Darth Maul 0.45 Lightsaber 2005 Collector's Society Master Replicas Unboxing

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Star Wars Theory

Måned siden

Hey, welcome back. Today, let's unbox an old Darth Maul Master Replicas 0.45 Scaled Replica from Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. I've had this in my collection for a long time, however, never done a video review until now. You guys have been killin it with the comments and requests for the 0.45 collection, so here's one to start it off.
Thanks for watching and have a great day.
May the force be with you!!
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GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah 4 dager siden
SWT: *”It’s 2005, so it’s pretty old already..”* *Me:* _”Psh no it_ *ISN’T,* _2005 ‘twas only the year I began my 1st semester of college!”_ SWT: *”so like...16 years or so already?”* *Me:* _”Dearsweetbabyjesusno...”_ 😳
Harry Smithie
Harry Smithie 4 dager siden
What was the song playing in the background.
CT 7567
CT 7567 7 dager siden
Hello good sir. Do you have the Obi-Wan-Kenobi weathered .45 scale lightsaber because I would like to hear your opnions on the saber itself and the weathering job since I have just purchased one and am very pleased with it, however it would be interesting to hear another opnion from someone who owns many of these lightsabers and knows quality better than I do. Thanks and have a good day, CT-7567.
IGOR PODEMSKI 10 dager siden
I bought a 0.45 Obi lightsaber.... it's fucking small as hell but... 200 $
Not Toby mason
Not Toby mason 15 dager siden
Where can I buy this from and how much?
Steven Leziert
Steven Leziert 22 dager siden
I just got a asajj ventress black series m. Its dope
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 26 dager siden
This should have way more than 46 thousand views. Keep the .45 scale saber vids coming!
Twiggy 27 dager siden
That would be a sick flute.
lanee boyle
lanee boyle 29 dager siden
I love Star Wars just as much as the next bitch but you way too corny with this shit man
Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw 29 dager siden
What lightsaber company do you like the best? I'm willing to spend $$$
Wasteland Kitten
Wasteland Kitten 29 dager siden
Theory, this has nothing to do with this video. Any way I just rewatched the end of the second season of the Mando and it occurred to me you'd make a good Luke post Return of the Jedi, when Luke's hood was up and all you could see was is mouth and chin I was like thats so Star wars Theory. Just wanted to stop in and let you know my thoughts. Have a great day! May the force be with you!
JusttDan Måned siden
I've got obi wan kenobi 2005 and darth vader 2006. are these worth anything these days?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Måned siden
If you are going to make Lightsabers one day, we need Desann's heavy lightsaber! :D
Griffin Måned siden
So, I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, and I never subbed😑 at least I did it now
count dooku
count dooku Måned siden
have you got my saber yet?
Scott Sparrell
Scott Sparrell Måned siden
7567 Lonely Spartan
7567 Lonely Spartan Måned siden
Someone made you into a lego figure on Instagram there name is randomlegophotos or Tad Powers you should look into it
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Theory,I don't hate you!
James Villanueva
James Villanueva Måned siden
Nice. I have that one as well as the Qui-gon Collector's Society one. My recent purchases were the Darth Sidious Dark Chrome version the Best Buys exclusive and the EFX Rey TFA lightsaber from LootCrate. Pics www.deviantart.com/jav833/art/My-45-Scale-Glowie-Stick-Hilt-Replicas-860893845 and my saber collection list www.deviantart.com/jav833/journal/My-Physical-Glowie-Stick-Hilt-Collection-816429205
TheReal COZY
TheReal COZY Måned siden
What if Obi Wan was killed in episode 1 and Qui Gon still went on to train Anakin but with a later death of qui gon in maybe episode 2 or 3 Dooku fight where Dooku kills Qui Gon which in turn makes Anakin still turn to the dark side.
Klipto Block
Klipto Block Måned siden
This will make a dine addition to my collection
Gaming with Alex
Gaming with Alex Måned siden
Why do you make so much videos?
