Bad Batch Date Revealed and Republic Commando Game Coming

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Star Wars Theory

Måned siden

Welcome back to another episode of Star Wars Theory, where today we'll cover the news from this week about the Bad Batch date reveal and Republic Commando coming back to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, plus more.

Christian Burns
Christian Burns Måned siden
There should be a sequel to republic commando
Ryan Dyer
Ryan Dyer Måned siden
Lady of iron
Lady of iron Måned siden
What I would give for them to make a omega squad series or delta squad
FadedKlayy Måned siden
May 4th SW marathon watch party?? Plus the bad batch episode?
Dante Måned siden
Republic Commando is badass. I loved how it connected episodes 2 and 3.
Alexis Jankowski
Alexis Jankowski Måned siden
Favorite part of this video is 34:06 “God damn it, Wesley”
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Måned siden
... this isn’t insider info lol but I legit think Sony is in talks with Disney to have Star Wars becoming a PlayStation exclusive for some new game titles, they already been in talks about Spider-Man..
Charles Patry
Charles Patry Måned siden
Love ur channel! so excited to play republic commando and watch the bad batch. hope to see some new details on kenobi series too!
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Theory Rocks
Dallen Humpherys
Dallen Humpherys Måned siden
Maybe they are not even around jedi during order 66.
Jim Beezer
Jim Beezer Måned siden
Unfortunately i will never purchase disney+ again.... will be missing this show
Joe Forcelli
Joe Forcelli Måned siden
i pray every fan resists the urge to watch any Star Wars content after the abhorrent treatment of Gina Carano.
wingriddenangel Måned siden
oof republic commando on the Xbox was my favorite game ever
Kh Gh
Kh Gh Måned siden
Got say mate, Amazing content but a bit long for me. For everything Star wars this the place.
Kenneth Sanders
Kenneth Sanders Måned siden
HUNGRYJTA Måned siden
Batch 99 are failed colones and clone 99 is a failed clone.
Marty Måned siden
Listened to the podcast religiously but there was a gap of some for an age and never realised more went up. On that shortly
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Måned siden
Check out MD5 Gaming! nopost.infovideos
Todd Ethersee
Todd Ethersee Måned siden
#canceldisneyplus #boycottdisney as they like to condone/support internement/concentration camps and the abuse of blacks in china. You can watch any disney programme/film by sailing the open seas of the internet!!!!
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn Måned siden
RIP Alethea McGrath aka Madame Jocosta Nu. June 1st 1920 - February 9th 2016.
David Molinarolo
David Molinarolo Måned siden
Hey Theory, life long fan of SW here since '77. (Was 3 yo back then.) So I was wondering, is there a Galactic Norm in how Years are counted in SW kinda like how there's the Stardate convention in Star Trek, because the extremely long lifespans of the Yoda/Grogu species brings up the idea that their home planet may just have a near (and obviously fast) solar orbit, making their years pretty short. So with Grogu being 50 at the time of the Mandalorian that may just mean that he could be as young as say 5 Earth years. I haven't read hardly any EU Legends novels, but I have read the pre-prequel Comics, and a bit of the Clone Wars comics, but I've never seen any mention on how years are calculated in the SW universe. Do they all go off of Coruscant's years kinda like UTC time here on Earth?
Jake Marino
Jake Marino Måned siden
Cassius Quinn
Cassius Quinn Måned siden
Wtf don't they just make a NEW Republic Commando bad batch game?? Why tf does Disney simply regurgitate everything!? F*CK!!!!!
Shrek Gaming
Shrek Gaming Måned siden
Title is clickbait. Its a remaster of the old game
Ethan.p Måned siden
loving the streams
Brandon Måned siden
I miss fan fics and stuff so much man
Bálint Tóth
Bálint Tóth Måned siden
Please give us some time stamps in the description!
Majestros Måned siden
Star wars is dead to me until KK gets fired
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Zee Bernz
Zee Bernz Måned siden
Sucks cuz the MP won’t be included
Jon Rushby
Jon Rushby Måned siden
Dude, u do u. Its a good thing ur looking after yourself and u dont sound too different.
