George Lucas Explains WHY Obi-Wan Never Trained Leia

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George Lucas: "Because he was a male chauvinistic pig" XD

Well here we go folks. An Age old question that can be answered if we go back to the early 80’s when George Lucas was writing out the details to The Return of the Jedi. That’s right, we’re going back to the making of return of the jedi in todays video, I’m loving this book more and more each time I pick it up because we get to learn George’s reasons behind his writing.
Something that many people always ask online is in regards to why didn’t Ben just train Leia? Why did he go to Luke first?
Let’s check out the transcript and then we can discuss it.
Lucas: The “other” could be explained by Yoda or described by Ben. We could save that for Ben.
Kasdan: Ben doesn’t even know about it.
Lucas: Ben knows about it.
Kasdan: How come in Empire he says, “He is our last hope” and Yoda says, “No there is another.”
Lucas: He discounts women because he is a male chauvinist pig.
Kazanjian: Well, he forgot.
Kasdan: Wouldn’t that be weird that Ben has forgotten?
Lucas: She isn’t trained, she isn’t ready and Ben wasn’t thinking. Let’s assume that Ben knows there is the other.
Kazanjian: He has to.
Lucas: The other thing is, I think you can make Ben take the blame for Vader. “I should have given him more training. I should have sent him to Yoda, but I thought I could do it myself. It was my own pride in thinking that I could be as good a teacher as Yoda. I wish that I could stop the pestilence that I’ve unleashed on the galaxy.” His burden is that he feels responsible for everything that Vader has done.

Obi-Wan not training Leia was a big mistake in my opinion. Imagine if he had gathered both Leia and Luke, brought them together, and said, hey, look, you two are brother and sister, and you are this galaxy’s last hope of defence against the evil that is the empire. He wouldn’t even have to tell them about their father, he could just simply tell them that they need to start training immediately and take them to Dagobah. That said, I think if he had told Luke and Leia about their father, then at least one of them would be up for the adventure to learn the ways of the force and save the galaxy, maybe to turn their father back to the light, away from the emperor. Perhaps Leia would see this opportunity and would convince Luke who as George said, would have gotten frightened off had Obi-Wan told him the truth.
So besides George joking about Obi-Wan being a chauvinistic pig, I like the idea that he puts emphasis on Obi-Wan maturing and realizing that Anakin’s downfall was his fault. Look, Anakin did some terrible things, but all of that could have been avoided with the right guidance. If Qui-Gon Jinn had survived, as Dave Filoni said, then Anakin would have had the father he needed and none of this in the galaxy would have ever occurred. The issue is that Obi-Wan pushed Yoda and the council to train the boy, that he was ready. The council didn’t think it was a good idea for so many reasons, the boy was too old and full of attachments and anger, and on top of it, Obi-Wan had just become a Jedi Knight, he wasn’t nearly qualified to train a boy with such attachments, yet. Had qui-got jinn survived, it would have changed the entire fate of the galaxy in the sense that Anakin would have the father figure and might it add, the perfect father for him to guide him properly, instead of the rigid dogmatic inflexible views of obi-wan Kenobi who constantly thwarted any of Anakin’s deep concerns towards his mother or padme away.
Obi-Wan BLAMING himself for order 66 and the loss of everyone, including Anakin to the hands of Sidious is something I’m sure we’ll see in Obi-Wan’s spin off show Kenobi.

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Argy Darakos
Argy Darakos 8 dager siden
I think they would be equally as powerful.
someguy37 11 dager siden
Problem is even in the eu leia never really pursued her jedi training like luke and others did, she was always more of a political figure concerned with running the republic than learning to use the force, she is too much like her mother. Whereas luke takes after more of his father as both a gifted pilot and more mechanically inclined. I checked out of the eu around the yuszon vonng era, but up until that point she was never really overly interested in learning the force at least not nearly anything approaching luke's level.
ashdoginc 11 dager siden
My theory is that after Obi-Wan had used his Midi-chlorian tester on Luke, he accidentally lost it and couldn't find another one. So he could not feel that Leia had any strong connection with the force - he decided Luke was the only hope. After Ben died Yoda was finally able to correct him.
Krang X
Krang X 12 dager siden
Why didn’t Ben tell Luke to find Yoda straight after ANH?
