The Clone Wars 2003 Watch Party Vol 1

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Star Wars Theory

19 dager siden

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Star Wars Theory watch parties! Tonight, let's watch The Clone Wars 2003 Vol. 1 on Disney +
If you're new to the watch parties here, then read below:
I can't show the actual movie
I can't allow the audio to be heard
I will put up a timer for where I am currently watching in the show/movie. You can sync along with me and the community.
Let's go!
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Imperator Cuts
Imperator Cuts 18 dager siden
2003 Grievous is best Grievous
Imperator Cuts
Imperator Cuts 11 dager siden
@General Grievous Correction: Thank you, kind cyborg.
Imperator Cuts
Imperator Cuts 11 dager siden
@General Grievous Thank you, kind sir.
General Grievous
General Grievous 11 dager siden
Imperator Cuts, I love your trailers
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 dager siden
If 2003 grievous were in the 2008 show and the movies, he would've stood A chance.
SirCowdog 17 dager siden
The animated version is why I liked him so much. Then was VERY disappointed at the movie version. Not good at all.
Nate Shupp
Nate Shupp Dag siden
When's the vol 2 watch party?
Cole 4 dager siden
That's why I don't trust *Filoni* , this wasn't his clone wars and it was the best clone wars....
OBI- -WAN 10 dager siden
Caleb Dume
Caleb Dume 11 dager siden
I cant watch this i live in Europa
CodexCube 12 dager siden
Just an fyi to y'all, there is a unscaled version of the 2003 Clone Wars within NOpost itself which is pretty dang nifty, thanks Theory for hosting the stream! :)
Kuzo 14 dager siden
Can we please do this again
Aziial 14 dager siden
Joshua Asel
Joshua Asel 14 dager siden
When's the next live watch party?? :D
Kraemeberry 14 dager siden
One of the only things I don’t like about revenge of the sith and clone wars is how much they nerfed grievous
Eshaan Vaidya
Eshaan Vaidya 14 dager siden
I live in india and the Star Wars Vintage Collection has not been released yet here and I was really excited and looking forward for it to come and I was really disappointed when it didn’t come.
Tariq FOX
Tariq FOX 15 dager siden
I'm seeing dude watch it and I can't see if myself! Wassup with this??
Andy der G
Andy der G 15 dager siden
Does anyone if old clone wars Come to german disney +. Or how i can whatch the old star wars things. (I know that I can whatch old cw on Yt but I would like to whatch the ewok series or something else on Disney +) Anyone an Idea?
Gandalf The Gamer
Gandalf The Gamer 15 dager siden
Is this canon?
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 16 dager siden
Those copyright lovin' and imposin' blockheads did you rotten Theory Guy
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo
Brent Sohlden Koivopolo 16 dager siden
celticwelsh 16 dager siden
The thing I like about the 2003 version compared to the 2008 version, is that the earlier one seemed more planned out. I enjoy the 2008 version but it got away from itself a bit imo. And the 2003 version actually fits with the comics and books which I appreciate haha.
Aaron Darkus
Aaron Darkus 16 dager siden
I wish I could be there. Unfortunately, university forces me to stablish priorities. But I'm glad for those who could be there and enjoyed it. PD: Is still ilegal to put only the audio running in the background?.
Ambrose Gonzales
Ambrose Gonzales 16 dager siden
Can we talk about how badass Mace Windu is without his Lightsaber????!!!! I forgot and was cheering the entire time.
megaphone & terex321
megaphone & terex321 16 dager siden
Just me who cant find it on Disney plus? Ive even tried to update the app. Anyone Who knows about it?
NickC 16 dager siden
Man, 03 clone wars is so nostalgic
Dáire Mullan
Dáire Mullan 16 dager siden
This is the rougue one of revenge of the sith
Gunjan Tripathi
Gunjan Tripathi 16 dager siden
the series is not available in India 😭
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 dager siden
My long flowy hair in the 2003 show is glorious. Really brings out my Space Jesus side.
dakota root_
dakota root_ 17 dager siden
Man Shaak Ti is a beast, hate that she got nerfed so hard in canon 😢
Ivonne Olimon
Ivonne Olimon 17 dager siden
It’s os long
Josh 17 dager siden
Lucasfilm seriously needs hire Genndy for another animated Star Wars project
Patrick Savage
Patrick Savage 17 dager siden
Can I please join? In the next stream Thank you man.
hound122100 17 dager siden
Can you please do a video on the Wolf Jedi.
