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Star Wars Theory

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I was reading the star wars archives book ep 1-3, and this image of George Lucas, and his t-shirt is epic.

Wither Ninja
Wither Ninja 4 dager siden
My opinion: regardless of your exact opinion of the prequels, George Lucas deserves respect for how much he *tried* to push the limits of special affects. When you push yourself to the limit your mistakes along the way become more visible, and that’s why people don’t want to give George credit for the things that are great about the prequels. I feel like in the prequels deep and mature themes were explored much more than in the originals. I still like both.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Mutant Theater
Mutant Theater 23 dager siden
The prequels were so ahead of their time. The bar was so high after that it made the sequel trilogy feel like a complete step backwards. It’s a tragedy that Lucas wasn’t able to finish his saga the way he intended. Love your show. #RemakeTheSequelTrilogy
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz 23 dager siden
Personally I would sacrifice all of the CGI and FX in order to give way to better story telling and more interesting characters. The lack of character development(Anakin aside) or genuine concern for the characters was really the downside for me in the prequel trilogy.
Commander Captain
Commander Captain 24 dager siden
Actual fans: There are too many critics, Master Lucas. What are we going to do? Lucas:
T. Rob Brown
T. Rob Brown 27 dager siden
He was used to criticism from the elite... before American Graffiti released, the studio almost didn't release it and said it was a bad movie... which, of course, is far from the truth. George's interview by director Christopher Nolan tells this story. George took pride that this film the studio called "bad" went on to be a critically acclaimed coming of age story.
Grant Middleton
Grant Middleton 28 dager siden
George Lucas was a youngish guy(he was 32) when he wrote and directed what we now call Episode 4: A New Hope. He was a new writer/director at the time, he had only wrote THX 1138, and American Graffiti. It's amazing 20th Century Fox even wanted to co-produce and distribute the original Star Wars movie. He had the ideas in notebooks, as shown in the bonus features of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace(on the second disc) it shows him with these notebooks and talking about where Anakin Skywalker had been a slave, and joined the Jedi as a child. It was facinating to watch. The feature is called " All I Need Is An Idea". I'm truly grateful George Lucas created the Prequels Trilogy. I was 22 in 1999(Gen Xer) so I saw the Original Trilogy on VHS as a child. I could never have imagined as a child in the 80's, that George Lucas would make Episodes 1, 2, and 3. I'm so glad he did. I loved seeing young Obi-Wan and his Master Qui-Gon(we didn't know he existed) as major characters, and Anakin as a young man too, wanting to be with Padme(we could have never known Luke and Leia's mom was a queen, and later a senator. The clone wars would not be depicted until CGI could do it justice with The Clone Wars series. Some fans ragged on the Prequels. I always liked them(Jar Jar is still lame)I salute George Lucas for his vision of the Prequels.
ElevenEvilExes 29 dager siden
how could you think he was filming TPM if the quote is from 1999? :DD
Communism With Giggles
Communism With Giggles Måned siden
It's like what Bart Simpson said when he went back in time to the 1980s, "Now to get my comic book, and see a world where nobody is mad at George Lucas."
DCB Observes
DCB Observes Måned siden
I think Ep 1 is a perfect movie. Of course it has added sentiment now, in hindsight, but my finger never reaches for the ff button, never.
DCB Observes
DCB Observes Måned siden
Episode 1 is THE only movie I went to see at least 8-9 times. When the VHS came out? Me & my (now deceased) best friend would make/recieve THE call 'Phantom Menace?' & we'd watch it, still astounded Many times.
Joe Pickering
Joe Pickering Måned siden
Can you do a fan fiction on what if obi wan was killed by the buzz droids at the start of revenge of the sith
Sann Trigo
Sann Trigo Måned siden
New to you and here to stay.
Joseph R3grET
Joseph R3grET Måned siden
I couldn't even pretend to give half a shit, I flippin loved 1, 2 & 3. Well maybe not "loved" 1 & 2, they were cool, I thoroughly enjoyed them. But 3? Shiiiiiet, that's my favorite movie of the entire franchise.
r bu
r bu Måned siden
But that sand though? Is it made by angels?
Tajinder Lamba
Tajinder Lamba Måned siden
George was not simple in any terms, and his laughing at a bad review is testament to that. The whole notion of attachments, fear of loss leading to hate, anger and suffering is directly from the Bhagavad Gita, when Lord Krishna (in George's case, Yoda or Obi-Wan) teached Arjuna (Anakin) about fulfilling his duty. George read this, and his mind is on the same genius level as Tesla, Oppenhiemer and other great thinkers.