Michael Flanders
Michael Flanders 14 dager siden
I think that obi did not train her mostly because ONE: although he was the first man to ever hold her when she was born he never met her so how could he have trained her. TWO: She like her anikin also had attachments with her adopted family. That could easily lead to the dark side just like anikin if they were trained together it is tough to say who would have been the better Jedi I have always seen Luke as the one who has the skill and did not need to train super hard for it leia I see as someone who trains hard and becomes something great
Jedi Crush
Jedi Crush 15 dager siden
Obi Wan practically raised Luke. Leia did not know Obi Wan. With all that was going on, Obi Wan Kenobi didn’t have time to think about training Leia. Plus, Obi Wan had way too much responsibilities. Luke eventually trained his sister Leia.......anyway. I read somewhere that Leia knew she was force sensitive but slow to make up her mind to train 🥰 Obi Wan was also doing what his Master Qui Gon Jinn told him to was, “train the boy”. In my opinion, Obi Wan did his best.
Logical Dude
Logical Dude 15 dager siden
Leia was already, perhaps surprisingly, already a big player on the Galactic stage as a teenager and was a Rebellion leader. Luke was a farmboy who happened to have a Jedi Master living down the street.
Shawn 17 dager siden
I think the plan was probably to train Luke and Liea, but then just like the Lars, the Organas didn't want to loose leia to Vader or the Emperor and forbade Ben or Yoda from training them...
cyalknight 18 dager siden
Goes through the events of A New Hope. Luke and Obi-Wan are both on Tatooine. They meet up, Obi-Wan does a little bit of training and gives Luke a lightsaber. On their way to meet up with Leia, they do more training. They get stuck on the station. Luke goes to rescue Leia, and Kenobi goes another way. Luke rescues Leia. Kenobi dies seconds after he sees Luke again. Later, Kenobi tells Luke where Yoda is. So... The choice to watch over Luke on Tatooine and barely seeing Leia right before he dies. Up until this time, the children and the Jedi were in hiding.
Katya L
Katya L 20 dager siden
I never wondered why Leia wasn't trained as a jedi. Even if she was, she's a princess and the leader of a rebel group, and too important to go sending off on dangerous missions. She fought her battles on the political side. What the sequels got wrong is that they made her another rebel leader. I wanted to see Leia and the rebels trying to restore the Galactic Republic as Padme had envisioned it. I saw the Original trilogy as a story about a son and his father. the politics only played in the backdrop. Leia could have played a bigger part in that story's continuation.
z Fox
z Fox 20 dager siden
Thank you 💝 I really appreciate these vids. They help me understand star wars so much 😀
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Fat-Guy Reviews
Fat-Guy Reviews 29 dager siden
Leia was to stubborn... she to this day is still mad at vader
Gianmaria Capuzzo
Gianmaria Capuzzo Måned siden
My two cent is that it was already a miracle that a full grown person could became a jedi and it was very hard for Luke alone to overcome his own demons to gain the balance needed for him to be a jedi. If we put together two gemini orphans, separated at born, who are childs of one of the most evil beings in the galaxy they would probably both turned to the darkside due to the overwhelming emotions they would have been through
Ricky Måned siden
I thought it had to do with how they were split up and the emperor and Vader didn't know about her? Maybe I'm getting my details wrong but I think that's why.
Miniature Jayhawk
Miniature Jayhawk Måned siden
It is said in RotS why they were seperated. To make sure Darth Vader couldn't capture both of them at once in case he finds out he has children. It was just easier for obi wan to take care of the one sent to tatooine.
T J Måned siden
I'm late to this party, But I wish to weigh in on this for a second. Anakin was a brash emotional male force wielder that due to his attachment and inability to accept the way of life eventually became Darth Vader and help to give rise to the Tyrannical Empire. Luke a humble yet adventurous male had the right moral code for such training. Luke could have become the next Vader however he said no to the temptation of darkness. Could you imagine a Leia as a humble Jedi Knight to Master or would this headstrong Female become something else? Leia was a strong female yes indeed but she was no Asoka Tano. She was more powerful but I foresee that Leia was more of a Risk of corruption than Luke ever was. Asoka Tano has the full package of what the temperament of a true Jedi should encompass. Leia I believe would have been severely problematic. Maybe Obi-wan was aware of this as well. And even wise old Yoda who mentioned to Obi-wan that there is another did not recommend that she should be trained. Why Not ??? Good Question. Not everything is about Masagony male's minds are different from female minds by design.
