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Today we have the privilege of speaking with Alan Dean Foster who wrote the novelization for A New Hope back in 1977, The Force Awakens novel, as well as Splinter of the Mind's Eye, and Approaching Storm with Anakin and Obi-Wan. Outside of Star Wars he has written for Alien, Star Trek, Transformers and much more.
Alan has an extensive courier and we are honored to speak and learn from him today on Rule of Two.

Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory Måned siden
We talked to Alan for another 40 minutes off air, which was just as insightful if not more. With his permission, I'll be uploading clips of the unseen conversation. Thanks to all of his fans who attended the live stream.
Brandon Aumiller
Brandon Aumiller 22 dager siden
I love these interviews, I hope there are plenty more to come. I would love to see an actor come on or even George himself if that were possible
Star Wars Real Talk
Star Wars Real Talk 27 dager siden
@Star Cabal its members only right now
JCrou 29 dager siden
Really enjoyed this live stream.
B. Kay
B. Kay 29 dager siden
Bravo, Theory !
Frostmorph6 29 dager siden
@Orbital the film tries to tell the audience don't be afraid of who you are and ur ancestors don't define who you are. Yet when given the opportunity she says I'm a Skywalker which completely contradicts the entire message. It's just sloppy writing
Lando 8 dager siden
The more I look at him the more his long hair looks fake.
According to the Sokovian
According to the Sokovian 13 dager siden
I love this guys opinion on episode 8 lol
According to the Sokovian
According to the Sokovian 13 dager siden
At 40minutes he talks about George and it made me really sad about how shut out he was
Should've had someone of this calibre write "The Last Jedi" instead of letting an edgy no-name nutter like Rian Johnson both direct and write the supposed 8th instalment in the 40 year in the making Star Wars Saga story...
Michael M.
Michael M. 21 dag siden
This is a legacy here. all of you archiv this interview and everytime you want to be immersed by a legit first our Star Wars guy, you watch this. Thanks, and massive respect to both of you. You showed so much respect and interest in his story its what Star Wars is all about man. Thanks brother.
Da Poox
Da Poox 22 dager siden
This was a great interview, I love how honest he is about the prequels and the sequals, I thought episode 8 was terrible to Alan, he is such an amazing guy
Matt Zielinski
Matt Zielinski 22 dager siden
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Stud Sidious
Stud Sidious 23 dager siden
29:48 he drops a professional truth 💣 are fans & pro writers have credentials. Leave the real creative writing process up to professionals. A true writer will always put the story and narrative first over marketing agendas. They fight for the “creative”
Chris LeBelMusic
Chris LeBelMusic 23 dager siden
Such an amazing interview. Love all your content Theory. Keep it up buddy.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Lord Key
Lord Key 23 dager siden
Interview the Lucasfilm Story Group. Should be rich.
Starkiller709 23 dager siden
He seems so nice thanks guys for making this happen can't wait for more Much Love
ATOK _ 24 dager siden
I like how honest he was about the prequels and the sequels🙌
STRIKER 24 dager siden
It be amazing if you got Timothy zahn
Willy's Reviews and More
Willy's Reviews and More 25 dager siden
His stupid pitch for Rise of Skywalker was worse than the movie we got.
S 19 dager siden
Momoka Fujimoto
Momoka Fujimoto 25 dager siden
wish Disney and the sequel directors heard Alan’s words that SW is George’s story, George’s invention, and is not anyone else’s place to decide how the story should go before they made the sequel films... this was a great interview that we needed! Thank you Alan, Mark and Theory!!❤️
540VarialHunter 25 dager siden
@59:04 "Really belongs in a museum." * cue Indiana Jones theme * :D
Stix 25 dager siden
Wow, what a fantastic interview. It was amazing to hear the views of an established writer who truly knows his craft, which is storytelling. He articulates himself so well, what a great way to spend an hour, thank you both :D
annie j
annie j 25 dager siden
Alan is great
r3b31 26 dager siden
What if we are the whills watching over the galaxy?
privateye21 26 dager siden
This is my favorite piece of starwars content in a long time.
