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In revenge of the Sith we all witnessed the most monumental turn of the galaxy when Order 66 was given and Anakin stormed the temple with the 501st legion. My only gripe with my favourite Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, is that we never got to see Anakin Skywalker full throttle in the Jedi Temple just destroying Jedi Masters, knights, and padawans alike. The closest we got to this was the hologram Kenobi saw infront of Yoda when he went into the security archives. Over the years I’ve written many fan fictions about Order 66, but one I’ve never done was what if Ahsoka was at the Jedi Temple during Order 66. Of course this would change many precursors like Ahsoka never leaving the Jedi, and her being on Coruscant during Order66 instead of on Mandalore…I believe if she were a Jedi still, and never left, perhaps the Jedi would have had her at the temple at this time…We could also say would Anakin have confided in her first, or Mace Windu? Let’s assume things went the way it did, and she was at the temple…would this have changed anything? Would Anakin have stopped? Let’s begin.
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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 28 dager siden
What should happen in part 2?? Thanks for watching!
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 57 minutter siden
Try to make ahsoka his apprentice
DaRtH M1RaGe
DaRtH M1RaGe 4 timer siden
Part 2
Xtreme Emperor
Xtreme Emperor Dag siden
Already put a reply here but I think Ahsoka should team up with Maul.
Xtreme Emperor
Xtreme Emperor Dag siden
We should see that fate of Rex and Maul.
AkiraDevilman 5 dager siden
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 55 minutter siden
Anakin either killing her or try to turn het, fail, then lock her up orrr kill her
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 56 minutter siden
"Last jedi" Obi wan: am i a joke to you Kanan: yeah Me: yes kanan you are
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 58 minutter siden
He'll probably ask her to join him after theu arrested her to be his apprentice to betray sidious
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod Time siden
Is your wife voicing ahsoka, she did a great job
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod Time siden
Ahsoka getting killed instantly, well not instantly they might talk and look into eachother eyes for awhile but then he would murder her
ClobeGaming 11 timer siden
Sidious: Wait, Anakin I completely forgot about the younglings, so we could totally like, re-educate them or something. Wait, you what?
Spencer Waters
Spencer Waters 16 timer siden
I got goosebumps when she first spoke.
Xtreme Emperor
Xtreme Emperor Dag siden
Rex probably would still be under Order 66.
Robbie Samra
Robbie Samra Dag siden
Ashoka fights vader and vader kills ashoka plz you never do what I want
Grace Carkner
Grace Carkner 2 dager siden
i can't do this today bestie
GOW5 3 dager siden
If this all happens that means maul would have been killed and Rex would have still had his chip
Curtycurt Epperson
Curtycurt Epperson 5 dager siden
Abida Shahid
Abida Shahid 5 dager siden
what about rex?
Gastromix Inc
Gastromix Inc 6 dager siden
I feel like he would feel obligated to save her, even try to turn her if his master would allow it or not.
Jon Evenson
Jon Evenson 6 dager siden
Yo Theory just wondering if your still doin part 2 to this vid I’m really lookin forward to hearin it
Nautilus1972 6 dager siden
Then Ahsoka woulda got that sweet ass split ...
Hathor Liderc
Hathor Liderc 7 dager siden
The voice work was not too shabby. Who did you get for Ahsoka's voice?
Jesse Billo
Jesse Billo 7 dager siden
True Master of The force
True Master of The force 7 dager siden
Pls we need part 2!
Star Wars Talk Show
Star Wars Talk Show 7 dager siden
Pure goosebumps
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 7 dager siden
i got one what if mace windu and the council trusted anakin to go confront palpatine
Orca August
Orca August 9 dager siden
So Anakin would still be burned and still have his suit.
charlie one
charlie one 9 dager siden
Can’t wait for the next one
shadowrex03 10 dager siden
what happened to Bariss in this version?
Weyoun Weyoun
Weyoun Weyoun 10 dager siden
part 2 please this was great
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt 10 dager siden
Not at Temple: Ahsoka Lives At Temple during Order 66: Not so much..
