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22 dager siden

In the newest bad batch trailer there were tons of things we all saw, and in the reaction and breakdown video, we expressed some cool theories, live.
One thing a ton of you were commenting was in regards to Cross Hair not being in very many scenes. This was something that raised an eyebrow for me, too. I think the reason Cross Hair wasn’t seen much, was because of two possible theories. Either he turns on the boys, or, he gets killed. Crosshair turning on them makes more sense than him being killed, as he was always the most cynical Clone of the batch, I feel once the boys would defy the orders of the empire, he would find that to be against his way of operating, leading in an argument between them and a possible fall out. Now to go as far as saying maybe Cross Hair will turn on his brothers, it’s a possibility, as really the only threat to clone force 99 would be themselves against each other, as we heard Tarkin say, more capable than an army. So they’ll really need someone powerful in order to take out the team, and Vader entering the scene so early would just be too over powered, so I’m thinking Cross hair ends up betraying them somehow, or at the very least, maybe gets kidnapped or even killed by the Empire. Maybe they’re holding him as collateral for the Clones to carry out the rest of Order 66 or some other errand.
Let me know what you think down below about Cross Hair, thanks for watching.
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DevinMadaMada Dag siden
A new black series figure of Crosshair was recently leaked, with a text on the backside basically saying that he left the bad batch for the empire.
Matthew The Warrior
Matthew The Warrior 4 dager siden
I don't think that Crosshair betrayed the bad batch I've just rewatch the first trailer and I saw Crosshair fighting some clones maybe trying to escape. I have three theory's for Crosshair, he's either dead, held captive or off screen.
Will Petrie
Will Petrie 6 dager siden
I’m just glad we finally have new Star Wars things, so that Theory can do what his channel is based on... Theorize!
Clark Chester
Clark Chester 7 dager siden
What if the zygerian slave traders got him? They are in the trailers.
wolf pack
wolf pack 7 dager siden
I think he will either turn on the team or he could act like he turned but is really acting as the bad batch's inside man
Ghostface 11 dager siden
I have no doubt-when crosshair made his comment about leaving someone he sees as inferior to die... Sidious would capitalize on this opportunity.
seango fett
seango fett 13 dager siden
We need to get this channel more subs And also this is a great theory
Matthew Cuellar
Matthew Cuellar 13 dager siden
I hope nothing bad happens to Crosshair. He's my favorite.
CALLEN MARTINEZ 13 dager siden
He could have been promoted to the leader of new covert ops clone unit
ZenithF0RTE 13 dager siden
As I said elsewhere: I think that the squad was trying to remove their control chips but didn't have enough time to get them out of all of them. Crosshairs makes the sacrifice to be the one to turn and thus we get him hunting the others.
Sonar X1D
Sonar X1D 13 dager siden
It seems like betrayal after seeing the covert ops troopers armour since the leader appears to have gear exactly the same as crosshairs
Flamez Is a Bot
Flamez Is a Bot 14 dager siden
An interesting theory would be, what if crosshair was the only one in the batch that had an inhibitor chip
Alex Chiang
Alex Chiang 14 dager siden
Possibly brainwashed kaminoans can wipe clone minds like droids what they were going to do with 5’s
I Want Cider
I Want Cider 14 dager siden
Crosshair will be a double agent
StonedViper01 15 dager siden
Hi Theory I’m a huge fan of your channel and I was just playing the mobile app Star Wars galaxy of heroes and I came across a Jedi well to Jedi that I’ve never heard of and I was wondering if you could do a video on them the names of the Jedi are Jolee Bindo and Juhani
RuuFiss 15 dager siden
i really want vader scenes at the end of some episodes kinda like thanos saying, fine ill do it myself
David Wilson
David Wilson 16 dager siden
Crosshair definitely betrays them. In the first trailer there is one of those Clone Troopers in all black with the same type of scope reticule on his helmet.
Yael Isaac Vázquez González
Yael Isaac Vázquez González 16 dager siden
What if he followed Order 66?
anita savage
anita savage 16 dager siden
I’m gonna go with what others are saying about the fact that he’s a sniper he is not always going to be in those close combat shots bc he is hidden somewhere to get that perfect shot.
