Rian Johnson Reveals He Never Cared About Snoke - My Thoughts

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Recently, it's been revealed that Rian Johnson didn't care much for Snoke as he found him uninteresting. He wanted to focus on Kylo Ren, which I think was the best character of the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy.
I don't agree with how he went around highlighting Kylo, via offing Snoke without emphasizing on his character, which in turn, would have made Kylo Ren look even more powerful. It seems to be a Rian Johnson theme where he subdues the top characters like Luke Skywalker for Rey and Snoke for Kylo in a way to highlight the new characters. I think a more effective way of doing this would be to flesh out the more powerful characters then to have the new ones defeat them or to have the baton handed down from them.
The idea of destroying them so nothing is left to focus on but the new characters is a showcase of, in my limited opinion and experience, lame writing.
If you like the sequels, more power to you! Keep loving them.
They are not for me, and my opinions should not impact or invalidate yours, and vice versa.
May the force be with you!
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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 26 dager siden
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by :)
Anakin Palpatine
Anakin Palpatine 22 dager siden
You are spot on... the point of story telling is to tell the whole story.
Abayomrunkoje Abeo
Abayomrunkoje Abeo 23 dager siden
I Love You
Stormbringer 23 dager siden
"If Luke was not the whiney baby..." Dude! Luke has been that in 3 of 5 pictures he was in!
Gabe Bowne
Gabe Bowne 24 dager siden
I love your videos but could you make more videos about episode 4-9
starllordpat 24 dager siden
I just want you to know that you are a spark of hope you are a so good person me and so many other People love you and love what your doing dont ever let anyone Tell you something different do what you feel Man and i want to thank you for your Videos making my days Better and better dude im crying rn greetings from germany and i like star wars too stay healthy you and your Family and have a good day and i really hope your seeing this thank you
devilamir9 6 timer siden
Thats cool, coz we never cared bout Rian Johnson either
Shiba Anima Gaming
Shiba Anima Gaming Dag siden
Crylo ren was a crying emo.....very unlikeable character who no one cares about,all he did was cry in nearly every scene he had 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼
MGoBlue 93
MGoBlue 93 2 dager siden
Tbh I didn't care about Snoke either. Stupid generic villains don't belong in Star Wars
JosStrange 2 dager siden
Really? I couldn’t tel by the general 2d nature of the character and absolutely no fleshing out of his existence
A-Train the Analog Kid
A-Train the Analog Kid 3 dager siden
So Luke can’t have bad days?
Da Poox
Da Poox 2 dager siden
Luke had so many bad days, He lost his hand and was told darth vader was his father, his aunt and uncle were burned to death, his father died in his arms, what the hell are you talking about
Andre 3 dager siden
A lot of people who are star wars fans could've been handed the reins to the the sequel movies, but they chose Abrams and Johnson, two idiots who don't even respect the lore.
Marcus Inglisa
Marcus Inglisa 5 dager siden
Couldn’t have said it any better
Novel Wonder
Novel Wonder 5 dager siden
Why can't both characters be interesting? Kylo AND Snoke. It's beyond me that these filmmakers are so willing to sacrifice so much potential for a few lone creative ideas.
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 5 dager siden
if he was so interested in kylo, why doesn't Rian marry him then
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master 6 dager siden
Honestly, if Mark Hamill liked the way RJ handled is character in the last Jedi I think a lot more fans would’ve like the movie tbh. I personally loved the movie, we got something different. And when Luke force projects himself to save the resistance, that’s bad ass idc what people say about that, that was cool!
johnmarc1986 6 dager siden
I agree with Rian. Kylo ascending in the second film is far more interesting. Also in regards to Snoke getting killed so easily, that seems to be a theme when it comes to sith masters. Plaguies was killed in his sleep, Palpatine was completely blind-sided by Vader and just thrown into a pit and Snoke got cut in half. I think people also forget that Palpatine was just a generic ultimate bad guy in the original trilogy. His whole back-story was "emperor of the universe" and that's it.
