I Bought Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber Master Replicas 2005

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Today let's unbox a new addition to my collection: Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber from Star Wars The Revenge of the Sith by Master Replicas. This was crafted in 2005 back when George Lucas owned Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith was released in theatres.
Revenge of the Sith is my favourite Star Wars movie as it shows the final moment of Anakin Skywalker's journey as he transitions into Darth Vader. His pivotal decision to save Padme at the advice of Palpatine was what ultimately killed her and locked his future into the palms of Darth Sidious. That is...until his son, Luke Skywalker would come to save him.
I hope you enjoy this review. Let me know what other lightsaber I should get and review/unbox on the channel. Have a great day, thank you for watching, and may the force be with you!
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Bigdawg _gun
Bigdawg _gun Måned siden
"Guess whos lightsaber is in this box" Me who read the title: uhhhhhhhh 👁👄👁
Nova 25 dager siden
@Star Wars Theory “You do have your moments, not many of them, but you do have them”-Leia 🤣
Luster Måned siden
dude same!
Ismail Mbaye
Ismail Mbaye Måned siden
Hmmmmm idk
Zebra Måned siden
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom Måned siden
Star Wars Theory please do Count Dooku lightsaber review
Rachele Maurer
Rachele Maurer 7 dager siden
i love anakins lightsaber
Timothy Hickmott
Timothy Hickmott 10 dager siden
Lightsaber. Is this. What is going. Up do8
Timothy Hickmott
Timothy Hickmott 10 dager siden
Lightsaber star wars. In the best way to get one
wayvkaren 11 dager siden
god i need this
R. McConnell Jr
R. McConnell Jr 11 dager siden
Gets 2021 in...2021 lol
Chance Garrison
Chance Garrison 12 dager siden
I was born August 1st of 2000 five years before revenge of the sith came out.
W J Lawrence
W J Lawrence 12 dager siden
Your Mom
Your Mom 13 dager siden
the button looks like a baked bean💕
WALNART 13 dager siden
I had my anikan master replicas saber by me while watching this
Frederik Papcun
Frederik Papcun 13 dager siden
Revan lightsaber was my favorite.
Mad Asta
Mad Asta 15 dager siden
Machined aluminium. . Clever
Baseer Yousufzai
Baseer Yousufzai 18 dager siden
They lost the license because George didn't like the way they made them. Something about Masterreplicas cutting corners somewhere.
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider 24 dager siden
jaidan reiman
jaidan reiman 25 dager siden
Anakin's lightsaber will forever be my favorite, it's simply emaculate
Giorgos Roupelis
Giorgos Roupelis 28 dager siden
My favorite lightsaber is count dooku en Darth maul
Giorgos Roupelis
Giorgos Roupelis 28 dager siden
So cool lightsaber
Auxiliary Androyd
Auxiliary Androyd 29 dager siden
anakins ???
Tyson Pedde
Tyson Pedde Måned siden
Can It turn on? Am wondering and if it can can it cut through things?
Diego Orozco
Diego Orozco Måned siden
Sir you got a nice bald head, have a good day.
TM Måned siden
Mace: "Skywalker, gimme your lightsaber" Anakin: **gives mace his lightsaber** Mace: **takes a close look at every detail in Anakin's lightsaber** Mace: **gives it back to Anakin** Mace: "I don't trust you anymore"
TM Måned siden
SWtheory be like: "It's beautiful" "I've looked at this for five hours now"
CBZ_Skeleton_ Måned siden
I wonder if he's gonna get this one signed by Hayden one day
subwoofer gaming
subwoofer gaming Måned siden
Omg I can't believe this guy's bald
Sasu Suojanen
Sasu Suojanen Måned siden
Put it on!😠
Sasu Suojanen
Sasu Suojanen Måned siden
Let it on!!!😠
Katie Schauss
Katie Schauss Måned siden
I almost have that one I have right now the lagecy one but I will have master replica soon
Sonicblastersoni Måned siden
Its reys lightsaber
Carlos M
Carlos M Måned siden
Wrong. Always Anakin's
GalaxyLove Måned siden
Ah yes the youngling slayer 2000
세이버 Måned siden
Made in china
Peaceful Jalapeno
Peaceful Jalapeno Måned siden
Obi wan and Anakin's lightsabers are perfect 😍😍😍
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming Måned siden
I got a selfie stick saber. Cant beat that 🔥😎 For those who get mad, I am joking but yes I do have a selfie stick as a lightsaber.