TheCaliDude 16 dager siden
Kinda sucks to see him possibly betray bad batch but hopefully it comes full circle and he rejoins them again
Tone Desh
Tone Desh 16 dager siden
I think he turns on them. Makes for better story telling. Very interesting.
Faris Ademovic
Faris Ademovic 16 dager siden
You can actually see crosshair getting hit ( killed) by a jet blast in the trailer. 0.59 can you see him just slow down a little bit
MBoyle18 17 dager siden
Love it!
JCM Plays
JCM Plays 17 dager siden
I think he will get captured and have an inhibiter chip put in him
valle 412
valle 412 17 dager siden
I mean its croshair, He is a sniper. He stays back and snipes. xD
Lorenz Castillo
Lorenz Castillo 17 dager siden
Crosshair gonna be the one that leads the covert ops trooper.
Sophie Luedi
Sophie Luedi 17 dager siden
i feel like he would be held captive and maybe the empire would extract information from him like they did to echo so they would have a advantage against the bad batch and the surving jedi and clones who didn't turn.
devin callan
devin callan 17 dager siden
If you look at the first trailer there is a clone part of the squad of clones hunting the bad batch that has very similiar helmet to crosshair very possible its him
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis 17 dager siden
He’s gotta beytray then he’s always been the egyest boi
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker 17 dager siden
Hey now u took this from SW youtuber called SW comics
Op Con
Op Con 18 dager siden
I like crosshair
Bossk 18 dager siden
Yo what if they are all the same person
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 18 dager siden
I think he became the covert ops commander as you can see their armor and gear is too similar
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis 18 dager siden
I’m so hyped 4 bad batch Mabye alittle 2 hype
Jenny Angell
Jenny Angell 18 dager siden
I don't believe Crosshair would betray the Bad Batch. I think he is dead or a double agent for the Bad Batch or been captured.
General Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Obi-Wan Kenobi 18 dager siden
Hello there
Justin Z
Justin Z 18 dager siden
Order this the 666th comment ... 🤫
Madcap Magician
Madcap Magician 18 dager siden
Not falling for the ‘Bad Batch’ trap, you caught me once with ‘The Mando’, I won’t get hauled in again. Star Wars is dead.
Andreas White
Andreas White 19 dager siden
I do hope they tie clone wars and rebels more closely together making it more of a complete arch in that specific time period before, and after episode 3
BlindNinja 19 dager siden
My fav Badbatch member
GALIDORN II 19 dager siden
well if Darth Baloney is going to rip off Waylon Vow that would be the logical next step for this rip off culdavar/Null arch ripoff
GeneralHappyDeath 19 dager siden
Call me crazy, but I'm getting a feeling we're about to be betrayed with this series. With everything going on at Disney and Lucasfilm, I wouldn't be surprised if at the very end of this anthology series, there's a group of defective female clones similar to Clone Force 99 and they're the ones that end up besting and killing them in the season finale. Again, just a theory, but it's possible and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the route this show takes. I know it's by Dave Filoni, but I feel like either sooner or later, Disney will try and sabotage him and his creative plans for Star Wars.
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre 19 dager siden
I think when They try to leave kamino he gets hurts and he tells them to leave and after The empire take over his mind and after he Will try to free him
ABDUR REHMAN KHAN 19 dager siden
Crosshair looks like that substitute teacher who's condescending but also doesn't care
SciFyerGaming 19 dager siden
I actually think there is a much simpler explanation to all of this. Crosshair, as his name implies and as we saw him in the Anaxes arc of season 7, is a sniper within the Bad Batch. That means that while he might be involved in some immediate action in some cases, he also may be at a distance from the rest of the squadron at times, providing them covering fire from a ledge or other high place.
Opris Family
Opris Family 19 dager siden
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peedah 20 dager siden
Anyone notice the practice bots look like Slave I?
Javier Anacta
Javier Anacta 20 dager siden
I want a scene where echo found out what happened to fives.