Force Ghost
Force Ghost 7 dager siden
Why stop there? Rian never cared about Star Wars as a whole. He only wanted to troll people and live out his fantasy of division. 🤡
John Galt 1957
John Galt 1957 7 dager siden
Auskarion Sama
Auskarion Sama 7 dager siden
He did not care about Snoke? After seeing what we have seen I would say that he did not care about the movie and even less about the fans!
Frank Vizen
Frank Vizen 7 dager siden
Doesn't seem like he cared about anything other than maybe being the biggest fucking deuchbag in film making history. Kylo Ren...... least annoying thing about the sequals.... that's as close as I'll come to complimenting ANYTHING about those 3 fucking dumpster fires
Tony Mishler
Tony Mishler 7 dager siden
Snoke always sucked
Doomzdayxx 7 dager siden
Some of you guys are being short-sighted about this. Rian johnson is the best thing that ever happened to Disney Star Wars. Because of him, it became totally socially acceptable to shit on the disney sequels. Before that, half you morons were brainwashed into thinking force awakens was a credible star wars movie.
Michael Healy
Michael Healy 7 dager siden
Oh yeah well I never cared that he never cared
Sewage 8 dager siden
What an absolute, utter travesty that Disney so stupidly stampeded into these sequels without having a solid, cohesive story structure for a blueprint. It makes me so angry and infuriated. They completely disregarded Lucas's story treatment and instead did exactly what Lucas NEVER wanted to do with Star Wars: they made a superficial rehash that was completely devoid of any real substance. They allowed untested directors with completely differing visions to transform these films into a sloppy, inconsistent tug-of-war and the end result became absolute garbage. Their one opportunity to take their time and do it right was completely squandered. I can't even think about these films without feeling outrage over how badly they fucked things up.
Littlest Soul
Littlest Soul 8 dager siden
He doesn't care about a great many things.
Straight White Mage
Straight White Mage 8 dager siden
Ruin Johnson's plan for TLJ was to kill or disgrace every other character so that can tease in Broom 👦 Boy as a future hero.
Brayden Enright
Brayden Enright 9 dager siden
Ruin Johnson: Snoke wasnt interesting Everyone in this galaxy: 😐😑😐
Ruffus Vampir
Ruffus Vampir 9 dager siden
I know from the start that Snoke is a puppet...Under control by the true galactic stalin/Hitler or what not
KyBlueJedi 10 dager siden
Smoke would be a cooler name. Snoke sounds like Snorks/smurfs.
Spagheteronios 10 dager siden
Rian is one of the worst writers I've ever seen. You can't kill off a character just because you don't care about them, absolutely pathetic.
jake mcgraw
jake mcgraw 11 dager siden
Who cares? We didn't know much about palpatine until the third movie came out and he got thrown into a reactor shaft. Snoke was never the main antagonist kylo was. I get people were upset by that movie but they really need to get over it. I spent the last couple of years not sure about how I felt about it. But it's not bad. I feel like people were upset because they were expecting EU Luke, but we needed this one, Luke in the old EU books was unbeatable, way too strong kinda like a dbz character. It would make sense for him to cut himself off after such a traumatic event. Not to mention his death in front of the twin sun's was the only way I'd want to see him go out.
J 12 dager siden
To be fair, most didn't care either. Snoke was a cheap emperor stand in. Another JJ mystery box.
mandryk 12 dager siden
And the villian was.....Valdamort..worst villain ever...we wanted Vader type and got harry potter..
swallowedinthesea11 12 dager siden
F Rian and his descendants.
BAY BAY 12 dager siden
Doesn’t surprise me he wasn’t a fan of Snoke considering he clearly wasn’t a fan of the franchise itself.
