Star Wars was a force (no pun) that changed my life and experience of science fiction and fantasy forever. I wish Filoni had been given the keys to the sequel trilogy.
Aussie Hammo
Aussie Hammo Dag siden
Diseny should have kept the original idea. It would have been awesome.
Jack Kovar
Jack Kovar Dag siden
I think the redemption here is that, yes, Disney is having their day in the sun, but George's vision and creativity is still alive in the new projects that are happening, Clone Wars on>
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács 2 dager siden
Guys i dont hate the sequel trilogy noir stan it but omg the star wars community is the worst just let it fucking go
Blue Striker
Blue Striker 2 dager siden
Do y’all think someday they will DeCanonize the Disney trilogy?
GAMEBOYSLEEPYD 427 2 dager siden
LEIA IS THE CHOSEN ONE I like that idea. That would have been a cool story
Rex Splode
Rex Splode 3 dager siden
A powerful figure becoming evil because of a woman breaking his heart? Is it palpatine or superman were talking about?
Max von Lütgendorff
Max von Lütgendorff 3 dager siden
I would love to see George's Version... Leia/Carrie would deserve this. It would be possible to shoot these sequels with some original actors and deep fake manufactured on actors and actresses that look similar to the original ones. I think this would honor their legacy, especially Carrie's. Thoughts?
Phillip Gibbs
Phillip Gibbs 3 dager siden
Selling to Disney was the biggest mistake by George Lucas.
Red Lioness
Red Lioness 3 dager siden
I have known for 40 years that it was always meant to be a nine part epic, that much was made known back in 1980/1981 to 1981/1982, I have awaited my entire life since for it to be finished, and it is sad to think that it will end at a six part series, I won't even count that crap Disney delivered.
Diego Vasquez
Diego Vasquez 4 dager siden
If we fans got the snyder cut as we wanted.... Star wars fan's CAN erase the sequels and get LUCAS version!!!
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez 4 dager siden
This would have been cool
Freedom Rajee
Freedom Rajee 4 dager siden
The thing Disney was missing is they based their story on the previous movies instead of on real world past/current events, almost like they never really understood what Star Wars was about
Fernanda Godo
Fernanda Godo 4 dager siden
That is one of the reasons Mandalorian is working so well, we can feel George Lucas again!! I am living for Mandalorian!
Vince Evans
Vince Evans 4 dager siden
Jesus this story would have Ben 10,000% better
Kenneth Schipper
Kenneth Schipper 4 dager siden
But George has write 5 and 6. But by the way: May the force be with you all.
William Stone
William Stone 5 dager siden
Great video! There's some added credence to Darth Talon's inclusion in George's sequel vision, because apparently he was really taken with the idea of her and Maul together, after seeing Sideshow toy's statues of the two of them side-by-side during a meeting over the now defunct Darth Maul video game, by Red Fly (games/ studios). Whatever the case, this would have been a dream, not just for the story, but for the toys! A thing that I'm not sure that's been given much attention to was another side of George's know what made an awesome looking toy or character. Yes, other people designed these things, but under his direction and his choice. The proof lies in that even though a lot of people in my generation trashed the Prequels, a lot of them were still buying toys from it because they looked cool, lol. Any how, I hold out hope that we'll see George's vision made some day, perhaps Animated in Clone Wars style! (I can dream!) Any how, excellent video again Star Wars theory! Keep em coming! Oh....and may the Force continue to grant Dave Filoni the opportunity to keep paving over Disney's train-wreck!
Todd no last name
Todd no last name 5 dager siden
Of course, the original original episodes 7 to 9 were actually the original 6 to 9, because, originally, the Empire wasn't defeated in episode 6. But then, Lucas realized he could get more of the profit if he waited almost 20 years, until his agreement with Fox ran out. Also, you should be spoiling grandchildren at whatever age Lucas is, not raising another child. He already had almost 20 years to focus on raising his first batch of children, at least one with his earlier wife, and some he adopted.