Nelanhta Riley
Nelanhta Riley Måned siden
Anakin's mental health was definitely a factor! No one goes on a killing spree and kills children and say that they are in good mental health. I think a big part of it could be some PTSD and potential issues with adjustment. He might have had some good distress tolerance that came to him naturally being a slave, but that got maxed out years ago and jedi training probably lacked the tools necessary to help him replenish that. He probably also experienced underlying depression. This is then compounded by making someone with unresolved trauma a war general. Episode 3 should also be a clear reminder of the importance of mental health and having mental health services available... you know instead of just telling people to release shit into the force. 🤷🏿‍♀️ just saying🤷🏿‍♀️
Charles Patry
Charles Patry Måned siden
Haters gonna hate, George Lucas cares but stands up to it, this goes to show how George Lucas takes the time to read opinions because he cares but he knows that others have different opinions. That's one of the things that makes George amazing
lil pincone
lil pincone Måned siden
What a god damn legend...
Darth Deggster
Darth Deggster Måned siden
The quote is from 1977 and not episode 1.
JGreer17 Måned siden
I’d love to own that shirt
Ali Fernandez Music - Topic
Ali Fernandez Music - Topic Måned siden
Hey man joined the channel love your content I learned new things please shout out thanks
Jayden Mathews
Jayden Mathews Måned siden
The funny thing is... Star Wars has a TON of political commentary... there’s a lot about the issues with democracy but how facism isn’t a valid solution to it.
Elizabeth Goree
Elizabeth Goree Måned siden
I have always loved the prequels.
Cailum Allan
Cailum Allan Måned siden
Are we all just gonna ignore that at the end of solo Ciara is talking to darts maul!!!!!!
Cailum Allan
Cailum Allan 29 dager siden
Darth sry
Matt Guy
Matt Guy Måned siden
Let's not act like EVERYTHING this man George did was gospel. I love the guy and respect him for the world he created and it's been a huge part of my life since I was 4 but to this day the prequels can really drag at times and i honestly believe if he wouldve just let someone else direct and write the dialogue and he produced and provided the story, they wouldve been way better paced and acted. Attack of the clones could've used this ten fold. I respect the prequels and appreciate them for what they are, but as far as movie entertainment, the sequels are better paced and more entertaining overall IMO. Revenge of the sith is still my second fav star wars film behind empire and phantom menace holds up way better without all the hype it had when it was released. Attack of the clones is just ass.
H idir
H idir Måned siden
Süper Mario
Süper Mario Måned siden
Why Darth Vader/Anakin at this point have eyebrows when he was speaking to Luke in Return Of The Jedi
Tamás Obbágy
Tamás Obbágy Måned siden
Off topic.. If there is a Synder cut for Justice League, can we get the JJ cut for The Rise of Skywalker??
Single Songwriter
Single Songwriter Måned siden
GOOD STUFF !!! Lucas Forward .... looking forward to what he can NOW create since his technology ideas have advanced 10 fold since 1977-1999- "2027" summer time
Rohan Jain
Rohan Jain Måned siden
Please do what if yoda taught anakin rather than obi wan
Jameson Doffing
Jameson Doffing Måned siden
happy bday
TheRealMonkeyrogue Måned siden
He lived in the shadow of those critics until Star Wars, when it eclipsed his own feelings about how good it was. Later I think he got a big head about it. (The "special edition" effect). By the time the prequels happened he was hardened to it. And that's how we got cardboard Qui-Gon.
DamagedOrange Måned siden
Coming December 2025 - Star Wars Episode IV: The Modern Lucas Cut
starclone4 Måned siden
I love George's Star Wars movies... They will always be the true Star Wars to me. !!!! I enjoy your work as well sir.. I'm one of the newest, and at 62 years old , one of the oldest to join your channel. I 'm been watching your projects for some time now, and I love it all. You're an inspiration to many of us, keep up the good work.. Also, Happy Birthday !!!! Maybe one day, I can buy you a big steak !!!! - Gernard Howell
Shaston Lott
Shaston Lott Måned siden
Plothole: why did george lucas sell a billion dollar franchise that made over 4 billion dollars 16 years ago?
Dem0nflare Måned siden
I find it funny that all those things made star wars great. Now its a movie with overly emotional actors, political/social crap, overly complex, and unrealistic Characters. In other words, a movie made to sell that has no feeling.