Sup Boi
Sup Boi Måned siden
Sure the master replicas look nice but you can't use them 🤣 which in my opinion makes them trash
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill Måned siden
Penguin :D
Penguin :D Måned siden
put face paint on a 2 y.o. and give them that " THE ONE ...... THE ONLY..... DARTH MAUL"
Yoel Bittner
Yoel Bittner Måned siden
I have both, that one and the half one. Plus Vader’s, Palpatine’s and Dooku’s
Dan H
Dan H Måned siden
I had Ep III Anakin & Ep IV Obi Wan. I should of kept them. But in my mid 20s i went minimalist while losing to suicidal depression. So idk. Early 30s now. Still here. Can still Watch Star Wars. Oh well. Just stuff..
Zakku Andorei
Zakku Andorei Måned siden
Imagine him owning a piece of hacksmiths real lightsaber.
SamDaMan Måned siden
Star Wars theory I hope you see this and anyone can comment on this I have a theory. I was rewatching mandolorin and during the first season gorgu was being protected by mercenaries(I do think there good). So the empire had put a bounty for gorgu and if the people where bad then they would have already gave the baby away right........ but they where protecting from other bounty hunter that’s why they where shooting at mando. But the question is who told them or who is paying them if u so easy math from when the Jedi order feel and the start of mandolorin it’s been like 28 years so who was protecting for that long so my theory is that a jedi saved him and told the mercenaries to protect gorgu, but which jedi? Yoda, yadal, mace windu, cal, darth Vader, or maybe even a jedi Sympathizer.
Kaelyn Mae
Kaelyn Mae Måned siden
I love how his views have sent down because he did not admit he was wrong for going after people and making videos about the situation 2 months ago with the tweets maybe he should use his brain even I could tell it was sarcastic
Ronald Nelson Jr.
Ronald Nelson Jr. Måned siden
You want to impress me; get a real lightsaber. I want lasers frikkin shooting out of them!
EliteTreats Måned siden
@starwarstheory! do an episode on what if Ahsoka joined Maul on his adventure to get his revenge on sideous during the clone wars
hunterkiller1440 Måned siden
Wow Theory's hands are huge. His whole hand covers a duel bladed lightsaber hilt
Twiggy 27 dager siden
I know me looking at the thumbnail.
ImGeoo Måned siden
It’s because it’s small. Jk I get the joke
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill Måned siden
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill
Brittany marie Pauls aka jiggah the hill Måned siden
anakinsrealfather Måned siden
@Toasty Cereal 😂 innit.
Timothy Allec
Timothy Allec Måned siden
Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that Theory's videos are getting considerably less views?
Akbar Sen
Akbar Sen Måned siden
how much did you pay
Delta's Music Hub
Delta's Music Hub Måned siden
got this one
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
Darth maul is one of my favorite
Uncle Owen
Uncle Owen Måned siden
Will Corbett
Will Corbett Måned siden
Hey theory what do you think about geode the rock 😂
Artist Holmes
Artist Holmes Måned siden
Artist Holmes
Artist Holmes Måned siden
COOL !!!!!!!!!
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
To Dagobah, what if I took Luke when he was baby, and as his own daughter, Master Kenobi raised Leia? (I used a Yoda speech generator for this, let me know if this is better)
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Until a video, this becomes.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Give up, I will not.
Riley Newman
Riley Newman Måned siden
You should do more of the reviews they're very good
Gr1mReaper_9 Måned siden
"It's still a nice addition to the collection" Peter Griffin in the background: Hahaha, he said it!
Limited Exvy
Limited Exvy Måned siden
theory if you are reading this i wanted to know if you noticed when Savage turned on his light saber he never touched the buttons so is he using the force to turn it on
Everfree Brumby
Everfree Brumby Måned siden
If it sez ‘Master Replica’ then it means quality.
Josiah Lamb
Josiah Lamb Måned siden
DARTH MAUL LOL 😮🤨😮🤨😮🤨😮🤨🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Tatyana Sergeyeva
Tatyana Sergeyeva Måned siden
While you are unboxing accurate lightsabers hacksmith is making real ones. Perfect
Djamon Smith
Djamon Smith Måned siden
Could you make a video of your favorite Star Wars novels please?
