THIS LIGHTSABER IS SICK! Starkiller's with Exposed Crystal Design

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Star Wars Theory

Måned siden

Shoutout to Korbanth Sabers for sending this one out. This is the SK-Rogue Apprentice Version 2 Saber. I love this exposed crystal design. It's so hypnotizing seeing the crystal breathe and change colours as you harness the power of different Jedi and Sith. My favourite has to be Vader's, Kylos and Luke's. The way the crystal flickers with anger on Kylo Ren's setting is epic.
Neopixel saber
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Roykeane 8 dager siden
This shit hella cool
LZ Boys
LZ Boys 8 dager siden
That is a super cool saber, way better than the one I just made on my NOpost channel.
Raffo 10 dager siden
Did you ever figure out what the snap was? also I've been wanting this saber since I saw a picture of a crystal reveal saber.
Shaw4Life 18 dager siden
8:44 What's going guys, Theory here back with another ASMR vidoe.
Matt M
Matt M 18 dager siden
I love the hilt and the crystal. Ain't so sure about that blade though. Seems like it should be blue instead of green. And, that red looks too orange.
Brian Orozco
Brian Orozco 24 dager siden
18:23 I’m surprised that there was a Lord of the Rings mode
Number One
Number One 26 dager siden
I like the button feature where you can hold down the button or just press it.
Mama Luigi
Mama Luigi 27 dager siden
A New Hope blue was more white just because of the limitations on budget and effects they could achieve. It became darker blue in ESB.
Bryant Gamez
Bryant Gamez 28 dager siden
I’m thinking about ordering one, I’ve never bought an expensive lightsaber before. But where did you get the attachable saber part?
Ahmet Korkar
Ahmet Korkar 29 dager siden
Are these lightsabers on sale?
Vader's Fist
Vader's Fist 29 dager siden
Damn that’s awesome. I always wanted a Starkiller lightsaber ever since the Force Unleashed came out he became my second favorite Star Wars character after Anakin/Vader but I’ve never gotten a Starkiller lightsaber, would love to get one
Jonathan Toone
Jonathan Toone 29 dager siden
You should learn HEMA and then do a lightsaber duel with someone
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz Måned siden
Just so you know I went out and bought a $770 lightsaber because of you. Can’t wait till it gets here lol
lo lo
lo lo Måned siden
I wonder what cal's lightsaber will look like
TopBanana. Måned siden
Can you sword fight with it?
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
@TopBanana. no problem bro!
TopBanana. Måned siden
@twisted karma alright man. Thank you!
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
@TopBanana. I didn't mean to say that korbanth is weak, I meant more "don't run it over with your car". As far as others go of you're only looking for a dueling saber, try ultrasabers, they have options for a heavy grade durable saber but they aren't as "movie accurate" As korbanth but they are considerably cheaper
TopBanana. Måned siden
@twisted karma which ones are? That are also high quality?
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
Yes, they are durable but they aren't designed for heavy fighting
Oliver Glendinning
Oliver Glendinning Måned siden
"Impressive,most impressive".
Gotchja Måned siden
Im thinking abot getting my first saber, where should i buy it from? looking for someplace that has good review with a saber with some quality
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
Korbanth. They are fantastic but they are pricey
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira Måned siden
A lightsaber from a a very powefull force user
Sentinel Lane
Sentinel Lane Måned siden
I just replayed TFU2 today
Wes Gamer
Wes Gamer Måned siden
Skipped RIGHT over Rey 🤣🤣🤣
LegionX420 Måned siden
starkiller is my fav character in sw
Jacob Grubbs
Jacob Grubbs Måned siden
i know this is kinda unrelated, when could someone get a decent entry level saber to learn how to twirl and stuff? One with a decent weight that doesnt feel too cheap
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
Ultrasabers is pretty entry level
typical-dragon 165
typical-dragon 165 Måned siden
Man I love the rainbow on that saber the crystal just starts raving
Mute Måned siden
Just watched a grown man play with a lightsaber for like half an hour and I’m jealous
Garrett Pearson
Garrett Pearson Måned siden
Ahsoka's first saber(s) were green, no?