Arthur Edens
Arthur Edens 5 dager siden
It was supposed to be 12 films
H Taylor
H Taylor 5 dager siden
Sounds crap tbh
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 5 dager siden
In my opinion, there should be no more sith after Anakin and Luke DESTROYED the sith. I also think that Mon Mothma would be a better leader for the New Republic than Leia, since she has more experience. However, George's trilogy is lightyears better than Disney's.
Nautilus1972 5 dager siden
7:30 is what you came for.
Nautilus1972 5 dager siden
I remember reading in Bantha Tracks in the Seventies that there was a nine chapter story.
Erik TheDragonGeek76
Erik TheDragonGeek76 5 dager siden
Leia being the Chosen one? Lame ass Maul as some gangster leader.. yawn.. Lucas's idea for a sequel sounds just as stupid as the Disney sequels were.. Lucas clearly lost the plot.. talk about bantha shite.. Thrawn Trilogy would have been far better..
AtlasIsShruggingNow 6 dager siden
I love SW like you do. Been with it since 77. But one thing anyone who has greedily devoured each and every SW development in general and every George Lucas utterance in particular has to realize is one very simple thing which changes everything regarding revelation like this: George Lucas lies. Idk why he lies, but I DO know that he does, and OFTEN. I first started to notice it around 1980 when he gave an interview in which he claimed that he had a title and a 20 page story treatment for each one of the NINE episodes of The Saga. Then "Revenge of the Jedi" became "Return of the Jedi" and in it we got another Death Star and Leia was Luke's sister from out of left field. (Making all of those googly eyes and kisses they exchanged perplexing and awkward as well) Flash forward a few years to when Lucas was gearing up for the special editions of the original trilogy. No longer was he referring a 9 part saga now he referred to it a SIX part saga because he was preparing to make the prequel trilogy. Whenever pinned down he'd claim that he misquoted about a sequel trilogy and that some anonymous reporter had said something like "Wouldn't it be crazy if you and Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher all got together like 20 years later and did another trilogy?" and Lucas was like "Sure." and that got twisted somehow into it being a nine part saga. So like I said, George Lucas lies. Now devouring any and all SW info like I do I also know that he had a feud with Ray Park and that's why Maul didn't return in Episodes 2 or 3. Basically Lucas was pissed off that Park said in an interview that he had choreographed all of his fight scenes in "The Phantom Menace" and Lucas felt that he had short changed stunt coordinator Nick Gillard in doing so. After TPM came out in 99 and Park as Maul was the ONLY thing people loved about it, Park was interviewed and asked if Maul would return in Episodes 2 or 3. He basically ignored the question and went on to clarify that NICK GILLARD had choregraphed all of the fight scenes in TPM in an obvious attempt to get back in Lucas's good graces. Didn't work unfortunately. Maul stayed dead until Lucas's daughter Katie was allowed to write his return into the Clone Wars series and even then with no involvement from Park. In fact Park didn't play Maul again until AFTER Lucas had sold SW to Disney. So you'll forgive me for not believing for a second that Lucas was going to let bygones be bygones and would have brought back Ray Park as Darth Maul should his sequel trilogy have happened. I also don't think that he would have feminized it as much as this narrative would imply because he tried that with "Willow" and the reaction to that was the sound of one hand clapping. Personally I think that Lucas is engaging in some creative truth telling (I.E. LYING) again and is trying to sound "woke" enough to appeal to a new demographic since he has the male demographic already locked in. What would Lucas's ACTUAL sequel trilogy have been like? Practically impossible to tell given that Lucas isn't even friendly with the truth but according to Gary Kurtz (His producer friend from USC that he fired because of the cost overruns on "The Empire Strikes Back") what Lucas told him was The Emperor was going to still be the villain in the sequel trilogy meaning that unless Lucas himself was planning on resurrecting him folowing is fall down the power shaft in Return, that The Emperor would have survived the original version of Return that audiences never saw. Another interesting historical oddity