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Joeshmo042 10 dager siden
I don’t think stream sniping matters if you into an entire enemy team and then don’t block lol
Cypek Rossa
Cypek Rossa 23 dager siden
Are you playing on ps5?
OCG Mike
OCG Mike 28 dager siden
bro i don’t understand how his kylo cards were purple and his kylo was level 12 its normally level 25 wtf
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
this is where the fun begins
Thijs Evers
Thijs Evers Måned siden
imagine plo koon in the game with force judgement as an ability being similar to dooku’s lighting only it deals les damage or something
Johnny Stevenson
Johnny Stevenson Måned siden
How can franky carry you against a squad when you play like hellen kellar
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast! Måned siden
*So is the game better now in 2021 and is it worth buying now?*
Jarrett Hayes
Jarrett Hayes Måned siden
No offence but someone teach smthis man how to play this game
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Måned siden
The kindhearted geography classically comb because bathtub nomenclaturally argue afore a damaged richard. spooky, low basket
Joel Ureno
Joel Ureno Måned siden
This was painful to watch
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt Måned siden
Jon Evenson
Jon Evenson Måned siden
Hey Thoery did you know that when you play with a lightsaber wielder if you press square you can activate and deactivate the lightsaber
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
Thank you
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
I religiously only play as Anakin
They should replace pt Chewbacca and Ot yoda with Ahsoka
noswagggboitv Sanchez
noswagggboitv Sanchez Måned siden
Vader and Anakin are two the most op characters if you know how to use them
Tzadok Lloyd
Tzadok Lloyd Måned siden
I have the game but my windows 10 won't let me play for driver reasons
Arjun N
Arjun N Måned siden
Lol swt sucks at Battlefront lmao
Brad Engel
Brad Engel Måned siden
This game is so good and fun
Tazman627 Måned siden
I've never laughed so hard in my life, awesome stream Theory. Repetition helps keep playing you'll improve, love your channel bro, keep up the good work.
Sith Enthusiast
Sith Enthusiast Måned siden
19:45 that ani & rey & luke are just jumping man you were 3v1e'd...there your just getting back into things but that ain't your fault there, those guys are probably ina party
Sagan Thapa
Sagan Thapa Måned siden
*Clicks the video and notices that the video started with the loading screen on 66%* Damn this channel really is blessed.
Romeo Garcia
Romeo Garcia Måned siden
How does he have purple cards when he is only level 12?
Light Fall On The Head
Light Fall On The Head Måned siden
its online obviously cause its an online game
Marco V
Marco V Måned siden
Also a tip I don’t see many people talking about is your stamina. It’s the blue/red bar above your health. If it is empty you can’t block or attack unless you use abilities. Blocking or attacking also stops it from regenerating for a short period of time
Marco V
Marco V Måned siden
I’m on pc and my friend and I play this game all of the time it’s our favourite so it’s great to see u play it again. If u ever play on pc and want some tm8s lmk lol
rextk 47
rextk 47 Måned siden
This hurts to watch 😂😂 jk bro keep up the work
Hiruzen Sarutobi
Hiruzen Sarutobi Måned siden
I know what you mean😂
PBRJ Måned siden
He's actually pretty good at the game
Mar Palafox
Mar Palafox Måned siden
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Måned siden
How are you so bad lmao
CRF X Måned siden
Bro being a level 365 Anakin main in supremacy is nothing but pain. They nerfed him into the ground so much. His abilities don’t work half the time, he loses health faster than any other hero, can’t even fight super battle droids anymore either cause they take half your life in seconds, it’s ridiculous. And if you come across grievous just run for the hills, 9/10 times you will die. Sorry for ranting, I just feel like other people have experienced this problem as well
J Venn
J Venn Måned siden
40c is 40 in f? No its not Google: YOU DEFY ME?
Big Shaq
Big Shaq Måned siden
1:13:05 lmfaoo, also that Han was level 500
ササミヤ Måned siden
I've seen level 1000's so
DankChewy Måned siden
Lmao bro you suck at video games 😂 it’s like watching my older brother play when he hasn’t played in years . But you are a brilliant person and have the best Star Wars channel on YT and I’m glad to be apart of it so it’s still fun to watch 🤟🏼 Go Theory 🤟🏼
Movies N' Stuff
Movies N' Stuff Måned siden
Need Ahsoka in battlefront 3
Andrew Wight
Andrew Wight Måned siden
Just got swbf2 downloaded yesterday.
Kratos Måned siden
Co Op is amazing!! Definitely play that mode a bit especially useful in leveling up heroes and characters
Low Key
Low Key Måned siden
this game is the bomb..for someone whos been in and out of jail and affiliated with criminals, its safe to say anybody from any religon or culture all have a common intrest in the sw franchise 💙
Brikkyy13 Måned siden
Oh god I can’t watch this he’s not even blocking
Joseph Murray
Joseph Murray Måned siden
I got the free celebration version I think like a month ago. And then recently I finally built my first gaming pc. And finally being able to play battlefront ll was amazing
Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies Måned siden
I don’t think it was Disney that stopped live service, I’m pretty sure EA stopped live service themselves as they were working on a new battlefield game with dice and so didn’t let them continue working on battlefront.