Oronar Jett
Oronar Jett 26 dager siden
This was amazing Mark and Theory. Huge Kudos to Mark for organising. This is the content I want to see. I've watched this four times now and the extra content twice. This is the Star Wars content I want to watch. Positive and laid back. Live it. No nonsense. Keep it up. Can't wait for the next interviews. Peace and love.
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale 27 dager siden
#MarkHamill #HamillStarWarsTheoryInterview
dtt1900 27 dager siden
Let's all be finally honest with each other, A New Hope and Empire, were really only good films. We just want them to be good to capture the magic. The Force awakens, last Jedi and rise of skywalker incredibly stupid films, bad story, bad writing and horrid direction. I hope the people involved with those films were Japanese, so they may do the honorable thing.
I'm A Pioneer
I'm A Pioneer 27 dager siden
Top Chat Replay: "Do you think the sequels can be fixed?" "7-9 literally broke the Star Wars universe, they can't co-exist" "retcon the sequels!" Man...this hurts. Honestly, it really does. I really love all Star Wars material from prequels to OT to sequels to mando to clone wars and rebels. It is impossible to be taken seriously when you feel this way and it is extraordinarily sad that I am afraid to say that I am a fan of Star Wars, all of it. Because the community wants to destroy part of something I love. It hurts.
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 27 dager siden
Interesting because George Lucas was HEAVILY involved in Matthew Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith. George even told Matthew something about the story he told Matthew to keep to himself and not to put in the book .
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 27 dager siden
The sequels "strayed from George's vision" because Star Wars doesn't belong to George Lucas. It was out of George's hands when he sold Lucasfilm to Disney and George put a lot of thought into making the decision to do so. By training his protégé Dave Filoni and inserting his own self back onto the Star Wars team all is now as it should be except we really need to get Gina Carano back. Enough money can persuade Kathleen to rehire her sure. She was born to play Cara Dune in a way Lucy Lawless could never pull off. Maybe Lucy would play Wonder Woman well. And had not Disney purchased Star Wars there would be no Mandolorian as series to speak of nor would the floodgates be open in less than a year for a whole flurry of high quality serieses Star Wars on Disney plus and eventually when I get involved after film and animation and maths school new series Star Wars galore both animated CGI live action and or a combo of all them enhanced by ICAVE will hit network TV to be viewed for absolutely free by anyone who has a digital tuner.
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 27 dager siden
The rule: if something is established anywhere in Canon it extends to all Canon. If something in Canon contradicts something else in Canon it is a film flub.
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 27 dager siden
One of my upcoming Star Wars Novels will be the adventures of that little apelike man introduced in the Approaching storm. His story MUST be told.
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 27 dager siden
I loved Splinter of The Mind's Eye! It should be canonized immediately like CW 2003 was recently. #CanonizeSplinter #CanonizeApproachingStorm
ProjectFriction 27 dager siden
M G S 3 S N A K E E A T E R
ProjectFriction 27 dager siden
You know what I'm talking about
Hot Since 82
Hot Since 82 27 dager siden
Great work Theory
TRAVOH 28 dager siden
Cool interview! ✅
Flatheads Rebuked
Flatheads Rebuked 28 dager siden
Alan Dean Foster's argument or reasoning for disliking prequels is like saying "We shouldn't study history bc we know what's going to happen". We don't study the past to find out what happened on a macro level, we study it on a micro, level to learn how things happened.
Flatheads Rebuked
Flatheads Rebuked 27 dager siden
@C man Man Thanks bro.
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
That was deep man I agree
Vik Photo
Vik Photo 28 dager siden
Awesome interview! Looking forward to future interviews.
USMC Mike89
USMC Mike89 28 dager siden
His mic sucks but great interview
Jon P
Jon P 28 dager siden
My take on the sequels is they wrote it in such a way to keep as many possibilities open as possible. Force Awaken left the door open - for a while - for Rey to be VARIOUS offspring. I think they had a plan - but in the plural sense - and finalising it only when necessary.