Drake 12 dager siden
Literally every character's potential was wasted because the trilogy was so disjointed. None of them had a proper arc.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 12 dager siden
I used to have some issues with the prequel trilogy, but they largely disappeared when I saw The Force Awakens. I never watched the other two. Snoke was a horrible and lazy rip-off of Palpatine. Kylo came off as a whiny little punk (a new Darth Vader in the minds of the non-fan writers). I say Legends is canon and Disney Wars is dead to me. I'm glad I have my original theatrical trilogy because I'll bet Disney will edit them pretty soon. They'll probably make sure the plethora of comics and novels from the EU are removed from libraries and bookstores too. I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a young lad, but it's obvious these people are deliberately tearing down all of our favorite franchises in pop culture. I'll have to get my hands on The Clone Wars series before they edit that - some of the finest SW content there is.
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega 13 dager siden
First thought after TFA was... I dont wanna see a kylo redemption story. You kill your father like that, i see no way of making that character a hero or likeable
Ryan 13 dager siden
I'm shocked. Rian didn't care about the character that he killed off in the lamest fashion possible? Shocker. The only lame characters in the sequels are the three egomaniacs called JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson.
xSonicspeedx Gaming
xSonicspeedx Gaming 13 dager siden
Damn I never really thought about how wimpy RJ made Snoke after JJ built him up. I always thought Snoke was going to be Plagueis.
AVV 14 dager siden
The main problem with the sequels was the obvious lack of a plan. Incredibly, they did not have an outline of where the story would go. I literally can’t believe it. But it’s clearly true.
David Méndez
David Méndez 14 dager siden
And no one can blame him for it.
Ty Jones
Ty Jones 14 dager siden
I, personally, think Snoke the worst and most uninteresting Star Wars villains in all of Star Wars. But Kylo’s scene of killing Snoke was not only the only awesome part of the sequels, but it was a relief.. for me. It also showed that even though Kylo is weak AF, he can still be pretty clever. Clever enough to pull one over on Snoke. He didn’t really over power him.. he just saw an opportunity and took it. And that’s more realistic to me, to act fast without his opponent realizing it, and kills him. I hate on the sequels a lot.. but I appreciate this scene
Humzah Aslam
Humzah Aslam 14 dager siden
While I do like TLJ a lot, I fully agree with your points here. Snoke was built up and then just thrown out the window and it didn't make sense, clearly it was just to make sure none of the snoke theories were correct
Klandestein 14 dager siden
Rey is just painful to watch, especially her 1minute romance with Kylo it didn't make much sense. I would have preferred If she was either Luke's or Leia's daughter and then bringing her brother back to the light side and then finishing up Snoke together. Palpatine was totally uncessary because he "somehow came back".
Darth Mauling
Darth Mauling 14 dager siden
Round Head Ruin Johnson, how's your trilogy going? On that's right, no one cares. Even at Loserfilm
Praveen Loganathan
Praveen Loganathan 14 dager siden
Would have been better if they made Kylo into the final villain who redeemed himself by saving Rey when she was at the threshold from the dark side
Michael Jia
Michael Jia 15 dager siden
it really shows wut is wrong with disney lucasfilm so unreal
William Tovar
William Tovar 15 dager siden
so i am in agreement. the more we find out about the background the more the story is less value in the development. it was cool that ryan took a risk with the story, but it should have been a stand alone movie and not a continuation of a squeal storyline. instead, to me, it was a big disappointment.
Happy D
Happy D 16 dager siden
Rian Johnson saying that Snoke was uninteresting, is an admission that he was a poor fit for this trilogy. Why? Because Snoke was a blank canvas. He lacked the imagination to turn that mysterious character into something interesting. Does that make him a bad writer in general? No, he's made a lot of good movies in the past. But he was clearly an awful Star Wars writer. His writing direction has badly damaged the brand of Star Wars.
snowwhitewitch 16 dager siden
Didn't he also say he can't imagine how writers could ever be excited about worldbuilding? That should have been the first and last major red flag for him NOT to write a Star Wars movie.