Starkill3r 306
Starkill3r 306 Måned siden
7:44 I love that reaction 😂
Damon Moles
Damon Moles Måned siden
dude imagine bringing you light saber to a rafe party with the rainbow font
cybernick Måned siden
You should check this out. This is more sick.
Star Wars For life
Star Wars For life Måned siden
Theory’s a legend and a real one, so sincere so pure. I love you my man for what u have done for our community
Rich Sangillo
Rich Sangillo Måned siden
Theory, you need to learn your tech as far as Lightsabers go. The stuff you're getting preinstalled from Korbanth is only about 1/10 of the power of the Proffie that is running in your sabers. PM me if you want help. I build sabers all the time.
Shifter 316ZR1
Shifter 316ZR1 Måned siden
I would have my all with starkiller voice
Kenabi San
Kenabi San Måned siden
Just watched a guy make me jealous of his "saber" for 30 min and I liked it.
Kenabi San
Kenabi San Måned siden
I just wanna give this man a big ass bro hug.
Danny Smith
Danny Smith Måned siden
Been wanting to buy the anakin saber but not a clue best place to order from.. Anyone got some websites
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 23 dager siden
Cheers pal. Been looking all over there's that many sites to choose from had to choose aha
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
Korbanth, when they have it stock, is the one you want, film accurate with neopixel blade and smoothswing. It'll be like you pulled it out of your tv
John-Paul Ginley
John-Paul Ginley Måned siden
I have four Saber Forge lightsabers right now one of which is a Saber Forge ASP saber I plan to get about 28 maybe 29 lightsabers total, with some of them being Disney Legacy Sabers and hopefully all the Savi's Workshop sabers too. I even have a Star Wars name I am Ginjo Eubtak Prince of Dantooine and Jedi Knight.
Mattias Öman
Mattias Öman Måned siden
Just my colorsettings or does the colors look weird on the vid?
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
It's the camera, honestly it's movie accurate in person
Jedi Guy
Jedi Guy Måned siden
Yo Theory! Not sure if you realized this, but that second crystal, that flickers white the whole time? The one in the chassis next to the Proffieboard hidden behind the grip section? I think that Crystal Chamber is meant to be the place where the power crystals go! If you remember from playing The Force Unleashed 1, you could get other power crystals like Ruubat and Nextor! In the PS2/PSP/Wii version of the game, the power crystals were always clear. So I always assumed that Starkiller's Lightsaber used 2 chambers: 1 for the color crystal, 1 for an aditional ability crystal like siphoning Force Essence, or arching Lightning from the blade every few swings, etc. :) Just a nice little detail I thought might add to your enjoyment of the lightsaber! :) Also if you want sound fonts based off of the power crystals, Lord Blako makes them all. And has recently started updating them all to Smooth Swing. Just in case you'd like some of them. :)
FixUrAim Måned siden
tk-9212 would be proud
Lucas boudreau
Lucas boudreau Måned siden
where can i order one
zara rodriguez
zara rodriguez Måned siden
Me after see this: i need to buy a LIGHTSABER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio Olivardía
Antonio Olivardía Måned siden
$600-800 uhmmm
Tommyourboiiiy Måned siden
Wow this is sick omg omg omg haha this is so cool
Oliver Riley
Oliver Riley Måned siden
What if Starkiller dropped it in water 🧐
Roofustein that's my name don't wear it out
Roofustein that's my name don't wear it out Måned siden
anyone else hear that second of battery by metallica?
Fre Cuh
Fre Cuh Måned siden
and i thought my galaxy’s edge lightsabers were cool 😣
Z Måned siden
That darksaber font is wild
Adam Kiewel
Adam Kiewel Måned siden
My favorite game of all time and my favorite star wars character ever. The force unleashed for me is perfect. Hopefully they remaster It soon
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith Måned siden
5 ads wow..
