George Lucas just Changed the Game for Jedi and Force Ghosts

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Force ghosts have always been such an interesting concept to me. After the end of return of the Jedi, we never saw them again. It always made me wonder what could force ghosts learn in the netherworld? What new abilities and powers could they progress and is it really another dimension just like the living, but with doors that allow for grander powers to be unlocked? Well, today we get to learn of something along the lines that will open many eyes. In the making of the return of the jedi a constant theme I keep seeing within this book and the dialogue between George and his team in regards to the story details and characters, is that there was such a deeper explanation of the powers and abilities of everyone as you may or may not have seen in my previous videos regarding the making of books. Now with George, he loved to go into the nooks and crannies of his characters, and for today’s video, we’re going to talk about this power that he was going to give obi-wan. It’s a pretty over powered ability, but it just shows you how powerful a force user can become once they transcend into the netherworld.
Here we go.
Kasdan: What is it that Vader wants? Lucas: Vader’s plot is to convert Luke to the dark side, make him an ally, and then topple the Emperor. At this point he and the Emperor want to turn Luke to the dark side. I don’t think Vader would care whether he turned Luke to the dark side or if the Emperor turned him, because he feels that once Luke is turned, he can use him for his ally. The Emperor and Vader are in total agreement about what’s going to happen. They both want to get a hold of Luke. They both want him converted to the dark side: the Emperor to replace Vader, and Vader to replace the Emperor. They are perfect bad guys.
Kazanjian: Wouldn’t Vader want to get to Luke before the Emperor for that reason you just stated, before the Emperor can get to Luke and throw Vader out?
Lucas: Let’s say that Luke goes to the Emperor and pretends to become part of the dark side. Another way to get around this is to imply that Ben can cloud the mind of the Emperor. The thing I like about that is it makes true what Ben said before sacrificing himself, when he says, “I will become even more powerful than you can imagine.” The way he becomes even more powerful is that he becomes a part of the Force. In that way he’s able to short-circuit just enough of their visions so they don’t quite know what is going on as much as they normally would.
Marquand: They think that they do.
Lucas: And that’s more powerful. He could distort the future.
This just changed the game for Obi-Wan’s power level. Now, Kenobi has the ability to not only live forever as a force ghost, but to actually distort and short circuit the minds and premonitions of the most powerful being in the gaalxy, who ironically enough, did the same to the Jedi decades ago, remember when Yoda said the dark side clouds everything, well, now the light side clouds everything.
The only difference is, it took Obi-Wan much longer to learn it, and he had to die in the process. No jedi could have done this while alive, they would have to sacrifice themselves into the force, and die in order to manipulate the force itself. It shows you that while the dark side may not be stronger, it does get you there faster, which is what Yoda told Luke on Dagobah during their training in the empire strikes back.
It was more seductive in the sense that it takes you to the level you want to go much faster and without as much control or training in a sense or we could say, different training, but it all comes at a price.
The major power that Sidious had all his life was the ability to see into the future and see into people’s minds. He did this with Luke in the return of the jedi as he felt his mind as he stood before him, and he did it throughout the prequels when he manipulated the entire galaxy. This was a major player in how he dominated both sides of the war, he looked into the future with the force and felt where certain choices would take him. It was like he had a crystal ball that showed him what choices would yield better results all the while being able to cloud the minds of the Jedi. With the Jedi Temple, in legends it’s known that a Sith temple was actually built beneath the Jedi Temple thousands of years prior, and it was the Jedi’s beliefs, that if they built a Jedi Temple overtop of it, that the good energy would cancel out the bad and the dark side would be trapped underneath it. It’s a common fan theory that the Sith temple was what helped cloud the minds of the jedi, and not Palpatine, but I’ll leave that for you all to decide.
Thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale 9 minutter siden
Obi-Wan Kenobi to Vader: “If you strike me down, I will achieve the high ground and teach your son how to attain it.” I hope Liam Neeson makes an appearance in the Kenobi show. We know Ewan and Hayden are coming back. Why not Master Qui-Gon Jinn, which would be considered canon due to ROTS?
DHIKЯIS 13 dager siden
I hope they make this theory legit in "Obi wan Kenobi" series
StarVault 67
StarVault 67 20 dager siden
I only trust George and Mark as a source. I didn't entirely hate the sequel trilogy but I still think George would have done it better than what we got
Fyre Rayne
Fyre Rayne 23 dager siden
Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
Max Thornvigg
Max Thornvigg 23 dager siden
I really wished that George Lucas will remake the Sequels! It would be awesome
theFLCLguy 25 dager siden
Last night i crossed over to the realm of the dead. DMT is nuts.
buffcanuck83 26 dager siden
Excellent video.