Arim Oh
Arim Oh 17 dager siden
General Grievous 2003 is why I really hate Dave's shitty 2008 version!
HYDRA1400 !!!
HYDRA1400 !!! 17 dager siden
I don’t like nerd theory
Robodragon Gaming
Robodragon Gaming 17 dager siden
Kenan Jackson
Kenan Jackson 17 dager siden
This one takes the villains more serious & they seem way more competent than the 3d show. Way more of a threat. Though the clones feel like nameless figures that Jedi have no real connection with in this version.
Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland 17 dager siden
Hey star wars therory please write to Lucasfilm feedback about darth Vader tv series im trying to gathering fan to so we can have vader series live action
B J 17 dager siden
You have to watch these live?
Logan Corcoran
Logan Corcoran 17 dager siden
This is by far one of the Greatest shows. And also, one of the easiest to watch!
Braeden F
Braeden F 17 dager siden
Bro I died laughing at 58:00 when you said "really?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 (All the clones were getting tossed around and Anakin was like "somethings not right" lmao 😂
Jean Laureano
Jean Laureano 17 dager siden
Does planet Earth exist in the Starwars universe because in The Phantom Menace and one of the scenes with all the Senate gather you can ETs race in the background
Audi-one 17 dager siden
Lol I watched vol 1 last night and now I'm watching vol 2
doritosaurus 17 dager siden
Uhm am I the only one who can't find any of the vintage stuff on Disney+
Jthezombieslayer 17 dager siden
I have the first season on dvd the second dvd is $70 I want to watch so bad
MrDarthCIS 17 dager siden
I would love to see Fordo and the Wolf Jedi back in canon
Drew D
Drew D 17 dager siden
Dude next time make sure the content isnt on any other media for example the gindi series is on youtube and you could have been watching it from there and sharing your screen the entire time which would have made it much more enjoyable for the people that dont have disney plus
The Fett Show
The Fett Show 17 dager siden
Definitely not me over here who's been watching it on a pirated dvd since practically it's release 🙄😂
Jonny Bartsch
Jonny Bartsch 17 dager siden
I loved this series- got it as soon as it came out. The animation style is so fun. Oh and the way they portrayed Mace Windu was GREAT- I think it’s in volume 2 where he takes out all those droids without his lightsaber- really good!
Demonsalan 17 dager siden
Durge and Ventress fought Grievous before, they lost.
TheAvictorio 17 dager siden
You could flip the image. A bunch of people post videos but flip the image so they won't get hit with copy right.
Wyatt toyschannel
Wyatt toyschannel 17 dager siden
Star Wars the Clone Wars doesn't fit in Legends
Tim Melendez
Tim Melendez 17 dager siden
Just watched along with my disc version, love to see it
Toanaboogege Francis
Toanaboogege Francis 17 dager siden
Hello there.
Rob Heaston
Rob Heaston 17 dager siden
The Wolf in this skit, is personally speculated as an early Dave Filoni character, call him Master Filoni.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda 17 dager siden
To Dagobah, what if I took Luke when he was baby, and as his own daughter, Master Kenobi raised Leia? (I used a Yoda speech generator for this, let me know if this is better)
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda 17 dager siden
Until a video, this becomes.
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda 17 dager siden
Give up, I will not.
AC 17 dager siden
That ending of the anakin vs ventress fight gave da chills holy cow
Ser Bronn Of the Blackwater
Ser Bronn Of the Blackwater 17 dager siden
It would be great if it was in Europe
The short Film
The short Film 17 dager siden
Awesome 👏
Aaron Abele
Aaron Abele 17 dager siden
Wait I didn't even know this was on disney plus, time to watch it all!
warren byrne
warren byrne 17 dager siden
This is 2003 Grevious.
warren byrne
warren byrne 17 dager siden
Jedi order
Jedi order 17 dager siden
Love it
Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III
Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III 17 dager siden
The commandos in the beginning! dude so awesome
Jedi Padawan Zane Wielder
Jedi Padawan Zane Wielder 17 dager siden
I can’t find it
Dr Alf
Dr Alf 17 dager siden
Is that the same anakin and padme from ph🟧⬛️
SORC Velvet
SORC Velvet 17 dager siden
Hey is the show on Disney Plus already? I can't find it
Goliath Xanatos
Goliath Xanatos 17 dager siden
2003 Clone Wars > CGI Clone Wars
Sava Grujica
Sava Grujica 17 dager siden
Why are there only 2 episodes on disney plus?
