George Lucas Explains Why Obi-Wan Lied to Luke About His Father

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In the making of the return of the Jedi, George Lucas is going over many difference scenes, and in one short instance, he comes across a discussion with Marquand on the topic of Ben lying to Luke and why he wrote the story that way. Here’s the transcript.
Lucas: We also have to cope with another problem: Ben. How do we deal with Ben? We have to deal with Ben, even to the point of using Alec Guinness in one more ghost scene. I’ll get him to do it somehow. We have to do what is right for the plot and the story.
Marquand: Why did Ben not tell Luke?
Lucas: In the early script, I wrote that he wasn’t ready to be told.
Marquand: Well, I think that is true.
Lucas: If Luke had known, he wouldn’t have become a Jedi and he wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.
Marquand: I think that is absolutely true.
Lucas: That’s the most practical reason why.
Howard Kazanjian: He probably wouldn’t have learned in the same manner.
Lucas: For a lot of people there’s a big issue there, which we can’t skirt around.
Marquand: The fact that Ben lied.
Lucas: The fact that Ben lied, but he didn’t really lie; he didn’t really lie, because in the first film he says that Vader betrayed and murdered his father, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he killed him-but that the bad/Vader half of the person betrayed the good part of the person/the Skywalker half. It’s easily understood.
So right here I’ll interject to highlight this part that George mentions. The good half of Vader, which was Anakin. A lot of people make the misconception that Anakin was killed fully when he became Vader. This simply isn’t true and is more or less just click bait online. Anakin was subdued, maybe to a degree of a percentile, however he was never fully erased from Vader, as George even says about his character, that the good half of Vader, was Anakin at the time of Revenge of the Sith.
The 3 then go on to talk about how it was a problem that Ben lied to Luke in the first movie, but not as big of a problem as it became in the second one in regards to why he didn’t just tell Luke on Dagobah or at some point in the film. If we remember, at the end Luke is laying in the medical bed after Vader chopped his hand off, and while Vader is reaching out to him in the force, Luke is falling back and asking Ben why didn’t you tell me. This is kind of George’s way, I think, of him addressing that Ben should have told him and that Luke has this resentment towards him.
George’s answer to that is
Lucas: But I still tend to want to bring Ben into it. He’s one of the main characters and he’s still a strong presence. I sort of agree with Larry that the best way to handle that is to let him stay in another world and to say there is nothing more that he can do now and that Luke is a Jedi now and that his job is done. It could be a goodbye scene to Ben, which is, “I am never going to appear before you again …”
And the rest of the convo leads into them bringing Ben back as a shimmering ghost and the conversation leads into Luke being able to see force ghosts because he has that power, which I’ve made a video on recently.
So as we can see, it was important for Ben to lie to Luke, which I know a lot of people always had a gripe about, but it’s George’s understanding that if he had told Luke the truth, let’s say from the very beginning in a new hope, it would have completely pushed Luke away from training and wanting to learn about the force, which would have doomed the galaxy, that is, unless Ben went to teach Leia, which could be a cool fan-fiction for another time. I think in that scenario, Leia would be trained, and perhaps Luke would join the fight later on once he found out that Leia was his sister, perhaps Ben would tell him as a last ditch effort to get him to fight against the Empire and become a Jedi.
Do you think Ben should have told Luke the truth? Do you think George has a great point in regards to how he wrote the story, that Luke would really be pushed away from wanting to become a Jedi after finding out his father is Vader?
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ashdoginc 7 dager siden
I considered that Ben lied to Luke because he thought if Luke knew the truth he would refuse to kill Darth Vader. I never really liked the "point of view" idea - it more feels like a way of Ben not wanting to admit he lied.