6dayzofchaos Måned siden
The Mando watch parties. Just something special about those. I sit in the WandaVision watch parties. It is not the same as Starwars but a lot of the same people.
Gary the Stormtrooper
Gary the Stormtrooper Måned siden
We need to scrap this spin off and make a Gary the stormtrooper series Staring Gary the stormtrooper and Larry the stormtrooper
Larry the Stormtrooper
Larry the Stormtrooper Måned siden
Heck yea
One_Nation_Fanwear 1N
One_Nation_Fanwear 1N Måned siden
Bring back your comic videos.
Richard Vanleeuwen
Richard Vanleeuwen Måned siden
They need to make a empire at war 2
Lapis Infernalis
Lapis Infernalis Måned siden
I hope they make the game canon.
Frosttyy12 Måned siden
Try out a compressor for that mic. Clips out like crazy when you talk louder
Zack Greig
Zack Greig Måned siden
They need to fire kk then things will get better she must be fired
GrungyMonster 71
GrungyMonster 71 Måned siden
Doesn't Echo probably still have the chip
michael b
michael b Måned siden
Cancel Cruella Kennedy
Jake n' Bake
Jake n' Bake Måned siden
Fire Kathleen Kennedy! #FireKathleenKennedy
Dylan Havell
Dylan Havell Måned siden
Oh my god. I loved playing Republic Commando's when i was a kid. Cant wait to watch this! Is it a remake or just re-released? I would love updated graphics!
Zee Bernz
Zee Bernz Måned siden
It’s a re-release without multiplayer
chaz Måned siden
Lucasfilm and Disney are dead to me until they fire kk and her feminist minions
coachNewman17 Måned siden
Playing Republic on PC is amazing, but if you have the opportunity, it is $10 for XBOX and it is enhanced for the One X. Looks amazing and PLAYS AMAZING. Do yourself a favor and play TODAY if you have that opportunity
leopard Måned siden
In the Ahsoka book she and Rex split up and go into hiding
leopard Måned siden
I am ADDICTED to the audiobooks!
bill billington
bill billington Måned siden
Theory boi gotta so more of these open ended streams. Some of my favs!
Leafsfan-starwarsfan Måned siden
I like Pineapple roasted with cinnamon sugar on the outside
Leafsfan-starwarsfan Måned siden
Hey Theory would you ever do a Canon Vader show? I know that you're doing the Fan-film, but it would be awesome to see you as a director/writer with Lucasfilm's, hopefully Lucasfilm will right the ship by then and hire you! . Theory, Filoni and Favreau for Lucasfilms best and only writers and movie crew!
Drew Måned siden
My personal favorite timline in star wars right after order 66.
Ionica Aruxandi
Ionica Aruxandi Måned siden
I would like to see a link between The Bad Batch and Scar Squadron in the show
CT Vulf
CT Vulf Måned siden
Hey Theory. I just realized this Obi Wan show may be the first time we get to see live action clone troopers. I would love to see this!
Jim Beezer
Jim Beezer Måned siden
I love everything about star wars, but the newer shows/movies that Disney has released have been a real buzzkill... I want to escape to a universe where I dont have to worry about woke activism... Disney ruined it for me😞
Rebekah Galloway
Rebekah Galloway Måned siden
Being a fan of something that disney owns, will be a abusive relationship.
PK Droid
PK Droid Måned siden
If only Theory played Battlefront 2004...
Star Wars 101
Star Wars 101 Måned siden
Hey it would be cool if you could do a video on the prophecy of the chosen one cause it was a bit confusing in the movies when all they would say was anakin was supposed to bring balance to the force. But how?