Miss Undercover
Miss Undercover 10 dager siden
Wow this was amazing! Your Hayden impression and the Ahsoka voice was awesome and this FF was round about how I imagined this scene would be like. In part 2 Anakin should come back to Ahsoka, maybe even before he fly to Mustafar, to speak with her. But Ahsoka is trying to reach him. "Anakin, what have you done?", she asked him. Anakin saw straight into her eyes. She could sense a mix of hatred and suffering within him. "It had to be done. It were the Jedi who stand in the way of peace.", Anakin said quietly. Ahsoka widened her eyes. "No, that's not true! I know, we agreed less what the council had said. But this is NOT the solution!", Ahsoka yelled. "Espacially when you want to save Padmé.", she continued a bit quiet. Anakin looked up in a bit of shock. Then lowered his gaze to the floor. Ahsoka steps forward right in front of the cell-door. "I once had a vision of her death too. I saw that she got killed by a bounty hunter on Alderaan while her speech. And everything I did to prevent that lead to the next vision. So what I want to say is that I can't believe that you will prevent anything by killing Jedi." Anakin made a fist with his kybernetic hand." Ahsoka, you don't understand this! There is a - ", Anakin grumbled but Ahsoka interrupted him. "You're right, I don't understand this. I don't understand you anymore! Anakin.. You are making a mistake!", she said, tears in her eyes.
YaManK3nsh1 11 dager siden
What if Obi Wan shidded his pants
Chaws Marse
Chaws Marse 11 dager siden
Part 2 please
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 11 dager siden
Can you please do part 2please
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 11 dager siden
Got Dead Space?
Got Dead Space? 11 dager siden
What if Kyle Ren was actually around before episode 1 but was a sith but fell in love with Ashoka and changed to the light side and stopping skywalker from turning evil??
Ozzy H Seem
Ozzy H Seem 12 dager siden
What if Palpatine lost the election for chancellor in episode I?
Nilasha Thirumalai
Nilasha Thirumalai 12 dager siden
"The wide eyed little boy" Star Wars theory: Shows picture of him squinting
Hylke Oosterdijk
Hylke Oosterdijk 12 dager siden
What if Anakins mother came with Anakin
Spectra Phantom
Spectra Phantom 13 dager siden
We need a part 2
Jedi Master Tyler 2187
Jedi Master Tyler 2187 13 dager siden
what if anakin and palpatine left obi wan on grevious ship
RDW 15 dager siden
Dragon Hearted07
Dragon Hearted07 15 dager siden
Look at the last season of the clone wars she was on a space cruiser at the time.
Luis Mazariegos Guerra
Luis Mazariegos Guerra 15 dager siden
Anakin would’ve killed her sadly. Remember Yoda’s vision when he was in the temple and saw a dead Mace Windu and younglings. He also talked with a dying Ahsoka?
Caleb Darsky
Caleb Darsky 16 dager siden
PART 2!!!
Night Strike
Night Strike 16 dager siden
Theory: finishes story Me: OH ANAKIN YOU TWAT
Colton Wieloch
Colton Wieloch 16 dager siden
Your channel has gotten me extremely into Star Wars and everything with it. These videos are a great thing for me and fill my deployments with entertainment. I think this video is absolutely fantastic, thank you for producing great content and keep it up.
Tone Desh
Tone Desh 16 dager siden
I love these videos from you, man.
Aaron D
Aaron D 17 dager siden
A theory for another video, a remarkably small change but with huge ramifications. What if Vader never burned? Anakin just drops after his limbs are cut but stay roughly where he fell. All of vaders health problems, with the exception of mechanical limbs, go away. He doesn't have as much pain to tap into the dark side but his ability to rest and focus make up for it. Sidious loses alot of his advantages over Vader meaning a coup is very likely.