Michael Flanders
Michael Flanders 16 dager siden
Luke may have tipped towards the dark side and become an agent of evil. Then Luke V Leia fight could be a a cool fan fiction
Darth Thomarius
Darth Thomarius 19 dager siden
See how one man's mind is at battle with story and plot and how this connects to that and end up with classics? Amazing how how with a whole team, none of this is currently done. But I digress. I'm glad George chose to go this route. It helped me come to a conclusion. When Ben said, 'From a certain point of view.' That was something that has stuck with me for decades! Truth is a point of view. Even in the opening crawl of ROTS he puts in there that there are heroes on both sides. Or just take Luke blowing up the Death Star. One view is hero, the other view is terrorist. Depending on your point of view comes your view of truth. Without George working it out to get that into the story, who knows if I'd ever learned that find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. Plus, it's funny to see Luke's face when he replied: From a certain point of view? lol His tone and face, then Ben looked at him side eyed lol Bring George back lol
Desert Rang3r
Desert Rang3r 24 dager siden
It's a plothole. George chnaged the story tons of times. Still cool to make an explanation of why but he didnt have the whole story figured out all along
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart 26 dager siden
It's hard to say. Tell complete truth to a kid who never knew his father and push the kid away, or save the universe. Note: Ben had access to Luke already, but would have had to leave Tatooine, and risk being discovered to find and train Leia.
Jotham 26 dager siden
He lied to him because they had not yet come up with the idea that Vader was his father. So it wasn’t a lie. It was working with the backstory as Lucas conceived it at that point. Period.
Sarymonx 26 dager siden
What I said was true. From a certain point of view
Preston Castro
Preston Castro Måned siden
When I first saw the new hope I was like why did he didn't tell luke the true but saw the rest of the originals a couple of times I understood now.
Preston Castro
Preston Castro Måned siden
I agree with this, because luke was too young and he wouldn't be able to handle it and the way obi wan tell wasn't a lie/ saying like the good person of your father was dead/original of that person was gone and because he was aka the same person, darth vader and not only that but if george told us vader was luke father at the new hope where is the mystery in that!?! for in the next one aka empire strikes back and on top of that Vader wouldn't say the most iconic line ever in starwars I am your father so yeah I do agree why george did that.
Skime999 Måned siden
I think the story was made correctly and that Ben told Luke in the best way, although feel like he should've known about Leia being his sister cos was kinda weird seeing him look at Leia like hes attracted to her
Zylox Dragon
Zylox Dragon Måned siden
How do you tell someone you chopped of their father's limbs? How do you tell someone that you trained one of the most feared members of the Empire, and that it is your father? I've come to look at it as Obi-Wan just not knowing how to approach the subject, while still feeling guilty.
Juggled Lotus
Juggled Lotus Måned siden
I love this channel
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Måned siden
David Owen
David Owen Måned siden
everyone ad every channel make assumptions....Only George knows...Yall keep making money from STAR WARS ....I love theory but you just make shit up to make money
buffcanuck83 Måned siden
Excellent video.
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Måned siden
How would that conversation on Tatooine go? Ben: "I don't know how to tell you this but you're actually the son of my former apprentice and greatest fallen Jedi of all time who is now teamed up with the only other being more powerful than him in the entire galaxy. Oh also they lead a galactic empire with basically unlimited resources." Luke: "Sir this is a Wendy's." Ben: "Yeah so you need to become a Jedi and stop them." Luke: "Bro, I'm just returning your droids."
SteamLance Måned siden
Quick question not related to this video, but how do I start a quiz on your website? There's no start button anywhere, and I've registered an account as well which I thought is how you gain access.
Sam Palmer
Sam Palmer Måned siden
You should make a video about how truly tragic mauls death in rebels was
Hank Andrews
Hank Andrews Måned siden
A very long time ago, in a place called the 70s, I learned to read, and I loved it. Also I love movies. I learned that book readers look at a story differently than how movie fans look at the story. This is something that a director has to be aware of and think about. I feel that George would have been a natural story teller/author. I don't know it he's aware of it, but Star Wars movies seem to have both aspects. I know Star Wars was ment to be a movie, however as a bookster, I found the input that brings the story alive.