DARTH VADER Måned siden
Wait how did I missed the stream
baitedhaha Måned siden
Man play on pc I can help y’all out
baitedhaha Måned siden
This game is just this toxic these days it feels like you are getting streamed sniped it’s so bad like what’s so hard bout having a good fair match with no 3v1 or blaster in the back
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker Måned siden
Theory, you should play Arcade and Co-Op first. Battling against AI is actually very helpful and it gives you a better chance at fighting against real opponents, whether or not they’re heroes or troopers.
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Quinton Slater
Quinton Slater Måned siden
I highly suggest playing the Ewok hunt game mode
Alair Vatam
Alair Vatam Måned siden
Idk if I’m tripping but how does he have 2 purple star cards with Kylo on level 12?
Veno Greedo
Veno Greedo Måned siden
The deluxe edition gave Kylo and Rey 2 purple star cards each
The King of Yeet
The King of Yeet Måned siden
With Anakin you should just use force pull, heroic might, and passionate strike and then just spam attacks.
The King of Yeet
The King of Yeet Måned siden
The guest (idk his name) sounds like Chris Pratt.
The King of Yeet
The King of Yeet Måned siden
Isn't the game exactly like the movies
The King of Yeet
The King of Yeet Måned siden
It's so fun. Kinda weird when you have Darth Maul agains Rey in Heroes vs Villans tho.
Stxphens Måned siden
Theory is complete garbage at this game But I am too😁
Luis E Pacheco
Luis E Pacheco Måned siden
Well, I have to tell you man. I laughed so hard when you got kill and start making mad faces, it reminded those hard days when I was getting beat in Battlefront 2 too! I hear you said "that is why I quit this game" please Don't!!! Keep pushing and get better... today's date I have 9 heros/villains on 300+ level.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Måned siden
This is so strange because I redownloaded the game yesterday too
Jeffrey Barkdull
Jeffrey Barkdull Måned siden
Who’s Jay?
Jacob Dobbs
Jacob Dobbs Måned siden
Man you should try out Starfighter Assault it’s my best mode, I am an absolutely ruthless pilot it’s nuts and personally my best ground warriors are Obi-wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, and Kylo RENwhen it comes to fighters Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda
ReptilesXtreme Måned siden
No cross platform... but be so down to game if you’re on XBOX
ReptilesXtreme Måned siden
Tansky12 👌🏽 I play 3-4 times a week if you ever need someone to squad with
Billy Wildgoose
Billy Wildgoose Måned siden
Anakin is like a Tsunami because everyone knows they got to get the high ground.
Zen Tsushima
Zen Tsushima Måned siden
I’m so glad for you to be playing more Battlefront 2 i play it everyday
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 Måned siden
"We haven't play this game for year's guy's" yeah and even then you haven't played it much at all. If you think your beating a team with 180 ranked player and you don't even know to block. You should practice in Co Op mode and learn how to survive. You joined their game and they stayed in because your easy win that doesn't make them stream snipers and they are targeting you because your playing as one of the Op character's. Plus that Kylo was using a Smurf account no rank 21 kylo play's like that
Juan Parra
Juan Parra Måned siden
Hey Theory, save yourself time and energy by playing co-op and getting familiar with the characters and their moves. High sensitiviy is key in duels. Making sure your opponent remains in front of you is as well. Your dash can also put you at great advantage and getting behind your enemy and bypassing their block increases your chances of winning the duel. Vice versa, don't let your opponent get behind you. Pay attention to your energy bar as well and look into parrying to better counter your enemies who are trigger happy 👍
Juan Parra
Juan Parra Måned siden
@ササミヤ ugh you're not wrong. Those servers are ass
ササミヤ Måned siden
Good luck getting a parry on those horrible servers. Timing is all skewed.
JimmyX Wolvie
JimmyX Wolvie Måned siden
11:20 lol i love how the music stops right after Theory mentions Machuli Kulkin.
Flynn Carter
Flynn Carter Måned siden
You mean Macaulay Culkin?
yaboi frankie
yaboi frankie Måned siden
Cool pls play roblox sw heroes vs villians
Goofoholics tv
Goofoholics tv Måned siden
That sidious voice is too good 😂
Callum Brachtvogel
Callum Brachtvogel Måned siden
I gave up on this when was gave up
Nolan Schmidt
Nolan Schmidt Måned siden
I wish people would stop fucking with theory cause it seems like every stream he’s defending himself about something y’all said or do to him. ITS FUCKIN UP THE VIBE. LEAVE THEORY ALONE SO WE CAN HAVE GOOD STAR WARS CONTENT AGAIN GOD DAMN
Phil.K Måned siden
Maaann i missed the stream! Damnn it dude. I've been grinding so hard on battlefront ever since it. It's so much fun man.