Gabriel Lucas
Gabriel Lucas 28 dager siden
Naseem Weathers
Naseem Weathers 28 dager siden
The thing he said that really hit home for me was when he said how the force makes the characters too powerful or to add onto that too arrogant such as the Jedi of the old republic for them serving the force meant giving up all human emotion and becoming like robots that’s not how life works for the Sith it’s that are positive emotions are bad you have to be this evil sadistic sociopath to become more powerful I don’t like characters like that that’s why for me I’ve always loved the expanded universe I like the new Jedi order and the lost tribe of the Sith they’re more human than the previous orders that’s what I like about the expanding universe they do their best to re-create what George Lucas had put in motion
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
@Naseem Weathers Attachments lead to jealousy. The Jedi can love people they just aren't allowed to possess them. I'm pretty certain the parents are the ones that have a say in the matter. The only reason they take them at a very young age is what I said on the top. There standards aren't that different from religions.
Naseem Weathers
Naseem Weathers 27 dager siden
@C man Man no the Jedi of the prequel era do not have a high expectations they have unrealistic expectations first they take you away from your family at a young age to indoctrinate you second they tell you that attachment leads to the Darkside That’s why I liked the Jedi of the new Jedi order era they didn’t take children away from their families they let the children become a Jedi when they were ready
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
What he's says and what you say isn't true the Jedi just have really high standards but the main thing they have a lot of compassion which what even Anakin talks about in episode 2
Zenith Sky
Zenith Sky 28 dager siden
That was a great and very interesting interview! Thank you SWT! Even though I liked the sequels overall and enjoyed some of the scenes in TLJ, the movie did leave a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. And the point I personally disagree with is when he said no more stories about the Skywalkers, because I would absolutely love a tv show post ROTJ that follows Luke's journey as he grows and evolves as a person and as a Jedi. What kind of knowledge did he learn? What new places and planets he visited? How did he learn to harness new Force abilities? What kind of challenges he faced? Who did he meet along the way? Any relationships/friendships..? It's all a very ripe space for exploration, and the story could end way before all the mess with Kylo Ren.
Trapstar Kenobi
Trapstar Kenobi 28 dager siden
Theory maybe should try to contact Charlie’s widow and see if she would share some of the recordings and other material or even to see if she would be up for selling them , Like Alan said they belong in a museum.
F Caioki
F Caioki 29 dager siden
Dude, if you could get an interview with this guy you should try getting James Luceno’s opinion on the matter. Alan’s perspective was much needed.
Derrez 29 dager siden
An amazing video, I look forward to seeing more like this from you guys. Keep up the amazing work.
Harry Howard
Harry Howard 29 dager siden
Damn I would love so much to see Theory interview Hayden or Ewan!!
Vaughn Monroe Jr.
Vaughn Monroe Jr. 29 dager siden
I would think the most anticipated question Star Wars fans would have for ADF is how much of the A New Hope movie was he responsible for writing, how much he went off the script in writing the novelization, and how much Lucas borrowed back from the novelization into his fourth draft. I'm surprised you never asked this question and moved on to Sequels and Prequels instead. The big Star Wars mystery left unanswered.
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
I can't answer that yet but maybe this which is slightly off topic might help
OBI- -WAN 29 dager siden
epsipsychpt 29 dager siden
Your passion for star wars is awesome this is a great moment for fans and fiction culture thanks to everyone involved !
TheScientoonist 29 dager siden
This whole thing made me smile. So much. Thanks guys.
Vikkadinho 29 dager siden
His opinions on sequel trilogy are spot on!
Benson Avocados
Benson Avocados 29 dager siden
Are you still going to complete parts 3 and 4 to what if I wrote Star Wars the last Jedi?
James Films
James Films 29 dager siden
Wow that was amazing! I hope you get many more guests like him
Ben Diesel
Ben Diesel 29 dager siden
Very awesome conversation! Loved it! Great job!!
Obikenobi 29 dager siden
Great interview, not just because it was enjoyable and he was a delight, but Theory and Marc did a great job as well! I would be a nervous wreck talking to someone that big, but I guess theory and Marc are used to it by now
Anthony McKenzie
Anthony McKenzie 29 dager siden
sick video man!