that you're free to look up to prove for yourself, the famous "There is another" exchange between Yoda and Obi Wan's Force Ghost in Empire was originally meant to be referring to an unknown sister of Luke's (NOT LEIA) who's training to be a Jedi on the other side of the galaxy at the same time that Luke is on Dagobah. (Though I've never been able to find out who was supposed to be training her.) When Lucas's marriage to Marcia fell apart so too did his enthusiasm for The Saga and he decided to wrap up any intentions of doing a sequel trilogy by wrapping up everything in Return. Hence Palpatine dies, Leia is both his sister and "The Other" as well, and The Galactic Empire is defeated for good. When the Disney deal happened Lucas surmised from Bob Iger that Iger's price for the franchise might go up if he had a sequel trilogy mapped out so I think THAT is when started working overtime to come up with the woke particulars described in your video and honestly, who thinks that Luke collecting a bunch of force sensitive 2 year olds would have worked? Did Disney's sequel trilogy suck? For the most part, yes. "The Last Jedi" was the only one that I found impressive and that because it took creative chances rather than regurgitate endlessly as Jar Jar Abrams derivative works did. But depending on which version of what Lucas's sequel trilogy would have REALLY been like, we can never say for certain that his would have been better. I still would like to see some semblance of it however and since Disney never met a dollar that it didn't like maybe we'll one day get a CGI version of it, SW: Underworld, and 1313 as well.
Lonstermash 6 dager siden
Star Wars defined my childhood, too, and, unlike you, I was born in 1970, so I knew a world without Star Wars very well. So can you imagine how mind blowing the first movie in 1977 was for people who had never seen anything better than the Star Trek TV series, in terms of outer space special effects? I love your videos, bro! Keep up the good work
John Adams
John Adams 6 dager siden
this was great. i wonder, is there some way geroge can just make a cartoon of the full three full length movies of what was intended? that way it could be quicker, won't look as good but we could at least have the story and have mark hamil do lukes voice
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 6 dager siden
i don't like how disney treated him. also kathleen betrayed him, he put her in charge becuase he thought she would stand for his vision. also Bob iger and kathleen should have listened to george and maybe let him have some insight
Pewma Man
Pewma Man 6 dager siden
I really like what George came up with. Parents giving up their babies to a stranger isn't realistic, speaking as a father of four, but otherwise, I like it.
Joe aquilino
Joe aquilino 6 dager siden
All those billions and loss of our childhood heros is wo a doubt wack, on the other hand we got baba frick. That little guy had huge shoulders.
Justine Harper
Justine Harper 6 dager siden
This makes so much more sense canonically. I wish Disney would have followed George’s idea and respected the fans who have kept Star Wars alive all this time. Instead, they basically tried to remake the OT to draw in new fans. I think it rightfully backfired on them. I’m just really hoping The Mandalorion keeps kicking ass and saving Star Wars. I have high hopes for the other Disney + shows as well
Just Some Dude
Just Some Dude 6 dager siden
Maul isn't my personal choice for a main villain but this is way better than what we got. And I'd be less salty about the EU because star wars is George's vision for better or for worse
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis 6 dager siden
The last 3 were pieces of crap....Kennedy should leave and not come back...
Stark Spector
Stark Spector 6 dager siden
When I was 5 my godfather bought me the Gold VHS trilogy set and then later I found the originals in the garage, I watched them every day, every day. The whole trilogy all day. Just on while I played, drew, jumped around with my cheap lightsaber with the white blade haha, man. Star Wars, really is a beautiful thing, which is why everyone got so hurt with those Sequels, they were horrible. But how could you match up to the OG’s? Well, watch the Mandalorian because those new movies don’t even hold a candle and everyone knows it.
Jake Foxx
Jake Foxx 6 dager siden
Wow. What George had in mind sounds so much simpler yet strongly cohesive enough to put even more shame on what Disney did.