Chrizz R
Chrizz R Måned siden
I want one now!!
Joseph Valenzuela
Joseph Valenzuela Måned siden
Awesome! Starkiller is a great character and Force Unleashed is a Kool game. Great video.
Alex Lauriano
Alex Lauriano Måned siden
13:00 damn theory 😮 your fleshlight is huge 😉
OBI- -WAN Måned siden
Joel Erulu
Joel Erulu Måned siden
The stereotyped business desirably knot because security intrestingly wobble down a smart karen. chemical, old-fashioned hamburger
Voolcan Måned siden
you should checkout the starkiller comics
FadedKlayy Måned siden
Force unleashed 2 was decent. Considering they had less than a year to work on it
Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters Måned siden
Im so jealous. I hate you. Feel the power of the dark side flow through me. My favorite, when i seen that my heart was like, thats what you should be doing, now go get one.
Thanosthelord Måned siden
10:09 watch and close your eyes.
wickideazy Måned siden
This is why I love this channel. Theory reacts to stuff the same way I would, the same way we would. The pure love of Star Wars absolutely shines through in each video. And as an aside, I absolutely love that on Korbanth Sabers' website, their image for this lightsaber is a still from this video.
Kyle Glen
Kyle Glen Måned siden
the sound is a lot better in this office
Nathan Bissett
Nathan Bissett Måned siden
I love that you're literally the thumbnail on korbanth's site for this saber
Dyllan Anderson
Dyllan Anderson Måned siden
Alternate title: Gimbal review (ft. Star killer Saber.)
Austin Capebianco
Austin Capebianco Måned siden
Hey @StarWarsTheory you should pin a link to this saber for us!!
COREYdiculous Måned siden
Look at the crystal! Would you just look at it!
takeoff.h Måned siden
The thumbnail looks like a giant cartridge
Jagat Chemuturi
Jagat Chemuturi Måned siden
Theory: What the Heck man this lightsaber hilt has gotta be the best one I got! Anakin('s lightsaber): YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER!!
Roberto Pina
Roberto Pina Måned siden
Sounds like a V8 in a good way ofc
quincy soares
quincy soares Måned siden
Name every character the color and sound fonts belong to. In order.
G Burgur
G Burgur Måned siden
7:52 Fricken Flickers
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Måned siden
I have no idea why, but I absolutely love all of Theory's saber reviews. Every time I get so excited to watch a cool guy swing around a dope lightsaber for half an hour.
Abraham Uribe
Abraham Uribe Måned siden
i have the force unleashed game
Brett Thompson
Brett Thompson Måned siden
On the korbanth website, what does it mean when it says empty hilt
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
It means no electronics inside, it's for people who want to put them in themselves or just want the hilt to display, cosplay or something like that. The other ones that have installed on them is the ones you want if you want one like in the video
Quinton Fisher
Quinton Fisher Måned siden
Theory, loving the gimble , is it a DGI? Also your audio and colour colours are looking much better good stuff dude.
Jimmy from PlayStation
Jimmy from PlayStation Måned siden
Last time I was this early I never finished the force unleashed games yet
Jedi Master Naylor
Jedi Master Naylor Måned siden
So Peanut Butter and Jealous right now, that’s hands down my most coveted of sabers. Makes my Grievous itch. Congrats 🎉💀👍🎉
Dark Skull The Actual Vampire
Dark Skull The Actual Vampire Måned siden
Ya know I may not watch the movies often or have watched all of them yet, but I gotta say, while loving all the characters especially Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda, Palpatine, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Qui-Gon Jinn, etc. Starkiller has a very special place in my heart
Haim Haviv
Haim Haviv Måned siden
That light saber is sick
Kuros Belmont
Kuros Belmont Måned siden
I so want this.
Kuros Belmont
Kuros Belmont Måned siden
Galen needs to be brought into canon. Like yesterday. Seriously.
General Grievous
General Grievous Måned siden
This lightsaber will make a fine adition to my colection!
