A MASSIVE Star Wars Package Arrived at my Door...

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A month ago a third party company reached out to me to send me a mystery package. Upon asking what they were going to send me, they said it's a surprise and if I accept, they'll send it to me. So, I accepted. One month later, I Randomly got this package at my door delivered on a pallet.
This is Herschel's new Star Wars line that I didn't know about.
This is a nice gift. Thanks Herschel, I'll be using these on future travels.
Not a paid promotion or sponsorship. I also wasn't asked to make a review or unboxing video. I love that approach. Very happy to get some more eyes on these.
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Aaron Jabari
Aaron Jabari 12 dager siden
Theres and extra compartment to the bottom on the backpack that has a empire branded Werther shield for the bag in it.
Mr96706bangah 22 dager siden
where it says "join the dark side" on the other side says another quote in relation to the character themed. I got the exact boba festt sachel & it says "as you wish''
Daniel Mcaulay
Daniel Mcaulay 29 dager siden
Yoo that's soo fuckin cool are they available to buy
Thanosthelord Måned siden
They should make a rancor one.
Kanagalingam Kamala
Kanagalingam Kamala Måned siden
Windu vs vader please
Jordan O'Dwyer
Jordan O'Dwyer Måned siden
The Vader bag looks SIIIIIICK!
icee jay
icee jay Måned siden
meme33331 Måned siden
2022 are you living in the future Star Wars theory
Shaun Patterson
Shaun Patterson Måned siden
slap a logo on it and apparently its star war
Darth Gorthaur
Darth Gorthaur Måned siden
What did the empire send you and where can I get my Sith version of it..
Sam Palmer
Sam Palmer Måned siden
Holy crap!!! Dude I didnt realize how yoked you are!!!
Mike Best
Mike Best Måned siden
Bruh you’re low key jacked 🔥
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Måned siden
I want one but would probably get bullied for having one
Tell that company, to send me some cool free stuff!
Now, you can tell anyone-You have a big box-LOL! Cool free content though!
NAVINATER Star Wars Måned siden
3:48 “on the inside, I don’t know if you can *feel* or not...” Ah yes, we can feel it through the screen (When you realize someone else commented this *bruh* )
bigge68 Måned siden
use the small pack in the backpack to help organize
Canadian Gamer
Canadian Gamer Måned siden
I love how you've become such a famous youtuber for doing what you love and how passionate you are for doing what you do and how you show it in every video and I hope you never change the way you are
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Måned siden
The Boba one would look good on my utility vest for patrol, just attach some velcro Molle and bam, operator as fuck lol
Ryan Sikkema
Ryan Sikkema Måned siden
Everyone gangsta til George Lucas knows where you live
Cam Dogg
Cam Dogg Måned siden
Bro I bought two bags because you got me pumped up. When I got the bags though I realized they only put that much effort into it because you'll show it of for them. They lie in the description about the specs of the bag and it just comes in a plastic bag flattened like a pancake! Payed $110 dollars for a "star wars" camo backpack.
iamonthetube Måned siden
Herschel freakin rocks! Good west coast Canadian brand
RYAN BYRNE Måned siden
Its a black bag, a camo bag, and a white bag. Wow!
RYAN BYRNE Måned siden
Why do people feel the need to record everything these days?
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Måned siden
I tried to get the backpack on the Herschel website and it didn't work. I went to the Darth Vader Collection, clicked on the backpack, and it showed all of the colors for it except the Darth Vader one. Any advice?
MugzyBrady Måned siden
Starting instrumental? 0:37 please ????
Bill Healey
Bill Healey Måned siden
That's awesome.. wonderful gifts.. great for you.. you deserve it for all the wonderful things you've posted on Star Wars
B J Måned siden
The only phanny pack I'd wear
IM HENRI Måned siden
3:48 no i cant feel it idk why tho 😂
Andy Music
Andy Music Måned siden
You’ve got a quality channel, Theory. That’s all.