Otakar Kuby
Otakar Kuby Måned siden
Leia was deeply involved in politics, Obi taking Leia to one side would have painted a target on both their backs. Luke was a no one.
Cookieturnip 7
Cookieturnip 7 Måned siden
Simple answer: Obi Wan and Luke lived on Tattooine Leia is on Alderaan
Dandy Drevo
Dandy Drevo Måned siden
Well, in New hope Obi wan wanted to go to alderaan, so maybe he wanted to train them together there? He just experimented with Luke, if he still can do it?
CheshireKat Måned siden
The better story (in my head canon) is that Obi-Wan never wanted for either Leia or Luke to be trained as Jedi. I always believed that Obi-Wan only wanted for the twins to be protected and live normal lives. I think the plan was to keep them safe and hidden from Vader and Palpatine. But events moved in a different directions when the droids ended up on Tatooine, forcing Obi-Wan to alter his plan and give the basics to Luke.
CheshireKat Måned siden
@Spaceknight79 Also, we know that Obi-Wan didn't completely ignore Leia: he recognized her in R2's message... that means he had been keeping an eye on her an knew what she looked like.
Spaceknight79 Måned siden
Makes perfect sense. It wasn't like Obi-Wan was working up a plan to overthrow the Empire and recruited Luke. He was idle till Leia called on him.
Henrik Augustsson
Henrik Augustsson Måned siden
I think you’re wrong. Leia really shouldn’t have been trained. Luke was given the Skywalker name to provoke Anakin, probably to make him remember, but Leia was hidden away under Organa. Obi-Wan put all his hope into the Luke-strategy, while perhaps hiding Leia as a plan B. If Leia had been trained, she would be a liability. Vader could’ve gotten to one of the twins and turned them, and all hope would be lost, but by training only Luke, forcing Anakin to see himself in his son, raised on Tatooine, becoming a Jedi, using his OWN lightsaber, he’s forced to remember who he once was, and bring back the good in Anakin. The same might not have happened with Leia. Although she could’ve been trained should Luke fail, no Jedi masters remained.
The deck to the 16th power
The deck to the 16th power Måned siden
Ever notice how emotions are one with a heart rate? Ever notice that men and woman have different emotions, where as thoughts loop differently? Ever notice that the heart creates an EM field? Ever notice that the force isn't really made up but an example how there is this kind of energy with people and the Universe? Do people only believe in quantum entanglement when it serves their purposes and disregard it in other(s) scenarios? There's a reason men feel less emotions.......they are use to having to let go to survive. There's a secrete to understanding why men are this way, some realize woman are the future and without them there is non at all and they see the odds. If women who like star wars or like learning the force never knew the story of Darth Nihilus, perhaps you should, he enslaved a woman. The Dark side preys on feelings and the lights power when it collects. It's why Yoda hid where he did. A powerful Sith like that could feed on a whole planet and watch it drop dead before its feet. Plus sometimes its a bit easier to teach a woman just by explaining it where as guys need relentless training and it can be really exhausting for a Master. I think George did a great job with the Woman Jedi Hero. I actually took my long time partner to the movies to see it after YEARS of trying to get her into Stars Wars. She actually didn't fall asleep in the movie theater and watched the whole thing through. George is a master after all.
Cinder Psycho
Cinder Psycho Måned siden
Even if qui gon had died would Anakin had turned out better if Dooku had been there for him and obi wan.
Mark Uhler
Mark Uhler Måned siden
I think Obi Wan's rigidness stems from his inexperience. He didn't have life's lessons to teach him when to follow the RAW and when to Homebrew it, so to speak. Insecure, he fell back on the rules. And that inflexibility was horrible for training Anakin. I put the blame on the council, and on Yoda in particular. Qui Gon's wishes or not, Obi Wan wasn't ready to take on any padawan, much less this one. A compromise might have been for Obi Wan to train Anakin but for Yoda (or maybe Mace) to train Obi Wan in how to be a Master - the way it seemed with the Obi Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka.
Glen P.
Glen P. Måned siden
Because he trusted bale organa
Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog Måned siden
I mean-he died before he got the chance. lol.
Woody Måned siden
I don't completely agree with your theory on Obi-Wan. Sure, some of the internal struggles were true, but I don't think that's why he didn't train Leia. When Lucas was saying those things in the transcript, he was still trying to figure things out. By the time the prequels were done, he had it all figured out, and what he did there is canon. At the end of Episode 3, Bail Organa took the responsibility of raising Leia, and Obi-Wan took the responsibility of watching after Luke and keeping him safe. The simple reason that he didn't try to train Leia was because she wasn't his charge. She was Bail Organa's charge. Whether or not Obi-Wan did his duty well with Luke is a different story.