marc guidetti
marc guidetti Måned siden
Retcon to the Sequels: Grogo goes full Sith because of the assassination of Auntie Cara. He find Mara Jade Before Luke does and she becomes his Sith Apprentice. Grogo & Mara kill Luke, and then convince Dinn to accept his role as the rightful Mandalore and just like in the early years of Viatiate's Sith Empire, Grogo's new Sith Empire allies itself with the Mandalorians to bring done the Republic. And this time they are victorious, Killing Han, Liea, Chewy, & Lando in the process. Grogo begins his 1000 year reign as the Sith Emperor of the Galaxy. (Meanwhile Grogo secretly hired Boba Fet to travel far outside the Galaxy and travel through time and hunt done and execute Kathleen Kennedy, and this time Boba is allowed to use disintegration)
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan Måned siden
Excited to maybe see Quinlan vos in this
BananaBum_5555 Måned siden
If the Bad Batch refuse order 66 (that is if disney puts order 66 in) I hope they try to stop the clones, or say something like,"woah what are doing?"
BananaBum_5555 Måned siden
Dude, you are like my main news source for Star Wars
jack o'neill
jack o'neill Måned siden
Christopher Thiessen
Christopher Thiessen Måned siden
Didn't watch your rant. Just here to let everyone know that I cancelled after Gina was cancelled and only consider Lucas canon. Just doing my part to be "less white"
Karl Magnus
Karl Magnus Måned siden
45:15 e different between theory and many other Star Wars Fans is, that they get toxic as hell as soon as someone says something different that they believe, and theory is just the opposite, from my impression you are always calm, and try to discuss things normal and civilized...
Rook Måned siden
Boycott Star Wars, Boycott Disney, bring back Gina Carano, Fire Kathleen Kennedy
Digital Paradox
Digital Paradox Måned siden
Lmao a gonk droid, good choice man, good choice
Fighter_Pro productions
Fighter_Pro productions Måned siden
Sorry I missed the stream :( BTW, I think nobody mentioned this but I swear I saw Fennick in the Bad Batch trailer! (I think I spelled Fennick wrong tho)
Simon Perez
Simon Perez Måned siden
We need to boycott Disney, that company despises the fans. Fuck Disney. Don’t give them money.
Marshall De Leon
Marshall De Leon Måned siden
For the republic!
Moo Butt
Moo Butt Måned siden
TEB Thermian
TEB Thermian Måned siden
Not watching anything made my Marxist.
AJ Måned siden
Maul knows of Vader in Rebels and so maybe he had an encounter with him before then
Thicc Boop
Thicc Boop Måned siden
People saying xbox sucks but it's already backwards compatible on the Xbox. Not a xbox player but xbox has a much larger backwards compatible group than PlayStation and nintendo switch. It's not BIG news.
smit7120 Måned siden
If it's on Disney+ I Don't care
JumboJay Måned siden
Torrent or stream the episodes
HELLDIVER Måned siden
holy fuck that earrape at the start of the vid it scared me so much
Georgh h
Georgh h Måned siden
You sound completely normal,and we hardly see the inviseline braces, just so you know theory :)
Speedrunner0803 Måned siden
Characters I want too see in Bad Batch again: Ahsoka,Maul,Vader,Rex,Wolfe and Gregor.
Crash Test
Crash Test Måned siden
If Ashoka is in Bad Batch... Who will be the voice actor?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Måned siden
I hope I make a cameo of me having the high ground.
m4gickyt Måned siden
I’m actually excited to see their reactions as well towards everything especially echo’s reaction. We might also see Rex and ahsoka again.
Tony Diaz
Tony Diaz Måned siden
I've waited over 15 years for republic commando 2 i gave up on it after disney rebooted it. But clone wars is cannons and gregor was on it so i have hope.
Ka Fai Chan
Ka Fai Chan Måned siden
The maddening cart notablely fade because pest geographically wash amongst a kind fountain. eatable, inconclusive dipstick
boiled turnip
boiled turnip Måned siden
NOWAYNOWAYNOWAYNOWAY Edit: I thought the title meant a republic commando sequel idc about ps4 rip but still bad bath release EPICEPICEPICEPICEPIC
Luke M
Luke M Måned siden
Hopefully they meet up with Rex as well and help him to find his friends we see him with in Rebels
Richest Man In Tatooine
Richest Man In Tatooine Måned siden
Am I the only one who also loves Episode I - The Phantom Menace video game that came out in 1999? They should make a Republic Commando Movie or a serious Disney+ Limited show. It is time older fans get something too.