Hank Andrews
Hank Andrews Måned siden
Another thing that always bothered me...until the Clone Wars. Vader had no command of language. "Come with me son, and together we'll rule the galaxy as one." Obviously, Luke heard "let's be evil together" Perhaps "Come, son. Before we continue this fight neither of us want, let's have a talk." Would may have yielded a far different story. However, since the Clone Wars, I have learned Anakin simply spoke what he felt.
Hank Andrews
Hank Andrews Måned siden
In the originals before Luke could adjust and fully understand what was really going on, his nievity was the only way he could not just survive but to succeed. Doubt Leia would ever be a knight. Remember Jedi had different talents. Even some who were skilled mediators. Yes, the Force can enhance a jedi's ability, it can go only so far. Luke was a natural athlete and pilot. He had the reflexes that allowed him to adapt and change as he fought, the Force added to that. Before I upset the women, let me be clear. I am speaking about Luke and Leia. Vader was left without a large part of Anakin's body. He couldn't do all that gymnastics crap Anakin was famous for. I'm not going to get into all that forms 4 and 7 nonsense, sufficient to say Vader was basically forced to adopt a hack and slash style using his weight and power to overcome his opponent. Leia just didn't have the body and mind to counter that, a very abbreviated Jedi training and the Force could only help so much. Regardless of the desires of Obi-wan and Yoda. Apparently they still hadn't learn the lessons of life that caused the Force to abbandon the Jedi of the old Republic. They still weren't listening. The Force wanted/needed it to be Luke. Let's be honest, Leia would have been crushed by Vader after two of his hits, regardless if she she could parry.
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
When you are a psychotic old man who tries to manipulate a kid into murdering his own father who happened to be the man who used to consider you as his father since his mother was killed and he was just a poor slave boy who never got a proper father figure and instead was still used as a slave his whole life to the jedi order then to the sith who LOVED you and TRUSTED you for years until instead of getting him a psychologist you cut his freaking legs off and leave him on the side of a lava river to die slowly and painfully not even stopping for 1 second to help or at least end his misery 😶✋
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
Poor anakin if only qui gon hadn't died
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
Like ik yall are prolly obi stans or whatever but who is the real villain here?
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Måned siden
Not to mention its sorta your fault you were overly negative and always downgrading the things he has done, never listening when he needed help and was so blind by his own problems it seems like he couldnt sense the pain Ani was going through or he just didnt care
letsdothisshiat Måned siden
luke wouldnt have made out with his sister
Allronix Måned siden
So setting the kid up to kill his dad and daddy's puppetmaster, or maybe act as glorified bait to cause the two Sith to destroy each other, all the while crossing your fingers and hoping Junior doesn't learn it until it's too late (and putting your real money on Leia)? Instead, he learns the truth under Worst Case Scenario and realizes how he got played. They were so lucky (screw the Force - 100% luck) he turned out to be more Padme's boy as far as temperament.
Lina X
Lina X Måned siden
The videos of yours keep getting better and better. By quality, by context and by just everything. Good job, really! 🙏🏼☺️
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller Måned siden
You got to remember that Luke was not known in the galaxy as a hero. The Rebellion was the one with the title. If Luke had not become a Jedi the Rebellion could have still won. It would just be a more epic story to tell.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Måned siden
I bet I could beat this Vader in a fist fight
Russell St.Clair
Russell St.Clair Måned siden
if he told him the real truth . "Luke the Baron Vladimir Har.... Oops that's the pre - prequel ! Spoiler ! 😜
Deinonychus194 Måned siden
if he told Luke (especially the 'Vader is your father' thing) Luke would have joined the Imperial Academy and met with Vader and revealed his connection to him... although, this could also allow Vader to pull back from the Dark Side but in ROTJ, Luke had to be borderline roast alive for Anakin to break free from Vader and kill Palpatine so yeah, it is either good or really, really bad!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Måned siden
Star Wars Theory, Obi-Wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker the truth about Darth Vader.