The MIghty Duck
The MIghty Duck 16 dager siden
In other words...water is wet😂
Max Fer
Max Fer 16 dager siden
Is more interesting killing snoke
Benny Sullivan
Benny Sullivan 16 dager siden
I love that idea Rian had, i wish Kylo became a big bad ass of the galaxy, being different than vader or palpatine, more like the general grevious of the sequels. I was so disappointed in his character in the rise of skywalker. I always felt that snoke dying was the main intention. I felt he was trying to make Kylo fully evil. So my theory during the sequels was that snoke was plaguis, and he wanted to make kylo hate him, like his original apprentice, darth sidious. He felt that if kylo could kill him out of hatred, that would fix his imbalance or pull to the dark side fully. He thought he would be come the new palatine. That why in the end of the force awakens, he said, "bring him to me to complete his training". I always felt it was snokes plan to die, because he also said "I see his every move and intent". He knew what kylo was doing, that's why he was smiling, then he tested him by saying "he kills his true enemy!" That's why he had a shocked expression, kylo did what he wanted. Pulling him to the dark, that's why Kylo was so angry in the end. And i felt that Luke dying would only set up another battle, Plaguis soul haunted the force ghost, and Luke would have to confront him, so we could explore the world of the force.
Sean H
Sean H 16 dager siden
the problem was that rian johnson stupid self did not understand the source material and it showed with his craptacular movie and the decisions made in it.
KEllisTalks 16 dager siden
It’s that he didn’t care. He cared for him through Kylo/Ben.
Steven Beech
Steven Beech 17 dager siden
More like he didn't care about STARWARS.
Dakkaromg 17 dager siden
I mean one of the best scenes in episode 3 was the operah .. The mystery feeling of past sith lords before Palpatine. Woke up so many questons. I got that feeling in ep 7 of Snoke. Who was he? Is that fking Plaguis? Character done bad...by Rian that is... what a joke.. almost went out of the theater at that point when he got killed. What a shame.
James Steadman
James Steadman 17 dager siden
Snoke dying was good writing guys. Him dying suddenly like that is something called "situational irony", and it served to push Kylo's development further. to the people who say "he never got a backstory", palps never got a backstory in rotj and everyone loved him.
Ben Funk
Ben Funk 17 dager siden
He never cared about Star Wars either.
Wiesmann Donkervoort
Wiesmann Donkervoort 17 dager siden
I hate this man. He was just disrespectful to JJ‘s work as a Director.
Paradoxes Suck
Paradoxes Suck 17 dager siden
doesnt seem like he cared about much of anything LOL
EmonEy Hardy
EmonEy Hardy 17 dager siden
He was correct not too
Terry Mullins
Terry Mullins 18 dager siden
killing off villains does seem to be a Star Wars theme. Maul died in phantom (I know he came back, but that was much later), and Dooku in revenge. An attack of the clones and/or revenge of the sith with Dooku and Maul being played against each other by Palpatine, while directing them both at the Jedi, would have been epic.
Secret Child
Secret Child 18 dager siden
Is this even a surprize anymore? Especially with today's star wars? 😂😂😂😂
Mr S
Mr S 18 dager siden
Soooooooooooo, many options they had with snoke....... but no he just killed him off
Joe M
Joe M 18 dager siden
My thoughts: at 5:30, I disagree. We saw Snoke very OP as we saw him drag Rey across the throne room with the flick of his fingers. It took Palpatine a big push with his mind and hands to push Yoda a few feet. So I do believe that Snoke was the most powerful being in the galaxy. Here’s where I disagree/agree with Rian Johnson. I agree with him to the effect that keeping snoke alive would be a clean cut copy of the OT. To be honest, with TFA and TROS, it is evident that JJ Abrams wanted to copy the OT because he had no creativity at all. The thing is with Rian Johnson is that he could’ve made Snoke an interesting character, while still killing him off and making Kylo rise to the plate at the same time. I also think this movie did nothing for the advancement of the overarching plot (because there wasn’t one). I honestly don’t mind Luke being a hermit because how is a the most powerful and interesting Jedi going to stay his same jolly self as he did 40 years ago without conflict. To be honest, I would love to talk about this with you some day.