Ramquinluv Måned siden
I don’t believe Leia could’ve or should’ve been trained with Luke when facing Vader. It was Luke’s compassion and forgiveness, the same kind that Padme had for Anakin, that brought Vader back to the light. Leia would have been cold and more, hell, ‘dark sided’ towards Vader after what he did to Alderaan. The love and forgiveness triumphing over everything Vader did was what brought Anakin back, and I don’t believe Leia had that for him at all, and in fact having her with Luke during the final battle could have jeopardized the moment Luke threw down his saber and said “I am a Jedi like my father before me”. I believe she would have killed Vader, and then Vader never would’ve fulfilled the prophecy. It worked out exactly as it should that she was not trained with Luke.
Paranormal Pop
Paranormal Pop Måned siden
I always thought it was because Leia was so deeply involved in politics and the military. That Yoda and Ben thought she was too valuable as a great leader for the Rebels. Luke, on the other hand, was a sort of blank slate. And remember, Ben could have reached out to either of them at any time but he didn’t because they were meant to be hidden and protected. Ben only took on the challenge of training Luke because fate stepped in. The unplanned and unexpected moment when Luke met two droids that brought him to Ben. Plus, from a practical story telling point of view, it would have made things all the more complicated for Lucas to try to tell two Hero’s Journeys at the same time - especially for that time. I do wish Lucas made a follow up film after the trilogy about Leia for Carrie Fisher though.
Robin Polywka
Robin Polywka Måned siden
I know why yoda sayd:no ther is another Rey is the another
Katheryne T
Katheryne T Måned siden
I've always thought she should of been trained! Missed opportunity I think.
D Wally
D Wally Måned siden
Qui-gon is the most under utilized character in live action Star Wars. especially with Liam neeson playing him
peps Måned siden
Obi-wan was just fulfilling Qui-gons dying wish, Qui-gon(Ghost) could have reached out to Obi-wan and helped him train Anakin.
Rastislav Dudič
Rastislav Dudič Måned siden
Neither Leia nor Luke should have been trained by Oby-Wan in order to keep their viewpoints rooted in their reality instead of seeing everything through the lenses of an ideology. That was the reason at the end of Revenge of The Sith. Then when Luke had a solid base for his own point of view he was ready to expand it with the knowledge of the Force and got trained by Yoda. Leia would have been trained too if it was in her path. But she already had so many things going for her that there was no point for it at that time. Alternatively we could simply blame the Force because apparently it didn't want Leia to be trained as a Jedi.
El Li
El Li Måned siden
Well.....Leia also developed feelings for Han Solo.....ssssooooooooo...maybe Obi didn't want history to repeat itself?
Luis 3eck
Luis 3eck Måned siden
Together they could defeated the Emperor forever
GabeHat Måned siden
MMPJ Cari Måned siden
Let's see ... Obi Wan never trained Leia because they never really met. Why is that even a question?
chavamara Måned siden
I honestly think that Leia being Luke's sister wasn't even an idea until Return of the Jedi. You're trying to add meaning to a decision that didn't really exist until the third movie was made and retconned everything.
LWIV&V Måned siden
I’ve always wondered that maybe it wasn’t Ben or Yoda’s definite intention to ever train either of them. (Because otherwise, why not start in infancy like traditional Jedi?) But when Luke randomly showed up with R2-D2 and 3PO (of all the droids in the galaxy), with a message from LEIA, who he has no idea who is...well Obi-Won probably thought to himself at that point, “If this isn’t the Force telling me what I need to do, what is?”
King noble savage warrihah
King noble savage warrihah Måned siden
Georges answer is wack The correct answer is leia is a senator a very public figure, and the jedi are in hiding. Leia would've been discovered if she was training as a jedi. Plus leia always had more killer instinct, she wouldn't just be found, she could be turned. Obi wan would've mentored both of them in after a new hope, but he died.
garik loran
garik loran Måned siden
why didn't obi-wan train leia? she was on a different planet. also george was making stuff up as he went along, by the time he decided leia was related to luke, obi-wan was dead.