Josh Bull
Josh Bull Måned siden
I give it less than 10 years before Disney removes all of it from canon anyway for a reboot. Maybe, maybe they wait until George Lucas dies, but if I was a betting man I would put money on 10 years or less.
D B Måned siden
I disagree, if he had been told in the beginning, he may have been reluctant for a minute, but I think he would have went into full throttle in an attempt to save his father like he eventually does
Darth Squidward
Darth Squidward Måned siden
Soon you will hit 3 million subs
Mush Shrap
Mush Shrap Måned siden
Finally a video about actual Star Wars content instead of this guy showing his stupid face. 💯💯💯
Brady Phillips
Brady Phillips Måned siden
Was this not common knowledge? It’s kinda obvious why Ben would and needed to lie to Luke.
GamerGJD YT Måned siden
Little did Luke know, that the blue lightsaber that he had wiped out nearly EVRY Jedi in the galaxy
Jacob Chiasson
Jacob Chiasson Måned siden This is how the fight should have been You should do a reaction video (it’s not the best video but it is better than what we got) (I think)
Elizabeth Goree
Elizabeth Goree Måned siden
I love the originals and I wouldn't change it any other way except maybe to have Obi-Wan survive.
Tarquin Janis
Tarquin Janis Måned siden
The intro sound fx sounds like Vader ripping a fat bong in a closet and he's asking me to join the sesh
Risky Måned siden
Hey Star Wars Theory, could you PLEASE make a video about "Geode," the newest...character from The High Republic? I really want to know your thoughts on the...interesting new character
Darth Masiah
Darth Masiah Måned siden
Tobey 1129
Tobey 1129 Måned siden
OK but what if Revan was alive during the clone wars. Like age range around post Mandalorian wars.
steve denis
steve denis Måned siden
Ben ," Oh yeah he was my apprentice for a long time he was the chosen one you see. Was a great pilot and very handy with a lightsaber, used to be quick with one liners too. We went on many adventures and he used to live right here on Tatooine you know. He won the big Boonta eve pod race was a slave at the time won his freedom . That's when he met you mother the queen of Naboo at the time he nocked her up with you and your twin sister . He used to hang out with the emperor Palatine who wanted to have him on the Jedi counsel but we would not let him be a Master. So things got a little harsh and well yada yada yada we got into a big fight I left him for dead on Mustafa all cut and burned up and you mother died in child birth . We decided to split you up, Leia is a princess on Alderaan and well here you are a dirt farmer trying not to get killed by sand people. Which buy the way your father killed a whole tribe of in retaliation for them killing you grandmother, I guess that is why they are a little pissed at you. Any way technically you dad is still around goes by the name Darth Vader now He is kind of Palatines right hand enforcer . So now if you will just come along with me I'll teach you about the force and some Jedi stuff and you can go and rescue princess Leia I did mention that she is your sister so don't get any romantic ideas about her. I know there are not that many women around here. Ok so if you just go ahead and kill your dad and help wipe out the Empire that should fix the big mess we got going on. Oh yeah that would be much better than the half truth he told Luke. Bet Luke would have thought old Ben had spent too much time in the suns .
As3ault Måned siden
Random Question Was Jango Fetts slave 1 destroyed in that episode of the clone wars. And if it was where did boba get a slave 1
Sir Broccolington The Third
Sir Broccolington The Third Måned siden
It wasn't destroyed, just damaged.
Tobey 1129
Tobey 1129 Måned siden
if you are talking about when Aura Sing crashed it then it was only damaged, and he managed to repair it.
McKay Hatch
McKay Hatch Måned siden
I think Obi-Wan was still dealing with some PTSD. And he couldn't bring himself to come to tell Luke. It's almost as if he convinced himself that Anakin was gone as a way to deal with the trauma of what happened. Sort of as a self-therapy mechanism. Obi-Wan saw it as Vader completely consuming Anakin. It wasn't the best way to go about it on Ben's part but it makes sense to me. This is pretty much headcanon but I think it has some weight to it. As a side note I think it would be interesting if they explore the effects of trauma and PTSD in the Kenobi series.