Arnaud Lanhove
Arnaud Lanhove 20 dager siden
I think omega is a clone of Fenic Shawn, let me explain: They needed a new donor so they used her’s because she is a very strong bounty hunter as seen in the mandalorian She was the first one made but she wasn’t good at following orders so she escaped with the bad batch And the project of using Fenic Shawns DNA was canceled
OBI- -WAN 20 dager siden
Elsa Manriquez
Elsa Manriquez 20 dager siden
I think crosshair will be capserd
Stormtrooper Animations
Stormtrooper Animations 20 dager siden
Omg exactly 4k likes
Mulya_D Channel
Mulya_D Channel 20 dager siden
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Chep Tv
Chep Tv 20 dager siden
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Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 20 dager siden
If you're not with him... then you're his enemy.
Obi wan Kenobi
Obi wan Kenobi 20 dager siden
I think crosshairs will be in disagreement with the bad batch crew for leaving the empire and he still wants to serve. So he will be hired by the Empire to spy and betray the Bad batch
The Enclave
The Enclave 20 dager siden
If Delta squad is going to be the main antagonists, they better make Sev alive or so help me
Peyton Campbell
Peyton Campbell 20 dager siden
I think there’s a chance that part of this show is like a prequel thingy, then the final bit could be order 66.
Luis 20 dager siden
Sounds interesting, but i feel we migth be theorizing to much. Usually the trailer is only the first episode.
Samuel Farquharson
Samuel Farquharson 20 dager siden
I think that Crosshair is most likely that Covert Ops trooper we saw in one of the earlier trailers. His way of thinking was very much a "weak perish, strong survive", something that the Empire would encourage.
Velvet Kay
Velvet Kay 20 dager siden
Nah, I don't want Crosshair to be dead or a (real) traitor - my favorite theory would be either he's pressed into hunting down the Bad Batch - as the calculating type of guy he would try to act like a double agent or he got lost or taken captive and the BB must free him somehow.
Ábel Szabó
Ábel Szabó 20 dager siden
I don't know about Crosshair, but what you said at the end would be really cool, the Bad Batch with jedi and Ahsoka, for sure this will be a stunning show
Golden Ghost
Golden Ghost 20 dager siden
Off topic but I’d love to see delta in this show, maybe while they are at kamino
FadedKlayy 20 dager siden
My name is Crosshair and I approve this message
Bill williamson
Bill williamson 20 dager siden
Crosshair Is going to betray them in the middle of the season and in the next season he will be reapear as an imperial commando
Muddfeet64 20 dager siden
I could see echo turning cause he was a normal clone
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal 20 dager siden
An interesting theory to be sure, but only the series can tell us its accuracy.
Luke Doran
Luke Doran 20 dager siden
Come to think of it, does anyone else feel like the bad batch will ultimately become SCAR squadron? (Task force 99)
wpdn Rla
wpdn Rla 20 dager siden
Maybe he helps the team get out of kamino by sniping the chasing clones and gets captured and gets brainwashed to become a covert ops sergeant..
Shrunken Heads And Spiderwebs
Shrunken Heads And Spiderwebs 20 dager siden
Crosshair was my favorite one. Shiiiiit.
Lucas Schwartz
Lucas Schwartz 20 dager siden
Why does nobody talk about Omega's bow from dathomir?
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ்
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ் 20 dager siden
My opinion is wait till may 4
Keith hicks
Keith hicks 20 dager siden
My theory is that crosshair gets captured and they are torturing them one by one and they put a chip into crosshair . Crosshair leads a group of clones to destroy the bad batch as cross hair is the most lethal one of them all as all he needs is a weapon and can kill anyone from anywhere so would make sense for the empire to keep him and turn him to complete order 66. I also think them taking out them droids is before order 66 and order 66 happens while they are returning to the republic or while they are fighting the droids . I also think omega is an experiment between the night sisters and clones dna .