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus 6 dager siden
Now I hate Disney even more
KennethD Dunn
KennethD Dunn 6 dager siden
Love this! Thank you!!
kleine.blume 7 dager siden
One thing I didn't like was how Maul died in Rebels... Too anticlimactic for my taste cuz it felt like there was more to his story. It's a shame really. Maul was such a great character both in the clone wars and rebels
kleine.blume 7 dager siden
I would have looooved to see Leia get that story. That would have been so fun
Dilyn Hubick
Dilyn Hubick 7 dager siden
Am I the only one who made a comparison to Mortis when Lucas described what each trilogy was about. The prequels: About the Father The Originals: About the Son The Sequels: About the Daughter Sound familiar to any of you Yes I know that the Sequels are also about the grandchildren as well
Konoha Hypebeast
Konoha Hypebeast 7 dager siden
"If I am going to be frank, or if I am going to be George HA..." Goddamnit, that's the best dad joke I have heard in a while and I am all for it.
Star Wars 101
Star Wars 101 7 dager siden
Would have rather gotten George’s movie s
Vishant Tomar
Vishant Tomar 7 dager siden
love this version, much more grounded, just like the way you come after war and retire and rebuild, do farming kind of stuff. Couldn't have asked for a better ending for skywalker saga. Adding vibes of a film like what's eating gilbert grape could have been fantastic too.
daydsly 7 dager siden
I liked the sequel trilogy but Lucas would’ve showed us the true side of starwars
Julien Sabadinowitsch
Julien Sabadinowitsch 8 dager siden
that would have been sweat
DadOfMegs 8 dager siden
George lucas had the right idea and let the writers if the legends books develop the story line with his guidance. He is a director and not a writer. Yes there were a few shitty legends books but also a great many amazing stories. So amazing that disney decided to abandon, steal what they wanted failingly and make there own storyline. Other than the mandalorian and rogue one so far I'm not impressed and I have read all the legends books. I still have not watched the last 3 movies and probably never will.
Kassadinftw 8 dager siden
Zahn's trilogy was in line with what Lucas expressed in those comments. I consider it canon.
Christopher Vincent
Christopher Vincent 8 dager siden
George Lucas did not "always" have a plan for 9 movies. That concept started after Star Wars was a massive success while Empire was being developed. Star Wars wasn't episode 4 "new hope" until 1982.
Grizzly Dave85
Grizzly Dave85 8 dager siden
The only one I liked or thought was passable was the force awakens
LE-HAM & CHEESE 8 dager siden
Honestly if you look far into the future of Star Wars the Jedi are reborn and the republic is back it’s a lit new start they can do anything from there
LE-HAM & CHEESE 8 dager siden
Bro in the future of Star Wars when the republic is back and stronge and the Jedi are all homeboys grogu would be the new yoda and it would be so cool tehehe
Gary Priestley
Gary Priestley 8 dager siden
This alternative sequel is fascinating and your research second-to-none 👍 Thanks
LE-HAM & CHEESE 8 dager siden
For a second when he said he wanted it to be about the father and the son I thought he was going to say the Holy Spirit
Dylan Aarts
Dylan Aarts 8 dager siden
I don't think it would work with Maul as the big bad. Luke should be able to whoop his ass I guess.
Mychael Dopirak
Mychael Dopirak 8 dager siden
That sounds like it would have been 1 billion times better than the Disney garbage we got. Smh
Martin Bittencourt
Martin Bittencourt 8 dager siden
Now that Snyder Cut is a real thing, shouldn't we start to ask for the Lucas Cut as well??
KessilRun 8 dager siden
I wouldn’t have killed Luke off either. Films fail realize that elders to need to exist, especially in this sort of universe...and at this point? There are none! Sure, there would have been Leia...but you should really have both on the council, exercising their wisdom and only stepping in when greater power is needed, but? Ultimately? the new generation would be doing the bulk of the investigations and fighting. This is also something I hope Underworld (if there will be others) does. Not that the films are even remotely comparable, but one that is also in the position of just killing of its main protagonist, who should be an elder in the next films. Don’t just kill off the previous hero/s because of some “out with the old” philosophy, it’s the one predictable and annoying thing Hollywood does. You need (some)elders in fantasy universes, be it Jedi/ Sith elders, elder high elves (Galadriel, Thranduil, Elrond) or royal vampire can’t just keep with some constant “reset the cast” formula. And I think Mark Hamill wasn’t looking at it like that, when he suggested it.
