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Star Wars Theory

Måned siden

welcome to the Rule of Two...

Too Old To Learn Guitar?
Too Old To Learn Guitar? 23 dager siden
This is brilliant.
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin 23 dager siden
marc on that juul
Isaiah Iniguez
Isaiah Iniguez 23 dager siden
“I can vouch for that” mark definitely tried to get theory to hit his bong
darth wint
darth wint 23 dager siden
Keeping Nerd/Theory & having Ro2 do interviews is such a good idea.
Mario Bong Rips
Mario Bong Rips 24 dager siden
Now get rid of the cringe guy from your nerd theory podcast and you’re on the right track
Aurang 24 dager siden
God if you end up starting the Avalanche that gives us George's Sequel Trilogy. I will owe you a life debt, like Jar Jar owed Qui-gon.
Bryan Kerr
Bryan Kerr 25 dager siden
RJ shouldn't be allowed near Star Wars.
Mutant Theater
Mutant Theater 25 dager siden
I think if there’s a small sign that there’s chance of a Lucas Trilogy the fans will definitely unite. We’d get called crazy at first, but what just happened with the Snyder cut proves it’s possible. Especially if there’s money to be made. Great idea though.
Felix Quiros
Felix Quiros 25 dager siden
Rene Stewart
Rene Stewart 26 dager siden
DSM Panda
DSM Panda 27 dager siden
@40mins Theory speaks very true
Fluorescence24 27 dager siden
If a hashtag had the power to fire Gina Carano, then #RealiseTheGeorgeLucasSequelTrilogy has the power to bring us the true Star Wars sequels in George's vision! everyone spam it on twitter.
Star Wars Talk Show
Star Wars Talk Show 20 dager siden
But the cancel Disney plus didn’t get gina back... and I think you meant release not realise
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 27 dager siden
We got the Snyder Cut, next we gotta get Spiderman 4 made and to release 4 hr ROTS. #makespiderman4 needs to get trending.
Fluorescence24 27 dager siden
45:14 lmaoo not Marc saying the Falcon and the Snowman
dawn howe
dawn howe 27 dager siden
I just posted it on Facebook. I don't have a Twitter account.
TRAVOH 28 dager siden
Cool video! ✅
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning 28 dager siden
"The Shroud of the dark side has fallen".
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning 28 dager siden
Thank goodness theory didn'T kill the younglings,marching on the temple and wiping out everyone in the temple it's like Theory and Marc are Vader and Palpatine.
TOXIC 28 dager siden
Happy belated birthday theory!🔥
Isaac 29 dager siden
Theory does very well with his Yoda impressions!
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
Perform wonderfully he has
Darth Anakin
Darth Anakin 29 dager siden
Who got footage of me?
Peter Ferret
Peter Ferret 29 dager siden
I need the "now there are two of them" clip
carlos acosta
carlos acosta 29 dager siden
Freedom of speech does not include Nazi sympathizing & hate speech…
Hajir Azad
Hajir Azad 29 dager siden
Dude just checked out the new theory website, looks bangin. Also what a GENIUS idea incorporating your own crypto :)
Tarik Kovacevic
Tarik Kovacevic 29 dager siden
There's my post
AB Youngrome
AB Youngrome 29 dager siden
Love the big brother little relationship these 2 have
starllordpat 29 dager siden
starllordpat 29 dager siden
Happy birthday mate
MISFITness 29 dager siden
Tom Hardy is too short for Darth Bane
SBmedo20 29 dager siden
It's a message board about Star Wars.... but with cryptocurrency integrated into it? Why? I love love love Theory, but this just sounds like really bad pyramid scheme to me. I see young people who don't know any better losing money (in some cases LOTS of money) because they want to be part of something they don't understand, all the while money trickles up to a few.... I hate it. Please let me know if there's something I'm missing? I really want to see the other side of this, and not get angry at it. Anyway, I couldn't listen anymore. Had to turn it off at 25 minutes. First Theory video I didn't watch to the end in a long time.
nicolas cryer
nicolas cryer Måned siden
I know I'm late, so happy belated birthday. Thank you for all of the joy your videos bring me
Nick NGC1138
Nick NGC1138 Måned siden
I think the reason many companies are canceling good directors like Lucas and Snyder is simple these creators are simply not willing to change the content and story of their movies to fit the whims and theAgendas of these mega corporations. In other words they’re not Megastudio puppets.
Entropi Måned siden
Lol the thumbnail, first thing that came to my mind was "oh... it's Darth Senate and Darth Sand"
Shaun DeCroo
Shaun DeCroo Måned siden
If you do end up doing some science folks. Should try and get Neil Degrasse Tyson, also please stay away from political crap.