Nate Wolf
Nate Wolf Måned siden
Great video.
Galactus441 Måned siden
George Lucas the OG Universe creator
Outkast Actual
Outkast Actual Måned siden
Obi-Wan was correct in his approach, it was too much for Luke to handle... Even Yoda state's that Luke wasn't ready to handle that burden at the time.
James Soto
James Soto Måned siden
What if was R2D2 that saved Grogu?
red tedx Savage
red tedx Savage Måned siden
ok so this is a cool video but what the hells wrong with the subtitles
RivalOnYT Måned siden
Who likes star wars
Stay on Target
Stay on Target Måned siden
It was a great way to solve a story problem and best of all it feels natural. Having grown up on the films decades after their initial release, it's not something glaring or obvious. It just is. If the information wasn't available that it wasn't originally written that way, I don't see many people really noticing it, the same way most of us didn't realize the end of IV was saved in the editing room with voiceovers and inserted clips. Unless you know the hole was there and you're looking for the spots where they stitched in new pieces, you're not really aware of it. No retconning, just problem solving within the story organically. Bravo, Master Lucas!
The Invalidity
The Invalidity Måned siden
Hey Star Wars theory. Can’t wait for the second Vader episode to come out, and it’s inspiring me to make my own Star Wars fan film based on the AU story I made with my friends. Keep up your good work
wags o
wags o Måned siden
Fan fic idea What is there was a freak gust of wind on Boonta Eve (disrupted the Tusken Raider sniper shot)
LateReserve Måned siden
What if Obi-Wan and Anakin ended up together.
Brax Tax
Brax Tax Måned siden
Hey Dude, please make a what if Asoka joined Darth Vader in Rebels.
Zes Måned siden
wrg, say, do any nmw and any s perfx , doesn matter
Luradane Jeankins
Luradane Jeankins Måned siden
Can we get a breakdown on why george made brother and sister kiss. He just sick and into that sh!t?
Sir Broccolington The Third
Sir Broccolington The Third Måned siden
He didn't plan for them to be siblings at the time. Remember, star wars wasn't originally supposed to be a trilogy. It's just that the first movie did way better than expected and they had to come up with a sequel.
Zachary Phillips
Zachary Phillips Måned siden
Is it correct to say Vader and Anakin were different people (split personality), or is it more of different personalities/traits taking over others? I have heard it said both ways Anakin and Vader were different people and they are separate. Which is the proper way of thinking? Are both stances true?
Faisal Al-Zubaidi
Faisal Al-Zubaidi Måned siden
i like how the maker of star wars is also a nerd of his creation. unlike other movie makers
RyanDoesYT Måned siden
Can you do what if the jedi council turned to the dark side because of sidious
digital cassette
digital cassette Måned siden
I think Ben should of first and foremost told luke, we'll get to the jedi stuff later.. but that girl you're enfatuated by, she's your sister.
RaiBard Måned siden
Lucas wrote a script that has humanity at its core. Characters, the greater they are, the more their faults tip the fate of the galaxy.
dreey7 Måned siden
so murder is not killing?
D Rod
D Rod Måned siden
I think it’s true too, from a certain point of view
Mazen H
Mazen H Måned siden
Hey, Remmber HISHE 's New Hope ? Luke : Whaa !!! DARTH VADA WAS MA DAD ? OBIWAN : unfortunately yes .
tp_147 Måned siden
you should do a ranking tier list for all the different themes/songs from all the movies and the clone wars!
Themosser81 Måned siden
Can we take a second and appreciate tha extra effort he puts into videos by putting tha whole transcript in tha description just gotta give props for dat💯
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Måned siden
Fuck Luke and "Obi Wahn" ; my new hero is *GEODE* !