AnyUserNo2 8 dager siden
Sorry but this is even worse. In all honesty, Star Wars 8 TLJ by Rian Johnson is one of the best ever. Darth Maul coming back ROFLMAO go away dude you ded. IHS ISIS HORUS SETH, 3 characters, 3 trilogies.
Andrew Haddad
Andrew Haddad 8 dager siden
Whats that music bit that is used at 12:30? Can't figure it out. Maybe Cap: Civil War?
Thanos2024 8 dager siden
Lucas killing off Luke? I think Faloni got him confused with GRRMartin
Thomas Villegas
Thomas Villegas 8 dager siden
Thank you for your love of Star Wars and may the force be with you always.
Max Carlson
Max Carlson 8 dager siden
Very well done sir
Carlos A
Carlos A 8 dager siden
Does that mean Lego will make new Star Wars Sets too? Pls do. Hello from Japan.😍😍🗾
Leonardo Contreras
Leonardo Contreras 8 dager siden
I did NOT hate the sequels, but I would much rather see your (Georges) version and I believe that your analysis is much more George and SW
jiujitsuclub818 9 dager siden
This makes me even more angry that Disney thought they can just make any stupid fucking movie and we would except it. The Sequels I had no chronological connection. From the blade that called Rey To killing Luke Skywalker in that useless movie that Rian Johnson made. And finally Rey as a Palpatine. Totally mixing up force powers. Like even in the trilogy of Darth Bane he would say the Sith did not have the ability to heal and so he needed the healer. So she heals a snake and then she does force lightning? That shit got me so angry. Only those in trenched in the light side can heal and those fully in the Darkside can do force lightning. It’s like all these decisions were just made on the spot or something. Dissney doesn’t give a shit. Thank God for the Filoni universe
456lef 9 dager siden
dude, you're the best star wars NOpostr it's honestly not even a competition I hate how when other guys do videos about what George Lucas said they try to put it in their own words which I do not approve of at all!
Britain Godwin
Britain Godwin 9 dager siden
I love you too
MIKKIS KLIPIT 9 dager siden
Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander 9 dager siden
They should have just filmed the legends books. They should have just filmed the legends books. They should have just filmed the legends books.
Doug O'Sullivan
Doug O'Sullivan 9 dager siden
I love the background music in this video!
Josh Rhiner
Josh Rhiner 9 dager siden
Fuck what people say I love them all you can hate me but to me if you're a star wars fan you will be a fan of them all but 123 456 are still the best for me rogue one is perfection mandalorean is overrated the clone wars is spectacular and the force unleashed games are amazing and the battlefront games are fum also knights of the old republic and the toys fuck I love star wars and star wars Jedi fallen order is another great star wars game
Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller 9 dager siden
That's funny how all that happens in Legends. Somehow though even though it should still be canon, it is way more interesting in the former EU. Which should still be canon, but feminists-Kathleen Kennedy, is extremely against. It's always my canon though.