DO IT WITH DYLS Måned siden
Hi Theory love the vids they are really great and interesting. I cannot wait for the bad batch series it will be such an interesting series full of great action.
Silvers D Rayleigh
Silvers D Rayleigh Måned siden
42:38 to answer the question from this particular moment of the video (who would beat Sidious and Vader in a fight)... now the list I'm about to show bellow will make Sidious and Vader look like kids getting spanked by adults Tulak Hord, Dark Lord of the Sith who lived and died UNDEFEATED in both, the use of the Force and Lightsaber mastery. Marka Ragnos, the best of the best of the Sith during his era, unparalleled in the use of the force and Alchemy. Naga Sadow and Ludo Kresh, both apprentices of the Great Ragnos ( won't say anything about them, it would probably take all night) Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Darth Revan, prime Darth Bane (Orbalisk armor), Darth Andeddu(immortal Sith Lord) Darth Nihilus(even thou he was considered mediocre while he was human, after losing his physical body and becoming a ripple in the force, he became one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy) and let's not forget one of the most powerful entity of the verse, the Sith Emperor... the Immortal Monarch... Tenebrae/Darth Vitiate/Emperor Valkorion (damn that fucker is hard to kill... even in the game)
revan4o Måned siden
I am not excited about thid right now. I don't believe this is the most important thing atm.
Cam R.
Cam R. Måned siden
This not about about this video. Do you think caption Rex will be in the Ahsoka Series?
Christopher Hood
Christopher Hood Måned siden
I always though bad batch was the canonized version of the republic commandos. They should make a game H the at tells the story of what happened to clone in the age of the empire
Christopher Hood
Christopher Hood Måned siden
It gonna be sweet
DarthGauntlet Måned siden
I believe anakin's place of birth was Nal Hutta
Thomas 66
Thomas 66 Måned siden
Weiner_hands- Guy
Weiner_hands- Guy Måned siden
I just purchased the original Republic Commando when it was on sale last week. I've heard good things. I won't be watching bad batch, I no longer support Disney and can't be a subscriber. Shhh that's the official word, what I do behind my vpn is my business.
Plo Koon Academy
Plo Koon Academy Måned siden
I think they don’t have the name for no reason.. they called them the bad batch because they are failed copies. Wich means The chips they have inside their heads ( if they even have them inside their head ) arenot functioning like they should function. They are clones but they think for themselves. They are not going to execute order 66.. Just my thoughts!
agastonii Måned siden
Your Channel is the cleanest best pleasure 😂😂😂😂
John M. Gonzalez
John M. Gonzalez Måned siden
I really hope we see Cody, like did he have regrets about betraying Kenobi? Would Echo learn about what happened to fives? Will they be with the empire or end up as outlaws? So many questions and I can’t wait to see more clone battles in this animation
Randy Seymour
Randy Seymour Måned siden
“I saw... its thoughts. I saw what they're planning to do. They're like locusts. They're moving from franchise to franchise... their whole totalitarian woke mob. After they've destroyed every aspect of an intellectual property and it’s fandom with their leftist political agenda they move on... and we're next.”
Matt Nicholas
Matt Nicholas Måned siden
Awwww, that's too bad. I can't even watch the Bad Batch because my Disney+ subscription got cancelled.... Screw off Disney.
dante wilson
dante wilson Måned siden
@max ferreiro Not an accomplishment, not anything worth bragging about. Just nothing.
max ferreiro
max ferreiro Måned siden
Me to. Canceld last week. F them. Disney.
dante wilson
dante wilson Måned siden
Matt Nicholas
Matt Nicholas Måned siden
Yea, I can't give them another dimenas long as Kennedy is still around.
JumboJay Måned siden
Kim/Kiss Cartoon just Google
Mindstormer Måned siden
Is that streamyard I see? That was a nice addition.
Connor S
Connor S Måned siden
The way I see it is Republic commando is LucasArts' easy access into the fps scene. Commando had decent multiplayer and it just worked well. The storyline is what people will come for, and stay for the multiplayer
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