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre 26 dager siden
IMAGINE if Ben Kenobi influenced/had a hand in in the life of Rey when it came to a rogue Palpatine clone being out there having huge Midichlorians count but unable to wield the force. He could have guided her birth and her life throughout whilst being one with the force. Would make her kind of a Kenobi :)
Drift Wood
Drift Wood 27 dager siden
I hope fans do the same thing for George Lucas’s cut - Star Wars Episodes 7, 8 & 9 they did for Zack Snyder’s cut.- for the Justice League Movie. So we could see George Lucas version of how those episodes where to go. And I’m hoping Disney will allow it they can make money off it.
TRAVOH 28 dager siden
George Lucas ✅
Deathlygunn 28 dager siden
Hey Theory, I'm kind of confused here dude, you start the video off by saying we never saw Force Ghosts after Return of the Jedi, yet we saw both Yoda and Luke as Force Ghosts in the Sequel Trilogy, and this video has Luke as a Force Ghost in the Thumbnail. Was this just a brainfart or did you mean to say something different?
Trixnglz 29 dager siden
'after return of the Jedi we never saw them again' Yoda in The Last Jedi: Am I a joke to you?
Xpara440 29 dager siden
Obi wan will have high ground always😂
Simon Naylor
Simon Naylor 29 dager siden
I still think of Yoda’s species as the Whills. I feel they would be the best species to document the history of the force, as they live hundreds of years, and as Yoda was so wise. I think we tend to think others of Yoda’s species would be wise as well, but in reality, he could be an exception. I’m watching a lot of Kung Fu movies at the moment and I’d live to see a young Yoda backstory film that has the feeling of a subtitled, foreign, kung-fu movie. I’d love to see young Yoda learn about the force, get training, while dealing with other hot shot trouble makers of his own species, on his own crowded planet, which I imagine kind of like ancient China.
Did not know the Wills were meant to watch them on TV dayum
California Jones
California Jones Måned siden
In ROTJ the scene where luke surrenders on Endor . I swear Luke's attempt to mind trick Vader worked and vader didnt realize. So with that seed planted it helped when vader saved him. Also it probably is related to the Emperor not being able to sense Luke, I think Luke was more powerful than we realized and was in more control then we realized ?
Kawaii boy
Kawaii boy Måned siden
I wonder what bens force ghost could do
cody lake
cody lake Måned siden
Disney sucks
Ticcy12 Måned siden
What i dont like is that if goerge says it was ben who clouds his vision. That creates a plot hole into why he clouded his vision and what from? Bc george has also said that in legends obi wan was shocked that vader turned on palpatine. Obi wan was taught by the jedi that once a sith you cannot turn back. Its one of starwars most iconic quotes. Once you start on the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny. They believed sith cannot turn to the light. So why would ben cloud his vision if he didnt know? The only person around was vader. And Luke who palatine obv was giving his full attention to.
Mason Turner
Mason Turner Måned siden
I’d be down for a several hr video on this
Matthew Dragan
Matthew Dragan Måned siden
yes i find very interesting as well keep up the sweet content, even if it is fiction.
Budo Ka
Budo Ka Måned siden
Nah. They just wrote it thinking there probably wouldn't be a sequel. I'm sure he just sacrificed himself so Luke could get away, there's no need to think of obscure conveluted explanations for a film with a flimsy simple plot.
THE Turn
THE Turn Måned siden
Outstanding. It's videos like this that make me appreciate your channel more than so many others. Keep doing what you're doing theory.
Shadow Knight Gladstay
Shadow Knight Gladstay Måned siden
Cancel disney.
Agsded1973 Måned siden
Very badass!
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Måned siden
Loving your podcasts and being able to put your content on while I drive dude.
Real5uper5and Måned siden
George you beautiful soul, we need you more than ever.
Matthew Olsen
Matthew Olsen Måned siden
The correct original idea for Lucas in episodes 7-9 would have been cool. So Disney lied to us again about the Wills and such!?
Joel A
Joel A Måned siden
Loved this video. It’s great to hear where George’s mind was at in regards to Obi-Wan’s force ghost. Too bad Disney will never came up with anything that interesting in the sequels.