Adam Måned siden
I randomly got sent a video of Kylo Ren "saying the N-word" instead of "traitor" and now I can't hear traitor the same way ever again.
Red Ring of Fire
Red Ring of Fire Måned siden
It took my a while to think of what it was but that echo sound you were talking about with the mace windy lightsaber was when yoda absorbed dookus lightning into his hand in episode 2 right before he said "much to learn you still have"
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Måned siden
I was here in the background lol
zachary jordan
zachary jordan Måned siden
Huge importance in this question!!! If your M count is tested and is directly related to how much bio-matter your body has (thats why Vader had less Ms than Ani) then could a Jedi or sith become more powerful just by growing their hair long???
Isaac Kuri
Isaac Kuri Måned siden
DO a Give Away
twisted karma
twisted karma Måned siden
Save up and get one yourself if you really want one
Gerry Minoza
Gerry Minoza Måned siden
That’s the sound of the darksaber
The Gravewalker
The Gravewalker Måned siden
Hey Theory, is there a Qui Gon one? I love Qui Gon and his lightsaber is really cool.
Gerry Minoza
Gerry Minoza Måned siden
Theory, who’s lightsaber is that?
Twisted Cogitamentum
Twisted Cogitamentum Måned siden
*Starkiller? Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time... a long time*
Christian M
Christian M Måned siden
Benny Sullivan
Benny Sullivan Måned siden
Hey star wars theory, I had an idea on how to fix luke in the sequels and wanted to know what you think. I tried to talk to you in the live stream today, but couldn't get a chance to. Sorry this doesn't go with this video but it's the most recent besides the livestream. The theory is palpatine was using the dark side of the force to make luke see and hear things, putting visions in his head that weren't real. Like mabey what luke saw in kylos head wasn't kylos future, but palpatines past. Getting all of his deeds from his youth and put them in kylos mind or dream. Mabey after searching and seeing so many horrible things, he saw one last memory of palpatine, him killing his master in his sleep. That's what gave luke the idea. It's like when you wake up in the middle of the night to get a snack, your awake but not really. Or palpatine surrounded luke with the pressure of the dark side, causing him to be angry, hateful, and scared. Letting the dark side creep up on him left him with a decision he would regret forever, attempting to kill his nephew.
THE META Måned siden
this is a BEAUTIFUL lightsaber and i just checked out the store sucks that they cost so much
Mosthero1 Måned siden
NGL I get excited when theory gets excited and I don’t know why
jesusoftheapes Måned siden
serious here . until i can cleave a tree with one swing none of these fake lightsabers are interesting anymore . Did you see China thinks it has found a tech that they believe can make a saber that is energy based and can cut with heat . they say it will be the closest thing to a lightsaber that anyone has come up with yet and it will be this tech that pushes us all into lightsaber ownership .
batmanvspredator Måned siden
Hello There fellow Fanboy. First of all, I just wanna say that I love watching your Star Wars videos, they’re very informative and it really gets me thinking about stuff differently than I would’ve before, so thank you for that 😊 And secondly, I love seeing your Lightsaber collection in the background and I love your saber reviews as well. And I wanted to ask you. What do reckon replica lightsabers from 2005 would be worth today? My friend says that she has one from back and it’s been taken out of the packaging and never been used and it’s been back in the packaging ever since. I’d love to get your insight on this matter. Hope you have an awesome day today mate. May The Force Be With You, Always.
Jhye Sheppard
Jhye Sheppard Måned siden
Google how much that is from US to AUD and see how much the price difference is 😓
Duane Måned siden
With the crystal and the amazing blade effects I'm suffering from serious saber envy. Great video and such a beautiful desing.
ThePhenomenalPhantom Måned siden
I need
I vote NO to censorship
I vote NO to censorship Måned siden
Get one
Ishpreet Singh
Ishpreet Singh Måned siden
I wanna buy one but they're sold out and just out of my price range right now, maybe ill get myself one in June for my birthday.
Warren Jameson
Warren Jameson Måned siden
Then bring it to the doctor
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