Chester Zou
Chester Zou Måned siden
Are we ever going to see Vader: Episode 2?
Danny Jaxx
Danny Jaxx Måned siden
T0MM3 Måned siden
That looks like a lightsaber yoda can use, it's so small!
Joeshmo042 Måned siden
Mauls lightsaber...you’re shorter than I expected
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Måned siden
The 2007 Collector's Society box came with Qui-Gon's .45 scale lightsaber hilt. You should try to get that one, bro!
Ezra Ezekiel
Ezra Ezekiel Måned siden
coool 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett Måned siden
Theory I have just received word that general grievous is on his way to your house Take your sabres and remain out of sight
Finding The Force
Finding The Force Måned siden
The only thing about Darth Maul that is “cute” ... is THIS replica! 😆
Derek Deac
Derek Deac Måned siden
Thank you for your channel. I was born in 1980 and my dad dubbed all the star wars movies on to one tape as they came out. So for most of my childhood I had episode 4,5,&6 on 1 vhs. Funny story is as follows. Soon as he made a copy, he made multiple back ups. He never did this for any other of his movie dubs. For years I couldn't figure out why star wars was the only exception. I ended up wearing out the vhs s in a few months. Next. So it didn't click until I was older and the prequels were announced than episode 1 released. Watched episode 1 and almost immediately, everyone else was leaving and I walked under the type and got a ticket for the next showing. Friends asked what I was doing and said I have to see this a few more times. So it clicked about my dad making all those copies of just star wars. When he saw episode 4, he instantly knew I'd be in love so before he even let me watch it, he went ahead and made copies because he just knew with my personality I would watch it a dozen times a week. I would venture to say just including 4,5&6, thanks to my dad, I'd guess I watched them each 200 times at the very least. Only due to the fact that my dad had made a business decision and decided if any movie needing dubbed, these were the ones. Very odd side notes, my dad was amazingly mean when I was growing up and secondly absolutely HATED HATED HATED star wars. It was a different time and he didn't know how to be a lovey dovie kind of a father, so his way to tell me I love you was making dozens of copies of a movie he absolutely HATED but knew I'd love it and wanted to make sure no matter what was going on in the world or our lives, I always had Star Wars to fall back on. I've never met a single person who's seen the 4,5&6 as many times as I had. So.... After wasting all whom have read this and for you SWtheory, this channel beans a lot to me and very very much appreciate all the time and effort into the years and years of great Star Wars content. I'm sure I don't have to explain it, but they're more than just movies to me. It's been my entire world for over 40 years. The franchise as a whole feels more like family to me then some if my shall family. Sorry for taking to tone. Just means a lot and I thank you
Melissa ren
Melissa ren Måned siden
Nice to see mate love it. ❤️😊
Star Wars Replicas
Star Wars Replicas Måned siden
Those .45 MRs are soooo awesome!!
StevenCarls3 Måned siden
I've never clicked on a video so fast. Darth Maul has always been my favorite character!
PadawanAR Måned siden
I've got one of MR's .45 Obi-Wan Episode II 'sabers. They did an introductory offer for $35.00 for a limited time and I nabbed one because it was about the *only* MR item I could afford. LOL But now it's one of my favorite SW items. :)
The BlastEffect4
The BlastEffect4 Måned siden
Theory looks younger this video
Jezzman in Japan
Jezzman in Japan Måned siden
Hey, I just saw a video from someone unboxing a lightsaber and it looked pretty good. I think the company was called SaberTrio. Look it up, maybe you'll enjoy it. If you're still looking for a decent one.
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Spree Måned siden
Is Star Wars Theory trying to beat General Grevious' collection?
Matt Nivison
Matt Nivison Måned siden
Very cool theory! I’d love to get a few of those they would look so cool in a man cave with multiple sabers!!
Michael Måned siden
It looks like a muscle instrument
Goat Goat
Goat Goat Måned siden
mace windu is alive and helps ezra come back from the unknown regions
pkmovies92 Måned siden
The emitter changes like 2 times in the movie. You can notice there is like no hole in the lightsaber after Qui-Gon escapes from Maul on Tatooine. And there is a big hole emitter that can be seen in the closeup shot during the laser gate scene.