Weldon Farber
Weldon Farber Måned siden
If you want I can help you get better at the game. I also play PS4
Isaac S
Isaac S Måned siden
Milton Mumfrey
Milton Mumfrey Måned siden
Co-op mode is the best. Challenging and fun and your session isn't always ruined by sweats.
starkiller4957 Gaming
starkiller4957 Gaming Måned siden
I thought you would have all sith villains maxed out man. You haven’t played in a very long time
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
Can you play this on the gaming channel, so when you rage you can curse. It's a lot funnier.
padawan Anakin skywalker
padawan Anakin skywalker Måned siden
Master I need to get back to my mission
padawan Anakin skywalker
padawan Anakin skywalker Måned siden
@Anakin Skywalker master I didn't mean to say that
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
Really snips? Pathetic.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
padawan Anakin skywalker
padawan Anakin skywalker Måned siden
Dylaneilton62 Måned siden
Worst Star Wars game ever IMO.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
What if took Luke to Dagobah when he was a baby, I did, and raised Leia as his own daughter, Master Kenobi did?
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Until a video, this becomes.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda Måned siden
Give up, I will not.
TheNooblyPotato Måned siden
BB9E is good
Zachery P
Zachery P Måned siden
Heavies over lvl 550 check in here....😁
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Because of Obi Wan!!!
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
Master T, Ori
TwoToned Måned siden
Remember when heroes and villains was actually fun and you didn’t have to be 100-200+
Cold Killua
Cold Killua Måned siden
*doesnt hold block once*
Solid Jake
Solid Jake Måned siden
This is awful.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Måned siden
Comment your favorite hero or villain Mine is Count Dooku
Liam Batstone
Liam Batstone Måned siden
AntPik Måned siden
Do they still update battle front?
ササミヤ Måned siden
Jayde David
Jayde David Måned siden
Level your characters up on coop Theory, then play the other game modes
Supreme Vato
Supreme Vato 29 dager siden
Which is why I come across high levels who are terrible in PVP
Anaslex Måned siden
it hurts to watch...
Guadalupe Castro
Guadalupe Castro Måned siden
I wish I could play with you but I got xbox
Earl Staples
Earl Staples Måned siden
This game is so unbalanced, you’ll never find a match where everyone is relatively the same level, you’ll always have max levels just playing for the sake of playing. The concept of this game is amazing but it’s so garbage.
oSlumBreezy Måned siden
Get good scrub
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Måned siden
I love how boba’s still on the dark side in this
fuzzman 02
fuzzman 02 Måned siden
You’re playing the most infuriating game mode just so you know
ZunDr0nL1kX Måned siden
You either have a pub stomp team or you get thrown around 4 times in a row
odølf mariner
odølf mariner Måned siden
@ササミヤ and 1v1's are fun
ササミヤ Måned siden
@odølf mariner not as bad. You don't get 3 or 4v1'd constantly because of an incompetent team.
odølf mariner
odølf mariner Måned siden
He could be playing 2v2 haha
Tristan Hand
Tristan Hand Måned siden
Theory back on BF2!! This is a good day. Thank you.
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Måned siden
I can’t wait until you play outbreak mode on Cold War zombies
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Måned siden
sad to see. but this game really has a strong noob filter on HvV in particular
Connor Adams
Connor Adams Måned siden
You should really try douku or however you spell his name
Luca Aristo
Luca Aristo Måned siden
YES! Dooku is a monster in this game!
Manolo Beraha
Manolo Beraha Måned siden
Yo lemme play with u next time I’ll carry u
ササミヤ Måned siden
No you won't
Frankyy Måned siden
This wasn’t even fair for Theory Im disappointed on how they treat him and I know he didn’t have fun. I wanted him to have fun so he can promote the game even more but it’s not looking like it no more lol thank you theory btw enjoyed the stay Check my channel my Subscribers love you as well
Joeshmo042 10 dager siden
It’s cuz theory is so bad he doesn’t realize how bad he is
Colin Swayze
Colin Swayze Måned siden
@Frankyy yea put a bunch of 800s on the other team vs 2 people who haven't played since launch balanced lol queuing without a 4 man in hVv is bound to give you a headache
Frankyy Måned siden
@SeriousnessTV I don’t blame them it a fun Star Wars game but mostly Gamers play this game it’s just sad their isn’t matchmaking at least to balanced out the games
SeriousnessTV Måned siden
It just goes to show they competitive players ruin star wars, it’s hard to have fun when people care more about winning rather than having fun
SixPathSage Gawd
SixPathSage Gawd Måned siden
Tell her I said hi👋🏼
Gabriel Brookes Agri
Gabriel Brookes Agri Måned siden
Yes battlefront 2! Woohoo
Silv3rback73 Måned siden
33:00 mark, someone had the high ground!
Damian Wayne™
Damian Wayne™ Måned siden
Anyone play Starfighter Assault?
SHARK VADER Måned siden
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