Jason Borne
Jason Borne Måned siden
George is right Luke didn't want to be a Jedi at the start and finding out your father was Vader the emporers right hand and apprentice sith and killed all his jedi friends and younglings at the temple would have definitely given him a serious reason not to become a jedi! George is right ofcourse as usual. Also remember the force is not female LOL 🤣🤣🤣 P.S. let's hope the force helps fire Kathleen Kennedy in the shareholders meeting!
FoRt Hydra
FoRt Hydra Måned siden
didn't you make this video not that long ago? or am I tripping?
DeathToMerryweather Måned siden
What if the big Sith had a fight to the death gladiator style Movie Sith vs Revan and Malak, vs triumvirate, vs XR Kun and council vs Animated Sith (Ventress and Savage), vs other big shot legends Sith while Disney Sith (Kylo and Snoke) cheered on the side lines.
Axenth Ballard
Axenth Ballard Måned siden
ok lets be honest here its not like george is like jk rowling right? i say yeah this is essentially set in stone luke just wouldnt have become a jedi since thats how george says it woulda happened
ITZMedo Playz
ITZMedo Playz Måned siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how George has a giraffe neck in the thumbnail
Danny Jaxx
Danny Jaxx Måned siden
ya GOTTA make that leia fan fic!!! Pleeeeease!!
Todd Kurzbard
Todd Kurzbard Måned siden
THIS is the main thing that made me permanently lose ALL respect for Obi-Wan. NOT that he lied, that when his lie came out, he used a lame excuse to attempt to cover for his lie ('Well, it's true from a certain point of view...'). I remember seeing this in the theater back in the day, and my reaction was, "if I were Luke, I'd say, 'You've been lying to me all this time, old man? What other lies have you been telling me all along? Looks like my father was right about you. Screw you, I'm going to join Pop'." Now, combine this with his failure in the prequel days to Anakin, and he really doesn't have that good of a track record. I guess Luke is a far better man than most all of us, because I think the vast majority would react to Kenobi's lame, manipulative excuse the same as me. I thought his way of lying, and then trying to cover the lie with a bullsh*t justification was smarmy in the extreme. And that "certain point of view" bull still bothers me to this day.
Akshat Dogra
Akshat Dogra Måned siden
1:53 In Charles Soule's Vader comics, there are butterflies representing the light of Anakin. The funny, happy, loving and caring person that lives inside Vader, and Vader can't hide it from himself.
steven fowler
steven fowler Måned siden
what i like to know is that did luke not get mad at obi -wan and say you lie to me you told me vader kill my father
Robin McCormack
Robin McCormack Måned siden
George knew what he was doing.
emporer15 Måned siden
4:01 If that's a stunt double, I never noticed that before. Or is that just my eyes not working right again?
MoreisMor Måned siden
What Obi-wan told him was true, from a certain point of view. Without that line, we'd NEVER have had that phrase, and the philosophy behind it. Without that line, I wouldn't be me.
Riley Måned siden
Question, is there a reason Obi-Wan goes by Ben? Or do you think it'll be explained in the Obi-Wan show? Also imagine Obi-Wans reaction when he realizes Anakin is Vader! We are going to get to see that reaction!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!
kreaturekars Måned siden
I always thought that Ben thought telling Luke who his father really was might make Luke more likely to join Vader if their paths crossed, so he told him he was the killer to make Luke less likely to listen to Vader. Also watching lots of reaction video's lately people seem surprised that Luke thinks first of Leia when told about a sister, bit i thought it would seem obvious to Luke after he was able to call out to her in Empire. Also reactors always frown when Leia says she's always known about him being her brother but I always figured she was thinking more that she felt a connection to him rather than specifically he is my brother.
kreaturekars Måned siden
Also anyone realise after Vader confronts Luke at Bespin, he never actually kills anyone anymore on screen until the Emperor. Like the good Anakin was reawakened then, and his redemption also started much earlier before people realise.