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Alden theory echenrich.
Dragon King 27
Dragon King 27 Måned siden
Happy birthday
Anupma Singh
Anupma Singh Måned siden
I have a Star Wars Story about Palpatine and Plagueis. Too bad I can't film It.
Mr.ProScrub Måned siden
Can you make a video covering bendu from Star Wars rebels and his understanding of the force? He was a really interesting and cool character.
Diesel Cat
Diesel Cat Måned siden
We need more "bad movies".
Ian Conness
Ian Conness Måned siden
Idk if you really do what if’s anymore, but if you do: What if Vader successfully got Luke frozen in carbonite during their fight in Episode V?
Inhaled Cobra95
Inhaled Cobra95 Måned siden
Thank the Maker
Combat Master
Combat Master Måned siden
Can you make 10 facts of darth maul?
norman nicol
norman nicol Måned siden
Apparently this is photoshopped the T-shirt actually reads “Who farted”.
Sergey O'Neill
Sergey O'Neill Måned siden They made a video based on your theory #SWT
Ian Higson
Ian Higson Måned siden
If I had created what George Lucas has I wouldn't give a shit what people thought........... plus all that cash must be a great insulator of criticism.
Peter James Ledwith
Peter James Ledwith Måned siden
There are 7 great star wars movies.....6 saga and the ewok movie..(kidding...rogue one was cool).
M. G.
M. G. Måned siden
Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈 Star Wars theory!
Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis Måned siden
I was an 80's kid, luck enough to see Return of the Jedi in the theater. LOVE the prequels, got so many answers to questions kids used to argue over on the playground since the 80's
bobby boucher
bobby boucher Måned siden
The 4 to six was good, only the boomers thet did not like it, but fuck them they are useless
Pulsar Stargrave
Pulsar Stargrave Måned siden
"No political or social commentary...?" Maybe it was a coincidence but I saw the blockade of Naboo as an allusion to the blockade of IRAQ, which I had no clue was still going on at the time Episode One premiered! A blockade which led to the death of nearly half a million people, BTW anyway, I always loved The Prequels, Unsurprisingly, just like with the OT, the "darkest" movie was my favorite!
TheBrendon67 Måned siden
Well, if they did anything well it’s keep politics and political agendas out of the movies. Ga-ha.
Wilhelm The Conquerer
Wilhelm The Conquerer Måned siden
We need a Lucas/Filloni/Favreau cut of the sequels! There's so many special effects shots that they easily could make it. Besides, it's Disney, they'll do anything to get more money and at this point, they're probably pretty desperate behind the scenes
Kevin C
Kevin C Måned siden
Twas a good video, thank you!
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome Måned siden
SWT: "Good, viewer, good. Look at it. Look at it _now."_ Me: "I... I shouldn't." SWT: *stern gaze* SWT: *_"Read it."_*
ABetney Måned siden
The 1997 New Yorker article (though the bit that quote was from was kind of from a 1977 perspective)
Szabolcs Kiss
Szabolcs Kiss Måned siden
No social documentary? The entire star wars saga is a parallel to the corruptness of the real world
ABetney Måned siden
17:30 - what? Jabba WAS in the OT, he was always in ROTJ. The scene in ANH was added back in with CGI Jabba for the 1997 release.
Gabriel Chavarria
Gabriel Chavarria Måned siden
Your mic is peaking.
TM Måned siden
What if Obi wan didn't take Anakin's lightsaber in revenge of the sith? This would've made empire a whole lot different
Rina Josscy
Rina Josscy Måned siden
Hi, random question: the old trilogy has been tweaked over the years, but I don't know if that ever happened to the prequels or if it will happen to the sequels. What do you know or think. Thanks for answering the question if you can.
Mr. Safe N'sound
Mr. Safe N'sound 27 dager siden
@T. Rob Brown yes I forgot about that, thanks for reminding us.🙂
T. Rob Brown
T. Rob Brown 27 dager siden
@Mr. Safe N'sound yet, changes were made on the blu-ray release.
T. Rob Brown
T. Rob Brown 27 dager siden
Yes, there were changes made to the prequels in the blu-ray release. The one I know for certain is that the Episode I puppet of Yoda was replaced with the Episode III level textured CGI Yoda. It seems they didn't do that in Episode II so he looks less detailed in II than I for that reason.