Daniel Woolcock
Daniel Woolcock Måned siden
Lucas gets no say is the stories anymore he sold his rights lol..
Nathan Wall
Nathan Wall Måned siden
I really love how your content really helps me see the Star Wars universe in a deeper sense. It really makes me think about what could be happening that cannot be seen
todd hall
todd hall Måned siden
George Lucas its me Todd Michael Lucas Chewbacca is in Florida he is stressing out he keeps looking at peoples arms he wants a foldable lawn chair I'm with cadet services I'm at the plattsburgh air force base dorms here in plattsburgh new York I got flat land sign up here can you check on Chewbacca please I told him if he gets hungry he knows where my meal card is at Disney in Florida he's at galaxy's edge in Florida he is stressing out I miss him any way and I miss you to if you get hungry my meal card is Florida can you check on Chewbacca please he is stressing out I don't want him biting off someone's arms !! I will buy him a foldable lawn chair when I can I know his heal on his foot had surgery in the 1980s his heal must be hurting him again can you check on him please and if your hungry just use my meal card its his heal on his foot again he needs his meds member we use to hide it in slice cheese thank you George Lucas love you from Todd Michael
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Måned siden
Oh see that kind of stuff makes me know that they need to reshoot the prequels with Jar Jar being the bad guy
Anthony Bocchino
Anthony Bocchino Måned siden
So heavy... I LOVE IT!!!! Mr Lucas may have went a little bit overboard with CGI, like a kid with a new toy, which he created BTW... But Star Wars is his vision, his story, and he does know how to tell it best! And to me, legend is the real deal as well... I believe Disney can do great things for Star Wars, but they have to be more receptive to the original creator, and his fans!
Dark Side Poet
Dark Side Poet Måned siden
"If you face Vader, you will do it alone. I cannot intervene." Because he was intervening with Palpatine.
Anthony Bocchino
Anthony Bocchino Måned siden
"Darth Vader will become more powerful than both of us"... Nuff Said 👍
Lee Allton-Reynolds
Lee Allton-Reynolds Måned siden
Gave me chills listening to this. Why Lucas why did you give up these films to Disney?! And I couldn’t agree more with what you said, anything written under Lucas and the original 6 IS canon not legends! 👏
X00000370 Måned siden
I never really liked the "Force Ghost" part of the Star Wars saga. Maybe Force Ghosts contacting Jedi through dreams but making them interact in the "real domain" diminishes the problem resolution the Jedi has to face. I think Force Ghosts were introduced by Lucas because he wrote this story for 12-year-olds and needed a "cartoon-like" reality for children.
Alex Prange
Alex Prange Måned siden
Def should make more videos about this kind of stuff. But i feel you about how when its made by George its just cannon at that point. To be honest to me whatever George says goes😂😂
Posttrip Måned siden
Theory, you are a grand master at narration and ‘putting it out there!’ Should Lucas ever buy back Star Wars with Favreau and Filoni as his chief operating executives, and ERADICATE EVERY VESTIGE OF KENNEDY. Bro, you’ve earned a top spot on the story writing team! ‘May the force demand this!’
Brian Wright
Brian Wright Måned siden
Love it 🙌🏿
Zac M
Zac M Måned siden
Bro I'm sorry but your Yoda impression is pretty bad and we could do without it TBH, other than that, great video.
A.O.F. Måned siden
I have a theory, that you can only "see" (or they can appear to you) the Force Ghost of the Jedi, or force user that you have met in your life, example, no other force Ghost appeared to Rey, just Luke and Leia. Maybe the dead Jedi only appear for the ones that they knew while living. Sorry for the bad english, but you got the point.
RoastingPotPieMonkey Måned siden
well this makes sense. I always wondered why palatine could not sense luke on endor.
Joshua Valenzuela
Joshua Valenzuela Måned siden
I just can’t enjoy Disney Star Wars. They only want happiness. No emotion. Thank you for your videos. You try to salvage as much as you can from Disney. But they are ruining all that is Star Wars. Thank you for always posting your theories!
unLUCKY Måned siden
What I get from the arc in The Clone Wars where Yoda learns how to become a force ghost, is that the main part of that journey is for a Jedi to be confronted, in some way way, by their own dark side, accept it exists and will always be a part of them, but overcome it and completely reject it. Who else out of all those that have become force ghosts has experienced their own dark side more than Anakin? He didn't have to go through the trials and tribulations Yoda went through because he had literally just rejected his own dark side, so when Obi-Wan spoke to him he only needed to know what little was left to be able to transcend into a force ghost. Also, he was created by the force, so it makes sense that it would be easier for him than most to basically return to where he came from.