Akhil Nair
Akhil Nair Måned siden
Can someone please explain to me why obi wan waited till luke was 18 to start teaching him? Isn't there an age limit to start jedi training? Anakin was only 10 when he started his training and the jedi council said he was too old. It's not like obi wan was busy with anything else.
Wright Roenigk
Wright Roenigk Måned siden
George Lucas the fricken legend
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Måned siden
luke should’ve joined me. i told him that kenobi was bad news. fuck that guy.
Reviewers Nation
Reviewers Nation Måned siden
Star Wars Theory I have a question my friend and I Star Cabal are going to make a Star Wars fan film and star cabal would like to know if you can voice some of the characters with us please respond back we really need help on this project
Dylan & Marie Peterson
Dylan & Marie Peterson Måned siden
I am obsessed with star wars
Keithan McPherson
Keithan McPherson Måned siden
I would love to see a “what if” video about “would if Anakin never fell in love with Padme”🤔
Caleb Brauer
Caleb Brauer Måned siden
Hey can u react to HFP The last Skywalker. It is a tribute to The Star wars Franchise. I would love to see what you think of it because ur a true Star Wars fan. @StarWarsTheory
alvarobr98 Måned siden
Sorryfor the off-topic, but could you make a video of why Vader wants to overthrow the emperor? I mean he begged Luke to join him and rule the galaxy together, which is against the rule of two. I always thought to myself that after Padmé died, Anakin stayed on the dark side to master that side of the force in order to somehow bring her back from the dead. So why would he want to overthrow the emperor, being the only one who could teach him in the ways of the dark side? Again sorry for the off-topic. Love your content
BiggestBrainPlays Måned siden
Yo my guy do what if Palpatine was a jedi
Abibby Agony
Abibby Agony Måned siden
Why do you think Obi wan didn’t train Luke from a younger age? I know his uncle didn’t approve, but I’ve always questioned he wasn’t trained sooner but still
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Måned siden
George Lucas is just Thee Master of storytelling.
Ben H
Ben H Måned siden
Tbh you kinda look like Michael Scofield from prison break.
Inglorious_Bastards Måned siden
Wasn't there a deleted scene where Yoda admits to not letting Obi Wan telling Luke about Vader? I don't understand why they cut that off it could've solve everything
Aaron Barber
Aaron Barber Måned siden
I think Obi Wan should've told him, I'll explain everything once your training is done instead of lying
Nate Gray
Nate Gray Måned siden
So close 3 mil hope u can make a livestream with the den and nerds that would awesome
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Also, everyone forgets that Obi-Wan planned to tell Luke the full truth as soon as they got to Alderaan to meet up with Leia and Bail Organa. The plan was to reunite the twins once the time was right. That would have been the appropriate moment to introduce them to the whole backstory. Yoda likely would have sensed it and possibly left Dagobah as well, or else summoned the twins there with Obi-Wan's guidance to train them both. That plan was detoured by the Death Star. But at the end of his duel with Vader, Obi-Wan saw Luke boarding the Falcon with Leia, and foresaw that everything would be all right in the end. Yes, it was rather manipulative of Obi-Wan. But not dishonest. He told farmboy Luke exactly what he needed to know, in his limited understanding at the time. The wrong information could have been catastrophic, driving him towards the Dark Side. Also, here's a side theory: the way that Luke was strung along with Han in competition for Leia's affection kept Han in the game - long enough for him to save the day at the Battle of Yavin, the rescue of Luke from the Wampa, and the escape to Cloud City. None of those events might have happened that way, if they had known that Luke and Leia were siblings all along. The three were locked in a love triangle that kept them fast friends and allies. Perhaps Han would have simply left the Rebels back at Yavin if it weren't for the "What if a princess and a guy like me" moment. So perhaps, in the will of the Force, it was all meant to be.
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Hey man, can you make a video with an updated tour of your Star Wars decor?
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