Cassius Quinn
Cassius Quinn 29 dager siden
The Mandalorian is a prequel now though being just a bit before the pos ridiculous sequels. I say we all just vote the sequels are fan fiction and not canon that way the Mandalorian and other prequels can exist without the turd of what's to come in the sequels
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
Ymmv on the Mandalorian
Rabia Aydın
Rabia Aydın 29 dager siden
Moe 29 dager siden
I don’t know about you but front facing actor of luminara with her face paint creeps me out
Paranormal Pop
Paranormal Pop 29 dager siden
Why doesn't this video have 10s of thousands of more views?? If you appreciate this special interview, share this!!
GABRIELWHODAT0913 29 dager siden
I love TLJ. I use to really like Star Wars theory for his stance on the prequels, but now seems to be a bit hypocritical when he constantly comes after the sequels. Sad to see him focus on the worst parts of 7-8-9. Look at the good.
GABRIELWHODAT0913 22 dager siden
@RuyLopezQB6 I suppose. Idk. I get frustrated when people have something to complain about. Maybe it’s because I love all of the movies so much it bothers me to see hate towards any of it. I think all have their special redeeming qualities that make us feel good and empowered inside.
RuyLopezQB6 27 dager siden
How can it be hypocritical? He dislikes how the sequels were made by committee, without direction, without a plan. The prequels were the vision of Lucas, and fit with the OT, making one saga about the fall and redemption of Anakin. He looked at the good parts in 7, 8 and 9, until Daisy Ridley and John Boyega opened up, last year. And that coincided with pretty much everyone enjoying The Mandalorian S2 - which proved that SW doesn't have to be divisive. If you remember, when TLJ came out, the narrative was that people complained TFA was too similar and TLJ was too different, and so it was impossible to please SW fans. And the other narrative was to wait for IX before writing off the sequels as a mess. Well, now we know better. IX didn't reveal anything that made the sequels work any better, and a Favreau/Filoni show can keep fans content enough to not argue. Remember that Iger (presumably) was the one who decided not to use Lucas' treatments. If they thought they knew better, and could make a trilogy without a backlash, they were wrong. And since they could have kept Lucas involved, but instead pushed him aside, then they deserve to be held accountable for a trilogy with now clear vision. Just look how IX made half of VII. The audience got bored. However, you can love whatever you want.
Calvin Soares
Calvin Soares 29 dager siden
That was a really good interview
Terry Geer
Terry Geer 29 dager siden
I just really hope ADF gets paid his royalties. If they're still selling, he should be getting paid.
Nicholas Jenkins
Nicholas Jenkins 29 dager siden
Has anyone realized yet that SWT channel is about maybe 600,000 subscribers away from the official Star Wars channel sub count?!? Bro that’s crazy and really amazing. Just up the great work that you been doing here my guy and let’s get this mans channel to 3M subs soon!!!
BlueIron_YT 29 dager siden
Where are the what ifs?
Brahim Messabhia
Brahim Messabhia 29 dager siden
➡️ ⤵️ B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X---❤️😘 ..👍 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候
Jamie Merrill
Jamie Merrill 29 dager siden
That was just fantastic! Incredible insight into his perspective on everything, looking forward to future interviews!
Michael Sorrentino
Michael Sorrentino 29 dager siden
Great interview, I could listen to Alan talk about Star Wars history all day.
Salvador Dalíances
Salvador Dalíances 29 dager siden
Great interview, fellas. I can only assume the on-going issue regarding Disney stopping his royalty payments for the ANH book was a topic Allen didn't want to touch upon. Though he's spoken about this quite freely in the last half year. If unfamiliar with the story, it's worth reading up on. #DisneyMustPay
Phillip Galloway
Phillip Galloway 29 dager siden
Star Wars Theory... You gotta do a reaction video for "Slapping Yoda!"
Seanny 29 dager siden
Alan is so eloquently blunt. Its the type of literal beauty only a veteran writer can achieve. He really gets the spirit of star wars and I'm glad he's happy with the Mandalorian
hello there
hello there 29 dager siden
Do one with jj abrams
Jmnzz 29 dager siden
"A vision of group think" Heard of Alan, don't know too much of anything about him but if he isn't knowledgeable of the woke cultists, he could at least sense a disturbance in the force, based on that statement.
skintharp 29 dager siden
Star Wars Fandom
Star Wars Fandom 29 dager siden
When he said that there was no one driving the vision it shows again that there was no plan. It just hurts. George overlooked everything as the owner of lucasfilm and it shows the difference between Disney’s lucasfilm and George’s lucasfilm
Bernardo Capela
Bernardo Capela 29 dager siden
Miknay 29 dager siden
Great interview! I live the behind the scenes type stuff. Keep it coming!!