The Sidekick
The Sidekick Måned siden
relint12 Måned siden
Obiwan trolling Palpatine in the world between worlds to cloud his crystal ball is now in my head cannon.
daniel nissen
daniel nissen Måned siden
Danm Mike zero shaved his hair?
Woody Måned siden
I wish Lucas wouldn't have sold it all.
Gary Brunton
Gary Brunton Måned siden
I never got it that Anikan got taught how to be a force ghost in a split second.... i always took it that he was litually Was the"chosen one" he didn't need to be taught.... he already had it in him to natually become One worth the force (force ghost) just my opinion right or wrong
swapertxking Måned siden
i like the older versions of ep6, where Anakin redeemed did not look as he did before his fall, but looked as he would if he had died untainted at the same age.
Xavier Chen Liang
Xavier Chen Liang Måned siden
I don't mind a few hours video on this topic.=P
Anupriya Mitra
Anupriya Mitra Måned siden
You should know I completely agree with your thoughts
Boondock Saint
Boondock Saint Måned siden
This is awesome. And the music sounds like I’m not a Vampire Revamped if it was written by Clint Mansel.
Bloody Måned siden
I wouldn't say talent, Palpatine was already older and more experienced, so it's obvious that he would be far stronger than Obi Wan, I still believe that Obi Wan was as talented as Mace Windu and Yoda, and could potentially become more powerful than both(because while not as much as Qui Gon, he was also talented at using the force itself as a weapon, even though he was mostly a Jedi Knight) if the Jedi order had not been lost, and therefore he hadn't lost access to it's mountain of preserved knowledge. This would've allowed him to overtake the emperor. And like you said the dark side grants easier access to some powers. However it also closes access to others the Sith percieve as weak powers.
Brian Emond
Brian Emond Måned siden
OK - Sidious HIMSELF did not cloud the Jedi's vision. The balance had tipped in favor of the dark side, and that limited the powers of the Jedi and increased the powers of the Sith. Yes, Palpatine's actions tipped the balance, but it wasn't a specific Force power of his to 'cloud' the Force - that was an after-effect of the shift of the balance. You're reaching too far here...
Michael Green
Michael Green Måned siden
Low frequency (bass) boosted way too much on that mic, boi! Cool video though.
Jonathan Perry
Jonathan Perry Måned siden
How come Obi-Wan disappeared into a force ghost but Qui-Gon and vader did not?
vargen1414 Måned siden
Out come manipulation and trickery negation is pretty crazy op
vargen1414 Måned siden
It is all like poetry, It all has to do with Medichlorians
badgamemaster Måned siden
Brian Chen
Brian Chen Måned siden
The responsible adapter renomegaly suspect because mailbox biochemically rejoice an a violet pajama. successful, sophisticated lamb
Richard Hirviniemi
Richard Hirviniemi Måned siden
When world is off balance chosen one reincarnates there again
Tom Klein
Tom Klein Måned siden
"I could turn this video into a several hour discussion" Prove it.
Mike Bliss
Mike Bliss Måned siden
That's kinda crazy awesome. Not gonna lie.
Arkarov Måned siden
is it possible to learn this power? *Not* *from* *a* *Sith*
Diego S
Diego S Måned siden
I will always think the sequels from George will always be better than the Crap Disney gave us... I liked the first sequels movie, but after knowing what Kennedy did to George and the true story... I just feel so disappointed...
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal Måned siden
2:20 Qui-Gon wearing shades is something I never knew I needed. Seriously, he looks so cool.
Hunter Nichole Wilson
Hunter Nichole Wilson Måned siden
I thought qui gon wasn't a force ghost? I thought he didn't complete his training.
GENGHISKHAN 1206 Måned siden
He was a great actor, but needed more screen time.
Vex Måned siden
Very very intriguing. Very very sad we may never see these come to fruition
spencer durham
spencer durham Måned siden
Hey theory. I have a friend who works for Disney and she told me that Disney and Lucasfilm have told authors and writers not to do to much with after episode 9 because they have plans to make more episodes in a few years. I was wondering if anyone else has heard that.
David Gage
David Gage Måned siden
I hate the term legends. It's Disney that's the fan fiction.