gin ko
gin ko Måned siden
i mean he didnt train luke either. not until things unfolded and he kinda had to. so the question is why did he train neither, and i think this is because he was afraid of vader sensing them once they get stronger in the force. thats why they where seperated in the first point, no? so that vader couldnt sense them. kinda makes sense but also kinda doesnt, maybe this is a little bit of a plot hole actually? but following that logic obi wan still would have been forced to choose to guard one of the twins, cuz if they were brought together vader could sense them. and he also had to wait for the perfect timing to start the training, cuz, again, vader would sense them. and, yeah, he chose luke cuz hes a misoginst pig. lol xD or maybe it was just that senator organa and his wife wanted to have a daughter rather than a boy.
fam salad
fam salad Måned siden
another reason that i might think he chose luke instead of leia is lukes sheer optimism, i personally do not believe if leia was the one with the blade at the time of discovering her father her first thoughts wouldn't be saving him just because of her nature as a politician and someone that's more of a warrior type at the time.
Jaden game play only
Jaden game play only Måned siden
Bro plz make a video about if grogu and yoda where family how whold star wars be
Mark Knapke
Mark Knapke Måned siden
'Cause it was 1977 and he was a boy, lol
joshfactor1 Måned siden
i would definitely love to see liam return in kenobi in some form. his character seems to be one of the most compelling yet they stupidly killed him off after just one film
Mich Washington
Mich Washington Måned siden
I use to like your channel, still glad I am unsubscribed.
Mike Stanmore
Mike Stanmore Måned siden
I enjoy your musings mate, but (apart from the fact he was dead and Force Ghosts only learnt to interact with the real world since Ruin Johnson attacked the franchise) the real reason Obi-Wan didn't train Leia is that, until The Return of The Jedi, George hadn't decided Leia was Luke's sister. I suspect he did this to solve the love triangle that he'd developed through the previous two films. Regardless of the musings he put to print prior to TROTJ, up until then things could have gone either way. Yes, yes, I know there's the line "There is another Skywalker" in TESB, but he could easily have changed his mind in the intervening years and added a new character if the whim had taken him. You have a great channel BTW.
FF Guy2012
FF Guy2012 Måned siden
I think the way they did it actually makes sense. They had no way to know if Palpatine knew the kids survived and/or if Vader knew. If they were together, it would be an easier to capture. If they knew and one was captured, it could be found out. Leia did a lot of good for the Rebellion, and I was glad to see a bit of her in Rebels. If I had been making the sequels, I would have focused one of the major plot lines across the three movies on her role in the New Republic Government.
Patrick Peralta
Patrick Peralta Måned siden
Luke later did train Leia in the force in one of the books just the basics to help protect her children as they were growing up. but she was more a interested in politics then being a Jedi.
Patrick Peralta
Patrick Peralta Måned siden
what was Obi Won's thoughts on Luke having a crush on Leia before he knew she was his sister. Obi- Won had to have picked up on that when he and Luke met. Remember Luke didn't know the truth about her yet so when he see the holigram of her he mentions she's beautifull. a normal reaction any man will make when seeing a woman that catches his attention for the first time. also neither knew the truth yet when Leia kissed Luke just to tick off Han.
Reinfarcements Måned siden
I mean I can agree that if Qui-Gon trained Anakin it all could have been avoided, but that doesn't mean it was all Obi-Wan's fault either. Parenting/upbringing is important but it is NOT the only defining factor for how a person turns out. There are plenty examples in life of siblings with the same exact parents turning out very different. I myself can advocate for that 100%. Again it is a factor, but only one of many. Anakin was still his own man, making his own choices. Obi-Wan doesn't deserve the heat you constantly throw at him Theory lol.
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza Måned siden
They were trying to make Rey as powerful as what Leia could of been. They kinda hinted that at the start of episode 9, but the Rey character was botched from the beginning. Leia should of been in the place of Rey. Imagine a journey where finding Luke as the mission. Reunited with Han to get back their son. Luke, Leia, Han convincing Ben to turn away from the darkside just like Luke did with Vader. This time all 3 help Ben. Rey could of been the secrete lost Palpatine apprentice where the Fin character meet and learn to rebel from her darkside. Kylo rebelling from the light Rey rebelling from the dark. From their final journey they battle each other and their destiny to become.
Ro Bo
Ro Bo Måned siden
Leia was more cynical due to her involvement in politics and her skills were best used in the leadership and political positions she held. Luke was more hopeful & idealistic and had already started his training.