NicosoftNT Måned siden
Man, you are a very energetic, sympathetic guy but I am sorry to say that those backpacks (or front packs?) do not really resemble Star Wars let alone Vader, if I saw you with that I would think you were a regular traveler 😂
Patriotic Justice
Patriotic Justice Måned siden
Any chance we'll get some news regarding the next episodes of Vader? After the High Republic disappointments and the mess Disney has made, I'm starved of good Star Wars content to look forward to.
Jagger Måned siden
I love the Herschel brand, this was a fantastic unboxing I'm very jelly ! 😄
Hunter Janik
Hunter Janik Måned siden
Hey Theory! I love the content man just wanted to drop in and let you know on the bigger Vader bag you don’t have to unbuckle the straps to open the bag. The buckles are just an aesthetic and behind them is a magnet you just gotta give it a pull!
Nestor Cuero
Nestor Cuero Måned siden
Best reveal would be Kathleen Kennedy would be sent packing
Andre Rivaldi
Andre Rivaldi Måned siden
Front compartment straps are magnetic bro
vivian louvrier-van-meerbeek
vivian louvrier-van-meerbeek Måned siden
SWT you deserve this gift 100%
Angel Cedillo
Angel Cedillo Måned siden
It would’ve been cool to see a little bit of the color blue in the Vader backpack representing the good in him
Hajime Kuru
Hajime Kuru Måned siden
Not gonna lie. I definitely want that black and red Vader bag. They marketed well! Lmao!
Helseno'sSabers Måned siden
"I don't know if you can feel or not".........
sweaty Xbox god
sweaty Xbox god Måned siden
Don’t take that boba sidbag so Australia bro eshays will roll it
sweaty Xbox god
sweaty Xbox god Måned siden
And the strormtrooper one
Jackie Rothbart
Jackie Rothbart Måned siden
Venom Måned siden
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Måned siden
Jackie Rothbart
Jackie Rothbart Måned siden
Jackie Rothbart
Jackie Rothbart Måned siden
whiskey jack
whiskey jack Måned siden
Yo my dude lookin swole AF. Nice gains brother
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Måned siden
Turns out they sent a full set of phase 3 clone armour
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Darth Vader Theory himself.
SABIEN Måned siden
do your shirts just run in small?
Disrupted Fear
Disrupted Fear Måned siden
Theory workout plan is a needed video, my guy looks good as hell, he should play a sith or Jedi with those muscles
Darth Unknown
Darth Unknown Måned siden
Me thinking Mark Hamilton about to jump out 😅
Ben _
Ben _ Måned siden
Love the sense Kreese joke 😂
DarthSeid Måned siden
Venom Måned siden
You have "Darth" in your name and are hating on Lucasfilm?
silverisss Måned siden
These are sweet bags. Not only you get to have a vader backpack, but you also can get a bag for your baby (Yoda). Awesome
PhantomStella Måned siden
These definitely look like they'd be handy at Galaxy's Edge...unless they don't hold up to rain🤔
Justin Time
Justin Time Måned siden
Fucking perverse to sent you a backpack in a package like this just for the effect. Anyone heard of emissions?
DrewM Måned siden
6:00 it's what us brits call a man bag
Guillermo Pardo
Guillermo Pardo Måned siden
Theory wasn't just dual wielding, my mans was triple wielding. Haha dope bag man.
Gian Jamandri
Gian Jamandri Måned siden
Dude for the backpack you did not need to unbuckle the straps because they have magnets you can just pull then boom the bag is open! Bags look sick by the way ughh.
Ronan Måned siden
I trust that the force will guide this comment to theory and he will favourite or reply
Nathan Patterson
Nathan Patterson Måned siden
Just so you know, you don’t have to undo the buckles, they should either snap or be magnetic or both
Puggo 117
Puggo 117 Måned siden
Theory’s actually stacked!
ShadoWolf studios
ShadoWolf studios Måned siden
I’d keep the case to display the master replica lightsabers
Nicholas Måned siden
almost at 3 million, gl theory and gj
Nolan Keck
Nolan Keck Måned siden
Wow!!!! That is so awesome! I am so envious. Enjoy!! You are now surrounded by even more coolness.