Jtb1122 Måned siden
"We would be honored if you'd join us."
Nick W
Nick W Måned siden
Theory: yep, I got the super rare stuff 😎 Awesome, very cool Theory
James Victor
James Victor Måned siden
Who's favorite star wars villain, Star Wars Theory?
J/NC\B Måned siden
I wish master replicas were still around, be great if they did a rerun of all these replicas
Jason Huang
Jason Huang Måned siden
Star Wars Theory how about you get the Master's replica Darth maul episode 1 cut in half by Obi-Wan lightsaber
Sister Bethany
Sister Bethany Måned siden
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal Måned siden
Imagine using a lightsaber as a flute by accident. It might prove to be a fatal mistake.
Luca Perillo
Luca Perillo Måned siden
Love the humor
Micronation of Greiburg
Micronation of Greiburg Måned siden
Your Anakin voice is actually really good!
spencer Quintero
spencer Quintero Måned siden
Not gonna lie the younglings kinda asked for it.
U.S. AGENT Måned siden
Benjamin Hurley
Benjamin Hurley Måned siden
More replicas?
Super Wolf
Super Wolf Måned siden
I was wondering to how did padma react to seeing anicen in the after life
Fergus Henderson
Fergus Henderson Måned siden
How could she see him. She can’t use the force
Yao Gamers
Yao Gamers Måned siden
i really hope you read this i see you played movie duels but have you tried GALACTIC LEGACY also for jedi academy, would love to see some game play of it on the channel
Nathan Davern
Nathan Davern Måned siden
That so cool I know you have a Darth maul so you are doing what you said you wanted to do figure/statue with lightsaber in front of it so cool "cool"
Benjamin Hurley
Benjamin Hurley Måned siden
Can you get the 1 to 1 scale replica
Damon Moles
Damon Moles Måned siden
general grievous: *breaks into theory aprtmemt* WOW WHAT FINE ADITIONS TO MY COLECTION
Baky Måned siden
If Disney doesn't make a show about me i will hunt them down
Juggled Lotus
Juggled Lotus Måned siden
They will know fear..
William Mitcham
William Mitcham Måned siden
what if anakin was obi wans master i would like to see that in the next vid
James Rogers
James Rogers Måned siden
Maul is such an underrated character I would love a Maul movie
pkmovies92 7 dager siden
@darth meme Thank God for Filoni.
darth meme
darth meme 24 dager siden
@pkmovies92 Filoni
pkmovies92 24 dager siden
Thank God for the Clone Wars.
darth meme
darth meme Måned siden
@Quinton Slater Yes My Lord
Quinton Slater
Quinton Slater Måned siden
You summoned me?
Steven Leziert
Steven Leziert Måned siden
So jealous
Joaquin V.
Joaquin V. Måned siden
Just got hit with a 5sec sizzler for Mandalorian, I just started rewatching it couple days ago
CBZ_Skeleton_ Måned siden
It's so adorable!! look at how small it is
Juggled Lotus
Juggled Lotus Måned siden
Kenobiiiiiii! !
ryan the geordie
ryan the geordie Måned siden
Reet starwars bros av had a few beers n it came to.my mind if u use force mindtrick on a alien that cant speak galactic basic and your like you will unlock the cage not in his native tounge or lanuages will he nah what to dey i believe die to the force its universal but imagine that shite can to use a mind trick n the bloke daint understand 🤣🤣🤣
fred bettesworth
fred bettesworth Måned siden
I love these, I have quite a few And some gold ones
GwarsGamers Måned siden
It looks so awesome!
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Måned siden
Dope. I also bought this saber in 2005.
Preston Castro
Preston Castro Måned siden
Cod Lover
Cod Lover Måned siden
I have one for sale 👍🏼 for the right price
Chance Garrison
Chance Garrison Måned siden
Maul's lightsaber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chance Garrison
Chance Garrison Måned siden
No!!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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