Kanagalingam Kamala
Kanagalingam Kamala Måned siden
Vader vs windu please please I beg you
Syed Rameen
Syed Rameen Måned siden
I honestly do think Leia could’ve been more powerful then Luke she even beat Luke in a duel in ROS
Victoria Scholl
Victoria Scholl Måned siden
They were hiding her.
Jonathan Davin
Jonathan Davin Måned siden
I recently watched the fourth season of TCW. I believe one of Kenobi’s biggest mistakes was in an episode where he must go undercover and shielding the truth from Skywalker. That eroded Ani’s trust toward his best friend.
ilbftman Måned siden
Obi-wan followed Qui-gon's last wish. I don't think he can be solely to blame.
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Måned siden
Obi Wan waited for the force to lead him to the right time. He had just been reintroduced to Luke. He was on his way to meet Leia (so he thought) He probably did plan to train her, but Vader's light saber kinda sorta got in the way of that plan.
Ibraheem H
Ibraheem H Måned siden
What on earth is this thumbnail 😂
Romanogers4ever Måned siden
Hey if Qui Gon had survived, and Anakin ever got kidnapped Qui Gon would use his particular set of skills to make life difficult for the kidnappers.
M TR Måned siden
I'm no expert on star wars (so I'm just speculating) but as I understand it, Obiwan came to Tatooine with Luke to hide. This means finding and bringing Luke and Leia to Dagoba would be at risk. So he could train one of them, which he had in proximity or risk getting killed (sensed by Vader/emperor) before he could train anyone (his skills dying with him). Besides he had watched over Luke his whole life, unlike with Leia, he would have no way of knowing if she could be trained or maybe even if she is force sensitive (unless he can sense that planets away I dunno). He probably never regarded her as a possibility, that's why he does not think of it when Yoda does that "There is another thing". Question to me is why he waited so long?
Matthew Hieber
Matthew Hieber Måned siden
Disagree strongly. The only reason quigon would have been a better guide for anakin is because he didn't hold the jedi code in as high respect as Obi-Wan and the jedi code is largely to blame for anakin's emotional lack of support and overall instability. Because it's clear that had anakin been freely allowed to date Padme and had he been allowed to protect his mother he wouldn't have turned to the darkside.
Majin Sole
Majin Sole Måned siden
I think Luke would’ve been more powerful but Leia would’ve mastered more techniques. ~_~
Terry Crooked
Terry Crooked Måned siden
Plot armour
Fernando Cabral 9
Fernando Cabral 9 Måned siden
It was a simple matter of he got Luke after senator Organa took Leia as his daughter. He could have trained both, but Luke wad the one he had nearby. When Ben saw her in the recording, he probably thought "now's my chance to train both of them".... But then he became more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre Måned siden
For me, obi wan knew the father-son bond would have been stronger in helping eradicate the empire and Vader/emperor
Tim D
Tim D Måned siden
Leia WAS on her way to FIND Obi Wan. Leia says Obi Wan is HER only hope. Obi Wan WAS going to Alderaan. Obi Wan tells Luke he must Learn the Force IF Luke goes to Alderaan. Doesn’t say the ONLY One learning the Force. It looks like Leia was always an option. Leia was sent to meet Ben the on Tatooine. Thats how New Hope begins. If you look at the scene where Obi Wan sees the recording, he has already decided to go to Alderaan to try and check in. Notice how when Luke says he won’t go, that he will only take him to the port. Obi Wan is like, Ok... we was already going to Alderaan with his mission in kind to check in and see about Leia. He doesn’t tell Luke the Force is lost without you. Obi Wans answer to Luke not going is literally, Ok. Like Obi Wan knows he’s already going to check in with Leia. Remember Leia Literally Asks Obi Wan to help HER.
Jason Fitz
Jason Fitz Måned siden
Maybe Kennobi, didn’t sense that Leah was force sensitive at birth or that Ashoka was still alive? Did Kenobi know about Ezra? Don’t think Yoda ever clarified “who” the other was...
Geoffrey Richie
Geoffrey Richie Måned siden
If he had been training her as well, Vader and the Emperor would have sensed her presence. Remember Vader's line in ROTJ as he is stalking a hiding Luke and probing his mind: "Sister, so you have a twin sister. Obi Wan was wise to hide her from me." That was Obi Wan's motivation for not training her.