Plo Koon
Plo Koon Måned siden
Who else misread the title as “master Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber”?
Carlos M
Carlos M Måned siden
That's impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete
GhostSOTW Måned siden
The colorful fear unknowingly whirl because sail histopathologically suspect despite a periodic night. neat, astonishing lobster
Abraham Uribe
Abraham Uribe Måned siden
you should meet hack smith they make tons of cool star wars stuff
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Måned siden
Does the Mace Windu lightsaber have the BMF on it?
Miska Natunen
Miska Natunen Måned siden
You mean younglinslayer9000
Joseph Dolce
Joseph Dolce Måned siden
Where would I be able to buy one?
Adam Smithson
Adam Smithson Måned siden
he didn’t turn the fucking thing on
MichaelsWorld Måned siden
Anakin is my favorite character in star wars I love ur vids cause I love starwars and my favorite episodes is in order revenge of the sith return of the Jedi and the rise of skywalker
TheAwsomeSawse Måned siden
I still have my 2005 Master Replicas Force FX Anakin’s lightsaber. I remember I had to mow lawns all summer to get it.
icee jay
icee jay Måned siden
Ankins because the title
Nicky Matthis
Nicky Matthis Måned siden
Aankan skywalker
Kenneth Heggem
Kenneth Heggem Måned siden
Would love to see a yoda saber! I really love that one ! :D
Adam Gay
Adam Gay Måned siden
IDK what the deal is with the mic. But not a fan of how it stops and starts when he speaks. With the fa or whatever is in the background. Just distracting
deadboy Måned siden
i know right. so weird
Ava Flaim
Ava Flaim Måned siden
My favourite lightsaber is ahsoka's twin white lightsabers
Kelly willekens
Kelly willekens Måned siden
"There it is the golden era" .... MADE IN CHINA
Rovanno Raaf
Rovanno Raaf Måned siden
you looks like darth bane👀
A random Fish
A random Fish Måned siden
Bro you are the best Star Wars NOpostr ever!
boxingchamp 34
boxingchamp 34 Måned siden
You should start doing more of the neopixal sabers get a kr saber sidious sebastian building me one I'm so excited much love theory may the force be with you
Yeetmastergaming Måned siden
Anakin Skywalker's
Miknay Måned siden
I do love Anakins episode II hilt.. May it RIP.... but I believe my favorite is the Obi Wan Episode II arena saber....
HoodieMayne Måned siden
wants us to guess but has it in title
Ken Fung
Ken Fung Måned siden
Should’ve worn cotton gloves my man. 💀 I have a serious OCD when it comes to these things 😂
Leo Måned siden
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
So Thats where it went...
delineate Måned siden
This guy made me get into Star Wars. Bless up.
yo daddy
yo daddy Måned siden
your special needs huh?
KawaiiMangO Ramirez
KawaiiMangO Ramirez Måned siden
So who gets the saber when he dies
Hellopeeps Itsyaboy
Hellopeeps Itsyaboy Måned siden
Does this guy forget that there is a title to his videos? And its why we're here in the first place? "Guess who's lightsaber this is" Like fucken hell dude...
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
Why are you so mad he’s just excited that I let him borrow my lightsaber
joshua corbin
joshua corbin Måned siden
Hey theory ! Love your videos been a huge fan for a couple years now keep up the amazing work you do for this community, also any chance you could give me some advice on getting my first realistic saber ? Wanted to go with korbanth from your videos but I’ve never bought a saber before it’s all kinda overwhelming with fonts and neo pixel and stuff please help lol
Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes Måned siden
Ah yes, the youngling slayer 5000
Corey Jeong
Corey Jeong Måned siden
It would be awesome to see your Hot Toys Star Wars Collection!
ben.lmk_ Måned siden
What are you talking about? It's not the Master Replica 2005... It's the youngling - slayer 3000
greer. exe
greer. exe Måned siden
I think Reys yellow saber, Leias Saber, Ahsokas Rebels sabers, and Anakins attack of the clones saber is really pretty.