Eagle owl
Eagle owl 17 dager siden
You know the scene were Obi-wan and Yoda are looking at the bodies of the Jedi and see that a Jedi killed some of them. I wish that we got to see flashes of Anakin murdering the Jedi as Obi-wan follows the trail of slashed bodies leading to the counsel chambers were hell see the younglings scattered around the room as Obi-wan nearly passes out from shock and we get a flash of Anakin slashing children that are cleverly hidden by the camera movement, then Yoda walks in as Obi-wan pants through his sentences every time he finishes a sentence another flash of the atrocity appears untill Obi-wan asks "who could have done this!?" As the camera goes to a shot of Anakin sorrowfully towering over his handy work, tears gushing down his face from his bright yellow eyes as he then turns around to walk into the other room as the doors close behind him, ending the scene.
Ro Leathley
Ro Leathley 17 dager siden
What if she actually made it to courscsnt pre execution of order 66 and rex removed his chip. I wonder how things would be different then especially with maul being there
General Pierogi
General Pierogi 17 dager siden
I feel like she would at the end become an inquisitor, or something
Daniel Plasencia
Daniel Plasencia 17 dager siden
Your deep story telling skills for this stuff is unmatched! And yes I need a part 2
Lego All Around
Lego All Around 17 dager siden
Ahsoka being the last Jedi would be much better than Rey! 8:46
blackbirrd03 gaming
blackbirrd03 gaming 17 dager siden
Will you be doing a part 2? Cause I would love to see it!
order 66
order 66 18 dager siden
Part 2 pls
Justin Conforti
Justin Conforti 18 dager siden
This is OG SWT. You should do more videos like this again!
Dough boy
Dough boy 18 dager siden
Yesss part 2
Fina Ribena!
Fina Ribena! 18 dager siden
Part 2 Part 2 It's amazing And I don't think Ahsoka would be killed by Aniken
Ethan Schmid
Ethan Schmid 18 dager siden
Kudos to the voices of Ahsoka, Anakin, and the clones!
rascalszx2 18 dager siden
Part 2 of this "what if"? Dew it!
Graham Rugh
Graham Rugh 18 dager siden
Where’s part 2?!
Undecided 19 dager siden
Get this man a job at lucas films already!!!
SEA POTATO 19 dager siden
I love how you said that dream is dead just like he’s mother😂😂
Stop Motion Commotion
Stop Motion Commotion 19 dager siden
Articus Ramos
Articus Ramos 19 dager siden
I would rather wait and see. Too many dark side steps. I can still here the dark side points earned from kotor 2.
Hanna Wie
Hanna Wie 19 dager siden
I have imagined a what if story myself these past months about Padme waking up whil Anakin is fighting Obi Wan on Mustafar and how she might have brought the little light left of Anakin in Vader back to the surface. If I ever write/design the story or pieces a bit more out, could you take a look and tell me your opinion? :)
scout trooper
scout trooper 19 dager siden
IMHO Sam Witwer doing a better job at voicing Palps.
Héctor Hervey Peralta Portela
Héctor Hervey Peralta Portela 20 dager siden
8:45 one of the few times "The Last Jedi" gets me emotional
Arnav Arora
Arnav Arora 20 dager siden
“That dream was dead like his mother” I’m dead💀
Matthew Spicer
Matthew Spicer 20 dager siden
The main reason he turned is because padme was all he saw he had left but if ahsoka was still in the order I don’t think he would’ve turned as he still had her
Rufus Smith
Rufus Smith 20 dager siden
Art 2 pls!!!!!!!!!
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
Where is rex during this?
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 dag siden
I love how every jedi vader has met has told him it's not to late to turn back even though he literally murdered kids
Idrees Najibi
Idrees Najibi 21 dag siden
I prefer this fleshed out dialogue style over third person. Also, I agree with another comment, Anakin would try to turn her to the dark side. And the fact that she left the Jedi order too and sees the flaws within it might make that an interesting scene. But then again your version has her staying in the order, so maybe not lol. Regardless, he would still try to turn her.