Apple π
Apple π 29 dager siden
Yeah... I think you are mistaking your 'podcast' Spotify channel with the actual NOpost channel. You're posting more podcasts in your channel and more lore related content on your Spotify
nicko 29 dager siden
Doctor Bonez
Doctor Bonez 29 dager siden
Modest Legend Epic interview.
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low 29 dager siden
That was absolutely fascinating. To a lot of thoughts I have had about Star Wars over the last 30 years. Thank you.
Wizard Wiz
Wizard Wiz 29 dager siden
Excellent interview. Alan is a gem 💎. He tells it straight. We need that back in the world. Thanks guys.
David Chapple
David Chapple 29 dager siden
What a legend ! Thanks Theory for bringing this to YT
shrey chaudhary
shrey chaudhary 29 dager siden
Nice interview! Hope we can get more of such interesting interactions! 😄
ConradWeasel 29 dager siden
Really enjoyed this interview. Never read any of Foster's books or knew who he was, but it was intriguing to learn about his views of a creative writing process, and how a catastrophe like Last Jedi can come about. Thanks for bringing this to us!
Diego Olivas Arana
Diego Olivas Arana 29 dager siden
Amazing interview, guys. I read Splinter of the Mind's Eye and the novelization of A New Hope many times, amazing books. And Alan seems like an honest, awesome professional, with great stories and a lot of things to say. Thank you!
Mr Z
Mr Z 29 dager siden
The prequels were so epic when I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to be aware of both the OT and Prequels. I loved and appreciated them EQUALLY! Never understood the hate surrounding the prequels once I was old enough to use the internet. Fuck the Disney sequels tho. They are a disgrace .
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
Totally agreed
rjphilla 29 dager siden
Pretty good interview. It's cool to get a writer's perspective. Mark needs to learn how to be on screen. He spends so much of his time looking down and is way to close to his camera. It's distracting and unnerving.
DienerContent 29 dager siden
I learned as much about writing and storytelling as I did about Star Wars. This was very insightful. Thank you to Alan for doing this!
McCauley Sandry
McCauley Sandry 29 dager siden
What a lovely guy and so fascinating to listen to!
cool bomb prime
cool bomb prime 29 dager siden
Big fan of Mr. Foster, he spit some BIG facts here.. Absolute legend.
Cooper 44
Cooper 44 29 dager siden
This interview was fantastic and further convinced me that the only Star Wars is that of George Lucas
IBRA760 29 dager siden
really good podcast, completely disagree with the prequel point however, if there's a story to tel wherever on the timeline they can tell it
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
Simon Janz
Simon Janz 29 dager siden
I am probably gonna get that book
Admiral 29 dager siden
Really enjoyed this especially with like minded people.
Cari Parker
Cari Parker 29 dager siden
I am sad that I missed out on the original stream but I just finished it and I truly enjoyed it. It was so nice to hear from someone who KNOWS Star Wars. You looked like you were in heaven as well. Very very good video. Thank you for sharing.
IBRA760 Måned siden
There's a lot of things he doesn't know or can't answer because he was kept in the dark or just wasn't told, and it's very telling of how the story of the sequels written
Aikuris Måned siden
Really appreciate this interview, Theory. In a time when Star Wars is in such a dark place, stuff like this reminds me what it's supposed to be about.
Great comment thanks
Alexey gaming with Niko
Alexey gaming with Niko Måned siden
Do more theory videos instead of focusing on these vids.
FROST BURN Måned siden
I disagree with Alan the Old republic content can really make more good stories like imagine we got to see that high definition trailers but for a movie it would be spectacular
IG AT8 Måned siden
such a great start to the interviews with rule of two.. an amazing insight from a certain point of view. thanks
Anthony Carozza
Anthony Carozza Måned siden
Great interview. I wish you would have asked him to explain his episode 8 treatment. What were his plans for Luke?
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