HUSH SM Måned siden
he got the 2021 in 2021
TM Måned siden
Ah, yes. The youngling slayer 9000
ItzMeHenry Måned siden
The lightsaber just lost 30% of its value but who cares 8:28
arc trooper colt
arc trooper colt Måned siden
Rip your wallet
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez Måned siden
Ahh yes the youngling killer 3000
The Man In The Chair NL
The Man In The Chair NL Måned siden
16, 17 years? bro 17 is 2022
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone Måned siden
Obi Wan; you're father wanted you to have this when you was old enough but you're uncle wouldn't allow it. Luke: what is it? Obi Wan: your father's light sabre! Me: when in Revenge of the Sith did Anakin say to Obi Wan here give my light sabre to my son?
Moiio Prolow
Moiio Prolow Måned siden
DibbloonGaming WastedWookiee
DibbloonGaming WastedWookiee Måned siden
Mace windo
Padme Amidala
Padme Amidala Måned siden
Jedi Regrets
Jedi Regrets Måned siden
In so happy your able to support yourself with all the star wars content. I wish I could. Keep on keeping on bro. Respect to you from Scotland. 🙏👍
Kristian San Giorgio
Kristian San Giorgio Måned siden
Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber Master Replicas
Darth Guide
Darth Guide Måned siden
The prequel MR hilts are 100% accurate for replica’s. But the hero, v2 and v3 from the original’s Master Replica isn’t 100% . And how could they be 100% when those hilts was made MR wasn’t even though of and when MR started those hilts they was gone sold. And I know somebody thinking ok what about the graflex and Vader also obi wan the original. Well those were sold as well but was more able to replicate from photos than the hero v2 and v3. And now I’m sure somebody thinking what is it that makes those hilts not 100% . V2 the stencil or should I say island’s a.k.a black spot’s. V3 I’ve seen the level upside down on MR which only means they used a photo for the v2 & v3 and the hero as well the v2 & v3 the ring section they are all even when they shouldn’t be the hero Tru-ring line up with the activation box which it shouldn’t. I can keep going on all three of those sabers that let’s ppl know MR didn’t see those hilts just photos. But again yes MR did see the prequel.
JJMaster Måned siden
anikin skywalker???
J/NC\B Måned siden
I want Mace Windu’s so bad but just can’t justify spending nearly a grand on it, great to see someone unbox them at least.
Holden Backus
Holden Backus Måned siden
is it Anakin
august Jangø
august Jangø Måned siden
“‘Masters” replica
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
I hate some people
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit Måned siden
Hello there
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit Måned siden
(Sad) it's ok
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit Måned siden
Genaral Kenobi
Ian Kuan
Ian Kuan Måned siden
very good insight with the gold materials for Jedi Masters! I'm now wondering if Yoda's lightsaber is covered in gold as well?
The StarWars guy
The StarWars guy Måned siden
I would be cool if you got Yodas lightsaber
Lorenzo Leonardi
Lorenzo Leonardi Måned siden
I bet it’s anikans and I’m definitely not saying that because of the title
Jerry Måned siden
drocker23 Måned siden
BIS lightsaber
dino bite
dino bite Måned siden
Hi Theory! I'm sorry I thought you and this person are the same nopost.info
Idk Ok?
Idk Ok? Måned siden
Title: i bought anakin skywalkers lightsaber. “Now i will give you guys three seconds to guess whos lightsaber is in this box!” “That is correct guys its anakins lightsaber!”
katie turner
katie turner Måned siden
Man didn’t even dual with it for shame 😢
apollo11bb Måned siden
All my lightsaber hilts are MasterReplicas
Armani Webb
Armani Webb Måned siden
His best lightsaber is the first one he ever got. It was created by the force itself
I Måned siden
Gta theory channel?
Rey Palpatine
Rey Palpatine Måned siden
This is not my lightsaber nor is it Luke's. It's Anakin's
S Rod
S Rod Måned siden
Anakins final LIghtsaber is the most beautiful in my opinion.
Courtesy XT
Courtesy XT Måned siden
Dude, I’m so happy for you right now with that lightsaber!! Seeing you with it absolutely makes my day!
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson Måned siden
What does a replica like that cost?
Littlecolinboy Gaming
Littlecolinboy Gaming Måned siden
We love you!!!
Jadon F
Jadon F Måned siden
This guy looks like Tyler1 and Luke Skywalker at the same time
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