Thomas Vandegriff
Thomas Vandegriff Måned siden
I’m confident in saying that everyone in the NOpost Star Wars community knows, loves, and respects Theory
laura monaco
laura monaco Måned siden
love it!
SnyFlemFilms Måned siden
why do star wars youtbers always get the cool stuff?
Grown Man Travels Tristan Lowe
Grown Man Travels Tristan Lowe Måned siden
I thought it was going to be a RANCOR.....
Dartz Måned siden
A fine addition to your collection 😂
Zahi Måned siden
Can we see a fan fic snoke vs sidious
Demigod sutherland
Demigod sutherland Måned siden
Right do a vid on plapatine vs valkorn Pls
That Video Games Show
That Video Games Show Måned siden
They look sweet!!
Jason Borne
Jason Borne Måned siden
Im guessing its a Star Wars blow up doll LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Adz
Adam Adz Måned siden
Look for the braces 👀
Darin Måned siden
I want it..............
Jack Keaveney
Jack Keaveney Måned siden
Theory: what if Luke went to Alderan and Leia went to Tatooine?
Sheiv The Wise
Sheiv The Wise Måned siden
Man I saw this online the other day
Peter Doucet
Peter Doucet Måned siden
Let's do some of your own cancel culture. Fire Kathleen Kennedy.
Peter Doucet
Peter Doucet Måned siden
Or cancel Disney
Venger Satanis
Venger Satanis Måned siden
Star Wars may be dying, but there is another... CHA'ALT.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Måned siden
still waiting for the Yoda backpack PLEASE
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren Måned siden
I thought someone would jump out of the box play turok on ps4 theory
Alpha Måned siden
This man is so lucky
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
TheUndeadMerc04 Måned siden
Theory: oh its a little pouch for pencils or something... Me: We both know your putting a lightsaber there
Tech Arts
Tech Arts Måned siden
Hey dude! I’m starting to listen to your podcasts on Spotify while making my drawing videos and you even inspired me to start my own podcast. Great job bro!
Travis M
Travis M Måned siden
Ah man they really missed with the design of this stuff. I usually like the minimalistic approach but man when you got star wars at your disposal why be so bland?
Wizzard YT
Wizzard YT Måned siden
Theory: what if the red droid from a new hope didnt break?
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Måned siden
2:20 Theory is a simple man, trying to make his way on Ebay to buy my merch.
General Poppel
General Poppel Måned siden
*66 dislikes* „A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one“
General Poppel
General Poppel Måned siden
Ofc it’s not good That you got dislikes but I wanted to use the opportunity
Grendizer Ace
Grendizer Ace Måned siden
# firekathleenkennedy #firebobchapek
ElginRing Måned siden
“On the inside, idk if you can feel or not...” Well, theory, I’d like you to take a guess 😂
Nitro Zeus
Nitro Zeus Måned siden
YungAlex Måned siden
People only disliked this video to make it 66
cid902 Måned siden
"Don't try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth" -Gina Carano #FireKathleenKennedy
P P Måned siden
The Boba pocket reminds me of the uniforms of the rebel command on the endor moon.
The Chunky Badger
The Chunky Badger Måned siden
Can anyone tell me the remix of the Mandolorian theme he used in this video at the beginning?
Just Kazuma
Just Kazuma Måned siden
No one: Not a single existing soul: Starwars theory at 8:05 : ✨J o i n t h e d a r k s i d e✨
K J Måned siden
Just got my Vader one yesterday and my Boba Dawson XL is on its way!
Sergio Cruz
Sergio Cruz Måned siden
Ummm , take my money!
Andrew H
Andrew H Måned siden
All the dislikes are just jealous ppl
Zeus Himself
Zeus Himself Måned siden
Hes referring to the gift but the most massive thing shown in the thumbnail is those beefy guns
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