William Wilting
William Wilting 21 dag siden
And what would have happened if Ashoka followed Anakin to Palpatine's office at the time of the attempt to arrest the Sith Lord?
Toxic Studios
Toxic Studios 21 dag siden
I’m so happy he brought back the theory’s
B Rad
B Rad 21 dag siden
George should have sold Star Wars to you.
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews 21 dag siden
Anakin would never kill Ahsoka because they were both the most trustworthy to each other and their relationship was by far the best of the best especially since Ahsoka was Anakin's padawan
AliceInStitches 21 dag siden
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 22 dager siden
Disney should totally do an Order 66 tv show. It should show a new Jedi or old Jedi who has to survive order 66 and deal with the next few years of the rising empire with the Jedi gone and the inquisitors.
Kaleb Isbill
Kaleb Isbill 22 dager siden
Please part 2! This was awesome!
Jaden Galvez
Jaden Galvez 22 dager siden
PART 2 please
Greshaan SinghBhatthal
Greshaan SinghBhatthal 22 dager siden
Please do a part 2 with anikan returning to the light and healing the Jedi
SSupressor 22 dager siden
i think the ahsoka voice actor could have sounded like the original one with "-een" in place of "-ing", even though it sounds kinda weird LOL
Holy Warrior
Holy Warrior 22 dager siden
Anakin was too driven by his own selfish desires. Ashoka being there would’ve changed nothing. He was rapidly on the path to the dark side. “Do what must be done Lord Vader. Do not hesitate, show no mercy, only then will you be strong enough in the Dark Side to save Padme.” -Emperor Palpatine.
Steven Riuz
Steven Riuz 22 dager siden
then she would have died
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt 22 dager siden
Damn, i want anakin the come back. Considering he's the chosen one and strongest force user ever it'd be nice if somehow a really powerful sith was alive and been growing in the shadows which would force Anakin back to the real world in physical form as the only hope left. But he hasn't been alive for quite a time, so he needs training, like a young padawan etc. I think that would justify his story, if a good film was made out of something like this, another trilogy all about it, in depth or something. Then we would see the real power of The skywalkers, and they'd better make him way more powerful than luke's greatest potential cause, as his father who was made out of the force, he should be like a god, and luke "merely" a half-god.
Noel Tollebäck
Noel Tollebäck 22 dager siden
What if Ahsoka did have time to speak to anakin before he left in revenge of the sith/clone wars you know after ahsoka heard maul wanting to meet him and mace said like I sense a plot to destroy the jedi
Andrew Tanner
Andrew Tanner 23 dager siden
Here's a comment
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep 23 dager siden
Can you make a theory that luke and vader kill Palpatine but vader dosnet for PLEASE
Teo Tönz
Teo Tönz 23 dager siden
Ashay Raj
Ashay Raj 23 dager siden
Part 2 please 😍😍🤩🤩
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Deion Mitchell
Deion Mitchell 23 dager siden
I enjoyed your video, Theory. It's been awhile since I came by your channel. However, Ahsoka couldn't reach him no matter how close they were. I definitely can see him conflicted with her and relenting, but not by too much. Saving Padme, the taste of the Dark Side enveloping his very being, his anger, hate, sorrow... Only Luke could turn Anakin. He was all he had left of Padme.
Komortas 23 dager siden
Let's go! Part 2!
Aiyana Redwood
Aiyana Redwood 23 dager siden
your hayden/anakin impression is fucking insane
F0RY0U 23 dager siden
Notice how Anakin checking the bathrooms is never mentioned or shown. I'll bet more Jedi survived than we know.
icerian86 23 dager siden
Part 2 plz ❤️
Nikos YourDaddy
Nikos YourDaddy 23 dager siden
"The Appretince lives "
Anthony Schembari
Anthony Schembari 23 dager siden
I always thought ashoka and ankian would end up together until padmay
King Dami
King Dami 23 dager siden
You never disappoint, this was beautifully done
Frost Starr
Frost Starr 23 dager siden
Can you do what is Mace windo did no kill Jango Fett
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