sailorbychoice1 10 dager siden
The JJ Abrams sequel trilogy films are a burning bag of feces thrown onto the porch of Star Wars fans. Number 7 was {first and foremost} a _JJ ABRAMS Movie,_ you can tell from all the lens-flares and mystery-boxes left hap-hazardly around the plotline; as just a movie it gets a B. As a _Star Wars Film_ it gets a B-. I guess it was set somewhere in the Star Wars Universe, sort of. Quite frankly, I thought it felt like a fan fiction film with a really good FX budget but none for the writing team, it presents like it was written by someone who saw the original material, once; back when it came out. Number 8 was so bad. Soooo soo so~~ bad. I thought it felt like someone was forcing someone by torture to write and produce a film for a series despised by the author/director. That director, who I choose to not name, chose to deliberately crap on everything possible, then went out of his way to destroy beloved characters as well as the three act structure so the next guy would have nothing viable left to work with; would have nothing to work from to save it. I think he did everything in his power to destroy the franchise, #8 was so bad even Ron Howard couldn't save a different film in the franchise {that was no where near as bad as it was panned to be because 8 was _That Bad}._ and then Episode Number 9 had the unenviable task of trying to make all the burning crap come together to do something. They failed to make anything watchable. I felt so badly for the actors, none of whom were bad. This should have been their huge break to be remembered for something good, possibly great. Poor Them.
Andrea Perazzolo
Andrea Perazzolo 10 dager siden
I think that what we got as Maul's end is absolutely worthy: I know many might not have enjoyed Rebels, but even considering the sole final duel against Obi-wan it's soo profound, meaningful and heartbreaking (pretty literally for Maul i guess...) that I would lie if I'd say that I'm not satisfied. On the other hand, what could have been for the sequel trilogy truly breaks me: it was a genuine, new vision and still part of a bigger universe which only its mastermind could make work so perfectly and cohesively. Maul's return would have been totally likely, as he came back in the clone wars so it was a good continuation of that, and it wouldn't have destroyed the whole Anakin and Luke's development and story like lazily bringing back Palpatine did. The new villain (aside for tons of juicy fanservice ; ) would have been a very likely new entrance, especially considering that Maul's first concept arts were something Ventress-like, so the female villain was considered already back then. I wish we could have had a more meaningful sequel trilogy and, selfishly, one I could fully enjoy and love. But I'm sure that one day the balance will be found again. May the Force be with you all
Francisco Añón
Francisco Añón 10 dager siden
As a matter of fact, I hate the sequels because they are garbage. Lucas vision would be absolutely amazing.
General Grievous
General Grievous 10 dager siden
This is really cool and I wish they had actually done it, George Lucas is a legend :)
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 10 dager siden
I liked 7 Enjoyed 8 Hated 9
FD 2099
FD 2099 11 dager siden
TBH, Lucas's treatment could never have happened. The original cast was just too old. Either change the casting or change the storyline. Anyway I think Lucas should have continued in the 90's on the sequel trilogy and finished with the prequels, and he would have had his way. Unfortunately he made other choices, completely human and understandable choices, which beg the question : how much bringing one creative vision to life takes ? Your entire life apparently, and Lucas didn't want to sacrifice that, more power to him like they say. All in all, we couldn't have had it better, bar the Disney's failure, so, that's it, and farewell Star Wars.
Nomad Music BK
Nomad Music BK 11 dager siden
I dunno why everyone has so much fuss about Disney sequels. I consider them reboots branded as sequels. For what they are, of course they look great but they have very little to do with Star Wars storyline of Skywalkers, hahah
A F 11 dager siden
For the love of....are you for real?! Disney would have gotten their great heroine anyhow! She just would have been effective and the Galaxy wouldn't have been this nihilistic edgelord factory. Instead they just toss it all away for what? Fanservice that was designed specifically to alienate the existing fanbase? What was the story group thinking? Han Solo would have warned them about not discussing things as a committee...
Rey is Bae
Rey is Bae 11 dager siden
15:22 Mickey shows up 😂😂😅😅🥲🥲🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sith Saiyan
Sith Saiyan 11 dager siden
I love you, Theory. We pretty much grew up with Star Wars the same way. I was watching the first trilogy on my VHS box set, every single night...
pootle50 11 dager siden
Honestly? I think the sequel trilogy we eventually got was the better idea of all of them. No, I don't mean Disney's trilogy, I mean Timothy Zahns "Thrawn Trilogy" from 1991!
baby Mello
baby Mello 11 dager siden
Welp we gotta pull a zack Snyder get the lucas vision off!
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