Mr. Safe N'sound
Mr. Safe N'sound 28 dager siden
The Prequels achieved George's intended vision so what's to tweak? Perhaps they could make 'extended editions' as was done with LOTR, adding in some of the important deleted scenes. Like the visit to Padme's family home, Padme's meeting to begin the formation of the Rebel Alliance and her tense showdown with Palpatine in his office in ROTS? Those scenes all already exist on the DVD versions though. And the Sequels might possibly get remade in the new 'Filoniverse' once Disney sorts itself out. Perhaps along the lines of George's original drafts and with all new actors? Fans really want it so it's definitely possible.
Promised Triggering Excalibait
Promised Triggering Excalibait Måned siden
They can polish a dog turd as much as they want, but at the end of the day it's still a dog turd. The sequels will be no different.
TheOtherGuys2 Måned siden
Look, the prequels have their problems. The original trilogy has its problems too. George Lucas is bad at writing dialogue, that's a big part of it. But there's two things that George Lucas is absolutely fantastic at. One is world building. He can imagine and write and create amazing new alien worlds like no other. Every single planet in the Lucas 6 films has some super distinct, memorable feature. From galaxy-spanning governments to the attack patterns of desert tribes on a backwater outer rim planet. The other is that he's really good at finding people who are capable of creating stuff better than he can do himself. It's these things that allow his work to effectively capture hearts and minds, as it's been doing since 1977. Anyways, how telling is it that the reviewer his shirt quotes thinks that a movie is bad if it isn't making some self-righteous political or social commentary? Demonstrates a failure to understand that this movie, this series, is a fantasy world, and because George is good at world building, he can build a world that stands on its own legs and doesn't have to be a political commentary about the modern world. Even if people can draw parallels between them. Seeing Episode IV in 1977, shortly after the Vietnam war, some anti-war people interpret it as showing the valiant struggle of the Vietnamese people, represented by the Rebel Alliance, fighting against an all-powerful Imperialist oppressor. while at the same time, pro-war people interpret it as showing the desperate struggle of American troops fighting for the freedom of a foreign land with limited resources, hostile terrain, and the ever-present looming threat of an Imperialist oppressor. The beauty of it is that both groups can find themselves and their ideals in the heroes of this story. The irony is, they're both wrong. The Emipre and the Rebellion are not America and China, nor are they China and America. They don't have to be, because George can create worlds, not just rename things. Incidentally, just like factions can be themselves and not analogues, characters can have character and not be blank slates for an audience to see themselves in. Star wars is a fantasy. It's an escape from the real world into a fantasy world. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to see George's version of the sequel trilogy, I believe it's too late for that. For several reasons, mostly Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Iger, and of course Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill. The latter might come back for George, but I doubt Ford would want to come back again. And having other actors replace them would be ...weird.
Yen Hua Ang
Yen Hua Ang Måned siden
Star Wars Theory, can you please do a video about who will win, yoda or darth bane?
T R Petty
T R Petty Måned siden
I was an adult when the Prequels came out and I thought they were pretty good.
Victoria Scholl
Victoria Scholl Måned siden
George said that if he had not made The New Hope trilogy first no one would have liked Star Wars. So he made them backwards.
Roan Hayden
Roan Hayden Måned siden
I remember seeing a pic of him on wearing a Han shot first T-shirt.
One_Nation_Fanwear 1N
One_Nation_Fanwear 1N Måned siden
We would have gotten more Star Wars from George himself if the uneducated toxic fans didn’t bombard him with hate about the prequels....and now those fans want his Star Wars back. Ironic if you really look at it. George says it himself about the lash back he got. It’s sad and unfortunate.
Bryce Benedum
Bryce Benedum Måned siden
Theory you should wear a shirt that says NOpostrs are ticks- Pablo Hidalgo
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Don Geraçi
Don Geraçi Måned siden
Unkie George! Come back! We're sorry!
jtr2312 Måned siden
Happy Early Birthday!
Louis Archibald
Louis Archibald Måned siden
When can we get part 2 of all the videos
jay_is_vibingTV Måned siden
Sequels trilogy never happend. It doesn't exist lol
jay_is_vibingTV Måned siden
The sequels are not cannon
Sonicblastersoni Måned siden
Anakins sucks and so do the prequels
Rob G
Rob G Måned siden
Visionary’s always are ridiculed
tennisdude52278 Måned siden
It says no political or social commentary, not documentary.
Space Mutiny
Space Mutiny Måned siden
If only he limited himself with the prequels. He went way overboard with the CGI and green screens. Ruined Episode 1 and 2 because the technology affected the performances.