Sava Grujica
Sava Grujica 17 dager siden
@David Langer ty
David Langer
David Langer 17 dager siden
Episode 1 is the full dvd 1... Episode 2 is dvd 2...
Babatune 17 dager siden
Is clone wars 2003 only available in some countries, I live in Sweden and I can’t find it in Disney plus.
SHARK VADER 17 dager siden
Finlay Evans
Finlay Evans 17 dager siden
Mace ,venturers,mace,kit fisto ,grievous,anakin, dooku,that big ass cybernetic warrior just everything was so good like imagine like live action shows like this
Finlay Evans
Finlay Evans 17 dager siden
We need origin series for every jedi and sith
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown 17 dager siden
This series is so epic.. the cinematics and action is sooo good 😍
TheMaskedReviewer 17 dager siden
I'm six hours late
Tatiyana The Goddess Of Darkness
Tatiyana The Goddess Of Darkness 17 dager siden
Well for some reason, my boyfriend tried using the 2003 clone wars in his edits and for no reason, Disney blocks it like why is that?
DarthNoscoper 17 dager siden
Whatever you do, don't go to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 5, Episode 5, 12 minutes, and 12 seconds.
Higgs 17 dager siden
The one stream I miss live, man I wish I was here with yall
komics_ kid
komics_ kid 17 dager siden
Everyday, Lucasfilm strays further away from George, lol. Loved this series! When it first aired, it was shown during commercials of other shows. Then eventually aired them all together. Windu vs all the battle droids will always stick with me. And how they portray Grevious way more ominous. Also learning how he got his "coughing problem" lol.
komics_ kid
komics_ kid 17 dager siden
@A Zee Dave Filoni & Jon Favreau are literally the only hope Star Wars have ay the moment, and they probably still have restrictions, which absolutely sucks. I miss George Lucas more every day! I wish he would have kept it under his wing, but I also understand why he decided not to. Because he said himself he would be up there everyday even if he tried to step back.
A Zee
A Zee 17 dager siden
I thought I was the only one who noticed that! It’s actually like they’re phasing him out slowly. They’re still making sure their shows link to the OT, PT, this clone wars and the other clone wars to keep older fans interested but it’s clear where they’re heading.
Nathan Skywalker
Nathan Skywalker 17 dager siden
I have question for all of u who has grew up with this show I watched the first 2 episodes on Disney + and I dont know if its just me but what I remember the picture didn't look this good it looks so crisp and clean it look remastered it looks like HD
Russell Moffett
Russell Moffett 17 dager siden
This is so much better than Filoni’s clone wars
FiskeMesteren 17 dager siden
I can`t see it on disney+, can anyone help me?
Dilly bar
Dilly bar 17 dager siden
It is under the vintage Star Wars thing
Crofield 17 dager siden
I can’t believe I fell asleep and missed the live stream!! stoked to check it out with you now man
DEVOID OF LOGIC 17 dager siden
What an amazing live stream! This was very boring while at the gym, lol. Have you ever had a theory on, is Emperor Palpatine really Darth Bane?
scout trooper
scout trooper 17 dager siden
@Star Wars Theory , If you read this, I didn't liked the video about "What if Order 66 was failed" that much, because the Clones died in such a sloppy way. I know that the Jedi are way more powerful but hey, Anakin can't take the whole Jedi Temple crew and passengers himself. Try to think how the Clones thought about Order 66. they're not just meat Droids. as you saw in TCW, especially in the Umbara arc, the Clones have emotions and sometimes even question their orders. I expected that order 66 will fail and the Clones will fight again alongside the Jedi to defeat Darth Sidious but it wasn't like that and I was disappointed a little. please respond.
brick mc / lego star Wars productions
brick mc / lego star Wars productions 17 dager siden
Please can someone respond ??? Why Tcw 2003 doesn't appears on my Disney plus? What's happened ?
Grogoon 17 dager siden
Captain Fordo is the GOAT
Delusi 17 dager siden
Lah muka doang
Star Wars Jay
Star Wars Jay 17 dager siden
What’s your favourite space battle in Star Wars guys?
Júlíus Cramer Andersen
Júlíus Cramer Andersen 17 dager siden
it's really irritating that the clone wars 2003 isn't on the danish version of disney+...
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 17 dager siden
Star Wars Theory, can you make such video: What if Yoda KILLED Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith?
Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 17 dager siden
I have :)
Unkl 17 dager siden
Why don't you ask me later? 🤖
Sylver 12200
Sylver 12200 17 dager siden
Why is it not available in my country 😭
kun 17 dager siden
ye same 😢
ActionDK 22
ActionDK 22 17 dager siden
The Wolf Jedi is probably like the Wolf Man guy from the Cantina in A New Hope.
Kevin Voorhees
Kevin Voorhees 16 dager siden
Now, that you mention it, I wonder how the jedi Wolfman survived order 66.
C Brown
C Brown 17 dager siden
I actually remember back then Cartoon network had a poll to pick one out of 3 Jedi and it would appear on this series so some people voted this guy wolf design and won.
ElbartZwirb 17 dager siden
Can all of you watch it? Because I live in Germany and it sadly didnt got released here:(
ap0kalyps3 17 dager siden
Austria here, Not available for us either, typical
Wolf Vandebriel
Wolf Vandebriel 17 dager siden
hey is it possible that you cant watch this schow in belgium on disney plus because i cant find it
Wolf Vandebriel
Wolf Vandebriel 17 dager siden
@Mush 997 you can see it on youtube
Wolf Vandebriel
Wolf Vandebriel 17 dager siden
@Mush 997 ok thx
Mush 997
Mush 997 17 dager siden
Same for me. I dont know if its available in Europe, maybe it will come later.
Damon Smallwood
Damon Smallwood 17 dager siden
Would like to add though that Plo koon is by far my all time favorite jedi even before we got characterization in the clone wars.
Daily Xxxageration
Daily Xxxageration 17 dager siden
Adding 2 D animation to the platform will help legitimize their new anime show Visions , plus the first 03 clone wars doesn’t violate canon
Damon Smallwood
Damon Smallwood 17 dager siden
Barris offee was my favorite jedi from attack of the clones I liked how she pulled her lightsaber from like behind her back I always thought that was cool then she puts her hand up like shes ready to force blast someone best pose I always thought even better than obiwans 2 finger stab mode lol
Angus Edwards
Angus Edwards 17 dager siden
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 17 dager siden
I hope there’s more episodes on Disney plus because that would be great if more extra episodes were added. Some that they never added before like maybe prototypes they never completed or the clone wars micro series
Jan Jaap Haasjes
Jan Jaap Haasjes 17 dager siden
it isn't on disney yet in europe
Marcus Honeybourne
Marcus Honeybourne 17 dager siden
the only way to prove you watched this before it was on disney plus is if u have thr dvd
Marcus Honeybourne
Marcus Honeybourne 17 dager siden
@Joliss I’m watching it on Disney plus rn to see if they cut out any scenes from the original that I remember but my memory of the show isn’t that good because idk how old I was or when I first watched it
Marcus Honeybourne
Marcus Honeybourne 17 dager siden
@Joliss I was born in 2007 and got volume 1 and volume 2 on dvd so I’m not a fully an og of it because I was born 4 years after it was made but I liked it when I watched it for the first time and loved the massive battles and I liked the guy from volume 1 that could reconnect any think that was chopped of like his arms or legs
Joliss 17 dager siden
@Marcus Honeybourne true, i mean if you watch it on youtube you dont really have proof, with dvd you do
Marcus Honeybourne
Marcus Honeybourne 17 dager siden
@Joliss I’m talking about being an og of clone wars 2003 if u have the dvd not if u watched it on NOpost
Joliss 17 dager siden
The Crispy Chip
The Crispy Chip 17 dager siden
how r u viewing these? my old dvd has them split in small episodes but the links online are long.
The Crispy Chip
The Crispy Chip 17 dager siden
@Jedi Slayers I feel the pain! It only we knew then what we know now
Jedi Slayers
Jedi Slayers 17 dager siden
@The Crispy Chip yeah, as a kid I never respected my disks. And now all my movies are unwatchable
The Crispy Chip
The Crispy Chip 17 dager siden
@Jedi Slayers that's no good! I wish I thought of backing up some of my older cd and DVDs
Jedi Slayers
Jedi Slayers 17 dager siden
@The Crispy Chip No problem, I used to have the disk as a kid but now the disk is completely scratched so Disney plus is the way I’m gonna watch it from now on.
The Crispy Chip
The Crispy Chip 17 dager siden
@Jedi Slayers what! I'm so stupid XD thanks for letting me know!
HIGHxTIMEx GAMING 18 dager siden
I love the Samurai jack art to it
HIGHxTIMEx GAMING 16 dager siden
I know
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X for everything 16 dager siden
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