Tim D
Tim D Måned siden
Also, for my money, Qui Gon IS Anakins real dad. They’re both like 7 feet tall, even look similar. Qui Gon had been on tatooine years earlier, and the first thing he does is asked who is the father? Yeah I get it’s part of the prophecy, but seriously when somebody shows up and the first thing they ask about the one kid who is force sensitive is, “Who’s the father?” Thats daytime talk show level question there. Just watch the movie again and see how affectionate Qui Gon is with Shmi. He’s helping her down from things n such. Also vision and descriptions of his origin either came from Sith/Emperor, you can never trust them, or the Dark Side vision itself. So who knows what that means, no only is it a “vision” so its interpretive, its a Dark side vision?
Nick Egan
Nick Egan Måned siden
Leis grew up as a princess. She was a public figure. May have brought too much attention to train her. Also Leia would not have seen the good in Vader like Luke did after all she had been through. And an out of universe explanation is that they probably weren’t brother and sister until It was decided half way through.
Nick W
Nick W Måned siden
I think Leia saved the galaxy just the same. Maybe not as a Jedi but for the rebellion. She fought for what was right and did what she could, which in the end was triumphant
Campaign Måned siden
I think the reason Leia wasn't trained as a Jedi is because Obi-Wan and Yoda knew that to beat the empire, they would need a warrior and a politician. Luke was the warrior, the Jedi that could combat Vader and Sidious. Leia was the politician where she could rally other star systems to join her in the fight against the empire. From the Sith's standpoint, they had a warrior (Vader) and a politician (Palpatine). So I think they wanted a warrior and a politician to combat the Empire on the battlefield and politically.
chidioko Måned siden
The real question is WHEN he began training Luke. If we look at it from that perspective, the question becomes "Why, if Anakin was already too old, did Luke's training begin even later?” The other question is whether or not Luke's training would have commenced had he not discovered the droids and tried to get them to the old recluse? I don't think Kenobi was looking to train any more Jedi. Heck he wasn't even going by the same name. I think he had the whole "failed teacher syndrome." He was probably just looking to live out his days. But once he DID take on another apprentice, he trained the one that was available. He never actually considered training either per se. He simply played the hand that he had been dealt. Had Luke gone off to be a Rebel pilot and Leia somehow delivered the message in person, and events unfolded in a roughly similar way, then she may have been the one who was trained.
Tactix88 Måned siden
It's just silly having Leia train as a jedi. There was never any need for it
Tim D
Tim D Måned siden
1) Leia was sent to FIND Obi Wan at the Beginning of New Hope. Maybe she WAS told to call him when really it was “their only hope.” Maybe there was a Plan. 2) Leia as Senator/Senators Child is constantly meeting Emperor or Vader, if she grew in the force, they would have sensed it. Maybe they couldn’t train her until absolutely necessary? 3) Ben and Yoda weird hiding as well. Tatooine was as much a place to stay hidden for Obi-Wan as it was for Luke. 4) Luke was unknown. If he disappeared for training no one would realize it. Second neither was ready to be trained Intentionally. It was Only circumstance that Obi Wan was there when Luke’s world was turned upside down by the force as the droids came to him. Remember he did NOT train Luke either until they Left Tatooine. Luke was the one that was there and available, some might say destined. But Obi Wan died Before he even met Leia again. So there was no chance. I mean think about it, the original mission was TO GET Obi Wan to Leia 🤷🏻‍♂️ ACTUALLY FIRST Leia was Already sent on her way to meet Ben. That is literally what Leia was doing at the beginning of New Hope. She only sent R2 Because she could not meet Obi Wan in person. She says, “I regret I could not bring this to you IN PERSON...” Then Obi Wan and Luke WERE traveling to Alderaan. Just the Death Star Ended that, and the Force happened to drop them off on the Death Star. Where she was also. How do we know the ORIGINAL Plan wasn’t to have Obi Wan train her? That is where she was going. She is the only one who even knew about him and even had instructions to FIND him. Or he was trying to unite the two of them? I mean that is the Last thing Obi Wan sees before he accepts his fate.
Marco Marterer
Marco Marterer Måned siden
because he never met her! Not even on the death star! Obi Wan would also never intended to make Luke his padawan, remember luke was already way to old. The only reason they ever met was that, Luke got beaten up next to his home, because of the droids. Can we please stop fucking gender-/race-and politicising any damn scene ever filmed?