Bradley Moser
Bradley Moser Måned siden
I was 25 in 1999. I'll never forget the experience and build up to TPM. It was my first SW since 1983 and while it did not live up to my expectations, it's understandable. I was 10 when I saw ROTJ in theaters so I am a die hard Ewok fan. Older fans feel differently. I truly feel it's all about how old you were when you first encounter the films.
ABetney Måned siden
That's a shame - you're missing some great Maul action and he gets actual storylines :-) (not to mention all of Ahsoka's story so far, except the Mando episode).
Bradley Moser
Bradley Moser Måned siden
@ABetney I don't really care for the animated shows
ABetney Måned siden
Have you not watched Clone Wars and Rebels?
ABetney Måned siden
For some reason I didn't see Empire till after Jedi, but don't remember the specific impact of it. I did, however, queue for ages to shake hands with "Darth Vader" at our local toy shop when I was about 6, so can't have been too freaked (my younger brother was though...?). I enjoy them all to some extent and watched Episode 1 twice on the first day (and four more times that summer, but had a cinema pass to be fair!).
Bradley Moser
Bradley Moser Måned siden
I'll never forget the hype around Darth Maul. I still have a Maul shirt I bought in 99. I was devastated when he was killed off after a single film lol
David Galloway
David Galloway Måned siden
Thank u for the insight
Nemo-Nova Måned siden
Pink Floyd published many of their 'bad reviews' in a book included in one of their box sets. I thought it was hilarious. They got the last laugh.
Diana Riba
Diana Riba Måned siden
I want a show about Qui gon jinn and obi-wan Kenobi protecting Duchess Satine on Mandalore.
wreatha robinson
wreatha robinson Måned siden
Did I miss the live stream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
DunkMan 11
DunkMan 11 Måned siden
It pretty much happens with every new generation of star wars movies
MyCollectables Måned siden
You know, when you mentioned that people didn't like the Prequels when you were a kid, it's exactly how it is for todays kids. People today are hating on the Sequels, just like people were hating on the Prequels.. So... in 10 years there will be a you tuber who is growing up today and loving the Sequels who will comment on how much hate the Sequels got, just like you are commenting on how much hate the Prequels got when you were growing up. Ironic, isn't it?
Daniel Wolfanger
Daniel Wolfanger Måned siden
George has admitted dialogue isn't his strong suit: Lucas had consulted his co-writers from American Graffiti (Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz) to sharpen the dialogue, which he felt lacked humour and bounce, and although he rejected most of what they came up with, their new ideas gave Lucas renewed confidence in his work. Regarding A New Hope: Lucas later commented on the contributions of Huyck and Katz, in the book Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays: Dialogue has never been my strong point, and so I talked to Willard and Gloria and asked them to do a quick dialogue polish. I gave them the fourth draft of the script, and they just improved the dialogue where they felt they could make a contribution. Then I took their changes, and sometimes I rewrote some of their lines. Some of their dialogue of course changed again when we started shooting. Some of it survived; some of it didn’t. They did about thirty percent of the dialogue.
TwinSun's2187 Måned siden
I hope George knows how much he means to us.
Asconisti Måned siden
12:57 Finland mentioned!
Jew Tube
Jew Tube Måned siden
We could have gotten “House of Cards in Space” and I’d prefer it over Disney’s sequels if George wrote it 🙄
CooLin1stPlace Måned siden
I appreciate this mang.
Teshiku Måned siden
Why is theory looking at a picture of some old man with a Star Wars shirt on?
Joep Daems
Joep Daems Måned siden
The New Yorker: "No political or social documentary" George Lucas: "It's treason then"
Jayeton Garcia
Jayeton Garcia Måned siden
Is Galen Marrik still alive as Sith Stalker albeit Starkiller being his clone made by Vader?
Rudraj Panandiker
Rudraj Panandiker Måned siden
Joke mutsaars
Joke mutsaars Måned siden
About Star Wars: did u ever ever see a Jedi go to the toilet I did not
RedCloudG4 Måned siden
I say this all the time. George had a vision and he set out to make it AND he did it his way. Not many movie makers or game devs can even do that all these days
Chalice Konrad
Chalice Konrad Måned siden
A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away ... I II III STAR WARS IV V VI The End Thank the Maker 👌
Redd Button
Redd Button Måned siden
This is awesome stuff. Lucas was and is a pioneer. I love stuff like this.
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