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan Måned siden
Let's get it started I would love to see his version/view of the sequels trilogy #releasetheLucascut
Sam Kneller
Sam Kneller Måned siden
Why not instead of replacing leia, have a daughter follow in her footsteps and have her do what leia was intended to do instead
Samwise Jay Morgenstern
Samwise Jay Morgenstern Måned siden
Rail Aveross series with the John Wick director at the helm. Love it already
Eliot Behrend
Eliot Behrend Måned siden
i came up with an astromech droid named R6-L9
Eliot Behrend
Eliot Behrend Måned siden
sorry, im late
Sann Trigo
Sann Trigo Måned siden
New to you.
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
OLDTIME47 Måned siden
Janobot Måned siden
This is where the fun begins
Christopher Carroll
Christopher Carroll Måned siden
Ben Burtt?
Jr M
Jr M Måned siden
Yall see what Daisy Ridley had to say?
FadedKlayy Måned siden
FadedKlayy Måned siden
James Luceno would be a fantastic guest you guys could have on the show
PATRICK STAR Måned siden
Prefer Josh, but still gonna watch cause of Theory.
Konstantin Stoychev
Konstantin Stoychev Måned siden
What if Sidious forgot to have his lightsaber with him when Windu comes and be like "It's treason the- ooooh wait a second * checks the drawlers * aaaaah, here it is" and then starts to fight?
happyvibes •
happyvibes • Måned siden
Loving the lightsaber company but problem with limited edition premium sabers is only the well off fans with money will have a chance to own them, b nice if u put a few aside for giveaways to give those of us who are not as well off a chance to own 1, I got a mortgage and 4 kids to feed,cloth,try to keep up fashions and crazes, mobiles tablets etc etc, I’m def not owning a saber😂
Joaquin V.
Joaquin V. Måned siden
Hopefully I can score a Saber!!
MiNdDiViDeD Måned siden
Happy Birthday Theory
Bill Tsoukalis
Bill Tsoukalis Måned siden
But theory you say that if you have a different opinion, then you're called "alt right" or "sexist" but don't you see you're doing the same thing. All I've heard from people for years that are against what disney has done with SW, is say those exact things. People bitch that SW is to poltical and to PC... but in reality it's just another reason to continue pushing divison. I would have preferred Lucas complete the Skywalker Saga, but that didn't happen. He sold his company. It's done. We can only hope that Disney gives us good stories and content. But honestly everyone pissing and moaning about which Star Wars is "better" is really just dumb and desperate at this point.
PizzaTheHutt Måned siden
Dave Filoni!?
Oliver Neat
Oliver Neat Måned siden
To me the sequels are a fan fictions. I dont count them as real, they should be a what-if. It's kind of annoying though because actors in it have been ruined and wasted oppertunity/talen . We cant use other actors again. For example Carrie fisher, Harrison ford will refuse unless he gets paid a lot, and i don't think mark Hammell will do it unless lucas is involved. Too many things were shit in those for them to count for me
Joaquin V.
Joaquin V. Måned siden
Happy belated Birthday Theory! Looking forward to today’s interview
Lord Sidious
Lord Sidious Måned siden
confirmed - Definitely Dave
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand Måned siden
Can someone link me the dragon Ball theory channel I literally still cannot find it I've been searching every day since he announced that it launched I cannot find it
Evan Hopkins
Evan Hopkins Måned siden
Is theory building an online lightsaber shop?
Atahan Yavuz
Atahan Yavuz Måned siden
Can you do “What if Darth Vader won against Luke in Return Of The Jedi”
Victor P
Victor P Måned siden
LJimmy Måned siden
pachaturbate Måned siden
your mic's volume goes crazy sometimes mate, great videos, cant wait for the Rian Johnson interview
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
To Dagobah, what if I took Luke when he was baby, and as his own daughter, Master Kenobi raised Leia? (I used a Yoda speech generator for this, let me know if this is better)
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Until a video, this becomes.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Give up, I will not.
Saadevideo Måned siden
I was making in an account on the forum yesterday i signed out and then when i tried to sign back in it said invalid username ever since then it won't let me make a new account or sign back in
Tim Link
Tim Link Måned siden
You'll never get that Lucas trilogy although I'd love to see it. The division amongst fans may be fan driven, but it is definitely corporate sponsored. They definitely don't want to do it either. Imagine having a multi-billion dollar idea and not wanting to do it because of your own ego.
Nelanhta Riley
Nelanhta Riley Måned siden
I watched the Zach Snyder Justice League film. It was released after DC fans rose up and essentially harassed those involved with production of the film. Star Wars fans rose up and created a movement within the franchise as well. I can only imagine the type of meaningful change these fans could help create if we actually focused real issues like racism, homeless, etc. So, I think having conversations outside of Star Wars would be enriching.
FadedKlayy Måned siden
Dave Filoni and John should work on a revamp sequel trilogy. Unless they can get George.