Thomas Shirley
Thomas Shirley 18 dager siden
Also, did the Rise of Skywalker actually have a skywalker in it??
Thomas Shirley
Thomas Shirley 18 dager siden
He didn't care about star wars in general so. . .
AngryEchidna 18 dager siden
I think he revealed he never cared about Snoke when episode VIII released. To be fair, I don't think JJ cared about Snoke either. mYsTeRy BoX = "I'll figure out what I'm doing, *after* I've already done it."
E Nahaha
E Nahaha 18 dager siden
This one has put more thought into one part than the whole Disney era team put into the entire SW universe.
Drake Patterson
Drake Patterson 18 dager siden
We know.
Dos matrix
Dos matrix 18 dager siden
I don't care about Rian.
Mzonix:D 18 dager siden
2:00 - I mean, i hate sequels and I don't consider Disney canon the true Star wars, however i totally agree with RJ's way of thinking in this case (just in this one, his Luke is trash, and LJ is in 90% trash). Snokes death was the only suprising twist and the coolest moment in the sequels to me and at least it's a real attempt to move away from remaking the OT's storyline. Trevorrov's script (which would be the best movie in this trilogy) would naturally continue this line of events and if they didn't make this idiotic decision to replace him with JJ, Disney would make a really cool NON-CANON Star Wars trilogy. Edit: I also agree that it kinda ruined the concept of snoke as a super powerfull Valkorion-like character, but he didn't have to be like that. It still makes sense if in TFA his portrayed as a super powerfull being and later it's shown that he still is very skilled and powerfull force user, but not as powerfull as he think he is. Like i said, unless they came up with a really good idea which would make sw9 a good and original movie (which we know Disney can't do), this could end up just like rise of skylwaker only with snoke replacing Palpatine. I mean, trevorrov could make it better than JJ but i guess that for 99% with having snoke alive, hed also want to redeem Kylo, who'd team up with Rey and die. And it would be just like ROTJ. Anyway, Disney Star wars can't be as good as Legends uiverse, so I shouldn't be talking about it more.
Florida Man Explains
Florida Man Explains 18 dager siden
Ryan Johnson constantly changes his reasons for why he is a sub par filmmaker. Snoke was far mor interesting (in my opinion) than kylo, definitely more than rae. Also, he's the guy that gave us the Rose character. Finn...at the end of episode 7, along with Snoke, are by far more interesting. Like you said, he could have literally written the character of snoke more interesting, but he didn't. Instead we got a topless kylo scene. Think that about sums up the movie
Matthew Ashbrook
Matthew Ashbrook 18 dager siden
What makes Rian a total fool is him chastising fans, saying our Snoke theories sucked when he never intended to do anything with him. What an arrogant A-hole.
Geostomp 18 dager siden
More and more we learn that he was the worst possible person to choose to make the middle of a trilogy. Even if it didn’t already have bad story problems, he’d do nothing but make worse ones on a whim.
Loyal 18 dager siden
Wait y’all needed a 13 minute video to explain this. I thought this came through in the prequels?
d0ki -
d0ki - 18 dager siden
I honestly have no clue or explanation how this kind of things can happen within a trilogy of something that has the weight and size of Star Wars. You start a trilogy, you start new Characters from scratch and then you drop them while the movie is already running because reasons. wtf. Even the Bespin Icecreammaker dude has more honor than Snoke :D
The Bizz
The Bizz 19 dager siden
and it certainly showed! who cares about the villain in the biggest sci-fi franchise of all time. and he’s putting on twitter “your Snoke theory sucks” when he didn’t even have one of his own! loser.
Jordan Moorman
Jordan Moorman 19 dager siden
Not stoked for Snoke. Duh. Horrible design.
aiden mooney
aiden mooney 19 dager siden
He found his own writing not interesting. I have to say i agree with him.
geojimz 19 dager siden
The whole Snoke scene when he gets killed seemed like a comedy to me. Like something out of Spaceballs. Snoke is describing exactly what Kylo was doing. I just thought that was funny and showed how bad of a writer Johnson is.