ZX2 Aerospace
ZX2 Aerospace 20 dager siden
I don't think Ahsoka will appear. Unless the series covers more than a year in time, then existing canon continuity states her as being laying low without any contacts until about a year after Order 66, when she joined with Bail Organa and became Fulcrum.
André Oliveira
André Oliveira 20 dager siden
Noo!! he's favorite Bad Batcher! :( But actually, that's a interesting character progression.
SexualSoviet 20 dager siden
If Vader shows up, would that have any overlay with the first series of Darth Vader comics?
TrentonSBricks 20 dager siden
I think that Vader will show up like at the last episode and just deck the bad batch.
Fraser Miller
Fraser Miller 20 dager siden
He's not gonna betray them just not leave he's probably a by the book character and dislikes the idea of disabaying orders
Long Lad Plays
Long Lad Plays 20 dager siden
Love this video man personnally i made a theory video on this on my channel and i think he got captured during the kamino escape and tarkin plants an inhibitor chip into crosshair so he can lead a squad to wipe out the bad batch feel like this would be a cool way to go as crosshair to me is one of the most skilled in combat in the squad next to hunter
George Danicico
George Danicico 20 dager siden
I also think that they had a feud because you can see at 1.17 in the trailer that Crosshair was also "imprisoned" when they were talking to get away. So I think that, that was the moment when he betrayed them. But I still hope that he didn't betray them and just escaped alone and the one with gray armor from the first trailer might be a clone with similar defects as crosshair.
Harre 20 dager siden
People are looking too into it
Ship Mcgree
Ship Mcgree 20 dager siden
...and he's replaced by Clone Commando Sev.
Jim 20 dager siden
I think he's turned in the first trailer there was someone who looked like crosshair with what look like shadow trooper esk armour
Daily Xxxageration
Daily Xxxageration 20 dager siden
How is the 03 animated series (1&2) cannon if it has multiple violations to cannon
Hecy 20 dager siden
This theory might be true because I went back to see the first trailer and that's when we get to see the new elite squad troopers and I think the one in the middle or the leader might be crosshair. The helmet looks similar, he has a big blaster on his back which could be his sniper and the armor is very different from the rest of the troopers
MrJJuK 20 dager siden
Rescue mission to get Crosshair?
I am Mr Bad Guy
I am Mr Bad Guy 20 dager siden
He is a sniper.He is in the distance, not the near ground.
J.P. Ignelzi
J.P. Ignelzi 20 dager siden
I can see turmoil with echo in the clone force 99. It would make a great plot. Echo being the new guy is an amazing story maker.
The Annihilator
The Annihilator 21 dag siden
Crosshairs a scout that's why we don't see him as much as the others. But you're theory is possible tho
Onizuma13 21 dag siden
I think the first ep should lead into order 66. Seeing a glimpse of the new Lord Vader and then at the end of the season having him come in and the bad batch going "Its him! Stay on the high ground!"
Jew Tube
Jew Tube 21 dag siden
He gets Echoed™️
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
I find it really sad that the dbb clones are evil now, I wasn't shocked when the temuera clones turned because jango was already bad but dee Bradley baker's version of the clones are so different to me. :(
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
Look at Crosshair and tell me you truly believe he isn't the bad guy.
Alex 21 dag siden
I'd like the idea of Crosshair going on a few missions with Delta Squad, since it's so close to the rise of the empire Sev would be MIA and it would make sense as a temporery member of that squad.
Josh Nrabbit
Josh Nrabbit 21 dag siden
I think that for the first half of the season The Bad Batch are trying to recruit Crosshair because he left.
Jennifer Quezada
Jennifer Quezada 21 dag siden
it's 1am why am I even watching this Ooh yes it's just that I love Star wars so much and I can't wait for the bad batch
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 21 dag siden
Good soldiers follow orders..
Matthew Sharp
Matthew Sharp 21 dag siden
My guess is he is capture then convinced to join Tarkin
Max Howell
Max Howell 21 dag siden
The scene in the first tailed where there were 3 clones with darker armour. The first one looks like crosshair first of all the helmet visor looks the same abs second of all he has the exact same gun on his back as crosshair
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