David Quellmalz
David Quellmalz Måned siden
Do a what if yoda fought vader on first death star instead of obi wan
jerricho11 Måned siden
Qui-gon was far from the perfect father figure because he tossed Obi-wan aside in front of the council. And Obi-wan was surprised by Qui-gon's announcement, so he didn't know ahead of time. That's not something a good father figure does. To put it another way, one of the last things Qui-gon ever did for Obi-wan was, essentially, to reject him in favor of another and even his last WORDS, as he was dying in Obi-wan's arms, was about another. No, 'I love you, I'm glad I could train you' he was 100% focused on Anakin. For these two in canon moments alone, I don't think Qui-gon would have been great for Anakin. Cause he would have spoiled Anakin rotten.
Marty McK
Marty McK Måned siden
Maybe he felt the male may be more prone to anger, aggression and violence like his Father.
Hey, I want to know that why there are movies of sw rebels, ghosts of geonosis, twilight of an apprentice, and etc. As there are episodes of it? So should I watch them?🤔
Marketing Kings Lifestyle
Marketing Kings Lifestyle Måned siden
I love all of your videos and content but I am really starting to miss the original things you used to post the simple voiceover video discussing a what if scenarioFor a fantasy bottle or a top 10 sucks I want more ANAKIN videos
kobidreamer Måned siden
In a world of 1 min ideas being stretched into 10-20 min videos I really really wish to thank you for putting so much into so little time. There are many creators I like but rarely watch because I feel 90% of my time with them is wasted. There's just too much to do and learn to sit through dozens of extended rambling videos each day. You are one of the few doing it right and that makes it much easier clicking on your videos than most.
Redziak Måned siden
Imagine what if between the Empire and Return of the Jedi Leia would train witch Luke and together they could fight against Vader at the end of ep. VI Badass
Van Raz
Van Raz Måned siden
I was better how it was, Leia was hidden and a possible second chance
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Party Dave
Party Dave Måned siden
Honestly we also should take into account that Leia had seen Alderan being destroyes, a planet in which she had attachements to.... They may have bubble up and may lead her to the dark side..... repeating the loop all over again
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
David A
David A Måned siden
Because Obi-Wan took the responsibility of watching over Luke and Bail Organa was said to take responsibility for Leia....
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Saci_fnm Måned siden
What if padme never went to see Anakin on the lava planet
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Mitch Zimmerman
Mitch Zimmerman Måned siden
“Altso” -SWT
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
T0OTALL Måned siden
So a lot of people make good point how Organas wanted a girl and everything but here another question would Organa even let Leia become a Jedi he was at the temple when they where all killed and even seen a young Jedi boy die in front of him would he want his daughter put in that kind of danger? Here a bigger question I always thought about Luke wanted to go off and join the academy. Well the only big power is the empire so it would of been the imperial academy and if he did go would he been found out by the Sith if he joined or would Ben interfered by then and stopped him from going?
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Oshura Måned siden
You can blame Obi Wan all you want but Anakin's complete lack of vision is just as much the reason for his fall. After Palpatine revealed himself as the Sith Lord it didn't even cross his mind that this was the man that attempted to have his wife assassinated, is the reason Qui Gon is dead, and so many other horrible things in his life.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Suhas Chandan
Suhas Chandan Måned siden
@StarWarsTheory you must take a look at this video
joshua turner
joshua turner Måned siden
Qui-Gon Jinn (The Grey Jedi) and one of my favorites with Asokha too!!!
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
renee patrick
renee patrick Måned siden
ive always wondered if maybe obi wan wouldve thought to train them both if he had lived to escape from the death star. interesting though.
renee patrick
renee patrick Måned siden
If only you were the actual @starwarstheory who posted this video 😄 boy bye
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
Klipto Block
Klipto Block Måned siden
Well that’s why sidious had to have darth maul separate boi-wan and qui-gon so he could kill qui-gon and the plane with anikan would not be ruined
bill whipple
bill whipple Måned siden
Too much of a risk that if you have two siblings training together, let alone twins, that one of them would have turned to the darkside
Mr_Organik Måned siden
D....o.... w.e.l.l.. t.o.. l.e.t.. h.i.m.. k.n.o.w I... r.e.f.f.e.r.e.d..... y.o.u t.o h.i.m h.i.s s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.e.s a.r.e t.o.p N.o.t.c.h✅.
Mr_Organik Måned siden
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•0•3•9•9•6•7•1•9•6•
Mr_Organik Måned siden
B...T...c a.n.d c.r.y.p.t.o l.n.v.e.s.t.m.e.n.t?
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