Stop Motion Pilot
Stop Motion Pilot 19 dager siden
Does anyone care about the last Jedi anymore? Just give it up already
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt 19 dager siden
*No. He never cared about Star Wars at all. Period.*
Matthew Duhn
Matthew Duhn 19 dager siden
Neither did the fans. Long live the Lucas-Filoni-Favreau-verse! #releasetheLUCASsequeltrilogy
Greg Pericleous
Greg Pericleous 19 dager siden
What ever happened to the age old adage a "a hero is only as good as their villain" oh wait rian johnson happened.
James Poe
James Poe 19 dager siden
Snoke reminds me of that old man on the Rez that drinks a lot
Pablo 19 dager siden
"I dont care about this character, and yet im going to make him a prominent part of my movie" Yeah... thats very logical and coherent from him.
Retro Fuel
Retro Fuel 19 dager siden
isnt this old news? remember him holding a sign saying your snoke theory sucks? why are we surprised. In the making of tlj he even discussed how he didnt like kylos mask because it was only made to look cool and one up vader. that wasnt actually a secret either because jj was trying to make a cool looking villian to sell toys.
DZEH LIoNo 19 dager siden
Plaguies theory still my favourite
George Vidal
George Vidal 19 dager siden
Don’t talk about 8 anymore. It’s a terrible movie
777Tralfaz777 19 dager siden
I will keep "don't liking them". :)
al B real
al B real 19 dager siden
Rians job was to kill star Wars. When ever he was let out from under KKs teat to do so.
Wayne 20 dager siden
They fucked up so bad that I have secondhand embarrassment🤦‍♂️
Mr. Kasshu
Mr. Kasshu 20 dager siden
We know. He also doesn't care about Star Wars.
iTzSpicey 20 dager siden
Willy's Reviews and More
Willy's Reviews and More 20 dager siden
Seriously enough with hating on Rian. The man did nothing to you yet you guys act like he violated you personally. Grow the fuck up
Michael Mazurczyk
Michael Mazurczyk 20 dager siden
Honestly I’m at the point where I feel like the sequels shouldn’t have been made. I was skeptical from the TFA trailer, and the film itself felt off to me, but I was willing to give it a chance.. and then TLJ happened. And TROS threw a can of gasoline on the dumpster fire. Period. I’m not saying they should’ve been made differently. Just ep 1-6. That’s it for full length feature films.
Cflow26 20 dager siden
I just don’t get why he didn’t get a stand alone Star Wars film. If Lucas Arts or Disney wanted him to direct a single film so badly why not give him total control of a movie he can completely drive, with completely original characters, new settings, not having to pick up the story from someone else. Put it like 750 years ABY so if no one likes it it never has to be built on or expanded. I just don’t get why he was given this film when he literally says he doesn’t care about the characters or story.
moustache 20 dager siden
I like your ideas for kylo and Luke to beat smoke but Katherine kenedy doesn’t because in her mind it always has to be the women to do cool shit to show that they are powerful. No character development needed. No Jedi training needed. Just an overpowered female character that most hardcore fans don’t like due to her legacy pissing all over the whole fucking idea of the Jedi learning force powers over time and all that shit. In short, the sequels are shit.
Michel Schröder
Michel Schröder 20 dager siden
When i 1st seen the sequels i thought it wasn't bad but now after a vouple of times i wish they were never made. Snoke in my mind had to be the main antachonist untill the emperor returned and we got to see that he really was plagius
lordsidious83 20 dager siden
I want to like Rian, he genuinely seems like a nice guy, that isint a bad visual director in any way, however for me the last jedi ruined star wars. Things that may have seemed like interesting what if's on paper didn't work and tore the story apart. If some people liked it"fair enough", but they cant deny is split a pretty united fandom and ruined the main characters for a lot of people.
Rafael Duran Jr.
Rafael Duran Jr. 20 dager siden
Way more interesting storylines
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