Stuart Pawley
Stuart Pawley Måned siden
I doubt John and Dave will get that far with KK she seems happy to give them Mando/ and Disney plus universes.
J Oliver
J Oliver Måned siden
#starwarstheory you guys are awesome. It is really satisfying to see/hear you guys together again. I look forward to seeing you guys conquer Star Wars together!
Colton Måned siden
If y'all get George Lucas you need to book like 2 hours of this time to get in as many questions as possible
Firewolf 69
Firewolf 69 Måned siden
You two are getting married?
Macaulay Gallacher
Macaulay Gallacher Måned siden
When the Obi-Wan series comes out, please could you try to get Ewan McGregor for an interview?
Judosailor Måned siden
If the prequels are an example of what we’d get, then I say no thanks to the Lucas cut!
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
@Judosailor I dont think so
Judosailor 27 dager siden
@C man Man Lol. Ok man. It’s just exactly like what I said at the beginning. And one day it will be the same for sequels.
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
@Judosailor You're living in a cave, most people these days especially the new fans aren't falling for RLM bullshit anymore.
Judosailor 27 dager siden
@C man Man I don’t think you know what “lie“, “backpedal“, “fans“, or “disproves“ means. LOL
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
@Judosailor It was friendly until you decided to lie and bring up RLM who are not even Star Wars fans. I'm betting you never watched my link that disproves not only Rocketjump but RLM as well. I can't understand why you make up crap about George just because you don't like his films.
Do people forget. George Lucas wrote the prequels 🤣🤣🤣🤣
C man Man
C man Man 27 dager siden
He wrote the originals too. So where are you going with this?
Brock Harbourne
Brock Harbourne Måned siden
Hey Theory. Would you ever give away one of your lightsabers that you don’t use as much anymore?
James Lamb
James Lamb Måned siden
I’d love to see an old Luke series…full power
Jacob Savage
Jacob Savage Måned siden
My boy
coachNewman17 Måned siden
good god please don't bring 'political experts' into this show. You want people to push back and divide your fan base...talk politics.
Andy Bertaut
Andy Bertaut Måned siden
Your www records seem to be broken. starwarstheory.com/ works but www.starwarstheory.com dies
Fabio Dias
Fabio Dias Måned siden
Rob Cable
Rob Cable Måned siden
Marc Thompson would be a great guest he has voiced so many books he would have great knowledge and do great impressions
Rob Cable
Rob Cable Måned siden
You and Marc and you and Josh are great pairs and I also like when all three of you do stuff
Star Wars Jay
Star Wars Jay Måned siden
The first ever “grown up” book I read was his adaptation of Alien. Loved it.
Parker Peter
Parker Peter Måned siden
Let's get this LUCAS CUT trending and show DISNEY how much we want and need this guys
Szeltovivar Sydroxan
Szeltovivar Sydroxan Måned siden
Lost cause. Disney literally doesn't care. They hate SW fans. Like, genuinely hate.
TheAllSeeing Måned siden
Phillip Galloway
Phillip Galloway Måned siden
Its interesting how you can read into a persons subconscious by watching their eyes. If they look down they could be thinking of what they have felt... Mid level what they have heard... Up what they have seen.
Cold Juice
Cold Juice Måned siden
Why are you doing business with China? You know they are pretty much Nazis right
Number One
Number One Måned siden
Bruh. I got one thing to say. RELEASE THE #releasethelucasdequeltrilogy !!!
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ்
TheMonkeMaster தமிழ் Måned siden
Jedi shaggy now canon
MΛJØR Måned siden
>:))))))) Xtreme hype!!!
Charlie hutchings
Charlie hutchings Måned siden
Should ask him about the alien books he wrote about as well
Herry Petter
Herry Petter Måned siden
What if Grogu is one of the people that gets trained by Luke until Kylo destroys the whole temple, which means Grogu died
JayBurr Måned siden
I'm really excited for Theory's Saber Company.. Gonna take a while to get off the ground but imagine the designs Theory will have for his Sabers
Yoda Måned siden
Almost 3M!
Nicol Bolas
Nicol Bolas Måned siden
rule of two is shit, old republic sith are more fun and better
Luca Måned siden
why is josh not here?
H idir
H idir Måned siden
Get J.W Rinzler on Rule of Two!
Khodexus Måned siden
Honestly a little tired of people calling Grogu an "infant". He can walk, catch his own food, and understands language, even if he's suppressed his ability or willingness to talk. Even the show doesn't call him a baby, but a child. Probably equivalent to 5 to 8 years old.
Sorat 29 dager siden
I mean he is like 50 so that could be around the same as a 5 in human years given Yoda's 900
gh Måned siden
James Smith?
gh Måned siden
Francis Coppola?
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