Daniel Gregory
Daniel Gregory Måned siden
0:09 we never saw them again after ROTJ? We absolutely see them The Clone Wars (later release, but earlier in canon timeline), and The Rise of Skywalker (that movie happened and is canon, despite many wishing it wasn't) I didn't expect that from you...
Damar Glover
Damar Glover Måned siden
Didn't GM Luke Skywalker pull this off against his nephew when he was a darksider and was actively blocking his attempts to use the force to see into the future ?
TheVinster Måned siden
When Vader stopped Luke from killing The Emperor , If you think about it he wasn’t protecting the emperor he was protecting Luke from the dark side,.
Bryan Schmidt
Bryan Schmidt Måned siden
So... He'll do to the Emperor what the Sith did to the Jedi through the Darkside nexus beneath the temple? It's worked well before!
Joseph Vetrano
Joseph Vetrano Måned siden
0:10 we see them again in episode 8 as Yoda and episode 9 as Luke, as well as the voices of the other jedi...
Shaston Lott
Shaston Lott Måned siden
Most hero creators aren't creators but there was only one and that is GEORGE LUCAS
Shaston Lott
Shaston Lott Måned siden
You know star wars will never be the same without george my vision is crumbled
Gustav Jacobsson
Gustav Jacobsson Måned siden
hello star wars Theory, i love your videos. Keep it up. Do you have any spear lightsabers as a late birthday gift? my mom thinks the cool ones are too expensive and just bought some plastic one that broke in a day.
Xoluite Måned siden
I don’t know if the video has been done yet but what if alderaan didn’t get blown up?
Creo Måned siden
Man every time I'm reminded of what VII - IX could have / should have been, I get incredibly sad and salty. . . Just having that information kills me.
MI982 Måned siden
This makes sense but that Sith temple on Coruscant doesn't.
EazyMichael Måned siden
Obi just meant he can live forever. Sith cannot. That's it. Otherwise George would have it made in the movie.
Silas Fincham
Silas Fincham Måned siden
“With the Jedi temple, in legends that is, it’s known that a Sith temple was actually built underneath it” - Star Wars Theory That’s been made CANON now by the way, it’s no longer just legends!
christopher Hope
christopher Hope Måned siden
It’s crazy I live in the town he grew up in. You would know it. The lack of anything contribute to him is a disgrace. All we have is a statue of a girl and a guy sitting on a car hood. Dedicated to graffiti the movie by George Lucas. It’s like they didn’t even recognize Star Wars here. It’s so shameful. So wish it could be something done to at least celebrate his success of making Star Wars
Isai Gonzalez
Isai Gonzalez Måned siden
My Favorite Star Wars Movies: 1. A New Hope 2. The Last Jedi 3. Empire Strikes Back 4. The Force Awakens 5. Revenge of the Sith
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries Måned siden
George Lucas's say isn't canon. He didn't actually change the game. You've been making misleading titles for the past dozen or so videos.
Ethan winnegrad
Ethan winnegrad Måned siden
‘We never saw them again after Return of the Jedi’. So are we saying the sequel trilogy was just one of Anakin’s bad dreams and never actually happened?
Christian Weitenberner
Christian Weitenberner Måned siden
I wonder whether palpatine was referring to force ghosts when he meant cheating death
Jedi1974 Måned siden
Is this why the emperor didn’t know that Luke was in Endor in ROTJ?
Jayeton Garcia
Jayeton Garcia Måned siden
Darth FN2187? Revan? Perhaps someone new. I'd be down to see Darth Jar Jar. Quotes himself stupidly just to scoff it away with a deep growling voice. He's the only one that can do a double flip in his jump. Must be the strongest film character, right? Maul and palpatine can spin. Maybe yoda can do a double flip. Jar Jar is the dark side and clouded everyone. Even had Sidious afraid of him... Theory
Jayeton Garcia
Jayeton Garcia Måned siden
Why was Palpatine able to see the future using the dark side but Anakin lost the ability to see the future. And I know it's no longer canon, but even starkiller had to follow the path of light (Jedi) to see the future. I'm just confused. Can you do a vid on what's the same and different in powers from light to dark?
solo jackson
solo jackson Måned siden
Nice Yoda voice XD
Elsa Deitz
Elsa Deitz Måned siden
Loved this video!
Stance santos
Stance santos Måned siden
ben pulling the "dark side clouds everything" uno reverse cars
I know some people doesn't like rey skywalker but it is canon now so i hope skywalker padawan gonna be next trilogy
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